Novel AI Review 2023: #1 AI Story Generator 🚀[Pros & Cons]

Novel AI Review

Overall Verdict

Novel AI is a revolutionary tool for writers, offering advanced natural language processing algorithms that can generate high-quality written content with ease. Its features, including customizable editors, story encryption, and access to multiple AI storytellers, make it an excellent choice for writers who struggle with writer's block or need inspiration for their next project.

Out of 10


  • Endless possibilities for creative expression
  • Full control over the content
  • Knows many writing styles
  • Customizable editor
  • Image generation mode
  • Text adventure mode
  • Storyteller mode


  • Cannot use a free trial for image generations
  • Limited free trial (50 generations)


Price: $ 10

Below we have provided a detailed Novel AI Review. Make sure you read it before choosing any tool.

Are you a writer struggling with writer’s block or searching for a way to generate high-quality written content? If so, Novel AI may be the perfect solution for you. 

In this review, we’ll be discussing the features, pros, and cons of Novel AI, a powerful tool that utilizes advanced algorithms and natural language processing to help users create compelling written content. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy-to-use story generator or a customizable editor, Novel AI has a range of features to meet your needs.

Additionally, we’ll explore the different pricing plans available, so you can determine which plan is the best fit for your budget and creative goals. 

So let us begin. 

What is Novel AI?

Novel AI refers to an advanced tool powered by GPT technology that is designed to help users generate high-quality literary work and multiple written texts.

This platform leverages natural language processing to make the entire process as humane as possible. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from writer’s block or those who are struggling to find new and unique ideas for their literary work.

The main focus of Novel AI is to provide users with a storytelling application that can generate great storylines and authorships.

This tool is capable of producing profound sustenance for any literary work that the user requires, regardless of the genre.

The platform uses GPT technology in AI to generate each piece of writing as humanly as possible, which means that the end result will not have a robotic touch.

Another unique feature of Novel AI is its ability to generate images from texts. This means that users can input a text and get an image related to that text.

Novel AI review

This feature can be extremely helpful for users who need to generate visual content to go along with their written work.

One of the key advantages of Novel AI is that it prioritizes quality over quantity. This means that users can expect to receive high-quality content that is tailored to their needs, rather than a large quantity of low-quality content.

As a result, Novel AI has been getting a lot of attention lately, and it is expected to receive even more coverage in the future, especially from educational sectors.

How Does Novel AI Work?

Novel AI is a highly advanced platform that utilizes deep neural networks, which is a subset of machine learning, to process information similar to the human brain.

The platform’s natural language processing feature, including the generative pre-trained transformer (GPT), allows it to utilize available data online and from other sources to generate text.

The Storyteller feature and Text Adventure features of Novel AI use these advanced algorithms and models along with real literature to expand on the inputs provided by the user.

When using Novel AI, the user provides an initial prompt, and the platform’s AI story generator takes over, auto-writing a portion to take the story forward.

The user can then continue to use the AI story generator to build on the world they want to create and develop the plot further.

While Novel AI expands on the user’s ideas and text, the user retains control over the process and can modify the written content at any point.


For instance, a user can open Novel AI Storyteller, provide a prompt, and select “send” for the AI generator to write a story.

The prompt can be a few words, a sentence, or a paragraph, and Novel AI will utilize the provided information as input to generate the story.

If the user is unhappy with the content generated, they can select “retry” or provide new input to steer the plot in the desired direction.

The user can use a combination of retry and send to write a complete story of any length, from a short story to a novel.

Novel AI’s AI story generator uses the key elements of the user’s input to write distinct stories every time, and the retry feature doesn’t merely change the wording.

Instead, Novel AI writes the deleted portion afresh with a different take on the plot or story.

The AI story generator maintains the provided contexts, perspectives, and the user’s writing style to deliver a coherent story, both plot-wise and thematically.

Novel AI is incredibly flexible and can be used to write a little or most of the story or the entire creation. However, the true potential of Novel AI is only realized when users use it to its fullest potential.

The quality of the story written by the software depends on the inputs and interventions of the user, and the possible outputs are nearly endless.

Major Features & Benefits of Novel AI

Below are the 7 major features and benefits of Novel AI:

1. Knows Many Writing Styles and Authors

Novel AI is capable of writing in various techniques and styles, such as those of Stephen King or William Shakespeare.

This feature allows users to generate content in a style that aligns with their preferences and the genre they are writing in.

2. Story Encryption

Novel AI ensures that all the content generated by the platform belongs to the user and lives on an encrypted server. This feature protects the user’s work from theft or plagiarism.


3. Custom Editor

Users can customize the Novel AI editor to suit their preferences by tweaking fonts, colors, and layouts. This feature is convenient for users who spend a lot of time in the editor.

4. Free Trial

Novel AI offers an extensive free trial of 50 generations. While the free trial cannot be used for image generations, users can generate stories and play the text adventure game during the trial period.

5. Image Generation Mode

The image generator is a feature of Novel AI that allows users to add fantasy-style images to their stories, novels, or other written content.

Users can input simple text descriptions, and the AI will produce an original image to match the description.

AI features

6. Text Adventure Mode

Text adventure mode is a game-like feature that requires users to use their imagination to set up a game setting and character.

The AI will then generate actions based on the user’s input, creating a unique and engaging story.

7. Storyteller Mode

The Storyteller mode is the main feature of Novel AI. Users provide basic input, and the AI generates a story piece by piece with the click of a button.

This feature generates unique and creative content, and users have full control over the content with easy edits and re-creations.

Novel AI Pricing

Novel AI offers 4 pricing plans which are mentioned below:

1. Paper (Free Trial)

Novel AI offers a free trial that includes 100 free text generations and 2048 tokens of memory. This plan also includes access to Euterpe, Novel AI’s second-best AI storyteller, and a limited number of TTS generations.

However, the free trial does not include image generation.

2. Tablet ($10/month USD)

The Tablet plan includes access to Euterpe, unlimited text generations, and 1024 tokens of memory. In addition, users receive 1000 Anlas, a currency used for custom AI module training and image generation. The plan also includes advanced AI TTS and access to Novel AI’s advanced image generation models.

Novel AI pricing

3. Scroll ($15/month USD)

The Scroll plan includes all the features of the Tablet plan, with the addition of 2048 tokens of memory and unlimited access to Novel AI’s image generation models.

4. Opus ($25/month USD)

The Opus plan is Novel AI’s most advanced plan, including access to Krake, Novel AI’s best AI storyteller, as well as all other AI storytellers. Users receive unlimited text generations and 2048 tokens of memory.

In addition, the plan includes unlimited image generations, advanced AI TTS, access to new experimental features, and 10,000 Anlas. 

How To Sign Up For Novel AI?

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Novel AI and click on ‘START WRITING FOR FREE’.

Novel AI signup

Step – 2: Take the tutorial if you wish. 

Novel AI tutorial

Note – It is helpful.

Step – 3:  That is it, you can here see how Novel AI works. Check it out and click on ‘Sign Up’.

Novel AI

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Start Writing!’.

Get Started

That is it. You are good to go. 

Quick Links:

Novel AI Alternative: Jasper AI

Jasper AI is a proficient writing tool that may assist authors in accelerating their work and producing high-quality material for a variety of use cases. This application has over 50 templates, including Creative Narrative, which can assist authors in overcoming writer’s block and generating story ideas. Furthermore, Jasper AI’s Boss Mode function enables users to efficiently compose long-form material, making it suitable for content writers.

One of the major advantages of Jasper AI is its ease of usage. Users may enter their ideas, and the software will create content based on that. This makes it an excellent tool for authors who are short on time or who are experiencing writer’s block.

Another advantage of Jasper AI is that it can be used for a variety of content formats, including as blog posts, emails, and meta descriptions. The tool’s templates are numerous, allowing authors to produce a variety of content formats based on their needs.

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI’s price is reasonable, with plans beginning at $49 per month for the basic subscription. This package offers Unlimited* words generated by AI access to all templates, and priority support. For individuals who want more characters each month, the pro plan provides Unlimited* words generated by AI for $125 per month.

It is important to remember, however, that Jasper AI still requires human modification. While the software may swiftly generate text, it may not always produce flawless content that requires human intuition and editorial judgment. As a result, it is critical that the information created by the tool be reviewed by a human editor to assure its quality.

To summarize, Jasper AI is an outstanding tool that could benefit creators in speeding up their work and producing high-quality material for a variety of use cases. It’s numerous layouts and low cost make it an appealing alternative for writers, bloggers, and content providers. It is crucial to realize, however, that while Jasper AI can create material quickly, it still requires human editing to assure quality.

Try Jasper.AI with 7 days money back guarantee now.

Conclusion: Novel AI Review 2023

Novel AI is an excellent tool for writers who want to generate high-quality written content with ease. With its advanced algorithms and natural language processing, Novel AI offers a range of features, including customizable editors, story encryption, and access to multiple AI storytellers.

Additionally, users have the option to choose from multiple pricing plans to suit their creative goals and budget. 

Customer review

While the free trial is limited, the paid plans offer unlimited text generations, advanced AI TTS, and access to image generation models.

While there are some minor cons to consider, such as the limited free trial and higher prices for the Opus plan, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Novel AI is a fantastic investment for writers looking to enhance their creative process and generate high-quality written content effortlessly.

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