How to Open an Online Store with Wix 2024

Ecommerce is a great way to sell your products. It has become exponentially popular in the modern internet era. More and more people log on each day to find websites that sell products they need. This is because ecommerce saves a lot of time and effort, which goes in finding an outlet and going there for a material purchase.

How to Open an Online Store with Wix

I am sure you may also have had an awesome ecommerce idea somewhere down the road. Why did you dump it then? Let me guess the reasons:

  • High Cost of Website development
  • No knowledge of coding and programming
  • Seemed like too risky an investment to make

Most of the people who let go of their ecommerce ideas had one of these reasons in mind. Well, now there is a solution to that.

Here is WixStores where you can create an online store!

But first of all, what is Wix? It is a web development platform based on cloud-computing. You can create HTML5 and mobile sites easily and for free. It has a very simple website builder, which helps in building fully responsive websites without a line of code.


Let’s cut to the chase:

Here is how you can easily build an online store using WixStores

Sign in to Wix

1) Setting Up Shop

One of the easiest sign-ups I have ever experienced! Once you click on ‘create your website’ this pop up opens:

Save Site on Wix

Now you can easily sign-up with your credentials or just sign in with Facebook and Google plus. It is as simple as that. You will not receive any other prompts about verification emails. You can start building your website then and there.

2) Choosing a Theme


Template preview

After signing in you will be redirected to this window:

You have to select a theme. Now you wish to design an online store. Just navigate down and click on the online store option as shown in the image below:

Now you can select from the variety of ecommerce layouts. For instance, I was interested in opening an athletic apparel online shop so I selected this theme.

You can view the theme to get an idea of the overall outlook by clicking on view or else start editing it by clicking on edit. Here is what the template preview looks like:

Once you have seen the preview, you can now start editing.

3) Editing and Saving

Editing and Saving in wix

Once you click on edit, the following dashboard will open. Just take a moment to look at how comprehensive it is.


You can just edit every aspect and element of the website without typing in a line of code. This is one of the best editing dashboards I have seen when it comes to website builders. I like it way more than that of GoDaddy’s for sure.

Below is the screenshot of the major tools in expanded mode:


  • Pages: Add/Remove/Manage all the pages on your website from here
  • Design: You can tweak the overall design from here like set the background, customize colour schemes and set fonts.
  • Add: With this tool you can add any element to your page like text/image/buttons. You can use this tool to make the site highly interactive.
  • Settings: From here you can check the major technical aspects of your website like:
    • SEO: You must know that this is the most important aspect of all. Good SEO means higher rank on search engine and that means more customers. You can know set it here.
    • Statistics: From here you can connect your site to Google Analytics in order to analyse your site’s traffic and more.

You also the app tool which allow you to bring interesting apps to your website to make it more interactive and dynamic:

Once you have edited enough you can save the site. You will be prompted by the following:

4) Publishing

wix online store publishing

Once you feel your site is ready you can publish it by simply clicking on publish. Wix will take care of hosting and other technical stuff. You just have to promote and earn from it. You will get an address like

5) Upgrades


Once you feel that your site is doing well you can upgrade to get your personal address like

6. Wix App Market

App wix

After my personal experience with Wix I have to say it is the ideal tool for internet enthusiasts and online newbies who want to develop websites and make a living of them. It is based on a freemium based business model. This means it won’t charge you anything unless you upgrade.

So go ahead, don’t wait… make your website now and earn top dollar!



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