Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting For Your Online Business 2023 (#1 Choice )

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Looking for Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting, you are at the right place.

Want to jump straight to the answer? The Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting for most people is Nexcess or Cloudways.

Launching your personal online store has never been easy, thanks to the Woocommerce platform. Over the years, Woocommerce has become one of the most popular platforms for launching your eCommerce store.

With the help of Woocommerce, anyone can set up their online store. Nonetheless, if you want your online store to be successful, you need to ensure that you pay attention to all the small details.

It is essential to pick a Woocommerce hosting provider that can allow the proper growth of your business.

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Best Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting

If you are searching for the best Woocommerce managed-to-host platforms, it is advisable to do proper research. However, it is essential to understand that every hosting provider for Woocommerce is different and will meet your needs accordingly.

Here are all the prominent and best managed host Woocommerce providers.

1. Nexcess

Nexcess Overview - Best hosting for Woocommerce

Nexcess is one of the most prominent hosting companies that has a fully functional and manageable Woocommerce hosting platform.

The company has introduced several plans, each of which contains exclusive features ensuring complete growth of businesses. One of the main reasons the platform has become so successful is that they’ve brought together different companies’ functionalities via partnerships.

As a result, the user has the complete authority over allowing customization of layouts by laying out essential features that can be highly beneficial for adding uniqueness to your business.

Nexcess allows infrastructure-level optimization that can keep up with the pace of their website. Since the platform is developed using Javascript and CSS, it becomes extremely easy for users to manage the platform.

Furthermore, you will not need to run behind updates as the website provides the benefit of automatic updates, thereby speeding up the website.

The hosting provider platform has several templates that you can eventually include in your affiliate program. Moreover, if you are a dropshipping business, you can easily set up your website on this platform.

This is mainly because Nexcess has partnered with some leading companies such as PayPal, Dokan, ShopMaster, etc.

Nexcess provides the benefit of user-friendliness, which isn’t quite normal for other platforms. Even if you’re new to the world of eCommerce, Nexcess can be of great help. The website layout has a control panel that makes it easier for users to manage their online store.

Unlike the other Woocommerce hosting platforms, Nexcess provides the benefit of saving money. The plans begin for as low as $19 per month for unlimited products and orders.

If you’re looking for a hosting platform that promises you reliability, and speed, then nexcess might be your best choice.

Nexcess Introduces Plugin Performance Monitor

Nexcess made a program, Plugin Performance Monitor. It will tell you how your website runs before and after changes are made to the plugin or theme. You’ll know which files are slowing down your website and what is making it better. For ecommerce stores, you’ll see how performance impacts revenue growth (or loss).

Included in the costs of their Managed WooCommerce and Managed WordPress Hosting plans, this is a useful feature that means site and store owners can take action when changes happen. The Nexcess Plugin Performance Monitor runs daily and keeps track of how performance changes over time, so customers can see how the things they have changed have impacted it. They will be able to open the Nexcess Performance panel on their WordPress dashboard and see if their score has changed. They will also be able to see who is responsible for those changes.


  • Cost Saving
  • Speed
  • Allows Customization


  • No trial period

2.  Cloudways

 Cloudways Overview

If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly Woocommerce managed hosting platform, then Cloudways is the right choice to make. The hosting platform provides hosting for not only PHP based platforms but WordPress too.

You can easily host your site files. However, you will have a lot of options like Google Cloud Platform, VULTR, DigitalOcean and Linode. Cloudways is a highly secure WordPress hosting platform.

It manages all the crucial aspects of your business, thereby reducing the need for managing performance. Furthermore, it contributes to vertical scaling as well.

One of the best benefits of using CloudWays is that you benefit from choosing from multiple cloud infrastructure. The CDN is integrated into the platform, thereby providing the benefit of advanced technology.

Furthermore, the woocommerce managed hosting platform provides the benefit of automated backups too. The seamless scalability contributes towards the easy and fast growth of your website.

As far as pricing is concerned, CloudWays has slightly higher plans. You can sign up for free and set your account. But you will need to choose a proper plan when you select the cloud-based providers. Unlike other platforms, CloudWays has multiple plans available.


  • Better storage management
  • Affordable (multiple pricing plans)
  • CDN is the best option


  • Support may be a little problematic.

3. Bluehost

Bluehost Overview-Managed WooCommerce hosting

Bluehost is one of the many popular WordPress hosting platforms. What’s excellent about Bluehost is that it has been recommended officially by WordPress. The Woocommerce hosting provider has a wide range of benefits like free SSL.

The different plans of the Woocommerce platform provide other benefits. You should make sure to use the features thoroughly to get extensive benefits.

The Woocommerce platform helps to set up an online call feature that plays a vital role in boosting your store’s storage. You can also get a free SSL certificate, free domain and a dedicated IP address.

Compared to most of the Woocommerce hosting providers, Bluehost is extremely easy to use. Since it gets Woocommerce and WordPress pre-installed, you can directly hop into storing and adding your products.

In many cases, the hosting provider, Bluehost, also provides the benefit of custom web hosting. As a result, you can easily manage the updates and performance of a website. If you want to update your business functions, you can get access to cPanel too.

The cheapest or Standard plan of Bluehost is available at $12.95 per month, while the Premium plan is priced at $24.95 per month. Nonetheless, the Premium Plan comes with a wide range of extensive features, too, with data storage being one of the most popular ones.


  • Free domain
  • Free SSL
  • Pre-installed Woocommerce site


  • Unstable support

4. RedSwitches

RedSwitches Review online

It has taken RedSwitches less than a decade to go from an idea in a college dorm room to a global company with devoted customers, infrastructure in eight locations, and global high-speed connectivity. The majority of our customers are designers and developers, as well as e-tailers, streaming services, SaaS providers, and other businesses.

They require quick, dependable, and affordable service. No matter where you are in your company’s growth cycle, RedSwitches has a hosting solution that will meet your needs, from next-level PaaS cloud services to the raw power of bare-metal dedicated server hosting.

Top Features

  • Managed Server FeaturesScalable Intel Gold & Platinum CPUs
  • Regular system health checks
  • Proactive system monitoring
  • Advanced server hardening
  • Disaster recovery assistance
  • 5 Gbps DDoS protection
  • Daily system backups
  • Anti-virus scanning
  • Bandwidth monitoring and graphs
  • Load balancing options
  • Software & Hardware support
  • PCI scanning
  • Free setup and configuration
  • Fast network
  • Global datacenter options
  • 5.5 Tbps network capacity
  • 99.9% Network Uptime SLA
  • Up to 20GE port speed
  • Enterprise-Grade Tier 1 Network
  • On-demand IPMI/KVM access

VPS features

  • Resource Allocation via KVM virtualization
  • Root access for full customization
  • Raid 10 Storage for redundancy and performance
  • Complementary migration assistance
  • Instant provisioning for immediate access
  • Upgrade your VPS without service interruptions

5. Liquid Web

Liquid Web is a premium yet expensive Woocommerce hosting platform. However, the hosting platform provides some of the premium features like value-added plugins and more. As a result, you can expect palatable pricing.

 Liquid Web- Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting

It is the Woocommerce specific features of Liquid Web that make it one of the best choices. With extensive themes like Astra Pro, Liquid Web allows you to ensure proper setup.

Furthermore, it also has the Beaver Builder page builder plugin. Unlike the other Woocommerce hosting platforms, Liquid Web provides the benefit of optimizing all the webpages for mobile use. The free SSL certificate plays an important role in increasing the security of your website.

Liquid Web’s support is available 24*7 thereby ensuring your store’s functionalities. A variety of value-added plugins is available for free, which is very different from other hosting providers.

The Optional automated PCI contributes to meeting compliance scans that can ensure meeting the demands for extra fees. Furthermore, the extra secure firewall ensures better protection against threats.

Liquid Web plays a vital role in making Woocommer store configuration easy. This is mostly the Welcome feature. Furthermore, you can easily set up the additional payment gateways, too depending on your website store’s requirement and add new products as well.

Since it is one of the easiest platforms to use, the support is available 24*7, always ready to guide you through the process.

Liquid Web has very varied pricing, with plans starting at $19 and going up to $999 per month.


  • Incredibly fasted Woocommerce managed hosting platform
  • Free SSL
  • 24*7 Support
  • Best for enterprises as it allows growth


  • Expensive than other hosting providers

6. Kinsta

Powered by Google Cloud, Kinsta has become a premium, managed WordPress hosting provider. The premium network provides the benefit of scalability as its structure is especially aimed at providing the best e-commerce solutions.

Kinsta Overview -Best WooCommerce Managed hosting

Kinsta offers different plans and pricing that is focused on meeting speed. Kinsta has some of the best Woocommerce specific features that contribute to its popularity.

The one-click auto-installer available in the MyKinsta dashboard enables the users to manage their store all by themselves easily. Furthermore, it comes with six different types of backup options for your website data.

You can easily choose one that suits your business the most and then proceeds with it. However, it is necessary to note that the ecommerce website managed hosting provider has an extensive 24*7 Support.

They tend to monitor every activity of your website, thereby promising better and faster malware removal. The fast server-level caching plays an essential role in maintaining Woocommerce functionality.

Kinsta provides the benefit of easy-to-use. Even if you’re a beginner, you can easily launch your website within a matter of a few seconds. If you already own a Woocommerce website, you can easily migrate it from the previous provider to the current one.

All you need to do is fill up the migration form and make the website live.

Kinsta is available in different tiers for pricing plans. The pricing plan starts from $30 per month and for enterprise businesses as well. What’s excellent about Kinsta is that it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.

Furthermore, optional add-ons are also available for all the hosting platforms. Kinsta also provides the option of signing up for the annual plan and save money by getting two months free.


  • Fast and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Expensive

7. WP Engine

WpEngine hosting for Woocommerce

You can never go wrong in finding the best Woocommerce managed to host providers with WP Engine. It provides extensive hosting options with manageable infrastructure. Several features play an important role in ensuring proper data safety as well.

WP Engine is full of features that ensure proper stability. The free access to the Genesis framework is indeed one of the popular options for the Woocommerce store.

All the themes provided by WP Engine provide the benefit of speed and are optimized with SEO. The integrated CDN certificate ensures fast global performance.

Apart from all the general features, WP Engine has the WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit plugin. As a result, you can focus on store optimization that helps boost the store’s performance while keeping up with the key performance indicators.

The WP Engine is one of those Woocommerce managed hosting providers that offer the benefits of auto-logout, one-two payment and several others.

The custom hosting board makes it one of the easiest to use platforms. However, it is necessary to note that the custom hosting board may not suit the needs of beginners. The WP Engine Ecommerce Toolkit eventually contributes to the better performance of the platform.

WP Engine has basic or standard plans to high-end premium plans. These basic plans usually start at $22.50 per month and can cover expensive ones.

One of the WP Engine’s unique features is that it offers the benefit of customizing plans as well. However, pricing plan customization may prove to be slightly expensive. The services indeed are worth the price.


  • A stable managed hosting platform
  • Integrated CDN assuring better support
  • Custom hosting panel


  • Slightly expensive than other hosting providers

8. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Faster Hosting For Your Website- A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is one of those hosting providers that offer the convenience of pre-installing Woocommerce. A2 hosting provides the benefit of extensive security with its free SSL certificate.

Apart from the free SSL certificate, you can easily integrate paid SSL certificates from experts as well. The Wildcard and Extended Validation SSL are indeed some of the most popular SSL certificates that you can integrate into your website.

A2 hosting provides the convenience of extensive security by building up a secure hosting platform. The servers are enhanced with security while providing different benefits like free Hackscan service, Kernel Updates, Firewall protection and Brute Force Defense.

As far as support is concerned, A2 hosting provides better support options like live chat, phone support and email tickets. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use it, you should consider checking out different platforms.

The WordPress hosting platform has three types of managed hosting plans from $11.98 to $36.98 per month. The three hosting plans are named Lite, Swift and Turbo.

Depending on the plan you choose, you get one site, three sites and unlimited sites exclusively. The free site migration is one of the greatest benefits of A2 hosting. The only difference between the plans is the speed of your website.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Pre-installed WordPress and Woocommerce
  • Various SSL certificate integration as per PCI compliance


  • The IP services are sold separately.
  • Shared server environment, which may be a threat sometimes.

9. DreamHost

 DreamHost Overview- Best managed hosting providers

If you’re hosting an online store, you can quickly run your WooCommerce store via this platform. It has dedicated plans that help you take care of your WordPress and Woocommerce site easily.

DreamHost doesn’t skimp over any of its essential features when it comes to taking care of crucial aspects of your online store. A pre-installed store on the Woocommerce platform can play an important role in boosting the performance of the platform.

The platforms’ server-side protection feature protects you against different risks like slow site speed, unwanted hacking attempts, and more.

Like most of the Woocommerce managed hosting providers, DreamHost provides the benefit of backups that allows you to store enough data.

Moreover, with the DreamHost platform, you benefit from Jetpack plugin that plays an important role in different aspects like downtime monitoring, shipping rate calculation, and authenticated customer logins.

With its extensive support feature, DreamHost offers three calls per month. If you’re a newbie in the platform, you will be eligible for getting a free domain as well. With the help of all these features, one can easily work on keeping their data safe.

You can quickly launch your online store just by logging into the pre-configured WordPress account. Based on its interface, DreamHost provides the benefit of unique control panels. Furthermore, you can check the backend settings to get access to various features.

DreamHost has comparatively higher pricing that you will want to use in the longer run. While you need to pay a little higher, it is totally worth the price.

Nonetheless, the basic plan has been designed for small businesses. You can opt for shared hosting plans from the platform to get access to different benefits.


  • Easy to use
  • Secure
  • Unique control panels


  • Price is slightly higher than other platforms.

10. Hostinger

Hostinger- best woocommerce hosting provider

Who doesn’t know about Hostinger? If you’re a WordPress user, you should be using Hostinger. Hostinger is one of the best and popular WordPress hosting platforms. It is easy to set up, and the prices are minimal too.

Since you get the hosting plan specific to WordPress, you also benefit from laying out a Woocommerce store. This would play an important role in boosting the performance of your online store.

Comparatively, it is one of the most affordable solutions available. If you want the enterprise-level plans, you should consider checking with VPS and Cloud Hosting.

Although Hostinger is wholly based upon WordPress, it does bring the benefit of Woocommerce management too. The plans and solutions have been designed to meet the client and user requirements.

The control panel of Hostinger is extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, on registering in Hostinger, you get the benefit of a free domain and free SSL certificate.

Hostinger is one of the easy-to-go platforms and can help you launch your online store very easily. The control panel is customizable and has a great UI layout. All the main requirements are laid out carefully on one side of the screen.

Comparatively, Hostinger is one of the most affordable solutions available. At very minimal charges, it offers excellent flexibility. Moreover, if you select the four-year plan, you get to save a significant sum of money too.

Furthermore, the plan is fully refundable if cancelled within a month.


  • Custom unique panel
  • Affordable Plan
  • User-friendly


  • Due to lack of support, the website can go down frequently.

11. SiteGround

SiteGround- Best WooCommerce hosting providers

Over the years, SiteGround has earned extreme popularity for being one of the leading platforms for Woocommerce hosting. SiteGround has a wide range of in-house performance optimization that helps to increase security as well.

Comparatively, SiteGround is faster than most of the websites. In a few test results, SiteGround has shown a 95% faster speed than various Woocommerce hosting platforms.

The load Impact of the hosting provider is also one of the main concerns for store owners. Irrespective of the number of visitors on the website, SiteGround provides the benefit of great load time.

Hence, no matter how many visitors come to your website, the hosting provider can easily cope up with it.

Furthermore, SiteGround has a faster response time than most of the hosting providers. Nonetheless, the location matters too. Hence, the location of your buyers will have a huge impact on SiteGround’s performance.

It is very easy to build a website on SiteGround. They have three different platforms for users. These three different plans further ensure different matching budgets. These include

  • Startup- starts at $6.99 per month and allows you to build only one website with a 10GB webspace.
  • GrowBig- starts at $9.99 per month and allows you to build unlimited websites with 20GB of webspace.
  • GoGeek- starts at $14.99 per month and allows you to build unlimited websites with 40GB of webspace. This is one of the best plans for enterprises.


  • Provides better security with SSL and good uptime.
  • Free Site Migration.
  • Great uptime compared to other hosting providers.


  • No Free Domain
  • The GoGeek plan has a relatively higher price

FAQs On Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Now that you know about the best Woocommerce managed hosting providers, look at some FAQs that can be handy in your journey. These include

✔Is Woocommerce hosting important?

If you're planning to build your Woocommerce store, you need to have the hosting. This is mostly because of hosting platforms; all your crucial data will be stored. All the websites use hosting providers to save their crucial data.

👓 Are there free Woocommerce hosting providers?

We don't know as of yet. However, if you ever come across someone who promises to provide you Woocommerce hosting for free, you should straightaway decline their offer. This is mainly because free hosting may lead to too many ads on your website. Too many ads are annoying for audiences. These ads may primarily be from unauthorized websites that can increase the risk of malware on your website. Moreover, you won't be notified about downtime. There's no security of customer data either. This may lead to security breaches, and one can easily steal money from your payment gateway.

😎What is the cost of setting up a Woocommerce store?

The cost of setting up a Woocommerce store completely depends on hosting plans and an SSL certificate. You need to pay for the domain name too. Furthermore, the cost of maintenance will also add to the cost of building the website. It is advisable to check all details for properly building the Woocommerce website.

🔥 Is it necessary to purchase hosting and domain name from the same company?

No. You are free to buy domain names and Woocommerce hosting from different providers. Nonetheless, if you purchase the two from the same company, you get the benefit of maintaining DNS settings. Furthermore, it allows you to manage hosting and domain from the same control panel.

✌ What is the number of customers that the hosting company can handle?

According to reports, these hosting platforms can manage up to millions of customers each day. They are designed so that not only can they meet the requirements of your small business but also a large scale business. Even during the peak holiday sales, when traffic is the most, you can consider relying on these hosting companies. The traffic that the website will handle completely depends on the plan. Several hosting platforms provide the benefit of shared hosting, which can eventually handle 1000-5000 customers every day. Nonetheless, if the traffic increases more than that, the impact would start showing in the page's speed. The managed hosting providers can enable you to handle as much traffic as you want, thereby scaling your business to the top.

🔥Will Woocommerce hosting companies backup the sites?

Most of the Woocommerce hosting providers offer the benefit of backup. This plays a vital role in securing the data. Nonetheless, it is advisable that you completely do not rely on the backups provided by the company. You should be ready with your own backup. You must use a WordPress backup plugin to backup all your company data.

✔ Why should I use Woocommerce hosting over general hosting?

WooCommerce hosting can easily manage your basic website and also secures the setup. But there are more benefits of using Woocommerce hosting over general hosting platforms. You will get the benefit of daily backups, which makes data secure and safe. Better security of protecting and storing data and information about your website visitors/customers. The automated Woocommerce setup allows you to start working immediately.

💥 Which is the best Woocommerce hosting provider?

Finding the perfect Woocommerce hosting provider is a tough choice, but it completely depends on the website's requirements. It is necessary to note that not every Woocommerce hosting provider will bestow the same benefits. If you have a limited budget, you should get SiteGround. But if you want advanced features at an affordable rate, the best option would be to choose Nexcess. Nexcess can turn out to be the best Woocommerce hosting platform for your business because it provides you with several plugins worth a thousand dollars.

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Conclusion: Best Managed WooCommerce Hosting

Since there are so many Woocommerce managed hosting providers, you will have a tough time finding the best for you. Nonetheless, it is important to note that the platform you choose should easily manage your online store.

Many of these providers allow you to install your online store with one click only. Once you have set up the hosting providers, you should consider checking up with unique features too.

Our choice for WooCommerce managed hosting provider is Nexcess.

Nexcess is one of the most prominent hosting companies that has a fully functional and manageable Woocommerce hosting platform. It allows infrastructure-level optimization that can keep up with the pace of their website and the platform is developed using Javascript and CSS making it easier.

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