ConvertKit Review & Pricing 2022: Is It Worth Buying ConvertKit?

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Looking for the details on ConvertKit Pricing & Plan 2022? Here I bring you the details of the ConvertKit Pricing along with why it is worth your every penny!

There are endless platforms available for digital marketing out in the market which state saying ‘they will transform your lives and make you a millionaire in no time’.

You get programs like Kajabi, Market Hero, ClickFunnels, and many more. Besides the vital thing, you look for while digging throughout the market is one place where you can find all the offers under one roof.

But with ConverKit, you don’t just get features like a funnel maker or software for email marketing. But you get it all in a single software, probably the creatures I see turning famous from the past years.

I’m sure y’all might think, “how costly is ConverKit?” or “ if purchasing ConvertKit is worthy?” Wait until to get detailed ConvertKit Pricing & Plan. It will remove your all confusion.

I definitely understand all your concerns, and to clear all your worries I’m here with a review on ConvertKit, where I’m going to highlight all the points.

By the end of this review, you will have a clear idea that ConvertKit is the one for you and how you can select a plan that gels best for your work. Now we will move to roll over the ConvertKit Review & Pricing.


ConvertKit Review & Pricing Plans In 2022 | Is It Affordable Tool? (TRUTH)

Pricing & Plan of ConvertKit

First and foremost let me tell you that the pricing of ConvertKit is extremely simple. The plans offered by ConvertKit are just two and plan two can be scaled higher depending on the number of mail subscribers with you.

ConvertKit Pricing Overview

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1) Free plan:

  • The free plan costs $0 for a month
  • Which offers you signup forms, customizable CTAs unlimitedly
  • It offers you 30+ premium templates for your landing page
  • Unlimited traffics
  •  Domain set upcan be customized
  • Designs for mobile response
  • Unsplash integration seamlessly

2) Complete Plan:

  • The complete plan cost $29 for a month which is approximately for the subscriber up to  1,000
  • It offers signup forms, customizable CTAs unlimitedly
  • 30+ premium templates for your landing page
  • Domain set up can be customized
  • Designs for mobile response
  • Unsplash integration seamlessly
  • Unlimited traffic
  • 1000 subscribers can be managed
  • Email can be sent through broadcasts
  • Subscribers can be tagged
  • Reporting
  • Funnels for Visual Automation
  • Sequence for sending automatic emails integrations
  • Direct 90+ integrations API
  • Support
  • Community creator
  • Premium assistance
  • Migration from another tool for free of cost
  • The plan rate increases with the increase in your total subscribers
  • For instance, the price of this plan will raise to $199 each month, if my slider changes to 25000

The price rises pretty quick as it quickly jumps, but what I love about this is the fact being they allow you to scale higher in your business.

$29 is pretty cheap for 1000 subscribers where they also offer a plan free of cost

ConvertKit gives you a chance to earn some wealth from the list you have, I recommend you to use this platform for summing up little capital prior you dig deeper towards the option of paying high.

Additionally, you receive all the advantages no matter what price you pay, but the only thing that fluctuates would be your subscribers in numbers you may have.

Now let’s scrutinize a few features to check if they’re worthy enough for the price.

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ConvertKit Features:

30+ Premium Templates for your landing page:

Convertkit plans and pricing with features

If you’re performing email marketing, you need a strategy to gather all their mail ids with ConvertKit. This job will be done by your landing page.

To get started they offer you to get 30 templates for your landing page.

They also offer you a drag and dropping builder with the options for editing and customizing which makes it simpler for everybody with zero consideration on your experience level.

Templates may use a revamp and are a little parched but do a pretty good job of getting your work done for easy mail capture forms.

Unlimited traffic:

Give you unrestricted traffic

Traffic is the individual that goes through the landing pages and the sales funnel.

This software enables you to send endless emails you wish to send as they want you to convert these individuals and your mail subscribers.

With your understanding of this that it refers to both warm and cold traffic, and who are not your subscribers.

But once they turn to be your subscriber, they are your 1 out of 1000 you gain for the range of $29

Customizable Set Up For The Domain:

The software shall assist you with setting up a domain for the landing page and sales funnel which makes it look more Competent and proficient.

Sadly ConvertKit does not offer you a premium domain for this, this you’ll get something that looks similar to this until you buy a package.

You may want to buy a genuine domain as it’s hard for people to trust you until you have a real domain. But you can let it the way it is till you completely set up your structure.

Subscriber Tagging:

This feature of ConvertKit plays a vital role as this is something that you’ll utilize at a semi-advanced stage. While you tag your subscriber, it will enable you to part your audience during your marketing to further construct your list.

For instance, let’s assume you have two lists, list A and list B.

List A: here the subscribers are the people who subscribed to your page through your cooking blog post on Facebook when you shared your personal experience about why you turned vegan for years.

List B: here the subscribers are the people who subscribed to your page through how to perfectly cook steak instructional videos on YouTube.

Now you may wish to section your audience as list A is interested in Vegan food and list B are interested in cooking steak.

Possibly you’ll plan to approve people in list A with additional vegetarian or vegan content and recipes.

Pretty sensible, isn’t it?

So, when you tag a person, you put him into their personal tiny list where you can give them better-personalized marketing knowledge and understanding.

Visual Automation Funnels:

Automation Features ConvertKit- ConvertKit Coupon Codes

We all know automation plays a crucial role in constructing any online business as ultimately you will have to get yourself replaced. This feature will assist you generate ideas on how your subscribers can turn into your potential buyers.

You can set catalysts that will target tags in the list you have and deliver the best-personalized content possibly.

Automated Email Sequences:

In the opening, it may not sound like a great deal, but if you have a mailing list, you’ll understand that it’s not possible for you to send mails to each one of them individually or schedule emails according to days and weeks.

I’m sure you wish to walk ahead of time and when you are a subscriber, they automatically receive your emails through your sales funnel.

This software assists you in setting up sequences automatically where you can place your marketing list and generate 10,20s, the 30s, and more days where you can plan all your emails which will keep you ahead of time.

Later on, you can schedule it for every day, and this software will send emails on your behalf.

Price Comparison With The Competitors:

Now that we know about their features let’s discuss their competitors.

Keeping it all rounded ConvertKit is pretty affordable according to my standards, but the price goes high as and when the list becomes longer.

It’s quite obvious that you’d want your list to grow as much as possible, so you’ll surely keep this noted as how this is going to impact the prices.

One of the things I love about their structure is, they let you expand your business and rate naturally without you being liable to pay huge amounts of money in the upfront. This is a massive pro to the software.

The con is you’ll have to get to at least 100000 subscribers, in order to pay $679 each month.

Hoping that by this point you will have reasonable income arriving to adapt to the high charges.

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Now Let‘s Talk About Converkit Competitors:

1) Pricing:

In, it’s the central benefit of the charges is its simplicity.

Convertkit Alternative - Overview


The started pack can be purchased $27 for each month and that will give you approximately 5000 email subscribers.

For these 5000 subscribers, you will have to pay $79 each month on ConvertKit. When you commence with a new venture that $50 undoubtedly matters.

Additionally, provides you all that ConvertKit offers too. You additionally receive a 3 membership site, unrestricted emails, and unlimited funnels.

2) Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels Pricing:

This software has an enormous name in the market for its funnel building presently, there’s a lot of expense to be made to roll with such brand names like Clickfunnels.

Convertkit pricing vs ClickFunnels


Regardless of what pack you need, you have one offer and that is for $97 that provides you probably everything you’ll need. To take a step further you need to spend $297 for each month, but I’m sure you don’t need that pack for your initial commencement.

This software lets you construct your mail list, build funnels, landing pages, and market them. The drawback is they do not have an integrated CRM, which means you’ll have to spend some money on other services like ActiveCampaign and MailChimp at cheaper rates for more advancements.

3) Mailchimp

Mailchimp Pricing:

Coming to MailChimp, if you’ve been searching for something to keep your work simple and you just want a marketing tool for mailing. This can be the option for you. MailChimp is a nice software for freshers who are seeking to develop their mail list and want to market to the subscribers by direct mailing.

MailChimp OverView and pricing

The drawback of this software is that you get nothing else besides mailing and it’s automation. There are zero funnels, no templates for CTA nor a landing page.

So you may be in a need to buy another tool that integrates with this software, which will make this software of no use as you have to spend on a product elsewhere and grab extra offers than what MailChimp gives.

This software is free of cost to commence with giving you 2000 contacts, CRM, custom domains, and templates.

How To Choose ConvertKit Plan?

Just in case you’re wondering how you can select a plan for your venture, it’s pretty simple as you just have two choices relying on the sizes of the list.

For the ones who’ve already got a mail list, you shall need to bypass a free plan and dive down to the “full” choice as you already have a little traffic and income coming from the list of yours.


👉Is a free trial available for ConvertKit?

The answer is yes. This software allows you to have a trial for 14 days so that you can experience it prior to purchasing it. They don’t ask for credit card details while you try it, so it’s up to you if you wish to add your Harvard Yes details or chuck his software.

✅ How can I upgrade my plan?

So they've come up with a smart play here. Whereas you keep growing your venture and there's an increase in your subscriber's list and hit the limit of the list. The software eventually upgrades your plan. This takes pretty much of thinking out from the box.

👉 What happens you lose your subscribers and dive below the plan subscribed?

At present, the software does not have an action to put your plan down automatically, so for this, you will have to contact their customer services and maybe they assist you with this.

💥Is there any particular limit to send mails from this software?

No there is no limit for sending emails with this software. These are unrestricted, regardless of what package you’ve purchased.

✅ Is it possible to switch some other tool to ConvertKit while having a mail list in the other tool?

Yes you can convert it since the mitigation is free of cost you can do it by filling a form and they will shift your subscribers from the previous tool to the fresh one.


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Conclusion: ConvertKit Review & Pricing Plans 2022

ConvertKit software is pretty much usable by anybody. If you’re running a business that requires a mail list for marketing you can use this software. It is extremely helpful for any sort of venture, and the size of the venture doesn’t really matter.

Also, this part of the strategy for payment is smart.

If you already have a mail list of 10 or maybe 10000 you will be eligible to commence with this software and choose a suitable pack that is perfect for your business growth.

An interesting part about this software is that it offers an affiliate sort of program that permits you to get its services for no cost. It’s pretty much similar to the opportunities in network marketing.

So, if you send an invitation to any of your friends and ask them to join this software with reference to your link, that person and you will be able to build a list of 100 subscribers for zero money.

I Hope, the article gave you a detailed idea about ConvertKit pricing.

If you still have any doubts, please write to me in the comments section below, I will be more than happy to help you.

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