Jasper AI Affiliate Program 2022 Earn 30% Recurring Commission For Life

Affiliate disclosure: In full transparency – some of the links on our website are affiliate links, if you use them to make a purchase we will earn a commission at no additional cost for you (none whatsoever!).

Are you interested in being a member of the Jasper AI Affiliate program? Fortunately, you’ve found the right resource.

Please take note that Jarvis AI has been renamed Jasper AI.

It is true that they have renamed their company.

We joined the Jasper AI affiliate program last month, and we’ll be providing a comprehensive evaluation based on our experience.

Is there an affiliate program for Jasper AI ?

AI content creation software based on GPT3 is the focus of the Jasper AI Affiliate program. A free Jasper.AI trial is available to your visitors as soon as you join this program.

Your visitors will be able to read up to 10,000 words during this trial period. Users who are happy with the product throughout the trial period can choose to purchase it.

A commission is paid after a customer becomes a “paying customer.”

Now, we’ll talk about the affiliate program for Jasper AI (Jarvis.AI).

Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) Affiliate: How Much Do I Earn?

With Jarvis AI’s best affiliate program, you may make as much as you want, with no limits. In fact, there are no caps to speak of. Also, Jasper AI plans come with a 30 percent recurring commission.

In order to provide you with a clear picture of your earning potential, we’ve created the following simple table.

Please keep in mind that the commission mentioned above is repeating each month. You’ll collect 30% of the total payments if your visitors sign up for an annual plan and pay in one lump sum.

For instance:

The annual salary of a new starter is $288, so a 30% commission would be $86.4.

Your 30 percent commission would be $176.4 if you’re in Boss mode, where the annual payment is $588.

The good thing is that all of these commissions are recurring, which means you get them every time your referrals pay.
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Jasper AI Affiliate program

How To Signup For Affiliate Program of Jasper AI?

This affiliate program has a straightforward sign-up process. Please follow the instructions below to apply. If Jarvis’s staff determines that your application complies with the standards, they will accept it.

Step 1: Click on this link to get to the official signup page.

Step 2: Enter your email address, name, website, country, and social media links.

Step 2: Accept the terms, solve the ReCaptcha, and click “SIGNUP” to become a Jarvis ai affiliate.

Congratulations! Jarvis AI has received your application for its affiliate program. For the approval, you simply have to wait a few days.

Exactly How Does the Jasper AI Affiliate Program works?

Jarvis or Conversion offers an affiliate marketing scheme.

Simply put, AI is a three-step process.

Step 1: Sign up as an affiliate and acquire a tracking link for your sales.

Step 2: Sign up for a free trial and put the software to the test.

Step 3: Begin advertising Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) by posting relevant reviews, blogs, and videos.

How Do You Get the Word Out About Jasper AI?

It is now time for you to begin creating content after you have been accepted into Jasper AI affiliate network.

We had a great first week, with two signups bringing in an estimated $50.

Simply put, that means that after six months, you may expect to make about $2000 in recurring commissions from this affiliate program.

To become a successful Jarvis.AI affiliate, here are some things to keep in mind:

Be a part of their official affiliate Facebook group. Tips from the marketing team and other affiliates are invaluable.

Produce useful content such as a guide to the Jarvis Boss mode?

  • Include links to the Jasper Trial on every page of your blog.
  • Demonstrate your product to content creators and agencies you’ve met through LinkedIn.
  • Introduce GPT3 Technology Jarvis to the world with a series of YouTube videos.

Alternatives to Jasper AI

  • How to become a content writer
  • Developing a Digital Marketing Agency from the Ground Up
  • With your links, answer relevant queries on Quora.

The following are some of the strategies we’ve found effective in spreading the word about this affiliate program.

Using this AI technology, you can also produce a variety of reviews, as demonstrated in this YouTube video about Jarvis.

Anyone interested in becoming a Jasper AI affiliate should sign up. Bloggers, authors, students, and marketers can all benefit from using Jasper.

You can become a top Jasper affiliate if you believe you can reach any of the people on the above list.

It is ideal for the following types of affiliates:

  • Influencers
  • Bloggers
  • YouTubers
  • Content Writers
  • Consultant
  • Affiliate Marketer

You can promote this affiliate program if you have visitors who are beginning to write, whether it be an article, a book, or a novel.

FAQs Related To Jasper AI Affiliate Program

How much money can I make?

There aren't any caps on this page! Here are a few short-term objectives to get you thinking about what's possible: The average monthly revenue per customer is $79, based on 10,000 customers. For the rest of your life, you'll earn a 30% recurring commission. As an example, consider the following: 1 referral = $24 per month 5 referrals = $120 per month 10 referrals = $240 per month 25 referrals = $576 per month 100 referrals = $2,400 per month 250 referrals = $6,000 per month 1,000 referrals = $24,000 per month

What's the cost of Jasper?

Plans start at $29/mo which includes 20,000 words generated. Pricing scales up with the more words you generate with Jasper.

Can I sign up using my own referral link?

Self-referrals are not allowed. It is not the purpose of a referral program to reward those who spread the word about our products. Your affiliate and user accounts will be terminated for life if you try to claim credit for a purchase you made on your own.

Are there any restrictions on how I can market?

What's the referral cookie life?

The referral cookie life is 30 days. If a user purchases the product past 30 days from the first referred visit, the conversion won’t be tracked anymore.

How does tracking attribution work?

FirstPromoter's affiliate tracking software is the best in the industry. They use cutting-edge tracking technology and provide an intuitive dashboard to help you keep track of your clicks, leads, customers, and prizes. With Jasper affiliate tracking, a cookie is placed in the browser of anyone who clicks on your link. You'll be credited as the source of the lead if they sign up for FirstPromoter using their email address and choose to become a lead (referred to as a referral in our system). Regardless of whether or not they click on a different affiliate's link, they are still your referrals. You have 30 days from the time someone clicks on your link to become a lead. They will no longer be monitored if they opt-in 30 days after visiting your link for the first time. Jasper team increased the tracking period from the time someone becomes a lead to the time they make a purchase to account for you. Basically, this implies that if you introduce a lead to us, and they nurture them for 90 days until they make a purchase, they'll pay you commissions. For as long as the customer is a member, they will receive commissions each month. This means that your commissions will represent 30 percent of the price of their account's plan if they upgrade or downgrade it over time.

Conclusion :  Jasper AI Affiliate Program

In this article, we talked about the signup process, how much you could earn, and the different ways to make money from the Jasper.AI (Jasper AI) affiliate program.

The signup process for the affiliate program by Jasper is simple and you can earn an unlimited amount of money. This is one of the best programs because you get paid recurring income.

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