GoodAccess Review 2023 : Best Cloud VPNs for Business Teams?

Good Access


  • Easy to Use & Stability software
  • Static VPN
  • The Connection is fast & stable
  • Affordable VPN for Small Business
  • Pricing is low and attractive
  • The software is very intuitive
  • Provide single centralized IP address


  • Customer Support can be Improved


Price: $ 3

If you operate a small or medium-sized company, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the challenge of successfully safeguarding your workers’ remote access. Cloud VPN is an excellent alternative to on-premise VPN infrastructure but without drawbacks. Today, we will brief you about GoodAccess business cloud VPN with zero-trust network access features.

What is GoodAccess?

GoodAccess Review - Overview

GoodAccess is quite a new name in the game. Launched in 2020, the service quickly became popular between small and midsize businesses. The company claims that its SaaS is now used by 1000+ customers worldwide. Besides traditional cloud VPN, the tool delivers additional zero-trust networking and security features which makes it far more valuable.

But let’s start from the ground. GoodAccess is a cloud-based virtual private network (VPN) developed specifically for small and medium-sized companies. Apart from a dedicated VPN gateway (static IP for the team, whitelisting options, and robust encryption) for protecting remote access, it also includes zero-trust security measures such as zero-trust access management, two-factor authentication/multi-factor authentication, and domain filtering.

GoodAccess offers three packages (essential, advanced, premium) which cover three use cases (Cloud VPN with Static IP, Zero Trust Access Control, and Software-Defined Perimeter). If you want to test the service, you can try a full-featured 14-day trial.

How Does GoodAccess Work?

How does it work- GoodAccess Review

After you subscribe, your team is formed and you are given access to the so-called Control Panel. The software provides a dashboard for administrators where they can manage gateways, add team members (users), systems, set access permissions, and see access logs. The Control Panel’s graphical user interface is well-organized, which simplifies program use.

As a user, you get an invitation from the administrator; you then download the software (which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android) and configure it to your specifications.

At its heart, GoodAccess is a cloud VPN gateway that assigns you (your users) a dedicated static IP address that you can whitelist for each business system (such as corporate servers/databases), ensuring that your team may access information discreetly and securely from anywhere in the globe. You may improve performance by selecting a gateway that is geographically near to you. We tested both the Singapore and New York gateways and had no performance problems.

Benefits of GoodAccess

If you wish to improve access restrictions using a zero-trust paradigm (assume your users connect through unprotected sites such as public wi-fi), GoodAccess enables you to do so.
You may give each user a virtual access card in the Control Panel and so establish a private account and network identity for them, allowing them to access only defined apps. Additionally, you can leverage external providers’ Single-Sign-On (SSO) authentication (Google and Azure), take advantage of DNS filtering to block unwanted websites, enable 2FA/MFA at the network layer (so that you don’t have to manually configure multifactor authentication for each application), and monitor access logs as needed. All of this may come in useful when it comes to lowering your organization’s danger surface.

Overall Customer Experience and Support

Support- GoodAccess Review

The Contact section of GoodAccess’s website includes the company’s address. Alternatively, you can send a note to the staff by completing a brief form located under the address. A more in-depth method of receiving advice is to schedule a free online session with GoodAccess Guru through the website. It’s particularly beneficial for resolving any initial setup difficulties, such as whitelisting or system integration plugin issues.

Additionally, there is online assistance available. Clients of GoodAccess (but especially Enterprise customers) have 24/7 access to assistance through Samohyb’s live chat or IT ticketing system.

On their website, under References, GoodAccess includes some client comments. Overall, GoodAccess’ user-friendly control panel, low latency (ability to process large amounts of data rapidly), robust encryption, and simple-to-use access control settings have garnered acclaim.
We obtained two customer evaluations from Capterra, and both expressed favorable sentiments regarding GoodAccess’s general use, price, and dependability. Although there was an initial whitelisting issue, it was soon addressed with the assistance of GoodAccess Guru. Customers like the company’s overall supportiveness on both G2 and Capterra review systems.

Why Choose GoodAcess?



There are 3 major reasons why you should choose them –

  • Their Values:

This brand is built on deeply entrenched principles that permeate all of its services and products. These principles include the synergy inherent in their moto, the ultimate trust they establish, their uniqueness in all they do, motivation, and the sources of inspiration they draw from. It’s encouraging to see that the product includes a “human touch” and that if you need help, there are competent and supportive individuals behind the product.

This software is used in over 120 countries and interacts with industry-leading tools to ensure compliance with the current architecture.

  • Pure SaaS

GoodAccess is a software-powered Cloud VPN service. No hardware is needed and it comes with monthly or annual subscription plans. You can avoid complicated network design and save costs on infrastructure deployment, replacement, and maintenance.

1.DNS filtering – Blocking unwanted sites such as social networks, adult content,
or malware-spreading domains.
2.Traffic encryption – Encrypting all communication
of remote workers accessing company systems from unprotected WiFi networks.
3.GDPR, SOC2, and HIPAA compliance – Monitor user activity and store logs across all network traffic.
4.2FA/MFA on the Network Layer – GoodAccess unifies multi-factor authentication security on the network level.
5.Zero-trust access control – With virtual access cards, only authorized users will get identity-based access to your data and applications.

33+ gateways and static IP
– Anytime-ready gateways across the globe and new ones deployable on-demand,

  • Automated deployment – Fully automated deployment in 3 steps that take under 10 minutes.
  • Cloud VPN with no HW – GoodAccess is a SaaS application that doesn’t require any hardware and is maintenance-free.

Remote Access enablement for a fair price:

The founders of GoodAccess believe that if a company wants to empower its workers with secure anytime, anywhere access, they should be able to do it without difficulty. The solution is cost efficient (starting at 29 USD per month for ten team members), user-friendly, and deployable in less than ten minutes.
They think that if a company wishes to provide secure “anywhere, anytime” access to its users, they should be able to do so without difficulty.
That is why they have invested their enthusiasm and experience in creating GoodAccess, an inexpensive cloud service that is simple to use, deploys in less than ten minutes, and is designed to be adaptable. Apart from the ones stated before, the following are a few more reasons worth mentioning:


Experience pleasure at home and at work. Rather of becoming upset with the rose for its thorns, delight in the fact that such a thorny bush nevertheless produces blooms.


Motivation is a desire that results in self-discovery and education. They live to feel good, regardless of whether they create little or large things.


They value each individual’s individuality. There is no need to pretend; they just do the best they can.


Together, they establish a secure environment characterized by mutual respect, understanding, and openness. They should have the same sense of security that they have at home.


They aim to maintain a healthy balance of their heart, mind, family, team, investors, customers, partners, community, and environment.


Inspiration is always the catalyst for change. Every individual should be motivated to encourage others.

Features Offered by the 3 Products of GoodAccess

Cloud VPN Features

1) Cloud VPN:

Solving compliance –
Determine who joined to your business network, when they connected, and from where they connected. Monitoring the activities of your company network is critical for GDPR/SOC2/HIPPA compliance.

World-Class Tech Support
They are there to help you at every stage of your journey. 24/7 access to videoconferences, live chat, email assistance, and their ticketing system.

With the lowest installation and training expenses on the market, GoodAccess is the greatest value. Starting at $ 29/mo, a private corporate VPN with a static IP and all premium capabilities is available.

Internet privacy
Additional network-layer security, encrypted and anonymous VPN tunnels, internet security on public Wi-Fi networks, branch connection, port forwarding, and IKev2/OpenVPN protocols.

Ease of use
In less than ten minutes, you may get secure remote access to your company network. Whitelist your new public IP address, invite workers, and join with a single click.

Hardware-free VPN server
VPN server in the cloud with a dedicated IP address. Unlimited connection at a high rate of speed and minimal latency. Remote access to your company systems.

2) Zero Trust Network:

2FA/MFA on the Network Layer –
Secure multifactor authentication at the network level rather than manually configuring it for each application. This works even if your systems do not natively support 2FA/MFA.

Identity & Access Management –
Each user is assigned a private account and network identity through virtual access cards, allowing them to access just defined apps. Additionally, you may utilize the Single-Sign-On authentication provided by other providers (GSuite, Okta, Active Directory/LDAP) (SSO).

Compliance Enforcement –
By monitoring user behavior and keeping logs for all network communications and systems, you get complete insight into who and when uses your systems. This will assist you in mitigating risk and adhering to GDPR, SOC2, or HIPAA requirements.

Reduced attack surface –
Segment your network by granting only limited access to approved workers or teams, rather than exposing mission-critical services to everyone.

Network Control & Visibility –
GoodAccess domain filtering enables you to manage access to all websites and apps, automatically restricting undesirable user behavior and blocking dangerous domains.

3) Software Defined Perimeter:

No Hardware –
Avoid costly infrastructure designs that result in increased operating expenses and risk with a 100 % software solution that requires no hardware.

Threat Detection & Response –
GoodAccess utilizes threat intelligence to identify infected devices and prohibit them from accessing critical resources automatically. An administrator is alerted to inspect the device, preserving complete control over the incident.

Robust User Authentication –
GoodAccess enables accurate identity-based access control via two-factor authentication and interaction with SSO/Identity Providers such as Google, Azure AD, Okta, SAML, Active Directory, or LDAP.

Segmentation on an Application Level –
Segment applications at the application level to obtain more granularity than network segmentation at a fraction of the cost and effort associated with network operation.

Zero Trust Enforcement –
Control access on an application-by-application basis. No device or user has access to resources just because they are linked to a trustworthy network, which contributes to a smaller attack surface (DoS, server scanning, port scanning, SQL injection, etc.)

Network Control & Visibility –
GoodAccess domain filtering enables you to manage access to all websites and apps, automatically restricting undesirable user behavior and blocking dangerous domains.

What You Can Do With GoodAccess

See Access Logs –
You have complete control over each system’s access point when you use access logs. You can see who and when accessed which system. This provides piece of mind and aids in the detection of any odd activity on your network. This is a critical component for GDPR compliance, SOC2 compliance, and HIPPA compliance.

Manage Access –
Create Access Cards that give various members access to particular systems. For example, developers have exclusive access to the SSH server, while marketing has exclusive access to the online shop management.

Secure Systems –
Add your systems to the app so they can be accessed with a single click, or even set access rules in the following step. Do you need assistance? Request an online consultation with your dedicated GoodAccess Guru.

Add Team Members –
Invite team members simply through email or add loT devices, servers, and virtual machines manually. Utilize search tags to facilitate member screening.

Manage gateway –
Instantly install a private gateway for your team with a dedicated static IP address. Choose from more than 33 places. Utilize several gateways located in various areas of the globe for better connection speeds (or as a backup).

Dashboard Overview –
Easily manage your whole team’s network from an one location. The simple GoodAccess dashboard offers a snapshot of your team’s remote access and gives you complete control.


Pricing - GoodAccess

They have 3 plans to offer –
1. Team ($ 29 per package per month and billed $ 348 annually): This one includes 10 team members. The monthly plan will cost you $ 39 per package per month.
2. Business ($ 59 per package per month and billed $ 708 annually): This one includes 30 team members. The monthly plan will cost you $ 79 per package per month.
3. Enterprise ($ 199 per package per month and billed $ 2388 annually): This one includes 100 team members. The monthly plan will cost you $ 299 per package per month.

Pricing for Adds-on –

· Extra Man Hour: $ 50 per hour
· Additional 50 members: $ 100 per month
· Additional 10 members: $ 25 per month
· Additional Gateway: $ 29 per month

They also offer a 14-day money back guarantee.

Pros and Cons


  • Multiple team members can use the same package
  • Loads of integrations
  • Static IP standard with all plans
  • Good value


  • Limited locations available
  • No Linux support
  • Bandwidth caps


Good Access is an excellent starting point for small businesses considering investing in a VPN service for their employees. The fact that Samohyb charges a flat monthly rate for multiple users is certainly a plus and will end up costing your organization much less than paying per user.

However, competing business VPN solutions with more features such as NordVPN Teams may be a better fit for larger outfits. Still, though, Good Access offers a free trial which means your organization can test it out to see if it’s a good fit for your business before committing to a monthly or even annual plan.

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