WooCart Review 2023: Right WooCommerce Hosting? (TRUTH)

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Ease of use
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  • Plugin and Page Metrics
  • Custom Cache for WooCommerce
  • Automatic Image Optimization
  • Error and Traffic Logs
  • Dedicated Google Cloud Resources
  • Custom Cache for WooCommerce


  • Pricing plans can be better

Price:$ 49

Do you operate an online store? Then I suggest this is definitely a must-read for you. With plugins such as WooCommerce on WordPress, it becomes easy to run and manage an online store or e-commerce site easily. Prior to hosting your blog, it is important to select a good WooCommerce optimized hosting.

Many WordPress hosting firms are available in the market, however not many specialize in WooCommerce. In this post, I will tell you all about the best WooCommerce hosting companies which are known as WooCart. Read through to know how WooCart will help you manage your online shop.

WooCart Review 2023 | Is It Worth The Hype? ( TRUTH )

In-Depth WooCart Review : First Service Built Exclusively for Hosting and Managing WooCommerce Stores

When you run a small online store, the best option would be a cloud hosting or shared hosting. However, when your site grows with time, there is a need to upgrade the hosting of the site to either the WooCart optimized one or a dedicated server.

So, why is this upgrade necessary? You must note that shared hosting does not offer a lot of security on the server. When your store is dealing with credit/debit cards, payments, and PayPal, it is a must to consider the security of your customers, as in case anything goes wrong, your business and reputation will be at stake.

WooCart Review - WooCart


When you select the WooCommerce optimized hosting, you can be assured of having the best security along with performance. As it has been designed for WooCommerce shops, users can benefit a lot from their stores. When you are managing a WooCommerce store that has a good amount of sales, it is better to buy a good WooCommerce optimized hosting for your site.

WooCart Review: Features & Benefits

There are plenty of WordPress hosting companies these days. So, what is it that makes WooCart top the list for use in WooCommerce stores? WooCart has plenty of features to offer to WooCommerce stores as it has been developed specifically for WooCommerce. So, let users have a look at some of the features of WooCart Web Hosting:

1. Improved  Speed

Is your online store very slow? If yes, there are plenty of WordPress plugins that are available which help in improving the speed and performance of a website. In case you select the incorrect WordPress hosting company, then it could impact the speed of your website negatively. At WooCart, the best servers are used to give your website good loading time. 

WooCart Review - Improved Speed

Furthermore, you must be aware of how important speed is for an online store and even a delay of a second in its loading time could impact your revenue a lot especially if your shop makes good sales. Other than fast servers, it also helps in identifying the pages and plugins which bring down your speed.

2. Backup Everyday

Irrespective of whether you have an online store or a blog, if you post regularly, regular backups are a must. There are plenty of standalone WordPress services and plugins available to generate backups of your website.

My Store

If you are in need of regular backups and require an easy process to take care of it, a premium solution must be selected which will be a bit expensive. At WooCart, you need not worry about extra costs, as every plan includes a premium backup. So, in case you have to restore the older version of the online store, you can do it from your dashboard quite easily.

3. Guarantee of No Hacking

WordPress is being used by lots of websites, and there is a high chance of your website getting hacked. A lot of hackers target WordPress websites. There are plenty of security plugins that can help secure your blog or site from hackers. One such favorite service is known as Sucuri -it is a freemium service used for the purpose of website security and hardening.

WooCart Hosting Review - Create New Store

In case you wish to opt for third-party security services then you have to pay a lot of extra money for the service. Many times, security experts even charge you about $250 for an hour of fixing the hacked WordPress website which is very expensive. With WooCart, you need not worry about security as the plans offer a no hack guarantee and hence you need not buy any extra security services. In case of any issues, it will be fixed by the team of WooCart.

4. Image Optimization

When you handle a big online store, there will be plenty of images that have to be displayed such as product images, images of blog posts, featured images, etc. You must be aware that having a lot of images can slow down the site too. So, you must consider going for the image optimization plugin for your blog or site to optimize the images. 

WooCart Hosting Review - Overview

These plugins compress the images and minimize the size of the images. You could also enable lazy loading for the images. Most of the time, these have to be set up manually. However, in WooCart, the various image optimization techs are inbuilt. So, the images get served to your visitors much faster. This improves the loading time as well as conversions of your WordPress shop. Additionally, it also serves images via a CDN. 

5. Free Migration

So, your site is already being hosted elsewhere? And you wish to migrate?  If you intend to migrate the existing shop to a WooCart platform, you need not worry as free migrations are offered by WooCart!  You only have to join the team and inform the team by raising a support ticket, and it will be taken care of by their experienced staff.

Wordpress With Woocart - Login

You will not experience downtime or delay.

6. Staging Environment Free of cost

All the installed themes, plugins as well as the WordPress core get updated regularly, with all the latest security patches and features. Ideally, it is not recommended to make any changes to a store that is life, even if the backups are done regularly. In case of compatibility issues faced between the plugins and WordPress core, there could be frontend errors or technical issues. 

The best way is to make use of a staging environment to make the new changes, wherein, you design a cloned shop in just a single click. You can try getting the changes done here, even that of coding. In case it works fine, you can proceed with making the changes to your live store. Though many companies offer staging environments, none of them can sync the orders and data of customers except for WooCart

WooCart  – Pricing

At present, there are  6 pricing options offered by WooCart. They are:

best woocommerce hosting woocart

  • Cart/Trial – It is priced at $29.
  • Shop – It is priced at $49.
  •  Market – It is priced at $99.
  • Mall – It is priced at $199.
  • Supermall – It is priced at $279.
  •  Custom

You can select from any of the plans depending on your requirement. Note that we do not recommend the Cart plan for businesses, as when an online shop is hosted in this plan, the store gets hosted on my woocart.com! For instance, let us assume your domain name to be used is Apple. The store URL, in case you use the Cart plan, will appear in this format: Apple.mywoocart.com. So, this plan is not created for professionals. 

On the rest of the plans offered, you can easily host your personalized domain name that has been purchased from a domain registrar. The Shop, as well as Market plans, are good options for the regular online stores.

In case you have a good amount of sales, you can opt for the custom plan. The price will be fixed as per your server usage along with resource usage.

WooCart – Is It The perfect choice for you?

Woocommerce hosting online

Though the service might appear to be expensive, if the features and benefits are considered, it is worth the price. In case you want your online store to start up and function without a lot of effort and stress,  WooCart is the perfect choice for you. Other than this, WooCart also gives easy development as well as effortless maintenance of your online store. 

Additionally, WooCart ensures you of a no-hack guarantee and this is quite impressive. So, you need not worry about adding additional security as the service of WooCart makes sure you stay away from such a mess.

Also, this platform makes sure that WooCommerce is preconfigured for GDPR compliance, thereby adding additional security to your site. It also takes care of errors in an amazing manner and gives you an ID for each and every issue that takes place.

Lastly, you get the benefit of a 1-click login along with daily backups.

Why Opt for WooCommerce Optimized Hosting?

Hostings can be segmented into different categories such as

(i) Cloud

(ii) Shared

(iii) VPS

(iv) Managed WordPress

  • WooCommerce
  •  Dedicated

Why Choose WooCart Over Other Hosting Providers?

Here are the few reasons, which makes WooCart stand apart from others.

  • Store Wizard that helps you build and localize a new store with a few clicks. Localization configures standards (currency, time format, etc.), language packs where available, and many other settings.
  • Turnkey store is a simple fully-designed store that can help you online and selling in literally an hour. You can install it with a click of a button.
  • 1-Click Login for quick login from the dashboard, without the use of passwords.
  • Plugin Metrics show you which plugins are heavy on resource usage so that you can find faster alternatives.
  • Page Metrics show you the slowest loading pages on your store. Maybe there’s something impacting only a specific page (large image or a script), and this is an excellent way to find it.
  • Error Logs show you the errors caught by the server. What is a blank screen on other hosts has a unique error ID on WooCart that you can easily find and fix.
  • Traffic Logs show you the live traffic coming to your website. A great way to troubleshoot issues.
  • WP-CLI is the command-line interface for WordPress, and it’s integrated into WooCart.
  • Basic GDPR configuration for the store settings that include privacy and cookies policy, plus sensible settings for data deletion.
  • Custom dashboard built for

WooCart Customer Reviews

“Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business.”

Greg Wilding, co-founder
Gelor Nails
We have always run our shops on Shopify but felt very restricted to what we wanted to do. The only other option was WordPress/WooCommerce, but this meant hiring someone who could oversee security, plugin updates, and more… a headache!

I decided to see what other options we had and came across WooCart, and I fell in love straight away because they covered everything I was worried about with WooCommerce. I hate writing testimonials, but honestly, Dejan and the team at WooCart are the best in the business. On top of the amazing hosting comes their support, they bend over backward to make sure your store is working with lightning speeds, never failing to please.



Woocart Review - Customer Review


Woocommerce hosting online

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Pros Of WooCart

  • WooCart takes advantage of Google Cloud for their hosting.
  • Expect excellent uptime due to your store being hosted on Google Cloud.
  • Caching (pre-saved website data) is optimized for WooCommerce, meaning you get the best results compared to other WordPress hosts.
  • Free premium CDN for all plans, with KeyCDN as the provider of choice. This gives you fast loading of images and static assets (CSS and Javascript).
  • WooCart takes care of security and also provides a No-Hack Guarantee.
  • Automatic image smushing and optimization. Dynamically load the best image from the best location for each individual visitor based on their device.
  • Daily backups can be downloaded or restored at any time.
  • WooCart is not shared hosting. All stores receive dedicated resources, which means better performance and simple monitoring of server resource usage.

Cons Of WooCart:

  • Limitations to plugins
  • No direct access to the database

WooCart Review Conclusion  (First Service Built Exclusively for Hosting and Managing WooCommerce Stores)

In this article, I have tried to explain every possible aspect you need to know before getting started. After using this hosting for the past two years I strongly believe that this is the best one to consider.

If you intend to create a new online store, WooCart should be considered. Their WooCommerce hosting service considers the majority of the tasks that are involved in starting and managing an e-commerce store. Though WooCart is amongst the premium hosting services and hence is quite more expensive in contrast to the generic hosting options, the features ensure you save on time and avoid stress and you can earn the money back in no time. 

After all, the faster loading times will give you a better conversion rate, which indicates your sales increase on the WooCommerce store. For all those people who want their existing store to get a new host could opt for WooCart as they offer a free migration service. In addition to these benefits, you get many features like page metric tools, plugins, user-friendly reporting of errors as well as a staging environment. 

You can test updates as well as changes to the store in a staging environment and this is a feature much appreciated by all store owners. Getting your online shop hosted on a Google Cloud platform of high-performance which is managed by the WooCart’s WooCommerce experts will definitely help your e-commerce venture become a successful one.

I hope you choose this service and take your business online and gain lots of fame and profits.

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