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Cloudways vs Flywheel
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      Knowing the fact that web hosting has taken a space of its own in this world. Counting on the providers of web hosting, two names that pop-up in the mind are Cloudways vs Flywheel.

      Cloudways is an amazing service that is pitched towards providing start-ups, bloggers, or small businessmen, a website of their own having a centralized system. The amount of options that it carries to build your website is by far very astonishing. It is a hub of services rather than an actual hosting company. With Cloudways, get picked up with your core app and build web applications with full confidence and trust.

      WordPress hosting comes with Flywheel. It is the best leading service provider. It is a tidy and friendly application. It runs smoothly with reliable services. The user’s high quality and services are the main mottos. Integrating with platforms on WordPress and installing unique tools are the things offered by Flywheel. Accessing a free SSL certificate is like icing on the cake. It may be exceptionally quick loading, reliable, effective, and versatile, that’s known to perform way better than most competitors.

      So, let’s get started to know more about Cloudways and Flywheel.

      Cloudways vs Flywheel: Overview

      Cloudways Overview

      It gets to see managing with the best web hosting and provides you the best chance to build and be a web developer following some amazing features and high-end help. Paying with Cloudways is at hourly rates. You are able to procreate as many web applications you wish to despite any restrictions. Also, you do not need to worry about the technical aspects.

       Cloudways vs Flywheel - Cloudways Overview

      Cloudways provides each of its web hosting under one roof by which you do not need to get signed up for every different web provider. In a few whiles, you can launch your web applications as the management ought to be very calm and helpful. Unlike support, there are many attractions to Cloudways, like scalability, BotCloud, and so on. Getting insights into each and every part of your applications is the best thing to have! Cloudways works for that only by designing and grading the interface in minimal ways. Good options are inherited with Cloudways to safeguard your server.

      Deployment and free SSL certificate, friendly in managing with the interface are some of the highlighted things offered for your website to reach and procure high-end performance. 

      Flywheel Overview

      A provider for web hosting in order to shoot up a platform for the developers and designers. The main focus for them is to satisfy the needs of the customer by giving them the best options to choose from and customizing the plans according to the individual needs. Integrating with platforms on WordPress and installing unique tools are the things offered byFlywheel. Accessing a free SSL certificate is like the cherry on the cake.

      The top thing to note is getting good customer support. With the help of it, you get to work in a flexible environment and have a safe, and sound platform. According to your wish and requirements, your website gets optimized.

       Cloudways vs Flywheel - FlywheelAutomatic updates, clearing dashboards, amazing customer support staff to have live chats, and solving queries at any time despite you are sitting in any part of the globe. Isn’t this amazing? Getting all your stuff done quickly and at an ease, connecting to the world, and making your websites grow.

      Therefore, Flywheel comes with a lot of benefits and features which makes it one of the great providers.

      Features Cloudways vs Flywheel


      1) Adaptable Environment

      The worst scenario of introducing and allocating resources is the pace of loading pages boosts which declines the whole performance. But with Cloudways, you have a great server through which you could pump-up your resources like bandwidth, RAM, processor, and more. You need not share your resources with anybody, and you could scale it upwards or downwards depending on what you require.

      Cloudways- Server Size2) Plug-in and Cache                                        

      Cloudways has a cache named Breeze plug-in which is somewhat better than the WordPress plug-in. The loading pace of the page gets reduced with this plug-in. It helps in declining the size of the database which applies that the response time of the database gets decreased.

      3) Security

      In today’s environment security is the most concerning area for any owner of a website. It is well known that Cloudways have worked a lot on its security providers in order to keep hostile things away from your site. No intruders can enter your server as it is safeguarded by the OS firewalls.

      4) CDN of Cloudways

      CDN meaning Content Delivery Network is known for reducing any load of the traffic. For your website, it gets work well in terms of loading pace and helps in providing high-level performance.

      Cloudways- FeaturesCaching web pages are provided to the closest of your servers as it ought to decline each and every geographical restrictions.

      5) Team Work

      From any location, you can add more members to your team in order to decrease the workload. You are the one to decide to give them limited power or have complete access. Multiple teams can have the same account created. You have the ability to transfer ownership with one single click. Sites of WordPress can easily be migrated to any other web hosting provider.

      6) Restrictions are less

      Seamlessly, you can easily upgrade your services like storage or the RAM. Without differentiating any parameters, you can speed up the storage space.  You can easily switch from one database to another and support and coordinate with all your servers seem an easy task with Cloudways. 


      1) Performance reliability

      It is used to set-up to provide the highest speed and up-time for your WordPress. Its technology is powered up by the Cloud-Platform of Google that gives you an instant ramp of traffic, fastens and growth, and everything that occurs in the middle. In this, configuring is not required.

      Flywheel - Performance Metric 2) Technology                                                       

      It consists of an auto-healing technology which consists that if there is some issue, the site will fix it up against itself. Any service failure is optimized and cleared within a stipulated time. This results in better performance providing a good time, reliability, and websites that collapse very less.

      Flywheel - Stats3) Cache

       Technology for Cache is one of the best features provided by Flywheel. Advancing into the renowned and amazing themes, and plug-ins are the required work of Caching technology to know when your site is being cached. Changes can easily be made without setting up any plug-ins or servers.

      Flywheel - WordPress Hosting4) CDN                                                                                                      

      The visitors would not see any blank loading pages, irrespective, with top-class CDN you can have optimized speed with site visitors all around the globe at nil extra paying. With this, you can easily make your website fly. Tools are there to increase the speed of your creation of the site.

      5) Clean-up

      It is an amazing host, as if any malware is detected or hackers got to your website, Flywheel will make it fix rather than asking you to pay for any up-gradation or extra service to clean it up. Hence, get your sites cleaned up for free of cost and be relaxed with the safety, and security provided by Flywheel.

      6) Updates

      Because of the slow, old, and out-dated version, it keeps your website safe and secure while upgrading minor or major updates for WordPress.  It is totally optimized for WordPress, and hence a great journey from users to team supporters. 

      Flywheel- Backups

      Unique Features


      1) Best Customer Support

      It comes with the best staff in the whole market.  You’ve got to put in an inquiry, and one of their super-specialized groups will fathom your issues in minutes. Indeed in spite of the fact that they also give a ticketing framework through which you’ll be able to keep track of a particular issue.

      2) Easy Made

      Without any difficulty, the visitors can see your site from any corner of the world. Maintaining the infrastructures, configuring the networks, aiming at providing high performance are some of the things that come in handy when working with Cloudways.  

      3) Certificate for Migration 

      Your pain for the migration will be gone soon if you are looking for the process of migration for your website. With less downtime on your website, Cloudways will have experts to look after your migration processes. For this, the fee starts from $25 to have migration. But this price depends upon your web apps. For one of your sites, you will be getting a free migration, isn’t that good news? 


      1) Having Back-ups

      If you are wishing to have a rollback to your content, all you have to do is click “restore”. Flywheel has amazing nights back-up enrolled for 30 days with a segregated server at your WordPress site. 

      2) 24/7/365

      No matter where you are living, in which part of the globe, or what time it is, the support team is always ready to furnish your queries and be ready for everything in order to help you up. 

      3) Dashboard of Flywheel

      An experience of In-App support is created which looks seamless and builds, it looks familiar and easy to make and have tickets. You can use one-login to get access to all of your websites. SFTP is simplified by them in order to keep your data secure. By the dashboard, free SSL certificates are also provided. 

      Pros and Cons Cloudways vs Flywheel 

      Cloudways Pros

      •  It has the capability of a high-level. 
      • Live chat and awesome customer support. 
      •  Backups happen automatically.
      • Migration is Simple.
      •  It is not very expensive. 
      •  They have fast and quick servers. 

      Flywheel Pros

      •  With awesome performance and cloud-based infrastructure.
      • The security solution is perfectly linked. 
      • Money-back is guaranteed.
      •  24 hours by 7 days available support. 
      •  IP blocking is of high quality. 
      •  Uptime is amazing. 
      • The response of the server is great. 

      Cloudways Cons

      •  Domain names cannot be registered with Cloudways. 
      •  Have a complex Setup. 
      • .Email hosting is not there. 

      Flywheel Cons

      •  As of managed security, you will be unable to access SSH.
      •  It has only WordPress hosting. 
      •  In deployment, it does not have the build. 
      •  It is not possible to buy the SSL certificates directly.

      Pricing Plan Cloudways vs Flywheel


      Cloudways-Pricing-PlansCloudways offer different pricing plans. These are as follows:-

      • Digital Ocean           
      • Linode Plan               
      •  Vultr Plan                    
      •  AWS (Amazon Web Series) Plan

      So, let’s get initiated with the first plan.

      Digital Ocean

      It consists of four parts:-

      • RAM-: 1 GB
      • Storage-: 1 Core
      • Processor-: 25 GB       
      • Bandwidth-: 1 TB

      Highlights of this plan are:-

      • 1) SSL Certificate is free.
      • 2) It has an auto-healing.
      • 3) Managing the team
      • 4) Firewalls are of true dedication.

      The price of this plan is $10/mo.

      Linode Plan

      It consists of four parts:-

      • RAM- 2 GB
      • Storage- 1 Core
      • Processor- 50 GB         
      • Bandwidth- 2 TB

      Features of this plan are:-

      • 1) It provides support 24/7/365.
      • 2) Add on CDN
      • 3) Migration provided is free
      • 4) Monitoring is in real-time.

      The price for this plan is $22/mo.         

      Vultr Plan

      Four main parts it consists

      • RAM- 4 GB     
      • Storage- 2 Core
      • Processor- 80 GB         
      • Bandwidth- 4 TB

      Features are

      •  The environment is staging.
      •  It has enabled services.
      • Has advanced caches.

      This plan starts at $42/mo.

      AWS Plan

      Four main parts it consists:-

      • RAM- 8 GB     
      • Storage- 4 Core
      • Processor- 160 GB      
      • Bandwidth- 5 TB

      Highlighted features are as follows:-

      • Installing applications is unlimited.
      • Patching of security.
      •  SSH Access.

      The price for this plan is $80/mo. 


      Flywheel- Pricing


      A way ahead step is provided for your clients and you. So, let’s just look at the pricing plans of Flywheel.

      Flywheel offers different pricing plans. These are as follows:-

      •  Tiny Plan    
      •  Starter Plan  
      • Freelance Plan        
      • Agency Plan
      • So, let’s get started with the first plan.

      Tiny Plan

      “It is best for small and tiny installs”.

      It consists of two parts:-

      • Disk- 5 GB               
      • Bandwidth- 20 GB

      Highlights of this plan are:-

      •  It is available for 1 site on WordPress.
      •  Monthly visits are approximately 5,000.

      The price of this plan is $15/mo.

      Starter Plan

      “It is one of the popular plans for the single site”.

      It consists of two parts:-

      • Disk- 10 GB            
      • Bandwidth- 50 GB                                                           
      • Highlights of this plan are:-
      • It is available for 1 site on WordPress.
      • Monthly visits are approximately 25,000.

      The price of this plan is $30/mo.    

      Freelance Plan

      “It is the best to use to set up a great part for your clients to grow”.

      It consists of two parts:-

      Disk- 20 GB            

      Bandwidth- 200 GB                                                         

      Highlights of this plan are     

      • It is available for 10 sites on WordPress.
      • Monthly visits are approximately 1,00,000.

      The price of this plan is $115/mo.

      Agency Plan

      “It gets to hold a strong deal for a high-level business”.

      It consists of two parts:-

      • Disk- 50 GB            
      • Bandwidth- 500 GB                                                         

      Highlights of this plan are      

      •  It is available for 30 sites on WordPress.
      • Monthly visits are approximately 4,00,000.

      The price of this plan is $290/mo. 

      FAQs Cloudways vs Flywheel

      👉Which of these two is the right option?

      This process is dependent upon the reason for which you want to use these services. This is a design that can only be made when you have a good background upon your business and a clear understanding of your requirements. Only with those two factors clearly stated can you think clearly and come to the right decision about which of these platforms is the right choice.

      👉Will I be able to receive a free domain?

      It is indeed well known that a lot of hosting service providers do give you a free domain. But that is not the case with either CloudWays or ServerPilot. But to most a free domain is not always essential and the other features often outweigh this one drawback.

      👉Which of these lets me understand cPanel easily?

      CPanel is very important to most users. Especially those without a coding background. But if you want customization you will need to know more in detail. With this regard, CloudWays offers a very basic and easily understandable cPanel interface. While on the other hand, Silverpilot bloggers an easily navigatable cPanel but would be able to help more only with some basic coding skills and knowledge.

      Testimonials Cloudways vs Flywheel

      Cloudways Customer Review

      Cloudways- TestimonialsFlywheel Customer Review

      Flywheel - TestimonialsQuick Links:

      Conclusion: Cloudways vs Flywheel Comparison in Detail 2020 

      No doubt, Flywheels have the most beautiful front, and end interface for web hosting. With an easy, pick-up dashboard you can navigate different settings and unique features. Easy access is the main motto and therefore, all features are designed in a manner. For the beginners, it is quite easy to start, and for the experienced ones, they can install new Word press sites at ease in minutes.

      In many companies, the dashboard is quite complex but with Flywheel, you can reduce the time spent with your dashboard and easy access in navigation. No, unique skill is required to install a website on WordPress.  It grows out to have a stunning design.  It is beautiful and straightforward.

      Coming down to safety, it uses IP blocking in order to impose and block any intruder trying to gain access to your site.  Thus, Flywheel is recommended for any high web application developer, and it is the most reliable one dedicated purely to WordPress.

      On the other hand, Cloudways is also a secure, trustable provider for web hosting. It has an easy set-up with a one-click installation. Mostly accessible by the small business owners. It is highly appreciable to offer 5 different hosting platforms under one roof. Creating projects, or services and managing things is very easy which makes it look so fabulous! Also, self-usage gives better clarity to deal there when Free Trial helps you to get along if the website is useful to you or not?

      The first choice can be Cloudways as at affordable prices you are getting the best performances. Cloudways are the amazing fans of security, the speed of loading pages is high, scalable, and easy set-up.

      Therefore, choose the best options and get started with Cloudways or Flywheel. 


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