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Helium 10 Review
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Ease of Use


Keyword Research


Product Research


Chrome Extension


Inventory Management


  • Offers a complete free plan
  • Easy and quick product hunt
  • Helps in Inventory Protection
  • Offer tool Keyword Index Checker
  • Compare multiple ASINS to reveal must-have data points
  • Comes with a reliable chrome extension
  • Provides Inventory Reimbursement Finder
  • Offers reliable customer support and knowledgebase
  • It has more than 12 powerful Tools at an affordable cost


  • Limitations are there in the starter plans

Let me guess, you’re into Amazon FBA or planning to get started?


Nowadays we can find out many people who are making millions through Amazon FBA.

So why it’s not you who is trying hands-on Amazon FBA?

But, wait Amazon FBA isn’t that easy to cook, as you need to put effort into finding reliable products, easily ranking keywords, managing the inventory followed by tough competition.

Yes! you heard it right.

In Amazon FBA business, we need to look out for so many things at the same time and as per experience, it’s not easy to manage everything on your own.

People are making millions, literally using some kind of reliable software and platform that helping them in doing all tasks easily and effectively.

From someone, I heard- If something is working, then why not spy the formula and add something to it and make it work for you.

Yes, if someone can do it, then why can’t you?

So what’s this secret?

Helium 10

Well, after going through so many Amazon FBA Softwares and Platform, we have found One-stop solution for Amazon FBA- Helium 10. 

Amazing, this tool, Helium 10 is praised by all Amazon FBA’s out there..

Don’t believe us, stick to this Helium 10 Review and you’ll get to know, what this tool can do for you.

In this post, I have featured my trustworthy and honest Helium 10 Review 2020 that includes detailed insights into this amazing platform & we have a Helium 10 (Infographics)  just stick to review and check it out.

Herer’s the bonus part, we have also done Helium 10 Video Review  (A complete walkthrough of  Helium 10)… 

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You can call it a promotion, but we did all the Hard Work for you so that you can reap the benefits

So let’s get straight to the review of Helium 10.


 Helium 10 Review 2020: “One Stop Solution” For Amazon Sellers

What is Helium 10?

Basically, Helium 10 is a software suite of powerful tools that contains dozens of tools that can help Amazon Sellers to easily find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors and fully optimize your product listing in order to increase your sales exponentially.

With the help of this tool, you can simply uncover product ideas and dive deeper into the market to research and validate those ideas.

As the name suggests, it has more than 10 tools for Amazon Sellers that can really help them in making a huge profit without putting any extra efforts.

Let’s see how does the Helium 10 Dashboard looks:

Helium 10 Review- Dashboard

Inside Helium 10 software suite you will find various tools like Black Box, X-ray, Magnet, Cerebro and many others in a row. Don’t worry I’ll go through all of these tools and I’ll tell you how to use these tools effectively in order to get most out of it.

The best, that I noticed while using Helium 10 is that it offers Helium 10 Chrome Extension that you can install on browser and scrape data from Amazon.

Benefits of Helium 10 | What We Found Helpful?

Product Research:

Now with the help of this tool, you can easily uncover winning product ideas in order to find out the most promising and winning products. Along with that, you can just dive deep into those markets to simply research and validate those ideas.

Listing Optimization:

Herewith the help of this tool anyone can quickly build and optimize your product listing so that you can bring your products on the top of the page.

Keyword Research:

You can also do the profitable keyword research so that you can just find the right kind of customers. Now discover the traffic pulling keywords in order to drive more traffic right to your listing.

Keyword Tracking:

The best part is that now you can easily track your keywords that include their rank, Amazon badges and more. Like if you’re launching a product or simply optimizing an existing listing you can easily track keywords in order to track your campaigns and more.

Product Launches:

With the help of this tool, you can just products and ranks keywords right with the CPR formula. Just determine how many units you’ll actually need to sell in order to rank higher in the page 1 results.


You can also get a refund right for the lost or damaged inventory that Amazon may not have reimbursed right for you. Easily manage all the refunds with the help of this tool in a super-easy way.

Competitor Spying:

If you really want to achieve something then you need to learn from your competitors. And here with the help of this tool, you can easily find out your competition strategy simply by uncovering what keywords they are actually ranking for.

Don’t worry, this is not the end, you can do much more than this with the help of this tool. Herewith the help of this tool, you can simply do the hijacking and product monitoring alerts, inventory protection,  keyword Index Checker and many more tools to help you in achieving your Amazon goals and make the most profit out of it.

How To Get Started With Helium 10?

The dashboard is kind of simple like any beginner can relate to it.  Let’s review each of its features and see what each feature offers.

Let’s a look into the dashboard here..

Helium 10 Review- Dashboard

Let’s review each of Helium 10 Tools right away..

You can check our complete walkthrough here..

1)  Black Box- Product Hunt Tool

Actually, this one is a product hunt tool or you can say that its a product research tool that can help sellers to simply find winning and profitable products that you may want to sell based on any criteria.

This one is actually one of the most powerful tools, and it can really deliver extraordinary results based on a number of factors that you can simply specify to get back what they are actually looking for.

Helium 10 Review- Black Box

Just save time and energy researching each and every niche in existing on Amazon in order to find the most profitable products to sell on Amazon. You can simply use this product hunt tool in order to find profitable products to get higher ROI.

How Black Box Can Help You Finding The Best Products?

  • Discover Your Next Products In Seconds
  • Finding the product opportunities right for your specifications
  • Just get data-driven results simply by using a multi-factored Algorithm
  • Simply conduct all your research in simple one platform
  • Also, access the Helium 10 suite easily in order to build your new Listing in a super-easy way.

2) Xray- Amazon Product Research 

Are you searching right through Amazon right in hopes of finding all of your next best-selling products? If yes, then just get started with X-ray right away.

Helium 10 Review- Xray

Basically in this helium 10 review, Xray is an Amazon Product Research, you can just find this tool right inside Helium 10 Chrome Extension. It will really help you in getting an eye-view of a market when they browse right through Amazon.

Here this tool. Xray reveals the simple metric that is actually most important to Amazon seller sourcing decisions. Just gain all of the valuable insights into a market with the high-opportunity and even higher future growth potential.

You need to simply open up Xray right on an Amazon search results page or the product page in order to simply validate potential product opportunities that you actually want to outsource. Without having any second thought I would like to say with this tool one can easily get the more informed decision, just save time and easily make more money.

3) Magnet- Powerful Keyword Research Tool

The magnet is one of the most profitable keyword research tools out there in the marketplace. Many successful Amazon Sellers use this optimal keywords tools for their product listing. And here you actually don’t need to waste time jumping right between different tools and hoping to just get the best keywords that actually available.

Helium 10 Review- Magnet

But here with the help of this tool, you can find the best working keywords for your products. All you need to do is just enter a seed keyword right into Magnet and it will simply generate a list of the most relevant and related search terms in just a few seconds.

Now you can simply rank for the most profitable search terms and just generate more sales simply by incorporating the Magnet Keyword Research Tool right into your Amazon SEO Process.

With the help of this tool, you can simply get the most profitable and best keyword that you can simply include right in the frontend and backend of your Amazon Product Page. Simply take advantage of this newly found gold mine of keywords for your Amazon Products Page and for sure you will see a hike in your traffic and sales increase exponentially.

How Magnet Can Help You With Keyword Research Tool?

  • Within minutes you’ll discover tons of relevant and profitable Amazon Keywords
  • Evaluate your Amazon Keyword Ranking potentially simply by using a Keyword rating and search volume data.
  • It helps you in increasing the traffic of your Amazon FBA product listing simply targeting phrases that are most often searched.
  • It can easily help in generating more sales simply being found more often in A9 search engine results.

4) Cerebro- Reverse ASIN Lookup

Cerebro is one of the most profitable tools and it’s actually an important tool for the keyword research process. All you need to do is simply enter a product ASIN and in seconds you can get useful data.

Helium 10 Review- Cerebro

Here in this Helium 10 Review, Cerebro is a tremendous tool in just discovering your competition keyword strategy and it is actually one of the most popular tools. All you need to do is simply enter a   right within seconds you will easily receive hundreds of and thousands of keyword suggestions.

As here you can gain access to all of your useful information that generally includes broad and exact search volume, the number of competing products, competitors who are actually advertising right for the particular terms.

Just take advantage of the must-have Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool that is used by most of the successful Amazon Successful Amazon FBA Sellers.

How Cerebro Can Help You?

  • It helps in getting the most accurate search results on the market to help you in deciding which keywords are actually best for you.
  • Just discover Amazon Keyword Research data that is compiled from billions of data points along with customer search queries.
  • Just enter an ASIN and receive thousands of relevant keyword phrases.
  • Sort out the keywords simply by exact phrase volume and broad phrase volume.
  • And determine how many competing products actually there for a particular term or phrase.
  • Track all of the sponsored ASINs in order to know how many products are advertising for that actual products.
  • And at last the Cerebro IQ Score identifies the strong keywords that are generally searched and that one is having low competition.

5) Frankenstein- Powerful Amazon Keyword Processor

Frankelstein is one of the most powerful Amazon keyword processors on the whole planet. This tool allows you to take thousands of keywords in a few seconds and you can just process them right into your cash-generating keyword lists.

Helium 10 Review- Frankenstein

And here simply by running de-duplication filters, removing the unwanted characters and sorting the keywords, anyone can easily process a long list of keywords that are actually perfect for your product pages or the back-end keywords and it can really help you in massive traffic sales.

How Frankenstein Can Help You?

  • It helps in taking a huge list of keywords and just transform it right into a more profitable group to use right in your Amazon listing optimization efforts.
  • Right, when your Amazon Keyword Research lists is combined and cleaned up then it will become a much more powerful.
  • Helps in filtering and sorting your keywords results simply by using a wide variety of output setting that includes the de-duplication filters along with removing the unwanted characters and words and also sorting the keywords by popularity.
  • It also facilitates in removing the unwanted words and from your characters right from your results quickly like the ASINS and the irrelevant terms too.
  • Helps in sorting your keyword lists by frequency in order to simply identify the terms that show up the most.
  • Helps in improving your Amazon product tracking in the A9 search engine and simply get more traffic to your listing.

6) Scribbles- Keyword List Optimization)

Here this tool lets all the sellers add at the refined and best keyword right to their Amazon Seller Central frontend and backend in order to make sure their listing are totally optimized.

Helium 10 Review- Scribbles

Also by using optimal keywords, it will simply attract more to the products listing and inspire more sales as well. If you’re selling products of multiple categories here the Scribbles allow you to modify the text field lengths so that one can be utilized the tools regardless of the limitations of the character.

And with the help of this tool, you will never miss out on using any valuable keywords right when you’re writing optimized titles, bullets points, descriptions and backend search terms as well in order to yield better sales results.

How Scribbles Can Help You?

  • It ensures that your listing is not actually missing valuable keywords and are 100% fully optimized.
  • It also helps in improving your Amazon product ranking right on the A9 search engines.
  • It increases your sales and helps you in growing your Amazon seller business simply by generating more traffic to your listing.
  • This tool is completely customizable for all of the profitable Amazon niches. Here also you can simply modify fields in order to fit your product requirements and character limits too.

7) Keyword Tracker- Product Rank Tracking

Right, when it comes to selling on Amazon it’s very important to know that what actually works and what doesn’t. This tool allows you to simply keep a log of the changes that you have actually made right in your marketing and optimization efforts.

Helium 10 Review- Keyword Tracker Dashboard

With that, you can easily visualize how those changes affected where your product listing ranks for some of them, particularly given keywords. In this helium 10 review, we saw that this tool will also provide valuable information on your competition simply by displaying where your products actually rank for various keywords and phrases.

Helium 10 Review- Keyword Tracker

You can easily discover the keyword with low competition that can be easily optimized to get more better results. Now you can easily take your Amazon Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level.

How Keyword Tracker Can Help You?

  • Without their intuitive design and easy to use interface the tracking of your keywords and optimization of your Amazon Product Pages can be a lot easier.
  • It helps in monitoring important keywords right for the profitable Amazon Niches that you’re targeting.
  • It also helps you in understanding what actually works and what doesn’t work by logging the changes that generally make in your marketing and optimizations efforts too.
  • It mainly helps in discovering the goldmine of keywords that actually have low competition and utilize them in order to maximize your FBA revenue.

7) Index Checker- Amazon Keyword Index Checker

This tool generally allows all the sellers to simply figure out which of their backend and frontend keyword terms that are generally indexed by the Amazon and which are not.

It also happens that some bad keywords might not be good for your product pages. And in order to be more effective and just enter in the competitors ASINS and check what keywords they rank for and what they don’t rank for.

Here this tool will definitely save you tons of time as the work of indexing checker might take up to 4 hours but with this tool that works can be done in 30 seconds.

How Index Checker Can Help You?

  • It can save tons of time and the work can be done much faster and it generally takes 30 seconds to do tasks.
  • You’ll quickly discover which keywords are being picked up by Amazon’s algorithm so that you can easily optimize your listing in order to rank on page one.
  • Just enter your competitors ASINs and check what keywords they are actually indexed for.
  • It will really help you in maximizing your profit and it also going to save you from ranking for bad keywords.

8) Inventory Protector- Guard Against Scammers )

We all know that running promotions are very important to your success on Amazon and it’s more likely to buy something form you. Here this tool prevents all the Amazon shoppers right from using this trick in order to cut your traffics.

Helium 10 Review- Inventory Protector

And right through their simple and easy to use dashboard you can have the option to simply control all of the maximum order quantity right for your entire FBA inventory. Just find the products that you generally like to protect from the max order quantity.

No doubt with the help of an Inventory protector, you can make sure that your inventory is safe right from being oversold right during your next promotion.

How the FBA Product Inventory Can Help You?

  • It helps you in protecting your inventory from being oversold right at a discount rate during a promotion.
  • You can manage all of your inventory right from a single intuitive dashboard.
  • It can locate a specific ASIN quickly from the right with the expanded capabilities.
  • It helps in determining which products are currently being protected and which are still being processed.
  • Now you can save your time and just set the max order quantity for the multiple ASINs at once.

9) Refund Genie- The Inventory Reimbursement Finder)

Somehow if you have lost or damaged FBA inventory then you can just qualify for an Amazon Seller Refund.  Yeas, now you can manage that task with the help of Refund Genie.

Helium 10 Review- Refund Genie

Refund Genie simply locates your lost or damaged inventory that must be reimbursed by the Amazon. Now you can have all the detailed reports that can be quickly generated so that you can easily collect what you actually owned and you can recoup your losses.

How Refund Genie Can Help You?

  • Generally, the Amazon seller refund process is very confusing and time-consuming to but here this tool makes the process very easy and straightforward.
  • This software mainly checks the auto checks for five different reasons right for the FBA inventory reimbursements.
  • It can help in copying and pasting all the pre-written messages in order to send right along with your Amazon seller reimbursements and more.

10) Trendster- Products Trends Finder )

Basically, this tool generally allows you to quickly analyze your products that you’re considering sourcing in order to check their trends. But now you will’ be able to determine in a matter of seconds of the product have a steady sales year around.

And if there are any major demands fluctuations that can simply tie up your cash right in slow-moving inventory. Now you can understand the market trends so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it.

How Trendster Can Help You?

  • Now you can easily determine seasonality right for the FBA inventory that you generally considering sourcing.
  • Just enter the ASIN and Amazon Keywords right for a product and you can just result in a few seconds.
  • The trends data displays that time of the year of the products is most searched for.
  • Just identify cleared defined market trends and just take advantage of them in order to increase your sales.

11) Misspellinator- Keyword Misspelling Extractor 

We all know that misspelling is one of the most underrated ways to generate more sales right when it comes to listing optimization. And simply by including the common misspelling people type right into the search box in your product backend and you can easily attain great heights of sales and rankings.

Helium 10 Review- Misspellinator

But here this tool allows you to simply find the top misspellings for your keywords quickly so that you can just start earning with your mistakes. With this tool, you can take advantage of misspellings in order to sell more Amazon FBA Products.

How Misspellinator Can Help You?

  • It can provide tons of misspelling variations in order to input your lists of Profitable Keywords.
  • Easily get top Amazon Keywords ranking results right for the misspelled search terms.
  • Just increase your bottom line and simply sell more FBA products by targeting misspelling right in your listing optimizing efforts.

How To Leverage Helium 10 (Infographics)

There’re is a layout aka route map you can follow in order to get started with Helium 10 right away.. Let’s see how you can use Helium 10 to sell more on Amazon.

Helium 10 Review Discount Coupon 50%

helium 10 reviews helium 10 discounts

Helium 10 Pricing Plans | Helium 10 Discount Coupon

The pricing plans offered by this tool Helium 10 is very simple and affordable as well so that anyone can easily get started right away. And the best part is that they have a free plan as well that lets you try its services and find out how it’s actually working for you.

Let’s discuss its plans in detail and find out what plans and features they are actually offering:

Helium 10 Review- Pricing

1)Free Plan ($0)

  • Black Box (20 Uses)
  • Trendster (30 Days)
  • Magnet (2 Uses Per Day)
  • Cerebro (2 Uses Per Day)
  • Frankenstein (30 Days)
  • Scribbles (30 Days)
  • Index Checker (6 uses)
  • Keyword Tracker (Upto 20 Keywords)
  • Alerts  (Upto 2 ASINs )
  • Inventory Protector (Unlimited)
  • Refund Genie (Limited)
  • Multi-use Login
  • Xray (1000 Requests)
  • Profits (Weekly Updates)

2) A LA Carte Plan

  • Black Box ($37/Mo)
  • Trendster (30 Days Free)
  • Magnet ($37/Mo)
  • Cerebro ($37/Mo)
  • Frankenstein (30 Days Free)
  • Scribbles (30 Days Free)
  • Index Checker ($17/Month)
  • Keyword Tracker ($57/Month)
  • Alerts ($37/Mo)
  • Inventory Protector (Unlimited)
  • Refund Genie ($97/Month)
  • Multi-use Login
  • Xray ($17/Month)
  • Profits ($37/Month)

3) Platinum Plan ($97/Month)

  • Black Box
  • Trendster
  • Magnet
  • Cerebro
  • Frankenstein
  • Scribbles
  • Index Checker (150 Uses)
  • Keyword Tracker (Upto 2500 Keywords)
  • Alerts (Upto 300 ASINs)
  • Inventory Protector
  • Refund Genie
  • Multi-use Login
  • Xray
  • Profits

4) Diamond Plan ($197/Month)

  • Black Box
  • Trendster
  • Magnet
  • Cerebro
  • Frankenstein
  • Scribbles
  • Index Checker (300 Uses)
  • Keyword Tracker (Up to 5000 Keywords)
  • Alerts (Up to 600 ASINs)
  • Inventory Protector
  • Refund Genie
  • Multi-use Login (Up to 3 Users)
  • Xray
  • Profits

Now you have got all the detailed insights about its pricing and you can now get started with its free right away. So that you can check its plans in order to find out how it’s working for you. We highly recommend you to get started with Helium 10 as it can help all Amazon Sellers out there in the market.

Helium 10 Discount Coupon | ✅ Get 50% OFF Now

Coupon: BID10 will give you 10% off every month

Coupon: BID50 Will give you 50% off on first month Only

What People’s Say About Helium 10

I’ve tried literally dozens of Amazon tools over the years, but I can count on one hand those that actually work, that I use each and every day and that I’d be lost without. Helium 10 is one of those tools and has become an integral part of each of my Amazon businesses. Whether it’s tracking our keyword rankings to see how our products are doing, firing up Cerebro to gain crucial competitive intelligence on our competition, or using Index Checker to make sure our listings are as optimized as possible, it’s my go-to tool-set for giving my businesses the competitive edge we need.

Mike McClary — Amazing Selling Machine

When my clients ask me what’s the best thing they can do to improve their Amazon strategies, I tell them to get Helium 10! At RankBell we have worked on over 1,500 product launches with hundreds of clients and have tried many of the tools out there that claim to help scale your Amazon business. From this experience, I can tell you nothing compares to the powerful set of tools available in Helium 10.

Izabela Hamilton — Founder and CEO of RankBell

Image result for Tomer Rabinovich

In the past, I paid hundreds of dollars per month for different tools that all of them combined are not as effective as Helium 10 is. You know a tool is good when you open it every single day and use it for a variety of different things – Product research, keyword research, keyword tracking, overall profit, and the list goes on. With the benefits Helium 10 has to offer, I keep finding keywords and products gems all the time – Just finding 1 good product or 1 strong keyword that was overlooked by others, can easily be worth the yearly cost of Helium 10.

Tomer Rabinovich — TopDogSummit

Image result for Brock Johnson-Brock Johnson YouTube Channel

Helium 10 has the largest dataset of products and keywords, making it my #1 favorite tool for Product & Keyword Research. Wait! It gets better! They update and add new tools all the time! Have a problem? Suggest it, and they will add it in or fix it, if possible. I highly suggest you check out these awesome tools. Helium 10 has paid for itself over 10x. I have gotten over $16,000 back with Refund Genie.

Brock Johnson-Brock Johnson YouTube Channel

Image result for Tatiana James — Amazon FBA Expert & Youtube Star

Helium 10 provides everything that a beginner or advanced Amazon seller needs to increase product ranking revenue and most importantly, profit margins. Paying for several different subscriptions is no longer necessary because Helium 10 combines everything you need into one software. If you really learn how to use it, you’ll have a huge advantage over your competition!

Tatiana James — Amazon FBA Expert & Youtube Star

Pros & Cons Of Helium 10


  • Product Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Product Launches
  • Allows Competitors Spying
  • Helps in Inventory Protection
  • Hijacking and Product Monitoring Alerts
  • Comes with Keyword Index Checker
  • Also Offers Free Plan for its users
  • Comes with 13 powerful Tools for Amazon Seller


  • Limitations are there in the starter plans
  • Beginners may find the tool difficult to use 

Quick Links:

Helium 10 FAQs

♨️What Tools Are Actually Included Right With Helium 10 Chrome Extension?

The best part about the Helium 10 Chrome Extension is that you can access almost all the tools. Like the tool Xray for the product research), there’s also the ASIN grabber, profitability calculator, inventory level monitoring along with the review downloader.

✅Does Helium 10 Offer Any Tutorials For Beginners?

Yes! it provides basic as well as advanced training to its customers. And the best best part is that they offer professional-level training that is actually run by their staff members. Like they have video tutorials for each of their tools so that you can easily master Helium 10 and grow your Amazon business exponentially

Conclusion: Helium 10 Review | Helium 10 Discount Coupon April 2020

No doubt, Helium 10 is one of the finest and powerful software tools for Amazon Sellers that can really help you find the high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on your competitors along with optimizing the product listing in order to increase your sales and conversions.

And if you’re already selling on Amazon or planning to get started with then its time to get started with Helium 10 as it is one of the finest set of tools that will really save you tons of time and it will also help you in getting more sales and conversions as well.

Helium 10 Discount Coupon | ✅ Get 50% OFF Now

Coupon: BID10 will give you 10% off every month

Coupon: BID50 Will give you 50% off on first month Only

We highly recommend Helium 10, the best part is that you can get Helium 10 FREE TRIAL right away.  With the free plan, you can check out all the features and then you can go for the paid versions.

We hope this Helium 10 Review helps you understand the tool better. If you’re in Amazon FBA business then do let us know which tool you use to get more sales right in the comment section below.

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