Keeper Security vs Dashlane 2021: Which is the Best Password Managers?

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Are you someone who often finds themself stuck staring at the login screen clueless about what the password actually is? In such a hectic lifestyle of modern times, it gets really hard to remember all these passwords.

Instead of scribbling these passwords on some paper or using the same password on every account, you can always put a password manager into use. Here in this post, we will be comparing the two most famous password managers vis Keeper Security and Dashlane. 

To Give You A Brief Overview: Keeper Security vs Dashlane

Keeper is one of the most robust password managers that can create pretty strong passwords, remember them for you, and also fills them automatically whenever needed.

This solution works great, is feature-packed, and a pretty secure option that can work well on Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as supports a wide range of web browsers as compared to its competitors, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Dashlane, on the other hand, can create really strong passwords that are super tough to crack. It also remembers these passwords and fills them automatically whenever needed.

The solution works for almost every computer, viz Chrome OS, Linux, Windows, and Mac, as well as the mobile devices viz Android and iOS. It works well on web browsers too.

What makes this platform unique is some of the features they offer, which no other password manager does like the basic in-built VPN.  Now that we have a basic idea about both these platforms, let us get started with the comparison of both these platforms.

To make it easy for you to figure out which one can work best for your needs, we will be mentioning the winner of the individual comparison at the end. 

  • Supported Platforms

Supported Platforms basically implies that the password manager that you are using can work on almost every platform that you are using. Here, in this case, both Dashlane and Keeper work for most of the platforms.

Keeper Security

Keeper Unlimited- Keeper Security vs Dashlane


Keeper can work on every computer, viz Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux, as well as offers browser support on various platforms viz the Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer Safari, Firefox, and Chrome.

When it comes to mobile devices, Keeper can work on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Kindle, and Windows Phone. 


Dashlane overview- keeper security vs dashlane

Dashlane, on the other hand too can work efficiently on every computer, viz Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, and Linux, as well as offers browser support on various platforms viz the Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. But when it comes to offering support on mobile devices, it is limited to Android and iOS. 



Keeper wins this point because of the extra support of mobile devices it offers on Kindle, Blackberry, and Windows Phone over the Dashlane.

Features Offered

When it comes to offering features, the majority of password managers do not have much to offer. Most of these password managers offer a few options for two-factor authentication and, in some cases, password sharing too. But here, in this case, both the platforms, viz the Dashlane and Keeper, are feature-packed solutions. 

Keeper Security

Keeper Unlimited Features- Keeper Security Free vs Pro

Keeper has incredibly interesting features to offer. To begin with, the platform offers KeeperChat, which is a messaging app that offers you end-to-end encryption. This basically means that your messages are safe as they cannot be intercepted by anyone else.

What makes KeeperChat much more amazing is the option of self-destructing messages, message retraction as well as a private gallery for media. 

Another amazing feature that Keeper offers is the BreachWatch. This feature is all about monitoring the data breaches in order to alert you about any kind of threat against the account.

You also get to lay your hands on the feature of local autofill, where you can specify the hotkeys in an app where your username and password can be filled automatically on the local apps, thus mirroring the experience of a browser. 


Dashlane offers a plethora of features like VPN, password management as well as dark web monitoring. The most unique feature the platform has to offer is its automatic password changer.

This lets you update the logins across various sites in just a click. Even with the Dashlane, you get the feature of data breach monitoring. 


Keeper wins this point yet again because it offers way more useful features as compared to Dashlane. 

Password Sharing

Password Manager lets you share a password with ease instead of sharing it through a text message or via a scrap of paper. The person you share the password with should be using the same as you are using, but their password will get updated automatically when you change them. This way, you will be able to share the login with others without them knowing what the actual password is. 

Keeper Security

Keeper lets you share the passwords by either sending them one-by-one or by sharing the entire folder at a time. You can also decide upon the rights each and every user gets. 


Dashlane has to offer various useful features to use with the multiple users like the admin console, deployment as well as secure password sharing in between the groups. With Dashlane, you can grant access to specific sites to particular users or groups of your choice, even without them knowing what the actual password is. 


Keeper bags this point, too, as it lets you share the folders and password as well as include this in their personal plan.


Pricing is another crucial aspect to consider when comparing two platforms, especially for those having budget constraints. 

Keeper Security

Personal & Family plans- Keeper Security Free vs Pro

Keeper is one amongst the cheapest options for password managers around in the market.


The platform offers a free trial on its plans. Its pricing plans are:

→ Personal:

Keeper Unlimited: $2.91 per month and $34.99 billed annually.

Keeper PlusBundle: $4.87 per month and $58.47 billed annually.

Add Ons:

BreachWatch costs $1.67 per month and $19.99 billed annually. 

Keeper Cloud Security Vault costs $0.83 per month and $9.99 billed annually. 

→ Family:

Keeper Unlimited: $6.24 per month and $74.99 billed annually.

Keeper PlusBundle: $8.62 per month and $103.48 billed annually.

Add Ons:

BreachWatch costs $3.33 per month and $39.99 billed annually. 

Keeper Cloud Security Vault costs $3.33 per month and $39.99 billed annually. 

→ Business

Keeper Business costs $3.75 per user, per month, and $45 when billed annually. 

Add Ons:

Advanced Reporting And Alerts Module cost $10 per user per year.

Keeper Cloud Security Vault costs $125 per year. 

BreachWatch costs $20 per year. 

KeeperChat costs $20 per year. 

For the Enterprise Plan, you need to contact sales. 


Dashlane has four pricing plans to offer viz Free, Essential, Premium, and Family plan.

→Free Plan

→Essential Plan

This plan costs $2.49 per month, and yearly billing will cost you $1.99 per month. 

→Premium Plan

This plan costs $3.99 per month, and yearly billing will cost you $3.33 per month. 

→Family Plan

This plan costs $5.99 per month, and yearly billing will cost you $4.99 per month. 


It is a tie for this point of comparison as both the platforms offer decent features in their pricing.


To begin with, it is important to know that both the platforms viz Keeper and Dashlane follow the industrial standard of AES-256 encryption that will keep the information as safe as possible.

Thus, both the platforms offer master password protection as well as two-factor authentication. Both these platforms offer password generators, too, that make browsing securely a whole lot easier.

Keeper and Dashlane also offer you what is said to be emergency recovery. Emergency recovery basically lets you assign a maximum of 5 users an emergency contact that lets you get back into the account in a limited time frame when you are locked out because of forgetting a password or some other reason. 


keeper security free vs pro features

Keeper lets you customize the encryption level through the PBKDF2 hashing. The user can raise or lower the setting according to your wish.

The higher you keep it, the harder it gets for the bad elements to get through your information, but this also implies that the waiting period of logging in to your browser gets longer, which is definitely not something the majority of people would like. 

The platform offers the support for two-factor authentication because of the compatibility with YubiKey. The self-destruct feature also lets you destroy each and every entry that is locally stored if you enter the master password wrong for five times. 

Keeper also lets you send the password and all the other entries to the users of Keeper securely right at the touch of a button. It is compulsory for them to have their account with the platform so as to access it.


Apart from all the common features that are mentioned at the beginning of the comparison, Dashlane also offers an auto password changing feature for added security that helps you stay secured for almost 0 to little extra effort. 


Keeper bags this point too. However, both the platforms manage to meet the industrial standards when it comes to security, making both the solutions amazing.

But Keeper’s self-destruct feature, third-party authenticator, custom hashing options as well as auto-password changing feature keeps it a step ahead of Dashlane. 

  • Ease Of Use

The next area of comparison is another crucial aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is the ease of usage of both these platforms.


Keeper is one of the most incredible password managers to use. The platform offers three entry types which are credit cards, identities, and passwords. But they also allow you to add custom fields to these entry types, and thus you can morph it any way you want. You also get to lay hands on its incredible extension.


Dashlane follows a different approach by offering a few more types for data entry. The platform does not allow any custom entry, but you get a few more options when it comes to auto-filling the login. 

The best part about Dashlane is that its browser extension acts like the mini version of the entire app. Its extension is considered to be one of the best password manager extensions primarily because of the great autofill options. With its extension, you can opt whether the entries are filled on a single page or all across the website. You can also have a quick view of the contents of your vault from the extension itself.


Dashlane wins this point even though it is tough to choose the best amongst the two. Both these platforms offer a great user experience. But only on the basis of the autofill option, Dashlane bags this point. It gets really tough to choose one among both the platforms. This is because both of them offer an amazing user experience along with numerous filtering options, support for various entry types, and no-nonsense importing.


  • Customer Support

The last point we will be comparing both these platforms is the customer support both of them have to offer.


Keeper offers the live chat option where they usually respond to the inquiries in a matter of a few minutes in usual cases. You can also get in touch with the team through the phone when you like, and there is also an online system guide that lets you know if there are some modules offline.

You also get to learn about both the basic as well as some of the advanced features with the user guide, FAQs, and also the webinar. Their video guides help you to learn more about the platform.


Dashlane offers around-the-clock support when it comes to email inquiries and also the live chat services on the business hours of weekdays. Their support team responds really quickly, and you can also take advantage of the FAQ as well as the knowledge base on the platform. 


Keeper wins this point as it has much more support avenues to offer. 24/7 support and is known for responding faster than most of the password manager support does. There are in-depth video guides offered that help you to know more about the platform.


Keeper Security:

Keeper Unlimited Customer reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

🔥Is Keeper A Safe Option To Use?

When it comes to password managers, Keeper Security is one of the safest options to choose. It puts into use 256-bit AES encryption that is considered to be one of the most advanced options available for encryption methods. This is the same encryption standard used by governments and banks. Besides the high-level encryption, they also have a pretty strict policy of zero knowledge which basically means that the employees do not have access to your information that is stored in the Keeper account. What makes it even more secure as an option is the wide array of multi-factor authentication options that are offered on its mobile, web, and desktop apps. These include facial recognition authentication, fingerprint scanner, encrypted messaging, dark web monitoring, and password security auditing.

✔What Makes Dashlane A Robust Platform?

Even though Keeper offers a plethora of features, Dashlane too offers a great set of features. But what makes this platform a robust solution is its ease of use. You do not have to be a tech nerd in order to use this platform.

💥Which Platform Can Work Best Amongst Keeper And Dashlane For Those With Security Concerns?

When comparing Dashlane and Keeper for security concerns, Keeper is an edge better than Dashlane. Keeper’s self-destruct feature, third-party authenticator, custom hashing options as well as auto-password changing feature keeps it a step ahead of Dashlane.

Wrapping It Up

Though both the platforms have an incredible set of features to offer that their competitors struggle to put up, all in all, Keeper has a consistent edge over Dashlane because of its robust security and customer support.


When you look at both the managers on an individual level, you may observe that both of them offer strong feature sets. But when you compare both these platforms, Keeper definitely offers much more quality features making it a top-tier password manager. 


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