Kajabi Review 2022 Really Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)

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To share your knowledge; passion, ideas, lessons and most importantly a platform which combines them all is required. And I have got an amazing platform for you all! KAJABI.

Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and sharing information products online. You can host a range of content including audios, videos and text content with an additional benefit of some amazing templates! Check out our detail Kajabi Review.

Kajabi review

With Kajabi, all you need is the content and passion, and if you have both it provides you with all the necessary tools to get started with. Kajabi is all-in-one solution, from hosting, to creating a website, to getting your content in the form of an online course, to promote the content and collect membership payments.

It helps you to earn money using your knowledge and has also included a detailed procedure in a video which helps you to build a website, add your course material on it, sell it directly it to the students, and can reach to them throughout the course to solve all the problems and answer all their queries about your content.

What I liked about Kajabi:

  • The Kajabi system has been built keeping the search engines in mind, which is vital for the business. Setting up one’s online course business through Kajabi means the website will be search engine friendly, which by not much efforts will attract more customers for the business.
  • The look you choose for your content to present it to the customers is completely customizable.
  • Easy to set up online courses that contains texts, images, audios, or videos which has been included in the lessons.

Just by paying the price once to the system to create an entire online business; with Kajabi, you don’t require any other additional service to add the course content, marketing or selling.




There is simple procedure of registering with Kajabi, and if you find any problem during the process of registration they have created a video illustrating the process whose real goal is to inform the new Kajabi users how to create a course with your content of right form as per an online course. The videos are engaging, clear, and quite informative for the user.

They additionally modeled the entire procedure to how to create a video course, and to make it more understandable the videos are broken down into very clear and bite size pieces, which are laid out in a procedural fashion and sequentially too, easy to grasp as well.

The only thing needed is the creator of the course would need to own a website and pay for the membership plugin to add content to their WordPress website.

If one wants to add video in their lessons, Kajabi includes a Wistia-powered video player to stream lessons to your students. Or to attach audio or other attachments such as template files or PDF files in notes, you can use the Downloads box to add them to the post. Posts can also include comments, just as in the normal blog posts so that the creator gets the suggestions, queries and reviews or their posts.


After the creation, to organize the lessons in a proper online lesson format, Categories option is available to categorize the posts into lesson plans. One can add a category for each week of lessons, or a category for lessons on particular topics. You can add posts in the relevant categories, in any order irrespective of page settings. All that’s left is to tweak the site’s appearance and open the online or visual class for the public.

Using the Appearance tab, one can choose from a number of free themes and customize them with different designs, text, forms, and all other tools one needs is provided by Kajabi.


It definitely helps you to keep track about your content. Customers can bundle together courses in their purchase, owners can receive newsletter subscriptions automatically whenever purchase has been made and Kajabi helps the users through setting up the whole new world of upselling for the users, through additional offers in checkout and through follow-up emails as well.

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To keep the students updated about the new posts, Kajabi can send the announcements to the students via email about the posts.


When it comes to the marketing part, Use the marketing tab to customize the landing pages. One can then add email broadcasts to be sent out to people who’ve filled out their contact forms for more information related to the course. Then, by using the People tab, one can see the information about all those who has purchased the courses. For communicating with the users, the creator can offer personalized feedback and help the students get the most out of courses and the content.


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There are plans available for every type of users catering to every type of needs and some of them are-

When one is just starting, there is a basic plan for $129 per month. This plan includes:


  • Set up 5 courses
    ● Send up to 1000 marketing emails per month
    ● Have 1000 members
    ● Set up 1 website
    ● 25 landing pages

Opting for the plan of $389 per month you will be able to:

  • Set up 100 courses
    ● Send up to 40 000 marketing emails per month
    ● Have 10 000 members
    ● Set up 3 websites
    ● Create 100 landing pages

PLUS: Setting up your own affiliate program

For the experienced one’s the premium plan for $799 per month is the one. This one includes:

  • The option to set up unlimited courses
    ● up to 100,000 marketing emails a month
    ● Unlimited number of members
    ● Ability to set up 10 websites
    ● An unlimited amount of landing pages

Kajabi’s Bad Points

These are few points which I thought, Kajabi can improve upon:

  1. There is no option for setting up quizzes inside the course’s content.
  2. Kajabi does not integrate live video conferencing into its platform in the or as a part of the lessons.
  3. The support team needs to power up their game – becoming more accessible to the clients and more precise in its response to client doubts.


Over To You : Kajabi Review: Is That Really Worth The Hype? (Pros & Cons)

kajabi university

So, one and all Kajabi has to be the most comprehensive platform available today. Comparing Kajabi with other similar options like Wishlist, Nanacast, Traindom and few others, it makes the business owner’s job a lot easier, and allows for faster set-up because everything you need is included. With feasible features and plugins and the plans offered, Kajabi is undoubtedly the way to go.

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