ExamPAL Courses Review 2020: Get $100 Discount Coupon (7 Days Trial)

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  • Better Admission consultancy
  • Full access to Quant + IR
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  • Success guarantee
  • Expert assessments™
  • Live 1-on-1 tutoring sessions
  • Offering Best Tools
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  • Easily make a successful, lasting and positive impression whenever you speak to someone


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What Is examPAL

examPAL is the best solution for Preparing for a Computer-based adaptive test like the GRE and GMAT, is using an adaptive online course.

The problem for many students is that the teacher often says: “Find the solution that works best for you”, which leads to great frustration among students. How can I find which solution is best for me? examPAL specializes in being an internationally acclaimed study tool for the GRE and GMAT because its advanced algorithm that suit the needs of all students and thus, enables them to be successful.

The utilization of newer technology to make GRE and GMAT studying more accessible is phenomenal and gives students diverse and helpful ways to get the work done: whether it be through online courses, essay review, or even practice lessons.

ExamPAL Courses Review- specialization

With 20 years’ experience in the test prep industry, we examined the online field and realized that students have very old-fashioned products to choose from. No one offers the kind of interactive, entertaining, personalized experience that one would expect from online education companies in 2019.

Our vast experience gave us the intuition and aided us in developing the fastest way to solve every question on the test using today’s technology. This must be shared. After years of development – we made it.

ExamPAL Courses Review 2020: Get $100 examPAL Discount Coupon Code Now (+7 Days Trial)

ExamPAL Courses Review- get free course

The GMAT is an adaptive test. Reacts to your performance in real-time and responds to more difficult or simpler issues, depending on how you reacted before. This means that the best GMAT preparation courses are also adaptable using advanced technologies that build interactive courses with custom strategies based on their previous achievements.

Getting used to this type of teaching can take some time, and not all teaching styles are suitable for your learning style. Luckily, examPAL is one of the few GMAT online learning courses where students can test their services for free. This can be very helpful in choosing the right product for you. Visit examPAL and start a free 7-day trial today!

Goal Of examPAL

The goal of examPAL is to close the gap between the current industry offerings, current computer-learning technology and the trend towards personalized learning.

We aim to upgrade the test prep industry with an adaptive, customized and ultra-personalized online learning experience.


  • A score improvement and money back guarantee are significantly shown from prior participants and their usage with the product.
    • With examPAL when utilizing it for the GRE and GMAT exams, your score is expected to go up at least 70 points on one of the exams and at least 6 points on the other one. If your score does not go up by this many points, then you will get an entire price refund.

ExamPAL Courses Review- how to score high

  • The are four full practice tests available for students usage if they purchase one of the plans rather than the trial package.
    • By having four entirely full practice tests that have been and are continuing to currently be updated, one is able to put themselves into a testing mode and test out how he or she would react to being in a testing environment.
    • ExamPAL has legit practice tests as well as an online practice available for every subject in math ranging from Algebra, to Word- Problems, to even Geometry.
  • There are also essay reviewers available on a 24/7 basis. By having tutors and essay reviewers more frequently available, it makes it that much easier for any student to be able to improve his or her own scores because they have that feedback that is unbiased and fast.
    • Because there are essay reviewers frequently available it makes the waiting game almost nonexistent. Additionally, by having the essay reviewers readily available, it makes it so that the student has so much more time where he or she has the ability to improve.

ExamPAL Courses Review- 3 months study plan

  • Free trial plan for new students and people interested in taking and improving their GRE and GMAT scores available for up to seven days.
    • The free trial plan works by allowing you to utilize the week on the program for free, test out some of the lessons, watch the videos as well as tutorials and by doing this for free and opening up opportunities for those students interested, it allows the customer to decide whether he or she does not thoroughly enjoy the product.
    • It also is a great aspect of the program because this aspect allows the individual to try the program. If it doesn’t work great for them, then he or she will not have missed out on a great opportunity because they will have tested the product out already.


  • examPAL is a self- paced program for the students interested and involved in it.
    • A self- paced program is not always the best option for someone because he or she may become unmotivated to either go further on with the standardized test prep course or may put it off and just not complete it.
  • examPAL does not have a mobile app.
    • Because the program does not have an app for mobile devices, this cuts down the level of accessibility other programs have. Today most people want instant gratification. If ExamPAL cannot give the people directly and immediately what they want, then the program will alienate an entire group of people.
  • examPAL’s credit system can be found to be annoying and a waste of money.
    • examPAL‘s credit system is great because it represents how much work you have gotten does, as well as how much money you have spent in order to continue to buy more credits so that you can continue to practice more!

ExamPAL Courses Review- getting high score

Is ExamPAL Worth To Try (See Detailed examPAL Course Review)

ExamPAL is a great option worthy of utilizing for any person taking the GMAT and GRE because of the unique and smart algorithm it uses. ExamPAL calls this algorithm their PALgorithm. It has been known by this name because it uses three steps: Precise, Alternative, and Logical ways to solve any problem thrown in an exam taker’s way. Furthermore, these steps are important because they are the top three most common ways that were used when solving and answering questions on the exam. Like any common exam, there is only one correct answer but numerous ways to solve it. By using this algorithm for students, it will lead them to the correct answer but in a way that is the fastest, most reliable, and easiest for them with their learning styles.

We discovered that these are the 3 main routes to solve every problem. We teach you how to know in advance which is going to be the fastest route for each question – enabling you to solve the test like a real pro.

In both the GMAT and the GRE, every question has only one correct answer, but multiple ways to solve it. Sometimes there can be as many as 10 different ways.

ExamPAL Courses Review- why books are waste

Every person has his/her own natural strengths and weaknesses. You may be stronger in Precise routes, such as simplifying an equation or using a formula, while others are better in Logical solutions or using an Alternative route (such as using the answers).

Different people, different questions, different tools, different solutions. How can preparing for the test be the same?

You may find that one route works better for you in certain questions in the Verbal section, while a different route works better in Algebra and the 3rd route in specific Data Sufficiency questions. Moreover, you can use different routes on the same topic.

With the algorithm, we help you find the most effective route for YOU, for every GMAT or GRE problem.

So, when we break down the algorithm, what is it we must understand? Well, there are three parts. Allow me to explain.

The Diagnostic is how examPAL measures your PAL starting point. Within the 3 ‘solution approaches’ there are many ‘specific tools’. The more you practice, the more we can predict which tools you are most likely to use better and personalize your learning path.

ExamPAL Courses Review- study dashboard

Then, there is the Improvement part. We use what we have learned about you to suggest the solutions that will help you improve the most. We also analyze together which of the tools work best for you and what kind of problems you still find difficult.

Following this, there is the part pertaining to Optimization. We compare you to other students with the same characteristics and offer you the solutions which helped make them faster and get more correct answers.

ExamPAL also structures their practice exams to be similar to the legitimate national ones given to students. By having questions on the practice exam that are structured identically but with different numbers or names, it allows the test taker to have a more realistic testing environment and not be surprised with any questions on it once the exam date arrives.

Benefits Of examPAL

Another specifically fantastic aspect of ExamPAL is the fact that you can do your own work prep at any time and anywhere. Therefore, there are no time restrictions and the purchaser is not as focused on the result but rather the process of solving mistakes made on practice ones so that when comes the literal exam, everyone is prepared and understands how to not make the same mistakes.

Not only are you cutting down physical costs by doing this but also the cost of wasting your own time had you driven to a standardized test prep course center, to not have had the individualized focus as well as had it take more than what is necessary time out of your own day.

ExamPAL Courses Review- how examPAL help students

Having ExamPAL available anytime, anywhere is one of the features that make it superior to any other website currently on the market for standardized test prep courses because it allows tutors to work one on one with you. Every individual learns differently and has different needs. Even if you are doing lessons or practice tests and activities online, ExamPAL a pro online education platform is there for YOU and has 24/7 readily available online tutors to help you understand a concept you maybe didn’t understand fully.

The ExamPAL website and programming is also found to be easily understood and used. It has been found to be this way because it is formatted to work on mobile devices as well as desktop computers or laptops. The website also guides you in an organized fashion from topic to topic so that they build upon one another.

By doing this, it logically builds skills and reinforces the said skills because each of the tutorials is followed by lessons which are further followed by a quiz. Then, the quiz allows you to take it three times but once in each category.

The first category of this is the diagnostic one. From there, ExamPAL goes to the improvement stage where it essentially takes the questions you either took a long time solving before or got wrong and reiterates problems and questions that are similar. After that, depending on if more questions are confusing or solved incorrectly, then it will move to the optimization section which leads to the results of what section of the quizzes shared the most improvement.

The most common complaint and negative feedback commonly received are that it can be quite pricy. The price may range from being $189 to $599. Although, the prices for the packages ranging from being an Express to a Genius package may be pricier than the leading competition. But it just so happens that ExamPAL has more tools and ways to provide assistance to test takers for the GRE.

The most convenient price package available is the Express one including:

  • Full access to the Quantitative and Verbal sections
  • ETS practice questions
  • Essay reviews
  • 975 credits

The next price package available is the Premium one including:

  • A +6 point increase guaranteed
  • Full access to the Quantitative and Verbal sections
  • 4 ETS practice tests
  • 6 Essay Reviews
  • 60 minutes of admissions consultancy
  • 1155 credits

The last price package available is the Genius one including:

  • A +7 point increase guaranteed
  • Full access to the Quantitative and Verbal sections
  • 4 ETS practice tests
  • 6 Essay Reviews
  • 60 minutes of admissions consultancy
  • 3 Live one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • 2 Expert assessments
  • 3060 credits


On the other hand, if you’re looking for an amazing standardized test prep course for the GMAT, you have once again come to the right place. The packages are listed by the same names but share different characteristics.

Pricing Of GMAT :

examPAL Discount Coupon Code

examPAL Courses Review- Discount Offer

The Express one for the price of $369 includes:

  • Full access to the quantitative and IR sections
  • Four GMAC tests
  • 675 credits

The Premium one for the price of $489 includes:

  • A +70 point increase to your previous score
  • Full access to the quantitative and IR sections
  • Full access to verbal and AWA sections
  • Four GMAC practice tests
  • 60 minutes of admission consultancy
  • 1110 credits

The Genius one for the price of $799 includes:

  • A +70 point increase
  • Full access to the quantitative and IR sections
  • Full access to verbal and AWA sections
  • Four GMAC practice tests
  • Three essay reviews with inline notes
  • 60 minutes of admission consultancy
  • Three live one-on-one tutoring sessions
  • Two expert assessments
  • 2580 credits

Beyond statistics, ExamPAL stands out as the leading standardized test prep course again competing for brands because they are the only standardized test prep course that has managed to:

  • Have video lessons
  • Have interactive videos
  • Have real-time feedback on how to improve
  • Is optimized for non- native speakers
  • Has adaptive personalized learning
  • Has the wisdom of the crowd
  • Has a personal essay review
  • Has a study schedule
  • Gives you at least six months access
  • Has 1500 practice questions
  • Is sold for $289
  • Has an improvement guarantee
  • Has a score improvement guarantee of a few points

On the other hand, the GMAT also stands out against leading competitors because for the price of $439 it:

  • It has interactive videos
  • It has real-time feedback on how to improve
  • Is optimized for non-native speakers
  • Has personalized adaptive learning
  • Has crowd wisdom usage
  • Has a personal essay review
  • Has a study schedule
  • Has a solution optimization system
  • Gives you at least six months access
  • Had 1500 practice questions

What Students Say About examPAL

ExamPAL Courses Review- reviews

Anne Anaba


This course is very instructive and it …

This course is very instructive and it works. In less than a week I have been able to identify some of my weaknesses which I didn’t know about



After a few days using examPAL, I feel that my mindset is changing

I am not a native speaker English, and had my education in a system whereas the called “Precise” approach prevails. I was getting frustrated by not being able to beat the questions and the clock using the traditional way. But only after a few days using examPAL I feel that my mindset is changing, and my performance improvement on the training questions is quite tangible.

Kelvin Terrell Wells


ExamPAL approaches preparation in a way …

ExamPAL approaches preparation in a way that allows students to truly grasp, conceptually, what’s most important in the approach to solving test problems. Moreover, examPAL assess students weaknesses and strengths and provides a customized approach that optimizes the student’s chances for success. I strongly recommend.

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Conclusion: ExamPAL Courses Review With examPAL Discount Coupons 2020: (My opinion)

With GMAT revisions at their pace, examPAL employees have developed a truly competitive product that combines state-of-the-art interactive software with 20 years of classroom experience to give students a great opportunity to break the day. GMAT test.

In addition to more than 60 video lessons, 4 practice exams, and 1,500 practice questions, examPAL also provides support for students attending the Business School. Using a unique credit system, examPAL also allows students to personalize their learning experience by sharing some of their personal rhythm features for personal services such as tutoring and proofreading. In my opinion, you must give examPAL a try and you will never get disappointed.

Let me know in the comments section below which course features you liked the most and what’s your experience if you are already in.


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