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In this article, we will discuss the 11 Best Android Survey Apps 2023

Online surveys are one of the finest methods to earn additional cash.

Survey applications might help folks seeking more cash make ends meet at the end of the month. I know it’s difficult out there, with reduced hours owing to the epidemic, stagnating pay, and soaring prices and cost of living! What can you do?

The majority of individuals have resorted to developing flexible revenue streams in the gig economy. I am not unlike anybody else. I’ve tried several side gigs, and I’ve compiled what I think to be your finest alternatives for making money through survey applications on your phone or computer.

After examining the majority of available survey sites, these are the most effective survey applications.

10 Best Android Survey Apps 2023

Some of the Best Android Survey Apps


Pawns.app Review: Best Android Survey Apps

Pawns.app allows users to make money by sharing their internet connection and completing surveys. You’re ready to go by establishing a free account and installing their app!

Using WiFi or your data plan, you can ensure that no megabyte is wasted! This information is used by IPRoyal to assist businesses and people worldwide in gaining unrestricted internet access. In other words, it is comparable to sharing your WiFi connection with a visitor.

In addition to bandwidth sharing, Pawns.app also includes a Surveys option! It allows you to get compensated for your comments on several issues, ranging from politics and fashion to the automobile industry and consumer goods!

They designed the IPRoyal Pawns app with security, privacy, and safety in mind. Your private information (device storage, gallery, contacts, and anything else) is always kept private. The application only utilizes the information required for the service to function. In addition, every communication is encrypted, thus no hazards exist.

You can earn money based on your location and the amount of traffic you can share. The longer the app is active, the more money you will make. They pay $ 0.20 for every shared gigabyte, so you may expect to earn between $ 5 and $ 140 each month.

If you wish to earn more, you may install the app on as many devices as you like, provided they are not on the same network.

In other words, only one Android smartphone may be connected to a single WiFi network. In addition, you may participate in their affiliate program. Invite your friends to use your affiliate link and begin sharing, and you’ll get 10 % of their profits.

2. The Panel Station:

The Panel Station: Best Android Survey Apps

The Panel Station has a community of more than 5,11,000,000 users from 35+ countries. You can earn money by completing surveys in various categories, such as healthcare, consumer goods, and technology. You must be 16 or older to join The Panel Station’s mobile and web applications.

A survey can earn you between 100 and 5,000 points. Once you have accumulated 3000 points (equivalent to $ 4.62), you can visit their “Rewards” section to redeem your reward points. The incentives include cash through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, store e-vouchers, and Sweepstakes entries.

The Panel Station is a legitimate survey app with numerous security measures and dependable payouts. The cash payout may not be as substantial as other popular survey apps, but the app’s dependability has compelled users to remain. Filling out forms in your spare time to earn money, isn’t that worth a shot?

3. CashCrate:

Cashcrate free paid surver sites: : Best Android Survey Apps

CashCrate has over 10 million users who may choose from a variety of survey areas. It sells your surveys to other parties; all surveys are thus outsourced. You may choose an area of interest, such as online shopping, giving your opinion, playing games, or entering competitions on their website, among others.

It is advised that you join up for CashCrate using a fresh email address. So that you do not miss out on email-sent survey invitations. This will also prevent spam in your personal or professional account.

The referral scheme of CashCrate is pretty substantial. You will get twenty percent of his earnings. In addition, if the recommended buddy recommends someone, you will get 10 % of their profits. Isn’t it fantastic? Free money monies! Numerous people claim to make $ 100 every month.

4. Zap Surveys:

Zap Surveys

By enabling you to give back to the community, Zap Surveys creates a culture of goodwill. It donates a portion of the money obtained from completing surveys to social issues such as child hunger, etc. Therefore, it creates a condition where everyone benefits.

In contrast to other survey applications that conduct polls for their own benefit, Zap Surveys’ app aims to make a difference. You may do high-paying surveys to make additional cash. It provides monetary compensation rather than reward points. That is really incredible, right?

In Zap Surveys, the duration of the survey influences the amount of compensation you will get. You may earn an average of 30 cents to $ 100 for every survey, however, the surveys suggested to you are based on your demographic information (location, age, etc.). This amount is available through PayPal or the redemption of a gift card.

5. MobileXpression:


MobileXpression is the most intuitive of the top paid survey applications. Not like other survey applications that need you to complete questionnaires. Here, you are just required to disclose your mobile browser history. Easy money quickly, right?

Download the application and start earning just by browsing the web. It involves zero effort on your part. You may swap reward points for cash, gift cards, charitable donations, or items, and membership is free. By registering for the “Your Opinion Matters” app, you will also be entered into a random drawing.

You may also enroll to get survey invites to make more money in addition to exploring the web. This data is used for market research panels, and it is sold to MobileXpression’s business partners.

6. ShopKick:

shopkick review

ShopKick claims to make shopping more enjoyable, whether you’re buying online or in-store. It is among the top applications for paid online surveys.

You may make money simply by entering your favorite shops, scanning product barcodes, and buying. You may also earn ShopKick points by viewing videos.

ShopKick has about 250,000 retail locations and over 7.5 million total users. If you are a shopaholic, this app is perfect for you. You may visit shops, complete easy questionnaires, and evaluate things to earn additional money depending on your shopping love.

ShopKick’s reward points, which you may earn by answering easy questions, are referred to as “kicks.” It may inquire about your shopping experience, product evaluation, and product positioning. Thus, their researchers may deduce your brand preferences and purchase patterns.

ShopKicks, unlike other survey applications, does not pay out in cash. The “kicks” may be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers such as Target, Amazon, etc.

7. MyPoints:


Since 1996, MyPoints has been one of the greatest survey applications for cash. You may earn points for online activities such as playing games, reading emails, responding to polls, completing online surveys, and reading emails. These points are redeemable for cash, gift cards, airline miles, etc.

When you join up and spend at least $ 20 buying online via the website or app, you will get $ 10. You may configure your profile to get suggestions based on your survey responses. Alternatively, you may make money by viewing movies or commercials.

MyPoints is regarded as the finest survey app for earning cash while buying online at your favorite retailers. You may redeem your points for incredible savings at 70 various retail outlets and eateries, plus you get a $ 5 bonus for completing 5 surveys.

8. Opinion Outpost:

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of the greatest web-browser-based survey applications. 350 000 individuals receive up to 50 reward points every survey, and 390,000,000 USD are distributed monthly. Each month, three million surveys are initiated.

Each opinion point is worth $ 1. Therefore you may earn between $ 1 and $ 5 in 10 to 30 minutes. After completing the surveys, Opinion Outpost puts you into a prize draw where you could win up to $ 10,000 in incentives! The fortunate draw maintains the user’s focus for a longer duration. The reward points obtained via surveys may be converted to cash or redeemed for iTunes, Amazon, etc. gift cards.

There is no mobile application for Opinion Outpost; nevertheless, their website is mobile-friendly. You may view it using any online browser (Chrome, Safari, etc.), but you must sign in using your email address. It also sends out daily, round-the-clock emails with bargains. So, keep an eye on it!

9. SurveyJunkie:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the greatest paid survey applications available, with a possible monthly income of about $ 200. There are over 10 million users. You may conduct surveys for businesses, evaluate their goods, and provide ideas for enhancing consumer happiness.

It enables you to customize your profile so that the application will offer surveys depending on your interests. Depending on the duration of the survey, you are compensated in reward points. Every point you get is worth one cent, and most polls provide between 10 and 200 points. Adding up to $ 2 per survey.

Survey Junkie is the most trustworthy survey software that allows you to earn reward points even if you do not match the requirements. In contrast, some alternative applications would not do the same function. Reward points are redeemable for money (through PayPal) or e-Gift cards.

10. SwagBucks:


SwagBucks is a free-to-join website that enables users to earn money by completing surveys. It is one of the greatest survey applications for surfing the web, filling out survey forms, taking a poll, and watching viral videos. SwagBucks has reportedly rewarded its subscribers over $ 400 million.

It has gained popularity because to the minimal minimum payment amount. This indicates that you may exchange reward points as little as $ 3 for gift cards. PayPal has a minimum payment threshold of $ 25. You may make money by completing surveys while watching television in your living room.

SwagBucks may be accessed through a web browser, a web plug-in, and mobile apps. You may accomplish daily objectives to earn additional SwagBucks. The bulk of this app’s surveys may be completed in little more than 15 minutes.

Benefits Of Using Survey Apps To Make Money 

If you want to discover the benefits of utilizing survey apps to make money, here are the top three advantages of doing so.

The majority of surveys are conducted by large corporations. They just choose which survey app is the finest and give them directions to gather all data on individuals and their attitudes, etc. In this situation, we have the potential to make much more money.

Dip survey applications classify all forms of service, such as lifestyle server and consumer product surveys, using fundamental categories to ensure your pleasure.

You may utilize various survey applications to generate different streams of revenue, and if you share or promote these apps with others, you will get a tiny commission.

FAQs On Best Android Survey Apps 

How do you tell if a survey app is legit?

The quickest approach to determine if a survey app is legitimate is to read customer reviews. Avoid organizations with fewer than 100 employees. Additionally, you should never pay to join a survey panel. These offerings are often frauds.

Which survey apps pay the most?

There is no one app that regularly offers the highest earnings. To optimize your profits, it is generally recommended that you try three to five applications, complete their profile questionnaires, and determine how much they pay. I would suggest Pawns.app for the biggest returns.

How much can you make from survey apps?

You may expect to earn between $ 2 and $ 4 per hour for completing surveys. Typically, the most lucrative hours are immediately after downloading the app, when you may complete profile surveys and, as a result, get better-targeted surveys in the future.

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Conclusion: Best Android Survey Apps 2023

Most individuals will find survey applications to be a valuable resource if they are wanting to make extra revenue. In addition, you will not even have to leave your sofa to make money.

Using survey applications, anybody with a smartphone may make additional money by paying bills, paying off debt, or treating themselves to a refreshing beverage at the bar.

Being able to purchase more items without exerting much effort? It seems favorable to me. For the maximum earnings, I strongly recommend Pawns.app. 

Even while survey apps might be a terrific way to make free money, you should never provide sensitive information such as your credit card number. Be wary of frauds, and good luck earning.

Have you had any luck with applications that pay you to do surveys? Please leave your thoughts in the section below.

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