How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs 2023

Pay Per Click is a way over there in an Online Tradition where you go with the click and click and click on navigational link and get paid.

In this post I’m going to give you a brief idea of selective affiliate programs of PPC.

People after joining the affiliate programs of Pay per click and then they just find it fun while creating side hustle in other hands.

Pay per click affiliate programs are easy to involve with.

Affiliate Marketing

You don’t even think to put all items in your bucket such as owning website, business etc.

There is only need to show your efforts in interacting with an audience through web links. If yours provided link gets a lot of clicks and do engage the audience towards specific product that navigate through links, then the merchant will pay you according to the amount of valid rush it gets.

And here you have a sorted and defined list cum guide which helps you to, reach out goals in the affiliate programs of pay per click.

Before going deep into list, first let enlighten your knowledge about this.

What is PPC affiliate programs?  

An affiliate program on PPC pays you a commission based on the clicks you get on the navigational links on that particular company you have chosen.

The bigger number of traffic you push toward your merchant’s site, the larger amount of commission and revenues you will get.

And the market of PPC gets bigger with time!!!!!

Some time its like you are working as a third party, but it’s no loss to earn more and more.

best affiliate programs to make money

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Create content that demands those affiliate links, this makes easy for audience to pursue your content with some exclusive brand offers you provide them in your blog post.

There are different different vast collection of online stuff companies deliver to their affiliates like promo ad, text or display text advertising, surveys, letter-box signups, banners to attract a huge rush towards them.

PROS and Cons of  joining an Affiliate marketing program of PPC:


  • You will get paid to send traffic to specific sites by interacting their link with your audience.
  • There is no time limit, no boundation! But only efforts to put as much as you can.
  • And it actually pays.


  • There is no acceptance of fraud audience or dummy audience.
  • Mostly merchant will pay you for genuine audience that can also expect to turn into real buyers. For this reason, now it is very trendy to use free sign ups and join them into mailing list to stay in touch and try to make them genuine audience and direct draft offers into their mailbox.
  • There are several programs that strictly have hard to decode their approval. If you get approved (that must take more than 2days) by those companies then also you have to submit high quality referrals to earn more.

Although! If you ever spotted a great deal of PPC, just grab it.

The Detailed listing of selected PPC networks for affiliate marketing is as follows:

How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs 2023

1. Clicksor (min payout is $50 weekly)

Clicksor is a publisher that can promote business by giving a platform of contextual banners, pop-unders, clickable text on blogs/websites.

Clicksor Advertising - Affiliate Programs

It allows a huge revenue share of 60% to affiliates.

It follows CPC/PPC, CPV (Cost Per Visit). So Clicksor is a wide network of  more money.

Here you have to wait for approval to get started with it.

You can get your earned money in 15 days as long as you reach to the minimum payout level of $50.

Its payment mode is Paypal or Cheque.

2. AdClickMedia (min payout is $50)

AdclickMedia is the fastest growing network and it is one of the reputed PPC advertisement network in the whole wide world.

And the other fact is that it’s generating 22 million ad impressions per month. It includes referral programs, Multiple options of advertisement, surveys.

AdClickMedia - Affiliate Program

If you are at peak of loosing your temp by getting rejected by Adsense, then my dear!  AdClickMedia is a bliss for you, and it is worth to use. Because here you will get instant approval, no need to wait for days. It pays publishers for every valid click but the price per like may differ from Adsense.

AdclickMedia consist three forms of ad:

  1. Banner ads : This form having an ad in large size like 300X250, 336X280, 160X600, 728X90 and 120X600.
  2. Photo-Text ads : This form having ad that combine text and photo both. It allows publishers to use up to 3 ad per page.
  3. Interstitial ads : This form having an ad of full page image or text ad.

If you refer AdclickMedia to others by making them signing up through your refer code, you get 10% commission from referral’s earnings.

The payout is $50 and the payment options are PayPal and Check.

3. Infolinks: (upto $1,000)

Infolinks is an Ad-Network that shares revenues too. Like AdclickMedia, Infolinks is also compatible with Adsense.

It allows referrals an instant Approval.

infolinks- Affiliate Program

In affiliation with Infolinks, only by referring new publishers to their network you can earn money.

It does not exist with a direct sign up link. To join their affiliate program you have to contact their support email id. Join Infolinks

After joining their affiliate program, you can ask for activating your affiliate account from their support team. Approximately within a day you will get respond with an agreement and further can instantly start your activities to earn profit.

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Commission criteria on referring of Infolinks is as follows :

  • Get $25– If you refer up to 10,000 average Infolinks page impressions per day to small publishers.
  • Get $100– If you refer up to 10,000 average Infolinks page impressions per day to medium publisher.
  • Get $1,000– If you refer up to more than 10,000 average Infolinks page impressions per day to small publishers.

Their Payment Mode is PayPal or Bank wire.

An advantage of Infolinks :

It provides maximum conversion rate in comparison with any other pay per click affiliate network.

A disadvantage of Infolinks :

They will deduct your commission to 30% if your atleast 30% audience or traffic is not from USA.

How to get more involving and money from these Affiliate Programs?

  • If you want to create binge money, then you should buckle up your shoes and run, run, run with links to promote your chosen PPC program.
  • Start with bottom values and by doing so, you will also learn cores.
  • Put your effort to promote it as much as you can.
  • Earn more referral codes, circulate it among your network.
  • If you are a blogger or content writer then do juggling with your words to come out with suitable sentences to follow affiliate links.
  • Make sure your audience will find it worthy, so for any further click causes or to buy something they will tend to your exclusive links.

Before leaving this post, I have referred some more suggestive PPC Networks:

Conclusion : [Updated] How To Make Money With Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs 2023

If you have good traffic at your website, blog, any other social media like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc. Then believe my words that It is  your pitch to play very well.

You just need to refer links in your social media life, such as share it with posts or in bio and then if your audience really sticks with your presence and content, then it works for you to make money by just getting more and more clicks, actions, interactions at your provided link.

If you handle a blog or twitter account, then there’s also a vast possibility that works pretty well for you. Just involve and fit those links, text-image, banner-ads etc. within your content.

I hope it makes you help to move forward into an affiliate program of PPC.

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