Kaplan IT Training Review 2021: Should You Join Their Courses ??

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In this post, we’ve featured the Kaplan IT Training Review. If you’re a computer educator, you probably know how important it is to pass the certification exams throughout the process.

Well, today I have good news for you. If you’re having trouble getting ready for computer testing, or if you feel you have no time to study, check out Kaplan IT Training.

Kaplan has helped people learn for more than 25 years and prepares them for technical exams. Regardless of whether you need to update your latest updates to get certified, or learn a whole new topic in IT, Kaplan IT Training is one of the top people responsible for preparing for computer examinations in the country.

Kaplan experts will help you prepare for your certification tests in areas such as Cisco, Linux, Microsoft, Oracle, and others.

Kaplan It Training Review 2021 | Should You Join Their Courses ? 


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Detailed Kaplan It Training Review

Kaplan IT Training, formerly Transcender, offers hands-on exams for computer certification (information technology), practice labs, and online training. Kaplan IT Training provides exam preparation solutions that help IT professionals improve their technical skills and prepare for certification exams, including:

  • Microsoft
  • GIAC
  • Oracle
  • ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)
  • (ISC)2
  • PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • EC-Council
  • Adobe
  • Cisco
  • CompTIA
  • Axelos
  • VMware
  • Amazon Web Services

Kaplan IT Training products are used by certified training centers, students and IT staff in many large companies.

Kaplan GRE is still a driving force in exam preparation, and with good reason. With national live courses (currently available in more than 40 states), multiple customizable online course options, free GRE resources, and a money-back guarantee, Kaplan is a solid option for GRE preparation.

The continuing demand for system testing, security, project management, and other key disciplines has led to a demand for high-quality training.

Kaplan IT Training Review- It Certifications

To meet this need, Kaplan has developed comprehensive course modules covering a range of disciplines. His intention is to make you master the most sought-after skills of today.

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These courses provide all the skills and knowledge you need to become a validated professional. Whether your goal is CISA, CISM, CISSP, ITIL or PRINCE2, Kaplan meets all your training needs. With them, you can easily take your exam and get certified.

But what is Kaplan IT Training?

Kaplan formerly Transcender, is an organization specifically designed for certification training and other exam preparation resources.

The disciplines covered by this organization include computer security and auditing, project management, data science, care, and finance.

Transcender has existed since 1992 but became part of the Kaplan IT training program in 2003. Kaplan Inc. was founded in 1938 by Stanley Kaplan.

Learn more about the Kaplan CISM, CISSP, ITIL or PRINCE2 certification courses.

CISM stands for Certified Information Security Manager. The CISM course is designed for professionals who want to acquire information security skills and knowledge.

Kaplan IT Training Review- Years Of Certification

It covers IT governance, risk management, the development of IT programs and the management and management of IT incidents.

You will learn how to perform tasks such as planning and implementing computer programs, how to prevent security threats, and what to do about them. The course is structured to give you the required skills, pass your CISM exam, and receive your ISACA CISM certification.

Here are the packages available for this course:

Certification package for CISM self-study

This course allows you to learn at your own pace and at the place that suits you. You can opt for the 30-day online package or the 180-day package, which includes online studies and downloadable resources.

The 30-day package includes a range of handy questions, custom questionnaire parameters that allow you to access specific topics, explanations, detailed references, and exam simulations.

You must pay $ 99 for this option. After purchasing this kit, you can continue the 180-day exam preparation method for a fee of $ 40.

Second, the 180-day package includes multiple exam sets, customized questionnaire parameters for specific topics, detailed explanations, and references, exam simulations, performance monitoring, and memory cards to support memorizing important information. Information.

Online access and downloadable exam preparation documents such as practical questions, a study calendar, access to a student discussion forum, and a link to contact Kaplan teachers. Also suggested. This option costs $ 50 in addition to the cost of the 30-day plan. The total cost would be $ 149.

CISM Online Learning

This custom module contains analytics and reports to measure your progress, online lesson time, and online access for one year. You can access the course content on your mobile device or on your PC. The cost of the training is $ 449.

How to Become a CISM- Kaplan It Training Review

This course is offered by Kaplan in cooperation with Skillsoft.

On-Demand Training

It’s an intense video training in an attractive and interactive environment. You will receive tips on studying and passing your exam.

The course includes 16 hours of instructional videos, a diagnostic test with 100 practice questions, a coursebook, a practice test with 100 questions, a test exam with 150 questions, and a series of questionnaires with more than 975 practical exam questions and 24-hour courses by a qualified student Instructor instructed.

Other features of this on-demand course include performance monitoring, a CISM review guide, informative notes and videos, additional videos, electronic memory cards, and a CISM exam voucher.

A value of $ 465 for members and $ 595 for non-members plus a free CV. The cost of the training is $ 3495.
Kaplan offers this course on request in cooperation with Cyber Vista.

Review of the Kaplan CISA training

The CISA (Certified Information Security Auditor) course is for candidates who want to become experts in information systems and security audits.

They learn to review information systems, governance, and IT management, information, system acquisition, development, and implementation. Other focal points are information, system operation, maintenance and service management.

 Kaplan IT Training Review- ISACA Certified Information Security Manager CISM

You will also learn how to protect information. The course gives you all the support you need to pass the CISA exam and receive ISACA CISA certification.

This course has two training options. You are:

Self-training certification

This option gives you great flexibility as you can learn at your own pace, at your own pace, and at the place you choose. You have two options: the 30-day assessment and the 180-day assessment preparation method.

The 30-day package includes a range of practical questions, custom questionnaire parameters that cover specific topics, detailed explanations, and references and test results as you progress or use exam simulations. This option is only available online. You can not download any of the resources.

It costs $ 99, but you can upgrade it to the 180-day package for $ 40 later.

The exam preparation method, which lasts 180 days, offers you many excellent resources and learning features.

These include multiple rounds with questions about practice exams, customized questionnaire parameters for accessing specific topics, detailed explanations, and references, results in preparing or simulating the exam, a performance tracking tool, and support maps. memorizing critical concepts

This 180-day package also includes online access, downloadable and printable questionnaires that you can use offline, a study calendar, access to the Student Discussion Forum, and a link to contact Kaplan teachers. The training fee for this package is $ 129.

Both packages are a guarantee of success for your CISA exam.

Kaplan course CISA course

In cooperation with Skillsoft Kaplan offers you access to this high-quality course. With this flexible module, you can learn at your own pace, at your own pace and in the place that suits you.

Key features include access to content on platforms optimized for mobile and cloud devices, analytics and reports that measure your progress, video-learning options at your own pace, and online access to a single device. Year. The price of the course is $ 309.

Review of the Kaplan PRINCE2 training course

PRINCE2 is a basic review for project staff, contract workers, consultants, project team leaders, and support professionals involved in projects in a PRINCE2 environment. PRINCE2 means “projects in controlled environments”. The Kaplan PRINCE2 course prepares you for this important AXELOS exam and certification.

In this course, you will learn how to divide projects into controllable and controllable steps.

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam- Kaplan It Training Review

It covers areas such as understanding the key concepts of the project and PRINCE2, understanding how PRINCE2 principles are consistent with the PRINCE2 methodology, understanding the PRINCE2 problems and their application during a project, and understanding the principles of PRINCE2. PRINCE2 process, including how it works.
This course is divided into two packages. You are:

Self-training certification

With this flexible package, you can learn at your own pace, at your own pace and at the place of your choice. It includes a 30-day evaluation package and a 180-day Exam Preparation Kit.

The 30-day evaluation option includes a number of features, including a range of field testing questions, custom test parameters for accessing specific topics, and detailed references and explanations. , You also have the opportunity to qualify while continuing your studies or passing a dummy exam.

This option is only available online. It costs you $ 89, but you can upgrade it to $ 40 later for the 180-day exam preparation option.

The exam preparation package, which lasts 180 days, contains several sets of practice questions.

Online Training

Kaplan, in cooperation with Skillsoft, offers the e-learning option PRINCE2. This is a flexible online learning module that lets you learn on your own schedule.

Online instructions include a number of features, including the ability to access them from your mobile device or computer, hours of online tutorials, and a user interface that continuously supports you in learning, analyzing, reporting, and measuring your progress, and giving you full access.

One year For this option, the training fees are $ 239.

Kaplan ITIL, advanced course

This course is for IT professionals such as configuration administrators, database administrators, and application support.

It’s designed to prepare you for your ITIL Intermediate Exam and get your Intermediate Certificate from the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

The course focuses on areas such as the identification of service operating principles, the key features of the service life cycle, the distinction between functions and processes of the service life cycle and the recognition of process activities.

operate the service among others. The training will help you to pass your ITIL Analysis and Operational Support Exam to get your AXELOS ITIL certification.

As indicated below, only the Kaplan ITIL Intermediate Training Program is available:

Online Training

This ITIL online course gives you access to features such as access to your mobile phone and PC, hours of e-learning lessons, and an interface that provides continuous learning support, analysis, information, and monitoring.

Your progress Convenient to your schedule Learning options and year-round online access. The price of the course is $ 469.

Review of the Kaplan CISSP training

Certified Information Systems Security (CISSP) certification (ISC) 2 is awarded to those who have passed the CISSP exam. To pass your exam, Kaplan offers a comprehensive and flexible training course to help you prepare for your exam.

This comprehensive course covers a range of technical areas, including the creation and maintenance of security programs to protect organizations against security threats.

Areas of expertise include security principles, policies and governance, risk management, asset security, security engineering, communications and network security design, and security operations. among other areas.

CISSP - Kaplan IT Training Review

You can choose one of the following two CISSP course packages:

Self-learning training

You have two options, the 30-Day Evaluation, and the 180-Day Exam Preparation Module. This is a course that you can do at your own pace and at your own pace. You can also choose when you want to study.

The 30-day evaluation package includes a range of field test questions, customized test parameters that allow you to progress in specific subjects, detailed references and explanations, and classifications in your exams. Studies or their use of simulated tests. This is only available online.

You can not download learning resources for offline use. The fee for this package is 89 USD. You can upgrade to the 180-Day Exam Preparation Option by paying an additional $ 40.

The 180-Day Exam Preparation Option includes a number of features, including several rounds of practice test questions and custom questionnaire parameters that give you more details about specific topics, explanations, and references.

Result when learning or when using simulated tests. and performance monitoring to check the performance. Others are memory cards that store key concepts, online access, downloadable and printable offline study questionnaires, and a study calendar.

You also have access to the student discussion or discussion forum and a link to communicate with theKaplan Computer Teachers. This package costs $ 149.

Kaplan IT Training, formerly Transcender

Online Only Option: Provides online access to your exam from any computer for 180 days. You do not have to download any software. The 180 days begin as soon as you activate your product key in the club account.

Why was Kaplan IT Training the most trusted name in online computer certification training in the past? Our award-winning exam preparation solutions prepare IT professionals for a successful career for more than two decades.

How To Access Transcender Products

With authentic exam simulations and online courses, Transcender products provide highly specialized computer certification training that can be performed conveniently from home or office.

Kaplan IT Training Review- Features

Get Certified 4 Less is a distributor of Kaplan IT Training, formerly Transcender. As soon as Kaplan has placed the order, you will receive a link directly from Kaplan, through which you can register for your practice exam.

exam preparation

  • Full Bank of Exam Questions (not the questions that are under consideration)
  • Custom questionnaire settings
  • Detailed explanations and notes.
  • Write as the test experience progresses or simulates
  • Performance Tracker
  • A key concept of key cards
  • Download or print questionnaires
  • Study plan to optimize the time of your exam
  • Contact InstructorLink to the Kaplan IT training experts

Kaplan Vs Simplilearn CISA, CISM, CISSP, ITIL, and PRINCE2 Certification Courses: Which is which?

First, we must accept that these two professional training providers are experts in this field. With qualified instructors and comprehensive courses, Kaplan and Simplilearn have always trained their candidates in a qualified way. The other notable element is the fact that their exercise programs are relatively affordable.

Let’s look at the differences between these course providers, considering a number of factors:

  • Kaplan has offered courses and learning resources for nearly 80 years, compared to Simplilearn, which started in 2009 in the same way.
  • Costs: There are small differences in the amount you have to pay to access your preferred course. Most self-directed Kaplan courses cost a little more than Simplilearn. However,Kaplan’s most expensive price is the CISM on-demand package, priced at $ 3,495.
  • CPE: The Simplilearn CISM and CISSP course packages give you free points for continuing professional development. Kaplan does not have such an offer for any of his courses.
  • The Kaplan packages include self-learning, online learning and an on-demand course with CISM, while Simplilearn consists of self-learning, Flexi-passport and company packages.
  • Kaplan course packages give you 30 or 180 days of access to exam preparation resources while Simplilearn course packages are available for 90 or 180 days.
  • Company training: Simplilearn offers a package for groups, while Kaplan does not specify this.
  • Evaluation Toolkit: Kaplan offers a 30-day kit for evaluation purposes only. Simplilearn has no such package
  • Flexi Pass Training: Simplilearn offers a Flexi Pass package for CISA and CISSP. Kaplan has no such agreement.

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Pros and Cons  Kaplan It Training


  • Affordable: The packages are available from $ 99. The only course that seems a little expensive at $ 3,495 is the CISM course, which has plenty of resources to prepare for the exam and a free curriculum for the case. Do not do it right the first time. Package preparation resources are really worth the cost.
  • Practical questions: You have access to a series of practical exam preparation questions. In fact, the CISM on-demand course includes a diagnostic test, a practice test and a questionnaire bank with more than 975 practice questions.
  • Offline Access: Use the personalized 180-day Certification Package to download and print questionnaires for offline use. You also have access to memory cards, a discussion box, and a link to contact teachers.
  • Flexibility: You can choose between packages of up to three courses. As with the CISM course, you can choose one program online or as needed. Self-study and online learning options let you choose when and where you want to learn. You learn according to your schedule and your pace.
  • Video conferencing: You have access to several hours of videoconferencing, except for the self-learning program.


  • No offline access for some packages: You can not download questionnaires for the 30-day evaluation package.
  • The duration of access to the course is short: Access from 30 days to 180 days is a bit short for the option at your own pace. Only the e-learning option gives you access to one year.
  • There is no video for the training package at your own pace: The self-training package does not contain video.
  • There are only practical questions and some other exam preparation resources.

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Conclusion: Kaplan It Training Review 2021 | Get Upto 20% Off Now

Nothing beats a complete and well-prepared workout. With these Kaplan training courses for CISA, CISM, CISSP, ITIL, and PRINCE2 you can see how they offer you the best value for money.

In addition,Kaplan certification courses guarantee the success of your exam and the most coveted professional certification…

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Let me provide you with a short summary in the form of a list of advantages and disadvantages to correctly complete this Kaplan It Training review.

In this way, you can better remember the things discussed and decide for yourself whether you want to try Kaplan or not. I hope Kaplan It Training review was helpful, good luck!


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