5 Best Windows VPN 2023: #1 Pick

We re-test the major VPNs regularly to ensure that all of our suggestions work in Windows.

VPNs (virtual private networks) are an excellent way to secure online privacy and security. They encrypt your traffic and send it to another country’s server. This can assist you in circumventing geo-restrictions, concealing your IP address, and avoiding government surveillance.

If you use a Windows PC, many different VPN services are available. When choosing a VPN, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Compatibility: Make sure that the VPN service you choose is compatible with your version of Windows.
  • Pricing: VPN services can range from free to over $10 monthly. Choose a service that fits your budget and needs.
  • Features: Some VPN services offer additional features such as malware blocking, ad blocking, and split tunneling. Consider which features are important to you when choosing a VPN.

Here are the top VPNs for Windows PC

5 Best VPNs for Windows 2023

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN - Best Cheap VPNs

ExpressVPN is the best Windows VPN on the market because of its high-quality and dependable software, a fantastic range of servers worldwide, and exceptional content unblocking.

It’s simple to use, with a one-click connect feature connecting you to your area’s fastest server. You can also connect to a specific server from approximately 160 locations worldwide.

Other wonderful features for Windows VPN users include split tunneling, which allows you to pick apps to bypass VPN encryption, and browser extensions that provide further security and enable a VPN proxy to let you unblock material when traveling.

ExpressVPN’s patented Lightway technology also ensures consistently high speeds. As a result, it is great for streaming, torrenting, and other data-intensive activities.

ExpressVPN is also extremely secure, with a no-logs policy that has been audited by several third-party cybersecurity organizations. This means that when you use ExpressVPN, you can be confident that your privacy is safeguarded.

Overall, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Windows. It’s simple to use, fast, and safe, and can unblock almost any content you wish to see.


  • This PC application is polished and easy to use.
  • Fast and reliable connections.
  • tested by an external auditor


  • It’s limited to no more than five gadgets at once.

2. NordVPN

NordVPN Review

NordVPN is one of the best VPNs for Windows. It has a huge global network of servers, great security features, and fast and reliable performance.

The servers that NordVPN has are one of its best features. NordVPN has one of the largest networks of servers of any VPN service, with over 5,500 servers in 60 countries.

You can find a computer close to you no matter where you are. This VPN service is also very fast, reaching over 700 Mbps.

This makes it perfect for things that use a lot of bandwidth, like streaming and torrenting. For Windows users who want a strong and flexible VPN, NordVPN is a great choice. It has many features, works well, and is priced reasonably.


  • Fantastic new features
  • Authenticated no-logging
  • Lightning-fast connections


  • The unusual interface quibble

3. Surfshark

Surfshark Windows Application

The Surfshark VPN is a great choice for Windows users who want an affordable choice that is full of features and works well.

Speed is one of the best things about Surfshark. It is always one of the fastest VPNs on the market, with speeds of over 950 Mbps. This makes it perfect for things that use a lot of bandwidth, like streaming and torrenting. One more useful thing about Surfshark is that it has encrypted servers, split tunneling, and a kill switch.

For Windows users who want a fast, secure, and cheap VPN, Surfshark is a great choice. It works well and has many features, making it one of the best deals on the market.


  • There is no restriction on the number of simultaneous connections.
  • WireGuard speeds that are unmatched in the industry


  • On Windows, there is a minor kill switch issue.

4) HideMyAss VPN

HideMyAss- best vpn for windows

HideMyAss (HMA) is a well-known VPN service that gives Windows users a lot of useful features and options. With servers in more than 290 places worldwide, it is one of the best VPNs on the market.

With rules that don’t keep logs and military-grade encryption, HMA also puts a lot of thought into security and privacy.

You can try HMA risk-free for 30 days because they give a money-back guarantee. It’s worth thinking about HMA if you want a fast, safe, and dependable VPN for Windows.

Overall, HMA VPN is a great VPN service for Windows users who want a fast, safe, and dependable one.


  • A broad range of countries
  • 7day free trial
  • 30days money back guarantee


  • Poor Linux version

5. Private Internet Access 

Top VPN Service For USA -Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access (PIA) has been in business for a long time and is a well-known and good VPN service. It is now one of the best VPNs for Windows because it has recently added more features.

The servers that PIA has are one of its best features. Most VPN providers don’t have as many servers as PIA does. It has over 20,000 servers in over 100 countries.

No matter where you are in the world, you’ll almost certainly be able to find a server close to you. The PIA apps are strong and have many features, but they can be hard to use initially. If you’ve never used a VPN, you might look into ExpressVPN or Surfshark, which have easier apps.

But PIA is a great choice if you want a VPN for Windows that is both strong and full of useful features. It has many features, works well, and is priced fairly.


  • Outstanding streaming performance
  • Excellent for torrenting


  • Apps are a bit tricky.

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Conclusion: Best Windows VPNs 2023

ExpressVPN is our top choice among the many excellent VPNs compatible with Windows 10. It’s great because it strikes a good mix of privacy, security, speed, and functionality, making it suitable for virtually everybody.

However, you may want to investigate one of the other VPNs on our list if you have special requirements, such as access to geo-blocked content or the ability to securely download torrents.

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