Jasper AI vs Writersonic 2023: Which Is The Best AI Writing Tool?

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Jasper AI

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Everyone in the content creation industry is familiar with Jasper. Even if you are not fully aware of this AI’s capabilities, you must have heard of Jasper.ai in the past few months.

Utilizing GPT-3 Technology, Writesonic is a writing tool capable of delivering various types of content in a remarkably brief amount of time.

  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Facebook Group and Community
  • Integrated Grammarly Support
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Shareable Links
  • User Interface
  • Identify Keyword
  • Data Accuracy
  • It connects with SurferSEO (a correlational SEO tool) to automate the process of creating SEO-friendly content.
  • Spanish and German are among the 25 languages supported by Jasper.
  • It has a Boss Mode (one of my favourite)
  • It provides proactive customer support.
  • Popular software with a substantial community
  • It is inexpensive even for everyday usage.
  • It might be somewhat expensive for beginners.
  • The text snippet function does not operate properly.
Ease of Use

Super user-friendly and easier to use

It is easy to use.

Value For Money

It might be somewhat expensive for beginners

The free trial of Writesonic is restricted to a single user, which may be problematic for agencies and small to medium-sized organizations.

Customer Support

Jasper AI excels at providing outstanding chat assistance, as well as hands-on documentation, training videos, and live webinars.

Customer Support 24*7, It provides proactive customer support.

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In today’s post, we’ll compare Jasper AI vs Writersonic by reviewing both copywriting tools to determine their relative strengths and weaknesses.

In your search for the best AI writing assistant, you must have encountered these tools. Jasper AI and Writesonic AI. Because they both generate content, these two AI article generators may appear nearly identical from a distance.

However, upon closer inspection of what each software has to offer, you will notice that they are quite distinct.

And finally, we will provide our expert opinion on which content generator is superior.

What Is Jasper AI?

Everyone in the content creation industry is familiar with Jasper. Even if you are not fully aware of this AI’s capabilities, you must have heard of Jasper.ai in the past few months.

Jasper, formerly known as Jarvis.ai, is an AI copywriting tool that has earned a reputation among content creators.

Jasper AI Reviews : Jasper AI vs Writersonic

This tool is the ideal assistant for anyone who requires content because it can generate content from more than 50 pre-made templates.

In addition to providing users with a variety of content types, Jasper is also programmed to provide high-quality, SEO-friendly content.

You will be astounded by how quickly it can generate articles that are original and free of plagiarism.

The Jasper AI is continuously enhanced to make it a more effective writing assistant.

This means that if you choose it as your AI writing assistant, you will receive frequent improvements that enhance your experience.

An example of their most recent update is the addition of the Boss Mode feature, in which the AI will generate unique content for you twice as fast as it does for Pro Package subscribers.

When you use Jasper, you won’t have to worry about suffering from writer’s block or procrastination, nor will you face the numerous challenges associated with writing content on your own or outsourcing such services

Want to know more about Jasper AI check out our detailed Jasper AI Review🚀 Is Jarvis AI Worth It? 

Features of Jasper AI

  • Copywriting templates – Jasper is the only AI with over 40 copywriting skills. Content creators will be able to create all types of articles under one roof. He will be able to write your blog post, social media ad, landing page, or even product description.
  • Original content is provided by Jasper – Many content creators are understandably hesitant to use AIs because they fear having their work copied. In contrast, Jasper provides you with articles that are original and of high quality.
  • Long-form assistance –This feature simplifies the article-generation process. You only need to give Jasper commands, and it will handle the rest.
  • The new Boss Mode feature – The Boss Mode feature is ideal for content creators who require an easier method for generating articles. It not only simplifies your work but also produces content twice as quickly.
  • Bloggers get to enjoy the integration of Surfer SEO – Many bloggers’ primary concern is whether or not their content is search engine friendly. This concern is alleviated by Jasper’s incorporation of Surfer SEO, a tool that analyses content and informs you of the modifications required for the post to rank higher.
  • Spanish and German are among the 25 languages supported by Jasper.
  • There is a simple and easy-to-navigate interface.
  • You can organize documents in different folders in Jasper if you are working on multiple projects at once.

What Is Writesonic?

Utilizing GPT-3 Technology, Writesonic is a writing tool capable of delivering various types of content in a remarkably brief amount of time.

Writesonic Overview: Jasper AI vs Writersonic

This software can help you create product descriptions, landing pages, and advertisements, among other types of content.

This artificial intelligence has been trained by a team of expert content creators, so you can rest assured that it will generate high-quality content for you.

Writesonic has emerged as an industry-recognized AI writing assistant after receiving a large number of positive reviews across multiple platforms.

It is very simple to use, supports multiple languages, and generates content without plagiarism.

Using Writesonic to generate articles is not only quick and convenient but also more cost-effective than outsourcing to marketing agencies or freelancers.

It is accessible all day and night, 365 days a year. It never wears out and you can rely on its consistent quality. Hence, it is an excellent AI writing tool.

Features of Writesonic

  • With just a few clicks, it can generate an article that resembles a human.
  • Natural language processing technology is incorporated into Writesonic’s tools for producing quality content.
  • In order to generate text, one can use a powerful search tool provided by the AI.
  • Original and authentic copies can be assured to users.
  • The software can be used for creating digital ads, website content, blog posts, and eCommerce content.
  • There are more than eight languages supported by Writesonic. A content creator who intends to enter international search engines would benefit greatly from this AI tool.

Jasper AI vs Writesonic [Comparison]

There is probably a reason you have been waiting for this part. Taking a closer look at the two AI writing tools, let’s examine their main differences.

It is important to understand the differences so that you can determine which features best suit your content creation needs.

  • AI Software

Jasper and Writesonic both use GPT-3 copywriting tools. GPT-3, also known as a generative pre-trained transformer, is an upgrade to GPT-2 and the most complex language model currently available.

Given that this technology has more than 175 billion parameters, it is not surprising that applications such as Jasper and Writesonic use it to generate content.

One of the most impressive aspects of GPT-3 is its ability to generate content that appears to have been written by a human.

Jasper is more popular than Writesonic in terms of GPT-3 copywriting tools.

Their AI has been designed to provide a vast selection of article templates that can be transformed into original content in a matter of seconds. It is widely used for writing lengthy documents and numerous other types of articles. In contrast, we have the Writesonic GPT-3 writing instrument.

Previously, when it was known as Magic Flow, its capabilities were extremely limited. When the tool was rebranded, additional templates were added. However, fewer than the Jasper AI.

  • Languages

It is imperative that you select a tool that supports multiple languages for content generation.

The advantage of this is that you will still be able to communicate with a larger audience on a global scale if you decide to do so in the future.

The Jasper AI has been trained to generate high-quality English articles. Nevertheless, it has been integrated with DeepL to support over twenty languages.

This feature is available for free in the beta version. In addition, if you wish to translate text using AI, you must navigate to the account settings page and select the input and output languages.

Currently, Writesonic supports only 10 languages, including Italian, French, and German.

Both of these AI tools are capable of translating content into a variety of languages.

  • Plagiarism Check

Both of these article generators lack in-built plagiarism checkers to ensure that the articles are 100% original.

If you choose either option, you will need to use a premium plagiarism checker to ensure that your articles are original.

As we remain on the topic of plagiarism: There have been reports of slight instances of plagiarism in some articles generated by Writesonic.

The Writesonic AI did not copy the content; however, certain sentences generated by it are so common that their duplicates can be detected by a good plagiarism checker.

Such issues regarding Jasper AI have not been reported. This is primarily because their artificial intelligence has access to a vast database of words and phrases.

  • Long-Form Content

Both Jasper AI and Writesonic can generate lengthy content. However, they have different approaches to writing lengthy content, and Jarvis AI is better at writing lengthy content than Writesonic.

Let’s start with the long-form content option on Writesonic.

The primary benefit of this AI is that this feature is included in their cheaper plans. Unlike Jasper, where only premium plans provide access to the long-form assistant, the long-form assistant is included in all plans.

The long-form content wizard on Writesonic guides you through the various steps. The procedure is easy and quick.

With Jasper’s long-form assistant, you can write longer posts and it is more powerful.

The premium Jasper.ai long-form assistant is designed to generate blog posts that are SEO-optimized. The assistant provides direction throughout the procedure.

It only takes an idea. Jasper will finish up the market with its amazing innovations.  Numerous tools, such as the grammar fixer, rephrasing tool, and explain to a child tool, are included with the Jasper long-form assistant to ensure high-quality copies.

  • Ease of Use

When selecting an article generator, one of the most important considerations is the software’s usability.

Yes, it may be quick and provide you with high-quality articles. However, if you struggle to use it, it will likely always take you longer to generate content, edit it, and use the available tools and features.

The learning curve for Writesonic and Jasper AI is similar. It takes time to learn how both AIs work, and the longer you use them, the better you will understand them.

It is easier to learn how to use Jasper faster because Jasper has more tutorials than its counterpart.

  • User Community

There is a community of Jasper and Writesonic users. In these communities, you can receive assistance from other members and exchange input and advice.

In addition, network with other content creators. If the size of a User community is important to you, then the Jasper user community is preferable.

Educational Resources

Both tools have very clean user interfaces that make them easy to use. But the people who made Writesonic have made a very nice resource page that has helpful tutorials for all of its features. You can be sure that once you sign up for the software, you’ll be able to use all of its features like a pro.

There is also a link to a Facebook group where you can talk to other Writesonic users and ask them questions.

In order to learn more about Jasper, you can enroll in the Jasper Bootcamp, which will teach you everything you need to know about how it works. You can also join a large online community of 35,000 people who make content and write copy.

As you can see, both options give users ways to learn so they can catch up as quickly as possible.

Pricing: Jasper AI vs Writesonic 

Pricing of Jasper.ai

There are two pricing plans available for Jasper AI:

Pricing of Jasper.ai

Starter Plan: The beginning plan only costs $29 per month for 20,000 words of credit. With this plan, you will not have access to an article-writing resource.

Boss Mode Plan: The Boss Mode plan costs $59 a month for 50,000 words of credit. This plan gives you everything that the Pro Unlimited plan gives you. Besides this, you’ll have access to Boss mode commands that will let you write any kind of content you want.

NOTE: The Jasper team removed Pro Unlimited and Boss Mode unlimited word credits from their pricing pages.

The Writesonic pricing plan is shown below;

Writesonic Pricing

  • During the free trial, you will receive 10 credits for creating landing pages and digital ads. This package does not include priority customer support.
  • Using the starter plan, you can create content using the AI article writer for $11.25/month. There are 75 credits included.
  • With the $40 professional plan, you’ll get unlimited credits and priority support.
  • Business package $202.05 – Ideal for businesses and marketing agencies with a lot of content needs. Credits are limited to 1200 per month.

In comparison, Writesonic has a slightly lower price, but it has fewer features.

Additionally, Writesonic’s lower plans have credit limits, and you can only get a certain amount of credits per month.

A sudden need for more content can be quite inconvenient.

With Jarvis AI, you get more tools when you compare Jasper with Writesonic business plans.

Who Are Jasper and Writesonic For?

As was already said, Writesonic has plans for both individuals and businesses. A busy freelance writer will be able to use many of the software’s features to their advantage. You can use Writesonic if you are a freelance writer who writes long articles, short blog posts, or social copy. But a freelancer who doesn’t get much work might not need it just yet.

There are only two plans for Jasper, but both companies and individuals like it. After all, one Jasper plan does let you add as many users as you want, while Writesonic plans only let you add two to four.

With this software, agencies can write web content, marketing emails, and social ad campaigns for all social media tools. The tool also helps you write a copy for YouTube. So, if you run an agency with many clients, this writing assistant will help you meet tight deadlines.

If you need to write long-form or creative content like poems, stories, or books, Jasper is obviously the right one for you. Because it can recognize quotes and paraphrases and can handle long-form content, Jasper may also be better for research or academic papers.

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Conclusion: Jasper AI vs Writesonic 2023

The features Jasper AI offers are clearly more than those in Writesonic, based on what you have read so far. In fact, Jasper AI is trained better than Writesonic and can write more than 50 templates. Writesonic, on the other hand, can only write 20+ templates.

The second thing is that it’s better for people who make long blog posts. We also can’t ignore the fact that it works with more languages and has a large user base in those languages.

Jasper AI is a better AI writing tool than Writesonic.

That’s all there is to say about Jasper ai vs. Writesonic. What do you think about these two tools, and which one do you like better, Jasper ai or Writesonic?

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