EverWebinar Review 2021 (Pricing & Features) (EverWebinar 14 Days Trial for $1)

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User Interface
Time zone auto-detection
Flexible Scheduling


  • Automated Webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • It has a live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar.
  • Provide secure webinar rooms right with password protection.
  • It has built-in autoresponders and you can easily communicate pre and post-webinar.
  • Live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar
  • Active offer displays with urgency and scarcity
  • Know your data with their advanced analytics and tracking
  • Split test your registration pages to perfection
  • Point-and-click templates
  • 60 Days for $1, then $497 per year
  • No more pixelated streaming or choppy frame rates, get HD Quality with Everwebinar
  • Full Email & SMS System


  • You can’t simulate the live chat
  • Email reminders are not included- an extra cost
  • Need WebinarJam to Host Live Webinars

Price:$ 597

EverWebinar can help you in ramping up your sales if you’re in small and medium-sized businesses simply by taking existing webinar and replying them in order to satisfy the customers and getting many more potential customers.

Bottom Line Upfront : EverWebinar is platform which gives you freedom to easily split test your webinar landing page and its contents, and will track which version delivers better conversions. It also helps boost your sales. They have detailed videos explaining everything on how to the software and If you still get stuck they have amazing customer service that reply so fast.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with EverWebinar you can receive a full refund when you request it within 30 days after your purchase. Take the trial offered by EverWebinar and you will know it for yourself.

EverWebinar  14 Days  Trial for $1

Get Your 14-Day  Trial Today!


EverWebinar Review in Detail

Simply by importing events and using the best feature of EverWebinar automation-friendly features, you can record a webinar once and you can replay it whenever you want. EverWebinar currently transforming the historical process of hosting webinars along with making the process super easy. Here in this post, we have given trustworthy- EverWebinar Review. Let us find out why you should go with EverWebinar. 

What is Automated Webinar?

Basically, Automated Webinar will provide you the opportunity to get “ face to face”  right with your customer at scale. Rather than organizing one of the scale calls or any of the face to face meetings with the automated webinar you can easily speak to 100 or even thousands of your customers all at the same time, really it’s fascinating, isn’t it? The WebinarJam is one of the alternatives to EverWebinar that offers fast and seamless automated webinar. Check out the link in-depth WebinarJam review here.

EverWebinar Review- Automated Webinars

Really you can do that task with this amazing software called EverWebinar,  it is not only efficient but your customer will also be going to love it. Basically, the thing is that people who are watching videos are more likely to make a purchase and that’s the thing you can increase your sales and satisfy your customer or even organize a webinar meeting you can do all this task in a super easy way.

Benefits of having EverWebinar?

  • Automated Webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • You can share files directly on a webinar.
  • It has a live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar.
  • Provide secure webinar rooms right with password protection.
  • You can also customize your pages for brand consistency.
  • Here Active offer will be displayed with urgency and scarcity.
  • You can easily know your data right with their advanced analytics and tracking.
  • It has built-in autoresponders and you can easily communicate pre and post-webinar.

EverWebinar is also designed for beginners and intermediate marketers and this basically laid a solid foundation for the automated webinar marketing. In order to conduct a successful webinar you should do following things:

  • Increase registration
  •  Increase show-up rate
  • Increase stick rate through the  webinar
  •  Increase sales conversion
  • Just Echo through automation

Features of EverWebinar

EverWebinar Included Offer- EverWebinar Review

  • Free training: Right with the expert help you can easily turn webinar into highly converting automated marketing machine.
  • Community:  You can easily join they are an exclusive Facebook community that is having over 25, 000 members
  • Unlimited support:  That is the best part of this amazing webinar service that they will solve your problem and will be there with you till the problem is fixed.
  • 30 Day Money Back guarantee:  They promise that you’ll be given your whole money back because EverWebinar basically comes with a full 30 day 100%money back guarantee.  And due to any reasons, you are not delighted with their services you can simply ask for your reference.
  • Evergreen Webinar: This is one of the acclaimed evergreen webinar platforms which is used by thousands of business owners.
  • Automated Webinars: Basically automation is the fastest way to increase your business by 10 times without working hard.
  • Pre-landing pages: You will get Pre-Made landing pages in order to maximize the registration and you are the best part is that there is no coding or designing skills is needed. The best part is that there are dozens of gorgeous designs all you need to do is put these designs in webinars and it will definitely be going to look amazing.
  • Automated email Communications: Just keep your subscriber in the loop with full Email and SMS communication system. And you can easily communicate with your subscriber before and after the webinar.

What you can do with  EverWebinar’s Automated Webinars Feature?

  • Advanced scheduling system:  right with this feature you can easily setup your promotion for monthly, Weekly or even the daily Webinars.  and you can also select specific days of the week along with the time zones which is basically best for your audience.
  • Just-in-time webinars:  You can easily set dynamic “  just in time” webinars that will basically start within minutes of registration. You can easily let them watch your webinar on demand as they register.

EverWebinar Pricing:

Basically, the price of EverWebinar is $597.

But using our special discount offer you can get it for $497.

EverWebinar Setup:

Really, EverWebinar keeps it very easy and so fast to complete set up in less than 3 minutes for all of your members.

  • Live to Evergreen in One Click:  basically, this webinar is built with direct integration to webinar jam which is being sold separately. FB all know that webinar is the simplest and easiest way to grow your business and here EverWebinar will help you out. once you will join EverWebinar you can easily turn a live webinar right into an evergreen webinar right by clicking one button.
  • One click platform swap: Just stay in one place in order to manage all of your life and evergreen webinar marketing,  it’s really simple.
  • Convert live to automated:  You can easily import a fast live event and your EverWebinar will automatically break it into an evergreen event within a second.
  • Convenience:  Just keep all of your stats, chat along with videos write in one convenient easy to access location that you can easily access from anywhere safely.

EverWebinar Reviews- Laws of Successful Webiinars

List of Advanced Simulation Tools with EverWebinar

Simply increase conversion with the highest level of interaction. Here you will get the list of Advanced simulation tools that you will get with this amazing webinars service.

1) Live chat simulator:

EverWebinar Review- Live Chat Simulator

You can simply write or import your own chat history and here the system will roll It live, throughout the event.

  • You can easily send your preconfigured chat line and here they will be displayed in order at your desired time stamp right throughout the event.
  • Just download and import all the chat history from any of the previous webinars. This will replicate the previous live webinar right into evergreen mode breeze.
  • Your customer will be able to see all those chat lines roles in real-time along with making your evergreen event feel alive, real and intuitive.

2)  Dynamic Attendee Display:

EverWebinar Review- Dynamic Attendee Display

Here it is all about mimicking a live webinar environment. People can join and leave the webinar all the time during a live event. And here the best part is that EverWebinar will easily replicate it in a natural behavior.

  • Attendee behavior replica:  You can easily pre-defined your desired attendee pick and here the system will progressively filled up attendee count all the way in order to pick and then it will curve down when the event goes on.
  • Hide the attendance: And if you really want to hide your attendance level hidden you can easily disable your audience count with a click.

3)    Seamless Integration:   The basic thing is that you can easily subscribe all of the webinar registrant right to your favorite autoresponders.  And once you have done that you should set it and forget.

EverWebinar Review- Seamless Integraion

  • Build Your mailing list:  Without having any second thought growing mailing list has never been easier. But here EverWebinar integrates with all of the popular auto subscribers out there like Aweber, MailChimp, GetResponse along with contact and many more.
  • Seamless tagging integration: Just by using any of the advanced autoresponders such as Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign Here it will pass all of the customer behavior tags to your leads so you can easily organize them based on whether they have attended your webinar or not.
  • Third party tracking:  Here you can easily embed your Google Analytics or Facebook tracking pixel so you can easily Run any of the paid ads campaigns or retarget your audience and many more things.

Checking Performance Stats in Real Time with EverWebinar

Here you can easily know everything and check the performance stats of any of the webinars that you have organized and they will provide you the track of everything. You will get the reports of following things:

EverWebinar Review- Webinar Analytics

  • Sign up, attendance and purchase ratio:  Here with this feature, you will easily know how many Visitors converted into registrants along with how many registrants converted into viewers and also you will know how many visitors converted into your buyers.
  • In webinar behavior tracking:  You can easily know how many people vote on your polls, how many people click on your links, how many people have filled your survey along with answering and also knowing how long through the event they stay.
  • Track the money:  If you are someone selling a product or services to your automated events you can easily know your average dollar per sign up so that easily you can budget right for your advertising cost accurately.

EverWebinar Pricing

Everwebinar pricing details

EverWebinar Comparison

Everwebinar Vs Webinar Ninja

Everwebinar vs Webinar Ninja

EverWebinar vs EasyWebinar

Everwebinar vs easywebinar


EverWebinar Customers Testimonials :

“It’s super easy to set up, just like WebinarJam. I’ve used lots of other webinar programs and this one is just head and shoulders above them. I love that I can import my live webinars or import videos from other sources and have a webinar up and running for my clients.”

Jim Brown,  EverWebinar User

“We  have been using EverWebinar since it launched. Best webinar software on the planet. Very easy to use and has some powerful features. 3x our conversions from our other webinar platforms!”

Greg Vogel,  EverWebinar User


“I’ve been waiting for a solution like this ages! I pounded my list and filled a live webinar room up, then I just automated it with EverWebinar into my funnel. Result? An additional 10% ROI doing absolutely nothing! I love EverWebinar… I really do… Oh, and using it for “live” trainings for my new customers, refunds are cut in half! I love you again EverWebinar. Buy it!”

Kevin Porter,  EverWebinar User

“Really loving how easily it integrates with WebinarJam and the ability to interact LIVE (via the chat room) with anyone watching one of my automated webinars. Awesome tool and this, along with WebinarJam, is the best on the market!”

Jacqueline Green,  EverWebinar User

“Automation has been a game changer for our business and I couldn’t do what I do without EverWebinar. I’ve used lots of different webinar platforms over the years but nothing has the power, flexibility or consistency oof this platform. I am a huge fan!”

Tim Stenros,  EverWebinar User

“I love the detailed follow up messages you can send to webinar attendees without the need of an expensive CRM. Plus, it’s super easy to configure and also support multiple SMTP services.”

Richard Osterude,  EverWebinar User

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Conclusion: EverWebinar Review 2021  (EverWebinar 60 Day Trial for $1)

Everwebinar money back

EverWebinar will definitely help you in organizing virtual live event automation right from both at technological and marketing perspective. Here the best part about EverWebinar is that it has the power of automated webinar marketing technology and that will really go to help you in organizing automated webinars just record it once and play it whenever you want.

We would like to recommend EverWebinar as we have already used this amazing webinar service and that really helps in getting more sales and organizing the best webinar. And if you are intermediate or a beginner and advanced user you can easily start with ever webinar.  Feel free to share how this amazing webinar service helps you, right in the comment section.

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