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      Mostly, Google AdSense is one of best revenue sources for millions of webmasters all over the world.  Basically, AdSense is the best pay per click advertising solution and many individuals make a living depend on this platform.

      Basically Google AdSense really a good source of revenue if you get a good amount of traffic on your blog. In order to get a good amount of money, your site must receive tons of traffic. It makes sense the more the traffic there will more probability of earning good amount money through AdSense.

      Just before proceeding with this article, we want to suggest you to clearly read the AdSense guidelines properly because they are very strict to their guidelines if somehow you don’t follow them. Why I am saying this, really it counts because if you don’t follow them you might get banned for the lifetime and miss such a huge opportunity to make money with AdSense.

      Sometimes it happens that many beginners WordPress users get it difficult to place the advertisement code in the right place correctly. In order to make that process easier mostly for all the AdSense users, we have listed below some of the best AdSense Plugins For WordPress.


      [Latest] Top Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress October 2020


      1) Google AdSense

      Here Google AdSense is official WordPress plugin which basically manages AdSense ads created by Google. This plugin was previously known as Google Publisher Plugin, and it now supports Google Webmaster along with AdSense.

      Here this plugin will let you simply place the AdSense ads by using the simple point-and-click UI so that you don’t have to manually insert snippets by yourself. This plugin will simply let you manage ads perfectly and suits your site best so that you can make most of out of the traffic. Google will determine potential placements for the AdSense ads for your site and you can also manage ads for the mobile device too. You can also manage mobile specific ads with just one click and automatically the system will determine the mobile ads for your site easily.

      This plugin will also help you to verify your site in the Google Console which is definitely useful for newbie WordPress users.


      2) Multiple AdSense Accounts

      Multiple AdSense Accounts

      As the name suggests this plugin will help you show the ads from different AdSense accounts and simply share revenue with your co-workers. Here this plugin will extremely make your process of showing ads extremely easy, you have the option to delete ads along with the co-accounts easily from the dashboards.

      With this plugin, you can simply see the preview of the ads right in the dashboard and you can easily insert the AdSense ads right in the post along with the pages of your choice to increase the revenue from your ads.

      3) Ad Injection

      Ad Injection — AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      No doubt, this Ad Injection one of the best advertising management plugins that will help you to insert the advertising code right into your content and this will provide you full control over the ads.

      Here you can simply adjust the number of ads depends on the length of the content. You can also configure the ads according to your requirement and choice like placing it at the bottom, top or randomly in the content. And here you also have the choice to place the ads in the widgets area along with the sidebar of the themes.

      4) Google AdSense by BestWebSoft

      Basically, Google AdSense Plugin is very useful plugins for the AdSense publishers that will create blocks to display ads on your website simply.Here it also allows you to fully customize the ads for your sites like formats of the ad and the color. Here the overall look of the ads along with positions of the ads.


      5) WP Simple AdSense Insertion

      WP Simple Adsense Insertion —AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      Here this one is another simple AdSense Plugin for WordPress, and it will help you to insert the Google AdSense code easily right to your post, pages along with sidebar just by using shortcodes.

      Basically, this one is very simple and easy to use AdSense Plugins for WordPress, once the plugin is installed and activated you can easily go to the settings page and simply insert your ads codes. Just after finishing the settings you are able to insert the plugin shortcodes anywhere you are willing to want the ads to show in the post or pages.

      6) Pro Google AdSense Tools Plugins

      Pro Google AdSense Tool - Adsense Plugins For WordPress

      This one is another very useful AdSense Plugin for WordPress that will completely track your Google AdSense account right on your WordPress dashboard. This plugin will offer you many options to generate customized reports for the selected time along with many other types of reports which will be based on individual ads along with types of the ads.

      Just like many other types of plugins in the list and it will help you in placing the ads within the WordPress post or pages just to improve the conversions rate.



      7) Easy Plugins for AdSense

      Easy Plugin for AdSense — AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      No doubt, this one is the high-quality AdSense Plugin for WordPress that has the complete ads management solution that will definitely help you in inserting the ads right into the post and the sidebars along with adding a Google Search Box.

      Here this plugins comes with full sets of options to manage your Google AdSense ads for your site. This AdSense Plugins for WordPress will enforce the Google AdSense policy that your site will never get banned by Google. This plugin will also help in displaying the ads which are based on the post content length along with decorating the ad units according to your requirement. It also offers many numbers of customs widgets which will make it easy for you to add many different kinds of ads units’ right to your sidebar and many other widgets areas.

      8) AdRotate

      AdRotate is one of the important and most used advertising management AdSense Plugins for WordPress which will definitely help you in placing the advertising banners anywhere you are willing to place on your site.

      You can simply use to place ads from other advertising platforms along with the Google AdSense which will definitely make it a comprehensive solution for the advertising concern.


      9) AdSense Inserter

      AdSense Inserter basically is a light web AdSense Plugin for WordPress that will definitely help you to easily insert the ads right into the post or pages. Right after installing this plugin, you will never have to use any codes anymore.

      You can simply fully control the placement of your ads and when your ads are ready you can simply insert them anywhere right in the shortcodes provided by the plugin.


      10) Now! Plugin for AdSense

      Now!- AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      This one is another AdSense Plugins for WordPress that is very simple and will let you manage the Google AdSense ads for your site. Here this plugin comes with a modern and leverage admin interface created with the Bootstrap that will help you in managing everything about your ads perfectly.

      Here you will have full control over your AdSense ads and will simply define where you are willing to show the ads where you want to suppress them.


      11) Ad Inserter

      Ad Inserter – WordPress Ads Management — AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      This one is a simple AdSense Plugins for WordPress that basically comes with 16 code block along with a number of different display option from where you want to choose. You can simply add the HTML/Javascript/PHP code just for the advertisement and select the location where you are willing to show them.

      Here you can show the ads before and after the content and before or after the selected paragraph just to show the ads within the content that will help you in earning good revenue from your AdSense ads. You can also select the paragraph according to your requirement and you can also simply customize the location in order to make the ads more effective.


      12) Ads EZ Plugin for Google AdSense

      Ads EZ Plugin for Google AdSense — AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      As the name suggests here, this AdSense Plugins for WordPress is basically created to manage the AdSense ads effectively. This plugin will allow you to easily customize the color, size along with placement of the ads in the right place.

      Here it will offer you user-friendly and responsive interface along with giving full control over the placement of ads in each page according to your requirement. It will also offer you pro version of the plugin that has more features and option compared to others.


      13) WordPress Ad Widget

      WordPress Ad Widget — AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      This plugin will provide you the best way to display the AdSense or another ad directly on your website. Here the installing and activating the plugin will definitely create several custom widgets right on your WordPress website. If you are willing to use the widgets then just go to Appearance > Widgets from your website dashboard and here just find out the widgets titled as ‘Ad Widget’. Here this plugin really makes it possible to display both of the text and images advertisements just by simply using this plugin.

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      14) Google AdSense Click-Fraud Monitoring Plugin

      Click Fraud Monitoring Protects - AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      Google always keeps an eye over the clicks on its AdSense ads very closely. If somehow it finds out the ads are clicked by crawlers or bots or you can say by any other automated process you will be temporary or permanently blocked right from the ads program. That is why you should always monitor all the ads clicks on your website.

      Here this AdSense Plugin for WordPress will save your ads from suspicious and many unwanted clicks. And this plugin will automatically be blocked the visitors who have somehow clicked the ads many times within the short period of time. This plugin is powered by AJAX and will also allow you to unblock the IP address annually.

      15)  Ad Kangaroo

      WordPress AdSense Plugin – Ad Kangaroo — WordPress Plugins

      Here this one is another AdSense Plugins for WordPress and it will help you in adding AdSense ads on your blog. Ad Kangaroo is more flexible and easy to use the plugin for WordPress it basically depends on the Google API. Right after the enabling process, you can simply see all of your ads that you have created right in the dashboard.

      From there you can simply enable it right on the homepage, post, categories, tags, widgets or anywhere you are willing to place on the website. No doubt this one is the easiest way to make from AdSense.

      16) WP QUADS- Quick AdSense Reloaded

      Basically, Quick AdSense was famous AdSense Plugins for WordPress on the market, but here the support was discontinued and now some new developer has taken it. Here in the old plugin it doesn’t have any new developments and mostly it was used by 100k people and many of them faced a problem when WordPress pushes some legacy update. With this plugin, you can simply import old Quick AdSense settings and you can easily continue with the new settings.

      17) AmpedSense- AdSense Split Tester

      AmpedSense Split Test AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      If you are already running ads on your website then this one is worth for you. Here this plugin will let you A/B test the different variation of the Google Ads, just to determine which variation is bringing more revenue for you. The main purpose of this AdSense Plugins for WordPress is to provide you the tools to analyze the different ad placements along with showing that how well they perform.

      Here you can simply customize your ads to select different types of the advertisement sizes and then you have to decide which size suits you and work best for you. This plugin will mainly provide you many ads customize options along with the ability to split the test.

      18) Advanced Ads


      This one is the ultimate ads management AdSense Plugins for WordPress. Basically, this plugin is compatible with all the networks along with banner affiliate programs from AdSense, Chitika, Amazon, Clickbank and more. You can simply use it to insert additional ad networks tags right into the header and footer of your website just without using any coding here. Here this plugin supports ad types, mobile support, and ads management along with ad display and advances advertisement placement.

      19) AdNgin- AdSense Revenue Optimization

      AdNgin- AdSense Revenue Optimization | AdSense Plugins For WordPress

      You should opt to do the revenue optimization as many digital marketers have used this amazing plugin to optimize their revenue and increase their ads overall performance. Here the algorithm used will allow bloggers to simply analyze the performance of different ads variations and it will keep the one ads that basically brings the most money. This plugin also uses a drag and drop user interface that is the great part of this plugin.

      20) ADS PRO

      Ads Pro Plugin -AdSense Plugins For WordPress WordPress

      Here this AdSense Plugins for WordPress is basically a multipurpose Ad Manager. This plugin is the full advertising platform form the WordPress Blogs. You can simply manage and display your ads on your blog right directly from the admin dashboard when you will install this plugin. Basically, this plugin has built-in template system just to create appealing ads matches.

      You can also display your ads in more than 20 way using Ads Pro and it is also allows geo-targeting for the displaying of niche ads which are specific to country and cities. You can simply start selling ads along with scheduling their appearance on the blog. You will also get 25 pre-built ads template that will help you in maximizing your earnings.

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      EndNote: [Latest] Top Best Google AdSense Plugins For WordPress October 2020

      Here the most important thing is that Google AdSense is very important for many bloggers and webmasters around the world as it offers the best way to monetize your site. Now you have the best AdSense Plugins For WordPress will help you in managing your ads effectively.

      I hope you got the best piece of information from our side. Feel free to add other quality AdSense  Plugins For WordPress right in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this post on all trending social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.



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