Madgicx vs SocialFlow 2023: Which One To Choose? (Pros & Cons)

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Over the years, the act of marketing has evolved and changed. With the evolution of the market and its strategies, many tools have come into the picture. In this article, I will talk about Madgicx vs SocialFlow and introduce you to these two tools. 

The market has gone from changing over decades to changing over days, as trends overlap each other, miss each other entirely, or merge to form something completely new. 

The industrialization and urbanization of cities meant the accessibility of technology. People had to adapt to the times and learn how to integrate technology with their daily lives. Earlier, online and internet advertisement reached an extremely small, selective, and specific audience. Now, all age groups use online spaces to conduct business, interact with people through art, music, and writing. People buy and sell, inform, and distribute via the internet. A similar industry has had to prosper. 

The advertising industry right now is still evolving and will keep changing as people learn more and more creative ways to engage with buyers and customers. Advertisers have to work between many fine lines. How to be personal but not too personal that you exclude some audiences. How to be direct, but not commanding. How to persuade someone without causing them to become suspicious. Brands want to give a distinct, and consistent marketing experience but don’t want to become redundant or boring.

There are so many factors that need to be taken into consideration. This means that as consumers and producers, we all need a strong enough platform that is able to keep up with all our trends. Marketing is not just general customer appeal, but rather a layered and complex experience created on a variety of different channels. A marketing platform does the job of managing consumer experience across different modes of communication. Companies can plug in their experiences onto the platform itself, which could help you with orchestrating all the different experiences for your audiences.

Madgicx vs SocialFlow: Overview 

SocialFlow Overview

SocialFlow is an SMO, also known as a Social Media Optimization platform. Social Media Optimisation is the action of using multiple channels and spaces which reach a variety of audiences. The usage of social media for the sake of advertising is called Social Media Optimisation. Types of social media include RSS feeds, news sites, and the more well known social networking apps and websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogging, and video sites such as YouTube.

Madgicx vs SocialFlow - SocialFlow

The goal of which is to create content that is engaging and interesting to viewers. Similarly, SocialFlow is a platform for brands and publishers to give their brands an edge. It was founded in 2009 when its creators were trying to find a scientific way to make sustainable and interesting content that would engage its viewers.

 Madgicx Overview

Madgicx is a marketing platform that optimizes ads across social media, similarly too SocialFlow. However, it is an AI-backed channel, which factors into the creative process of changing and editing advertisements across a multitude of platforms to best suit the target audience.

Madgicx vs SocialFlow - Madgicx

It is a software that is known to be an all-in-one platform, and it is designed to be a solution to the problems of many marketers who want effective and quick change and control over their advertisements. It is a quick performance tool, with well-known customer support and problem-solving insights.  

Key Features and Benefits Madgicx vs SocialFlow

Real-Time Data and Analytics 


SocialFlow offers real-time data processing and known to be excellent for analytics. It solves many problems as a scheduling and social management tool. The data is processed and shows predictive analytics.

SocialFlow - Publish

There is an automatic resonance predictor and has docking for google analytics as well. Furthermore, you can change and upgrade the delivery of your content and messages in real-time as well.


Similarly, Madgicx has real-time analytics and real-time reporting. Furthermore, the data is processed to a much higher level. Like SocialFlow, Madgicx also offers predictive analytics, but Madgicx has a much more in-depth look into all the data, and offers performance reports, metrics, and testing, with analysis on spending and other trends.


This is one of the advantages of software with an AI system backing it up. This software can do the work of many people at once, and since it is an AI it can do it creatively.


Madgicx has a much more comprehensive system of real-time analytics and can offer more

data in a shorter period of time. While SocialFlow does do the job, for larger brands that need a more detailed report, Madgicx is the more professional option.

Customer Support and Common Audiences 


Typical customers of SocialFlow include small businesses, moderately sized businesses, and larger businesses. SocialFlow has tools that help companies of all sizes achieve their sales goal and gain exposure.

SocialFlow - Subscription

Many reviewers extremely pleased with the ease of use that SocialFlow offers. The customer service of SocialFlow is done via mobile devices and convenient as well.


Madgixc attracts a similar crowd, like social flow, but sees a larger number of freelancers. This means that Madgicx is able to reach out to a larger group of people as a useful platform. It is easy to use with very powerful tools so even freelancers can have the same level of quality that larger brands and companies do.


Madgicx is more versatile with its typical customers, and that means it is more versatile. While SocialFlow is known for its ease, Madgicx, along with versatility, has much more powerful tools and this makes it more advantageous that SocialFlow.

The Algorithms That Work With this Software 


As mentioned earlier, the algorithms SocialFlow uses are based on predictive analysis. This means that the software knows automatically when to post an advertisement and where based on the most opportune time.


This algorithm tends to analyses the behavior of site users and use it on the spot to optimize it. Optimizations are better than Scheduling because it takes into account many factors that scheduling does not.


Being AI-backed means that most of the actions you would have needed to take will be taken for you automatically by the software itself. It also uses an optimization system, similar to SocialFlow. The AI analyses the data from your sites and judging the performance is able to personalize the content based on the audience it is reaching. 


While SocialFlow does have similar functions, the software Madgicx is based on is unique and very powerful. It is a solution that is both effective, affordable, and accessible. 

The Software and their Supporting Platforms 


This is supported on most devices and is known to support mobile devices as well. It is well-known to support online and web platforms and integrates itself with the platform it is used in for specific ad cycles. 

SocialFlow - Support


Madgicx is known to integrate with Facebook, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, and Shopify. It supports all web-based interactions, and android-based mobile interactions as well. This allows the ads to be accessed by a larger group of people on different platforms. 

Madgicx- Stats


There is a significantly larger amount of information regarding the supporting platforms of this software on Madgicx, and the number of reviews is also higher. This means it is most likely more reliable to trust Madgicx to support a larger number of platforms effectively and efficiently. 

Madgicx vs SocialFlow: Unique features


With a platform with being a leader in its niche, they offer several features that make them where they are today. A set of powerful features that set them apart are below:

  1. They have integrated seven products for the price of one which means they are an all in one platform that has combined Automation Tactics, Ad Creation, AI Audiences, Creative Insights, Bidding and Budget Optimizations as well as a Strategic Dashboard to create an all-round marketing experience for you.
  2. Tailormade Facebook advertisements that give results in a day or two with AI integrated tools, products and capabilities. 
  3. Madgicx ensures that you could predict creative performances through creative intelligence feature that they provide. This is usually done by the platform through the use of computer-based vision and tags to get more traffic over your platform.
  4. Madgicx provides a facility for being able to create a funnel strategy with AI Audience and targeting. 
  5. Madgicx as a platform ensures that their AI algorithms function in a way that would unify, analyze as well as categorize the required advertisements to differentiate the stronger ones to the advertisements that may be fatigued in the future.

Social Flow

social Flow as a platform offers several features that make them where they are today. A set of simple yet  powerful features that set them apart are below:

  1. Algorithms that exist on a real-time basis and ensure that each post that is put out are optimized.
  2. All the optimizations and analytics are on a real-time basis.
  3. Feedbacks and queries are provided on a time to time basis to ensure that there are the scope of changes and improvements
  4. Posts, campaigns and advertisements are put out when the time is right to ensure target audiences are captured onto the client’s landing page.
  5. Updating and upgrading advertising opportunities so that existing, as well as new targeted audiences, are captured. 

Madgicx vs SocialFlow: Pros and Cons


With each platform comes to both advantages as well as disadvantages that you may want to consider and below are a brief discussion about both.


A few areas wherein Madgicx has done really well are:

  1. It is known to be the most cost-effective tool in terms of advertising platform for businesses
  2. Madgicx is an autonomous and management tool as well
  3. Very user friendly and easy to use so even businesses which have just started out and do not want to employe individuals relating to the function could easily use the platform
  4. Marketing analytics and metrics to check and track the progress is something that is offered by them.
  5. Customer support is excellent with Madgicx
  6. You would have the flexibility of a customizable dashboard as well as marketing automation


A few areas that could be improved upon are below:

  1. Too many features may be overwhelming for new users
  2. It might not be very cost-effective for some businesses.

Social Flow


A few areas wherein Social Flow has done really well are:

  1. User-friendly and the tool/platform can be used even by a beginner
  2. Pricing point is something that you may want to consider for the features that they provide
  3. Exemplary customer services to ensure proper query handling and support is provided.
  4. They cater to all kinds of individuals and ensure custom based and quality of utmost area that they focus on
  5. Social Flow ensures realtime monitoring of conversations to ensure proper analytics
  6. Ensures audience-friendly advertisements to ensure it engages them


A few areas that could be improved upon are below:

  1. While Pricing is an area that is commendable, they do not offer a free trial
  2. Live customer services are not available

Madgicx vs SocialFlow: Pricing Comparison


TheMadgicx pricing plan is quite transparent and offers you three different plans: monthly, quarterly, and annual. 

This is a subscription-based pricing model and the starting price is $39.00 each month on the annual plan. But perhaps the best thing about this pricing model is the free trial. The free trial option often raises several eyebrows, but the good thing about Madgicx is that it does not require you to fill out any credit card information with the free trial.


But below I have inserted a snippet from their official website to help you know the scalable and transparent pricing model.

Do you see how the knob is set at the basic level on the monthly charge within the Annual plan? Yes, now you should be able to see how it could be customized. All of your plans can be customized as per your budget, your whims, and your wants. Note that this is only for 1 ad account. 

But what if you had a greater budget, and need more ad accounts? Well, watch this!

With a highly greater plan, you can opt for more ad account and a much greater monthly ad allowance. But for those who are willing to go to an even greater scale, that option is also available. 

So I suppose some of you are wondering how the other breakdowns are on the pricing for a few more ad accounts.

There it is guys, halfway through. you can see that with $1720 each month you can gain access to $400k as an ad allowance. Along with that, you will get access to 25 ad accounts!

That’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? Tempted to give it a shot yet? Well, don’t rush just yet, there is yet another option that gives you access to a whole lot more ad allowance and a lot more ad accounts. So let’s take a look at Madgicx’s top plan!

When you spend $8800 each month you will gain access to 3 million dollars in a monthly ad allowance! Wait! You also get 50 ad accounts! I am sure you see how this is sure to bring you results!

My tip to you is not to look at the initial budget and to think of the incoming profits as your ads successfully drive leads and conversions!

Social Flow

Social Flow does not provide such transparent pricing options. You must get in touch with them through their official website to get a grasp of their pricing options. 

This is not an uncommon practice in this industry but still, it often proves to be inconvenient to the consumer. 

Since this information is not available I cannot publish it here. So you must conduct any queries you have via the main website. 


👉What do Facebook Ad Targeting tools do?

Facebook Ad targeting tools ensure the following: Simple, easy yet creative ways of creating Facebook advertisements Using the tools and features provided to edit or access the Facebook ads that are put up by you Analytics for analysing how your advertisements/campaigns are doing

👉Which of the tools comparatively better in terms of creating advertisements?

I would recommend both of the tools as they provide a maximum number of benefits, advantages, and features for the price that you would want to pay as an enterprise/business or an individual alongside the customer reviews. So you would have to choose the tool or platform that meets your business requirements

👉Are the tools mentioned above cost-effective?

Both the above-mentioned tools are cost-effective in terms of the features that each of them would provide you with. It totally depends on your business requirements.

Testimonials Madgicx vs SocialFlow

SocialFlow Customer Reviews

SocialFlow - Testimonials

Madgicx Customer Reviews

Madgicx - Testimonials

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Final Verdict: Madgicx vs SocialFlow Comaprison 2023

The battle between these two items has definitely been harsh, they have stacked up well against each other. But there must be a winner. In this case, Madgicx has pulled up in the lead as compared to Social Flow. 

Why is that? Madgicx seems to have a much more extensive range of features and is sure to outperform that of SocialFlow, but beyond that, any customer expects transparency, especially in terms of things like pricing. In that way, Madgicx seems to be a much more reliable and efficient ads partner. 

But, I am not going to lie, SocialFlow definitely has its ups and does put up a good fight against Madgicx. 

With that I hope this article ahs helped you gain more of an understanding of these two tools and that you can make a much more informed decision when choosing the one you want to opt for.

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