Magoosh Vs Kaplan 2022 Is Magoosh Worth Buying? (GRE/SAT/ACT Prep Comparison)

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Magoosh is a reliable online platforms for test preps. If you're someone with a budget, consider getting started with Magoosh as it all access pass for whole courses bundle starts $149/monthly.

Kaplan is best suited to you if you're looking online class and more robust online test prep. Also, if you want to have real study materials you can just get started with Kaplan right away.

  • Affordability and flexibili
  • 100% online platform
  • Stellar customer support
  • It offers wide choice of courses
  • It offers robust tutoring options
  • It offer live and interactive instruction.
  • No essay evaluation options
  • Pricier than competitors
Value For Money

Magoosh is value for money compared to Kaplan as its all-access pass for one month starts at $149 and includes access to all of its premium test prep modules at no extra cost.

Kaplan is a bit expensive as compared to Magoosh as it has provided live tutoring. What's more, Kaplan also offers hard copies and study materials to take your online prep to the next level.

Still, figuring which one to go with — Magoosh vs Kaplan ? Well, in this post, I have featured a detailed comparison of Magoosh and Kaplan to help you make the right decision. So let’s dive in.

Are you preparing for important exams like GRE? Are you wondering how you can study better and boost your efforts to get that desired score?

Here I’m going to help you by suggesting you two best platforms like Magoosh and Kaplan, you need not worry about your study preparations and score. I strongly feel these two platforms are the best platforms for GRE prep and they offer complete test preparation as well as guarantee improvements in your scores.

🚀 Bottom Line:  What’s the main difference between Magoosh and Kaplan GRE prep courses?

Magoosh and Kaplan are reliable and popular online test prep provider. The key takeaway between Magoosh and Kaplan is that — Magoosh offer online test prep via online classes and tutors, while the Kaplan platform offer live classes for the prep along with that Kaplan also offer printable study materials to students.

The Kaplan GRE prep courses cost a lot more money than the Magoosh prep courses. When you compare them, the closer comparison is between Magoosh’s 6 Month Premium course and Kaplan’s Self-Paced course. The latter costs about 2.5x as much at around $450.

Magoosh is different from Kaplan because Magoosh is online and Kaplan offers live classes. What’s more, Magoosh only has re-recorded lessons while Kaplan also has hardcopy prep books.

Overall winner here between Kaplan and Magoosh would be Magoosh.

Because of limited time as well as budget, you might not be able to use these two platforms simultaneously, hence In this article, I’m going to give you a comparison between these platforms, which will make the decision-making process simpler for you. Read on to know all about these platforms.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan: Overview

Kaplan was founded way back in the year 1938 and since then, it has just grown to become one of the best and leading companies in tests pre across the world. Kaplan offers online courses, in-person classes, apps, books as well as study programs that are self-paced.

Magoosh is relatively quite new and small scale-wise in contrast to Kaplan. However, Magoosh has a modern and millennial approach when it comes to their programs and is climbing up the ladder in the industry of GRE prep.

Magoosh Overview

It is a platform for online studies. It focuses on those students who wish to study at a pace comfortable to them and it gives them all the required resources. Students can get access to the account and from this account, they have benefits like:

  •  Access to an extensive library that focuses on a target test
  • They can watch video lessons
  • They can learn all the basic concepts required for the test
  • They can opt for timed quizzes which acts as practice tests for any exam
  • They can filter lessons as well as quizzes based on subject, difficulty, and type
  • Past performances and answers can be reviewed
  • They can also monitor their own progress when doing GRE prep
  •  Students can compare other results with their own

Kaplan Overview

Kaplan offers a more intense test preparation. It enables the students to combine online learning which is self-paced with in-person classes, individual online, and tutoring.

The classes are held in different locations which provide interested students the option to learn even in a classroom environment. The students at Kaplan can also take proctor practice tests wherein they can check their knowledge level and also evaluate their progress.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Kaplan

Irrespective of whether you wish to learn on your own, or with a bit of guidance or opt for self-paced lessons, Kaplan GRE  is ready to offer it. They also provide private tutoring as well as counseling for graduate admission. This definitely makes Kaplan a winner in this area.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Courses Offered — Test Preparation

Magoosh Courses Offered 

Magoosh provides preparation to students for tests like GRE, CAT, GMAT, LSAT, IELTS, MCAT, SAT, Praxis, and Toefl. 

Kaplan Courses Offered 

Kaplan has an extensive offer and has more than 90 standardized practice tests. Kaplan GRE does not address just those students who are aiming for admission in a college, secondary school, or a graduate school, it also addresses those professionals who have to face licensing exams.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Kaplan Test Prep

In case Magoosh does not cover a certain exam that you need to prepare for, Kaplan definitely will cover it. Yet again, Kaplan GRE is the better choice of the two.

Magoosh and Kaplan: The Pricing Battle

There is a detailed comparison of the pricing of GRE prep plans of both platforms which will enable a proper understanding if the financial implications of choosing either of the two platforms:

Magoosh Pricing Plans

(i) The 1-month Premium Plan: It costs $129. This plan covers AWA, Verbal, and Math in about 250+ video lessons, about 1200 questions for practice, and also 3 practice tests. The plan also offers email assistance, score prediction, and study schedules.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Magoosh Pricing

(ii) The 6-Month Premium Plan: It costs $149. This plan will offer you access to all the features of the 1-month premium plan – the video lessons, practice tests, and practice questions but are covered over 6 months. The lessons will cover all concepts of  Revised GRE tests. Before buying Magoosh Courses you must check Magoosh Coupon Codes.

Kaplan Pricing Plans

Kaplan gives you a lot of options and there are on the expensive side. Their options for GRE preparation:

(i) Live Online Plan

It starts at $849. This plan will cover live instruction of 21 hours, 35 hours of live instruction on GRE Channel, 7 practice tests, an Official Test Experience, more than 180 hours of practice and instruction, more than 5,000 practice questions, and also 2 books on GRE prep.

There is an option for Live Online Plus which starts from $1149, which offers 3 hours of one-on-one instruction, access to numerous workshops, video lessons related to GRE prep Math Foundation, a database of GRE Advanced Math, in addition to the others mentioned in the $849 plan.

(ii) In-Person Plan

This starts at $1099. The In-Person plan includes the contents of the plan- Live Online, except that all the live instruction of  21 hours will be in person and in the classroom environment.

These lessons generally last for 3 hours and will take place two times a week. The In-Person Plus option is also available, which is just like your Live Online Plus, however, the lessons would be in-person.

(iii) Tutoring

This starts at $2199. This plan focus on those students who require assistance and guidance on specific topics along with a customized study plan. The plan comes with 15 hours dedicated to living online tutoring for GRE prep as well as access to either the In-Person plan or Live Online plan.

Students in need of additional assistance can go for the plan of 25 hours which comes at a cost of $3299. You also have a plat of 35 hours which will cost you $4399, and this is targeted at those students who want excellent scores or are lagging behind.

These two options also provide access to the In-Person and Live Online plans. There are similar plans available even for tutoring in-person too, but to know more about the cost and availability, the student has to get in touch with customer service.

(iv) Self-Paced Plan

This starts at $699. The Self-paced plan comes with 18 hours of video instructions, an official test experience, about 7 full practice tests, 180+ hours of online lessons along with the practice, about 5000 practice questions -called Qbank, 2 prep books on GRE, and online access for 6 months.

You can get the Self-Paced Plus plan for $899 which will give you extra 35 hours live instructions, along with the access to both GRE prep Math Foundations as well as GRE Advanced Math ( both will be Self-Paced).

(v) Practice

For those students who are very confident regarding their learning ability yet wish to take up practice tests and test their knowledge, there are 3 options offered by Kaplan which are available separately as well as combined.

The Qbank comes at a cost of $69 and gives you access to personalized quizzes that are created based on over 2500 different practice questions for GRE prep. There is a Practice Pack which will start at $149; it merges Qbank with the practice tests of GRE.

You also have the Official Test Day Experience which enables students to experience each aspect of the main test prior to actually attending the main exam for $150.

Note that the prices of plans will differ based on the test. 

For instance, Magoosh offers you Math + IR for $219, the Premium costs $249, and the Tutoring + Premium costs $799. The Self-Guided Options of Kaplan includes the Study Pack for $299 and Self-Paced Plan for $799. Kaplan also has the Live Online plan which starts at $1049, the In-Person plan which starts at $1249, and the Tutoring which starts at $2599.

So, in terms of affordability, Magoosh is definitely a winner, however, Kaplan GRE also is offering the students the choice of paying in installments for the plans, which reduces the financial pressure.

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Magoosh and Kaplan: The Free trial & Refund

Magoosh does offer you a free trial of 7 days. Those who are interested in it, can sign up and thereby get free access for a whole week to 20+ video lessons as well as 20 practice questions. On the other hand,  Kaplan GRE does not have any free trial offer.

However, according to the terms and conditions of Kaplan, users are advised that in case they cancel the subscription in 3 days, they can get a complete refund. Post that, any cancellation has to be done within a minimum of 3 days prior to the expiry date of the subscription period.

Both Magoosh and Kaplan come with the High Score Guarantee. Those students who have not seen an improvement in the score post completing the study program at either of these, could request for a refund or even opt for repeating the program free of cost.

You must note that this guarantee is not applicable to every test. In order to ask for a refund, you have to submit proof of your previous test score

Magoosh and Kaplan: Team, Tutors & Resource

Magoosh Tutors and Resources 

Magoosh does not have extensive offers, hence they are a bit more transparent related to the team. The official website displays about 40 team members, yet nothing much is mentioned about their qualifications. 

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Magoosh Team

In terms of partnerships, Magoosh has mentioned test preparation centers, the programs to study abroad, the non-profit organizations, universities, high schools, as well as English language programs, however, no names have been mentioned.

Kaplan Tutors and Resources 

On the other hand,Kaplan has a very extensive offer related to testing prep, and hence the team is definitely bigger at Kaplan. Though there are no names or photographs displayed on the official website of Kaplan GRE, they do speak about the teachers, the curriculum specialists, testing experts, and the researchers.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Kaplan Team

Kaplan is associated with Kaplan University, Kaplan Inc., Kaplan College, and a lot more educational institutions in Ireland, like the University of Limerick, Royal College of Surgeons, the Trinity College, and many more.

Kaplan and Magooh: Customer support — Which One Fast & Reliable Support?

In Magoosh, students can contact the customer service through their toll-free number or by email or by filling up a contact form. Kaplan has the option of a live chat which gives them an edge over Magoosh. Both platforms, however, provide great customer support.

Accessibility and navigation

Both Magoosh and Kaplan GRE are user-friendly and navigation is quite easy on both platforms. Magoosh offers limited practice tests and hence they have developed individual blogs along with mobile apps for every major test. Kaplan has its App called the Kaplan Mobile Prep which gives students access to their study plans and accounts, anywhere and anytime.

How Popular Magoosh and Kaplan Are?

Both the test prep providers, Magoosh and Kaplan, are renowned all over the world. Both have some exceptional reviews from users as well as third-party websites. 

Magoosh Popularity

Magoosh has a higher user rating, a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation as well as a rating of A+. Magoosh has received praise as well as awards for offering a great work atmosphere along with ensuring the happiness of its employees.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - magoosh DashBoard

Kaplan Popularity 

Kaplan does not have a Better Business Bureau accreditation. However, the study prep plans of Kaplan, as well as their business model, have been endorsed by many online and also traditional publications. Kaplan’s user ratings are a bit lower, and there are more complaints on Kaplan than on Magoosh. 

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Kaplan dashboard

Considering the extensive test prep plans offered by Kaplan, it is tough to see why there are complaints. Most of the complaints are related to misunderstandings on the terms and conditions and cancellation requests.

Magoosh and Kaplan: Overall Experience

The overall experience in terms of both the platforms, Magoosh and Kaplan, depends on your requirements and your goals that you wish to accomplish. If you are quite disciplined, have a tight budget, and are keen on preparing for a common test, then Magoosh would be quite appealing.

Magoosh is quite affordable and provides access to the required information as well as tools. All you need to do is organize it well and put your knowledge to the test. The results will be based on your efforts

If you need assistance, guidance, and a push, if you want to ask questions and obtain detailed explanations, and if you want a high score, Kaplan would be a better option. Kaplan has a lot of study plans that you can choose from and you can enjoy either online classes or real classrooms and also experience the test day.

Kaplan offers you access to video lessons that have been recorded in addition to live online as well as tutoring and in-person instruction. Yes, the price differs a lot per plan, and in case you are willing to splurge, you could opt for Kaplan Test Prep.

Magoosh Vs Kaplan FAQs:

Which GRE preparation course is more expensive: Kaplan or Magoosh?

Kaplan GRE prep courses are more expensive than Magoosh GRE prep courses. Kaplan is nearly 2.5x as expensive as the closest similar prep packages (Magoosh's 6 Month Premium course and Kaplan's Self-Paced course), at around $450. Kaplan, on the other hand, provides more in-depth study materials than Magoosh.

What is the primary distinction between Magoosh and Kaplan GRE prep courses?

The main difference between Magoosh and Kaplan GRE prep courses is that Kaplan offers live sessions as well as hardcopy prep books, whereas Magoosh is exclusively available online and only offers re-recorded lectures.

Which company, Kaplan or Magoosh, offers more study materials?

Kaplan has a larger library of study materials than Magoosh. While Magoosh offers 1,400 practise questions and three full-length practise tests, Kaplan has 5,000+ questions and seven practise examinations.

Is Magoosh a good investment?

Magoosh is the most cost-effective GRE guide on the market. I've been using Magoosh for over a month and have noticed an improvement in my grades. The Magoosh quant videos are really worth watching; I did a couple spoken videos but skipped the rest. Magoosh is well worth the $100 investment.

How long do Magoosh GRE's courses last?

Depending on your needs, you can pick between 30-day and six-month courses at the time.

Is it possible to take the Kaplan GRE prep course for free?

If you wish to prepare for your GRE test on this platform, you won't be able to use Kaplan GRE for free, and you'll have to choose one of the offered programmes.

Do Magoosh's questions resemble those on the GRE?

Yes, because they are prepared by lecturers who have years of experience in their respective disciplines. Furthermore, the questions are updated on a regular basis to reflect changes to the genuine GRE questions.

Is there any offline learning material available from Kaplan GRE?

Yes, but only if you sign up for one of their Premium courses.

On Magoosh, how many practise tests do you get?

3 practice exams With Magoosh Premium, you'll get access to full-length sample exams, including an ungraded writing part, that closely mirror what you'll encounter on test day. Because the exams are created from your pool of unsolved questions, we recommend making up to three practice exams and keeping the rest for practice.

✌Which is better Magoosh or Kaplan?

If you want to prep a course with more materials and practice tests then you should go for Kaplan and if you’re tight on budget but still want to prepare for a course then you should choose Magoosh. Both Magoosh and Kaplan are good options to prepare for a test.

✅How good is Magoosh?

According to me, Magoosh is the best viable option to prepare for tests like GMAT, GRE, and many more. Because it is cost-efficient and with the help of course materials, you can increase your score for sure.

🔥How much does Magoosh cost?

If you’re looking to prepare for any test in a month then it would cost you $129 and for 6 months access, you have to pay $149.

👉How many courses are offered by Magoosh and Kaplan?

Magoosh offers course material for tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, ACT, Praxis, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS. Kaplan also offers course material for these tests along with them you can prepare for AP Exams, ASVAB Prep, PSAT Prep, DAT Prep, and many more.

Magoosh Reviews & Testimonials

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Magoosh Testimonials

Kaplan Student Reviews

Magoosh Vs Kaplan - Kaplan testimonials

Conclusion: Magoosh Vs Kaplan GRE Which is Best?

After using these platforms, I was amazed by seeing both platforms having a lot to offer, and choosing any platform totally depends on your goals, your budget, and your determination. Magoosh falls in the affordable segment and it is good for those having a tight budget, but are disciplined and wish to prepare themselves for some common tests. In case you are looking for other tests, you could opt for Kaplan.

The Kaplan GRE courses cost more than Magoosh. There are two close comparisons: the 6-month premium course from Magoosh and the self-paced course from Kaplan. The difference is about $450, but with Kaplan you get more in-depth teaching materials.

Kaplan has many study plans to choose from and this depends on whether you need tutoring, in-person classes, online classes or you just need the practice sessions.

Kaplan might be expensive, but it also offers the option of paying for the plans in installments. The choice totally depends on your requirement and your goals!

Conclusion For Magoosh vs Kaplan SAT & ACT : Which is Better?

There is a close battle between SAT and ACT prep providers. Kaplan has better video lessons, live classes, and helpful books. Magoosh has better practice materials (especially the accompanying explanations for problems) and a lower price tag. I like both of them and it is hard to choose a winner.

Course Quality :

Kaplan offers more SAT and ACT coursework, but it is not as good as Magoosh. Kaplan has a curriculum that is woven around dynamic learning modules. Magoosh has more video lessons, questions to practice with, and resources. There are many other factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing an SAT or ACT coursework provider.

User Experience & Interface

While I like the clean design and user friendliness of Magoosh’s platform, Kaplan gets a slight edge in this category. There are a lot of video editors and developers at Kaplan who make the digital platform very good.

Practice Exams

One of the most important parts of studying is taking practice tests. Kaplan has more practice tests than Magoosh. There are 8 SAT exams and 5 ACT exams from Kaplan, but only 3 SAT exams and 4 ACT exams from Magoosh. But both companies do a good job simulating test questions – they are hard, long, and cover the same topics as the real exam.

But where I think Magoosh takes this category is with their problem solutions. You can take the test, but to really learn you need to review the questions that you get wrong. And I liked how they explained both text and video because both ways of explaining were useful.

Live Classes:

This is a hard category to decide. Magoosh has only ever had self-driven online content, but recently they have rolled out SAT and ACT live classes as well. Now it’s a close race. I took Kaplan’s and Magoosh’s live classes. I liked the new framework of Magoosh’s live class better than Kaplan and their instructors were awesome too! But there wasn’t as much time for each lesson in the class as with Kaplan.

Both sets of instructors seemed to be equally knowledgeable and were good communicators. I think that Kaplan’s curriculum is better.

Pricing :

This is a pretty easy category to judge for anyone. Magoosh offers the best value in SAT and ACT prep, with both of their mainstay, 100% online prep courses coming in at around $130. This is in comparison to Kaplan’s self-paced package that costs right around $200. And even Magoosh’s live classes cost a fraction of what you can expect to pay for Kaplan’s analogous live class offerings.

Content Access Period

There is not much competition when it comes to the amount of time you have with content. When you buy a package with Magoosh, you will have access to the material for 12 months. Kaplan only gives you 6 months of access with their package. It might be enough time, but having more is better than less.

Extra Resources

Magoosh has a lot of helpful resources. They have live chat, mobile apps and more. I like the live chat because you can ask a Magoosh pro for help. Kaplan doesn’t have these resources, but they are still helpful in other ways. Kaplan has a problem in this area, but they are still good because of the prices. Many people complain about the SAT or ACT courses.

Score Guarantees

Both Kaplan and Magoosh offer a guarantee that if you study with them, you will get higher scores on your exam. Kaplan just says they’ll give you at least 1 point higher score. Magoosh guarantees that you will see an increase of 100 points on your SAT and 4 points on your ACT. If you want the best guarantee, go to Magoosh!

But at the end of the day, Magoosh is my favorite. They have more lessons and they are better than other courses. You can learn videos and practice problems with video explanations.

Magoosh offers live classes to help you prepare for the SATs and ACTs. It has good quality classes that are as good as other companies like Kaplan or Princeton Review.

Kaplan SAT/ACT Prep

Overall Score : 8.8


  • Kaplan’s video lessons are far superior to Magoosh’s
  • Kaplan offers awesome prep books (Magoosh doesn’t offer books)
  • Track record of success with proven curriculum


  • Fewer practice questions than Magoosh with only 1,000
  • Much more expensive than Magoosh

Magoosh SAT/ACT Prep

Overall Score : 9.2


  • Best value in SAT/ACT prep (definitely most bang for your buck)
  • Incredibly insightful explanations for reviewing answers in VIDEO format
  • Deep library of helpful video lessons cover every testable topic


  • Prep program not as robust as Kaplan’s (though quality is as good)
  • Must drive your own studies with library-style approach to prep

I hope you select the best platform and study smartly and crack your exams. I hope this detailed comparison of Magoosh vs Kaplan suits your purpose well. And if you liked the post, you can share this post on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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After using these platforms, I was amazed by seeing both platforms having a lot to offer, and choosing any platform totally depends on your goals, your budget, and your determination.

Price:$ 69
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37 thoughts on “Magoosh Vs Kaplan 2022 Is Magoosh Worth Buying? (GRE/SAT/ACT Prep Comparison)”

  1. Kaplan is an extensive offer and has more than 90 standardized practice tests. The program does not just serve those who are aiming for admission in a college, secondary school, or graduate school–the course also addresses professionals with licensing examinations. There is no BBB accreditation for Kaplan but the company’s business model and study preparation plans have been endorsed by many traditional publications such as online opinions. Overall there were fewer complaints with Kaplan versus Magoosh, however, they still generally get lower user ratings than their competitor.

  2. There are studies tailored for every customer at Kaplan. From the high school student who is prepping himself for standardized tests to the adult professional who has other career-related exams, there’s something that will cater for all of them! Kaplan GRE doesn’t just cover college entrance exams, it also tackles licensing exams. Working through practice questions and studying with their personalized courses can help both kids and adult professionals prep for these tough examinations. Very handy stay-at-home parents love its ability to keep them on track without having to leave home! Some students may not find what they need though as some users claim to be unimpressed by its resources, whose quality does not live up to other competitors like Magoosh.

  3. The new Kaplan GRE toolkit has been the first to introduce the integration of a business class as well as an MBA. The new study prep plan from Kaplan ensures that those users who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, ensure they have access to better quality materials at low cost. Surely, these features and benefits must be enough for you to purchase this product if you want to succeed in different entrance exams and levels of certification.

  4. Magoosh has a higher user rating, a BBB accreditation as well as an A+ rating. Magoosh offers peace of mind by ensuring the happiness of its employees and providing easy access to all information at affordable rates. The truth is in your hands now—make sure you’re ready for the test!

  5. Magoosh is a highly-reviewed and well-established test prep company that students love. Magoosh has helped thousands of students get the scores they need for their dream schools, and you can too with just an internet connection. You no longer have to go into expensive brick and mortar stores to find the resources you need – just log on to your account from anywhere in the world to review lessons taught by professional educators, take timed quizzes based on what we know will be on your target exam, or filter content so it’s perfect for any level or subject!

  6. I loved the Magoosh online GRE preparation. I think it really assisted in my preparation for the exam. As I wasn’t one with a schedule that was amenable to the in-person class, using the online methods really helped my score. I was able to study for the GRE whenever I wanted. I also found the practice tests comparable to those given by Kaplan, which is not typical of external sources of practice exams. Their “endless” supply of questions for the exams really helped me study and most definitely caused an increase in my score. I was able to take multiple practise exams leading up to test day and my exam was high enough that I didn’t have to retake the test. I also really liked their essay services, which assisted with writing essays.

  7. This is the best website ever. I am actually studying at my own pace with Magoosh and it cannot get any better than this. My main goal was to find an educational resource that is consistently updated, have all my needs fulfilled, and most importantly syncs easily on the go. And guess what? I’ve found all of these in just one product! Thank you so much for making studying for long hours easier than ever before!

  8. The only bad thing about the Magoosh GRE preparation is that I found a few of the questions very repetitive. This could be good, as the GRE tends to recycle questions, but I found myself spending extra time during study sessions because I wasn’t getting new questions. But, as they say, practice makes perfect.

  9. I really liked the Magoosh platform, I took the tests and each test was similar to the exam-style and it allowed me to answer questions without worrying about time. It did not take a lot of time for this platform to help me get ready for my exams and helped me improve on different topics that will come up during any class or anywhere in real life.

    Benefits: you can study at your own pace; there is no need to be stressed about timing (since no one other than yourself dictates how much you should be studying); leaves room for breaks when needed; allows students to go back over video lessons later if needed; the ability for quiz filters.

  10. Magoosh is a really cool online tool. It helps people study at their own pace and also gives them all the info they need to pass any exam with flying colours. I think this product deserves four out of five stars because it saved me a whole lot of stress.

  11. Magoosh is an excellent platform to learn from the basics. I used the TOEFL and GRE programs. The videos are well-explained and the solutions of the exercises are super useful.
    I thought the practise tests were invaluable. I took a full-length practise test every weekend for 5 weekends. I also loved the flashcard app for studying vocabulary.

  12. Magoosh was the best investment I’ve ever made. I wanted to make sure that my GPA was as high as possible and Magoosh helped me prepare for this crazy world of the university by giving me success in math, biology, and English! My father always said you have to be a step ahead of everyone else if you want to rise up in life. Thankfully, Magoosh helps given what intense preparation it gives with every syllabus that is covered on a weekly basis. Plus, there are practice questions galore that cover all your needs for school or work.

  13. Magoosh was so much more affordable than other companies and offered what you needed for success. The video lessons didn’t waste time, the questions were relevant to what you need to know, and there’s a help button if things get difficult.

  14. Magoosh is excellent not only because of its design, interface and simple layout but also because of the depth of challenging questions that help you prepare for the actual rigour of a GRE test. Additionally, the progress review section gives you an overview of your overall performance as well as weak spots, making it easier to identify questions types you need to work harder on.

  15. Magoosh is the best platform for anyone who wishes to take their education online. With three different plans, everyone can get all that they need here. It offers both video lessons and quiz questions focused on topics that you are looking for depending on your target exam. Easily accessible through an account, this site helps students learn about any topic without feeling overwhelmed with too much information at once. Pick your plan!

  16. I needed a last-minute study plan for my big exam coming up, so I decided to use Magoosh. It had my basic tests they offer in an easy to read format with explanations on the right side of the page, which made it really easy to stay focused on what was important. And they have quizzes that are timed and adjustable frequency! I was able to see how well prepared I am without taking too much time out of my day.

  17. If you work full-time and have little to no time to study for the GMAT, Magoosh is your best choice. The lessons are brief so you can do them at any break and the qbank has great questions, with clear video explanations and a decent degree of difficulty. It has the best Qbank and video explanations!

  18. Magoosh was recommended by a friend of mine who, like many others, before her, I’m sure, had struggled to make time for studying after work and in the midst of other daily responsibilities. The traditional studies were not putting her mind at ease and she sought help from Magoosh which left with feeling calmer and relieved. I think you should give them a try if you feel like your life is distracting you from your goals!

  19. Magoosh is my all-time favourite. It makes studying so much more manageable! said no one ever, with envy in their voice. That was until they found out about Magoosh PROFESSIONAL! It helps with digital flashcards to help me remember the information better!

  20. Kaplan provided me with the opportunity to learn at my own pace, take proctor practice tests at no cost, and receive academic advice from instructors who are up-to-date on what’s happening in the college admission process. I also liked how Kaplan Academy seemed more personal since they held their courses in designated meeting spaces.

  21. With a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and with great tools, Magoosh is the only resource you need for your test preparation. They offer high quality and trustworthy courses created by experts in their domain. You can not only find the course but also get instant feedback on whether it suits your needs or not. The process of test prep becomes very easy and simple with the use of these amazing materials!

  22. Magoosh was so much more affordable than other companies and offered what you needed for success. The video lessons didn’t waste time, the questions were relevant to what you need to know, and there’s a help button if things get difficult. I’m happy the final score is because of this site!

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