DeleteMe Review 2023: Is it a Reliable Tool to Erase Online Data?

DeleteMe Review

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DeleteMe is the industry leader in online privacy and removal. They offer a variety of packages to delete your personal information across different platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. It's important for you to have some form of protection against identity theft or harassment on social media

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  • Remove your personal info from data brokers
  • DeleteMe Expert advisors remove your info and help answer your privacy question
  • DeleteMe erase personal information every 3 months
  • 20M+ have used DeleteMe
  • DeleteMe Sends regular Updates on their Progress
  • Easy User Interface


  • Customer Support can be Improved
  • Photo Delete option not available
  • It took 7 days to receive the first report


Price: $ 129

Are you looking for an Unbiased DeleteMe Review, Don’t worry, I got you covered.

It’s terrifying to realize that your personal data might be taken and used without your knowledge or permission. In this video, Josh demonstrates how to install DeleteMe and discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using the software for erasing your online presence.

If you want your private data removed from data broker sites, you can use DeleteMe, a privacy service. is only one example of a broker that stores and sells personal information.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Birthday
  • Phone Number
  • Family Members
  • Court Records

It is possible to manually request that your information be removed from these broker sites, and they are required to do so by law, but doing so is time-consuming and laborious.

An organization like DeleteMe can save you time and effort because they handle everything for you. Is it reliable in erasing your files, though? Is it really worth the hefty annual fee? Let’s find out.

DeleteMe Review

DeleteMe Review 2023 In a Nutshell

How do I get my personal information off the Internet for free

Data brokers are those who will collect and sell your personal information to anyone who is interested. Abine DeleteMe uses a combination of automation and direct human participation to remove your information from dozens of websites like these. If necessary, this process can be repeated.

Bottom Line Upfront: DeleteMe is the go-to solution for people who want to get their personal information removed from data broker websites. With an A+ rating and a BBB certification, DeleteMe has proven time and again that it’s trustworthy enough to take care of your private details. Stop worrying about what strangers might find out about you on these sites – just use this service instead! Get Started with DeleteMe Today.

Is DeleteMe free

What is DeleteMe?

DeleteMe is a hands-free subscription service that removes you and your family’s personally identifiable information from data broker websites.

DeleteMe’s team of privacy experts are well trained in privacy policies and opt-out procedures, so they can quickly and easily remove your personal information from data broker websites, saving you a great deal of time and effort.

Real DeleteMe experts use a variety of manual and automated processes to find your personal information on each data broker website, and complete the opt-out processes for you, making sure that the process has worked and your information is removed.

How fast does delete me work

You might wonder why DeleteMe is a subscription service. The answer is simple: as we mentioned, your personal information often repopulates after it has been removed, as data brokers continue to comb the web and post personal information.

DeleteMe checks each site on a regular basis, even after you’ve been removed, to make sure that your information stays private. By offering DeleteMe as a subscription, they are able to make sure your information stays off of these sites.

Before using DeleteMe, a Google search for your name could turn up an entire page of data brokers trying to sell your phone number, address, and more. After DeleteMe has removed you from the leading data broker websites, it will be much harder to find your personal information from an online search.

How Does DeleteMe Work?

After you’ve signed up for DeleteMe, you will be asked to complete your DeleteMe Data Sheet. This data sheet is how the privacy experts know what information you need to remove from the data broker websites. It includes your name, nicknames, common misspellings of your name, current and past addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.

This is the information that the data brokers already have, and so DeleteMe’s privacy experts need it to remove you from the data broker websites. Rest assured, DeleteMe has proven to be an expert in the space, and they make it clear that you can trust DeleteMe with your personal information.

How to remove data brokers

After that, you simply wait for DeleteMe’s expert team to do the hard work for you. Within seven days of your date of signup, you will receive a detailed DeleteMe Privacy Report showing which data brokers already had your information.

what’s currently being done to remove that information and the length of time that it typically takes for that data broker to process an opt-out request and remove your information from their website.

Some data brokers remove the information immediately, but unfortunately, some of the worst data brokers out there can take much longer to remove your information – in some cases over 6 weeks!

DeleteMe for business

DeleteMe will keep you updated on the status of your opt-outs, sending you a new report on a regular basis so you know exactly which websites have re-posted your information, and that DeleteMe kept it safe.

Can You Trust DeleteMe?

In addition to making sure your information is removed from data broker sites, DeleteMe makes sure to store the information they have about you in a safe and secure way. First of all, they will never track, store, or sell your personal information to anyone, under any circumstance.

They only use it as necessary to carry out their service and remove you from data broker websites. They also allow you to use Two-Factor Authentication when logging in to your DeleteMe account.

This adds an extra step to your basic log-in procedure, requiring you to confirm your login with a verification code, adding an extra layer of security.

deleteMe pricing


DeleteMe’s privacy experts are real people who personally remove your information from each data broker website, making sure that your personal information was fully removed and stays safe.

Since 2011, they have processed more than 10 Million consumer opt-outs; it’s clear that the team behind DeleteMeknows what they are doing.

Best DeleteMe Alternatives

1) OneRep

DeleteMe Alternatives - onerep

OneRep is a fully automated program that was established in 2015 and removes users’ private information from Google and other websites. More than 45,000,000 illegitimate user profiles have been found on the network so far.

OneRep Pricing Plans

The personal Plan starts at $8.33 per month

Family Program Starts at $27.95 per month

Group package: Contacting the sales staff will offer you a pricing quote for purchasing a business account data cleanup package.

2) Kanary

kanary - deleteme alternatives

Kanary, which was founded in 2019, focuses on quickly finding and deleting sensitive data that compromises your security and privacy. The Mozilla Foundation and YCombinator Startup School support the platform.

Kanary Pricing Plan

Personal Plan

The monthly cost of the individual plan is $9.99, or $89.99 if paid yearly.

Family Program

The price of the plan is $14.99 monthly and $129.99 annually. The family plan includes you and covers a total of six people.

Business Plan

The plan, which costs $110 per person per year, comes with special features

2) Removaly

Since its establishment in 2020, Removaly has unquestionably established itself as one of the top DeleteMe alternatives. The site puts a strong emphasis on data privacy and offers free tools to help you stay as anonymous as possible online.

Removaly Pricing Plans 


The monthly fee for the plan is $9.95.

Couples Plan

The bundle only covers two individuals and costs $14.95 each month.

Family Plan

This plan costs $14.95 per month to cover all members of the same household.

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DeleteMe Reviews TrustPilot

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FAQs Related to DeleteMe Review

👉What is DeleteMe?

DeleteMe is a solution that permits net users to clean up their electronic impact by helping them to remove their info with leading data brokers.

💰 How much is DeleteMe?

DeleteMe, which starts at $129 for a year's subscription, as well as its rival Reputation Defender, likewise gives customers cost-free tools to do the erasing themselves.

👉 Does abine DeleteMe work?

Abine DeleteMe guarantees to erase your individual data from loads of one of the most preferred individual data collectors; as much I can inform, it functions, Yes, you could make all the opt-out demands yourself, and also maintain inspecting back in case the site grabs your information once again.

👉 Is DeleteMe a legit site?

DeleteMe is a private website that provides simple and convenient methods for removing personal information. This site has over 694 reviews on ConsumerAffairs, with an average rating of 4.71 stars out of 5 - making it 1st among Privacy sites! Consumers are generally satisfied with their purchases here because they can easily remove unwanted data from websites such as Facebook or Google without having to worry about being able to re-access the account in the future. The only complaint most customers seem to have is not all contact points offer great customer service response times; however, this seems like something DeleteMe could work towards improving soon enough when more clients sign up for services offered by them every day!

👉 What happens after I sign up for Deleteme ?

You’ll never have to worry about spam emails again. Just sign up and we’ll take care of the rest! Signing up for DeleteMe is a quick, one-time process that will give you peace of mind from unwanted marketing materials like junk mail or telemarketing calls ever again. We do all the hard work by getting right into your inbox so you don't even need to lift a finger

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Conclusion: DeleteMe Review 2023: Should you go for DeleteMe?

DeleteMe is for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable with their personal information being publicly displayed and sold online.

They make it easy for you to protect yourself and your family from those looking to commit identity theft, financial fraud, stalking, or worse. Without DeleteMe, your personal information could be posted on a data broker website without your knowledge.

Your information is yours to control. We’ve made it easy for you to protect yourself from those who want nothing more than to steal your identity or commit financial fraud.

DeleteMe service may not be a perfect solution, but they  make the process of removing your personal data easier and safer by providing guidance on how you should go about protecting yourself online with our guide “How To Protect Yourself Online.” If you are unsure if this is right for you, let us know – we’re happy to help!

checkout the DeleteMe “About Us” page to get more information related to How to get protected with DeleteMe against data breaches.

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  1. DeleteMe is the answer to your prayers if you’re Fed Up With Being Tracked. It’s an easy, automated way to opt yourself out of dozens of data broker sites that collect and sell your personal information without your consent or knowledge.

  2. DeleteMe is the best way to keep your personal information out of the hands of data brokers. With DeleteMe, you can opt yourself out of dozens of data broker websites and keep your personal information safe.

  3. DeleteMe is the leading provider of removal services to delete personal information from any and all types of websites, for them security comes first!

  4. DeleteMe is the solution to your online reputation worries. It’s one of the best ways to keep your personal information and data safe from prying eyes.

  5. DeleteMe is the solution for anyone who doesn’t want their personal data being bought and sold without their consent. DeleteMe opts you out from dozens of data broker sites, so your personal information stays just that – personal!

  6. One of the best features of DeleteMe is that after you delete a comment, picture, message, post, account,…anything from your social media pages or blog- it disappears from everything.

  7. I tried a free trial of deleteme and it worked wonders. I thought the service was going to be another failure from an “upgrade” site, but the customer support team is really helpful!

  8. DeleteMe keeps your information safe and secure. So whether you’re looking to protect your identity online or just want to make sure your sensitive information stays under wraps, DeleteMe is the great choice.

  9. deleteme is a simple solution when you want to get rid of your online profile. With one-click, deleteme will delete you from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that may hold personal information for sensitive purposes or outdated information. Any information stored in a site that can be deleted will stay gone with the click of the installation button.

  10. After one year of cyber-bullying and two months of robberies, I finally bought DeleteMe. Nothing bad has happened since then so I guess it’s worth it?

  11. deleteme is a simple solution when you want to get rid of your online profile. With one-click, deleteme will delete you from sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that may hold personal information for sensitive purposes or outdated information. Any information stored in a site that can be deleted will stay gone with the click of the installation button.

  12. DeleteMe is an essential partner that you can trust for online reputation protection. It helps scrub your personal information and history from the Internet, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected.

  13. Deleteme removes your personal data from many popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, etc…so when an account is deleted or breached it doesn’t become detrimental to make up another account because the old one will still be intact.

  14. I use DeleteMe to protect myself from the whole internet tracking you without your knowledge.

  15. deleteme will issue notifications to alert you when anything changes with any account you’ve previously created and make it easy for you put yourselves back in touch if need be. You’ll never miss out again once deletion becomes a thing of the past…

  16. deleteme is designed to make completely deleting yourself from the web easy. We delete you from all your social media profiles, search engines, and other by-product sites like forums and blogs. And we do it in such a way that even computer nerds can’t find you. So why not try our deleteme service today?

  17. With DeleteMe, you can erase your embarrassing online presence and protect your personal information. DeleteMe is the best way to keep your private life private.

  18. When you delete something from the internet, it’s gone forever. deleteme team manually tracks usernames on every major social media site to make sure they are completely removed- even if that account name has been deleted by the owner. And with our new kill switch feature, you can be notified whenever anyone is looking for your digital identity so you can take action before getting caught by them!

  19. Finally, I can finally say bye bye to my fears! DeleteMe is simple and reliable when it comes to getting rid of the bad juju. All you have to do is sign up for their service once and there’s someone who will take care of all your frustrations.

  20. delete your information from the internet with this amazing service. If you’re not already deleting your information on a regular basis, get deleted with deleteme.

  21. DeleteMe offers a totally new way to get rid of your information. They’ll always be watching you, flickering in the shadows, subtly surveying where it’s needed most, ready at any time to delete with extreme prejudice.

  22. DeleteMe Completely protects you with no access to your information. You can use this for life, irregardless of what current event the internet deems significant. It is the only way to keep yourself clean in today’s high stakes game of social media and other related information.

  23. DeleteMe is a lifesaver! I was about to get a new job, and then I saw that my old boss had written a bad review of me on LinkedIn. Thank goodness for DeleteMe, because they were able to take it down before my potential new employer could see it.

  24. DeleteMe is not that great. I don’t know what people are talking about when they say you’re all over the Internet, but my uploaded pictures aren’t showing up in Google search. It’s really a feel-good type of service for those who want to believe that somewhere out there somebody can actually do something with this information and make it disappear forever.

  25. DeleteMe is seriously amazing! I have used it before and then my social media pages would go back to being clean. Oh, the magic of DeleteMe.

  26. I was really excited to try out DeleteMe, but I was really disappointed. It didn’t do anything to help my online reputation.

  27. I was really excited to tryDeleteMe, but unfortunately it’s nothing more than a scam. I paid for the all-inclusive package only to find that not only did it fail to do any of what they claim in their ads, but then charged me again when I asked for a refund.

  28. I downloaded DeleteMe because I was told it would help protect my online reputation. But it was a total waste of money! It didn’t do anything to improve my reputation and it was really hard to use.

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