Unbounce Vs Leadpages 2020: Comparison (Pros & Cons)

Unbounce Vs Leadpages
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Ease of Use


Value for Money






Unlimited Domains


WordPress Integration


Dynamic Text Replacement


  • Published Landing Pages
  • A/B Testing
  • Published Popups and Sticky Bars
  • Client Sub-Accounts
  • AMP Landing Pages
  • 100+ Customizable Template
  • HubSpot Integration
  • Advanced Popup & Sticky Bar Targeting
  • Marketo Integration
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Customer Success Manager
  • CTAConf Ticket Included
  • Dedicated Launch Specialist


  • Pricing is bit expensive for startups

In this post, I am going to do a comparison between Unbounce vs LeadPages which are made for creating landing pages and much more. The comparison is on the basis of features support, pricing and much more. So relax and read the whole review to get an idea of which one of these two will be best for you to use.

Detailed Comparison Between Unbounce vs Leadpages here . Read Full Review in below section

Unbounce vs Leadpages 2020: Which Is a Better Landing Page Builder??

About Unbounce

Improve Page Speed Optimization & Increase Conversions | Unbounce Call To Action Conference 2018

Since 2009 Unbounce is helping many websites by providing them landing pages. It enhances your marketing experience so that you can realize your full potential and then it will be much easier to reach your customers. Unbounce lets you create landing pages and also you can test them before you put them on use.

Your customer’s experience will be improved because of Unbounce and this will certainly boost your business.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - home info

There are more than 14,000 customers are using Unbounce currently and Unbounce is constantly improving itself so that you will get a better experience. You can create landing pages and along with that you can also perform a split test, customize landing pages and track your campaign’s performance. It is one of the fastest page builder software in the world

About LeadPages

Leadpages®: So Easy To Use You'll Wanna Celebrate!

LeadPages is comparatively new to some other software in the field of building pages but in such a short time it has shown some great results to the users. You can make some very good landing pages with it. It started about three years ago and within this time period it has more than 40,000 customers who are currently using Leadpages and it already created around a million landing pages for its users. 

Leadpages has templates and optimization services that’s why it is giving benefits to big and small businesses. You can increase the reach of your products by multichannel linking in Leadpages.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - leadpages home info That’s what makes this page much better than some of the other software. With some experience in the field of coding and designing, you can create beautiful landing pages with the help of LeadPages.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages (Features)


1. Unbounce Builder

It is a drag and drop builder where you can just drag and any element from Unbounce and drop it in your landing page. There are many customizable elements from which you can change templates according to you. These landing pages are also mobile responsive means they can be seen through mobile too.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - Build landing pages with no coding It also works with WordPress and along with that, you can publish any domain with it. It has dynamic text replacement quality which can swap out keywords to make your landing pages more relevant and also boost your ad words quality score.

2. Unbounce Convertables

This feature allows you to use targeted tools which you can launch on any webpage like overlays and sticky bars. Along with that Unbounce Convertables offers you full control to track activities like who is seeing your offers and when. With this information, you can also customize triggers and target rules.

For example, when someone visits your website you can send targeted URL, location, referring URL and cookies. You can also set custom frequencies and integrate with anything with the help of this feature.

3. Templates

There are exactly 125 ready-to-use templates are available in Unbounce and from these, you can choose anyone and customize it any way you want. If you don’t like anyone of them then you can also create your own design from nothing but that will certainly take time. You can mention your brands in those templates.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - Integrate with 1000+ tools and apps These templates allow you to download or upload your pages. You can find the template according to your campaign. Themeforest designers have pushed the boundaries of Unbounce by increasing the number of templates up to 180 customizable landing page templates.

4. Conversion Tools

There are a lot of conversion tools are available in Unbounce from which you can convert your visitors into your customers by creating some beautiful landing pages with it.

For that, you can try the feature A/B testing. This testing allows you to create two different campaigns and then you can target the audience for those after that you will see the result of which campaign has more opening rate than other. You can make your pages more stylish with these conversion tools.  There are lightbox forms are available which has more conversion rate than regular sign up forms.

You can create confirmation pages which are already made in Unbounce and all you have to do customize it in thank you or a special offer.

5. Agency and Client Tools

These tools are capable of managing digital agencies with multiple clients and also marketing teams who are running multiple campaigns at the same time.

This saves a lot of time of users.  You can also manage multiple clients and campaigns at the same time on one account and also this feature allows multiple users. So that many users can work on the landing pages with one account. You can also archive and transfer accounts along with that you can organize client leads. You can also create group campaigns where you can include more than one campaign.

6. Integrations

Unbounce Vs Leadpages -Test landing pages to optimize for more conversionsThere are many integrating tools from which you can send and create your email and some other things. These are some marketing platform which allows you to create a website with it like Zapier, MailChimp, WordPress, Hubspot, Marketo, Salesforce and Script Manager. These platforms are compatible with Unbounce.

7. Security

You can trust Unbounce with your data because it has tools to secure it and also you can create the landing pages around the clock. You can use Unbounce by phone, desktop, and Windows. It has an automatic SSL encryption which keeps your data secure. The speed is very high to create landing pages. There are four data centers available in Unbounce. You can test and visit campaigns without using your data.


1. Landing Page Creator

It allows you to use the feature drag-and-drop which makes it easier for users to create custom landing pages according to their needs. There are over 100 templates are available in Leadpages from which you can choose from and get started instantly. These templates are in the order of conversion rate means you’ll see those templates which have the highest conversion rates.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - grow moreTemplates are customizable so there is no fixed way to see which template will be best to create an awesome landing page because after all those custom made templates are going to be customized according to the needs of users. You can use third-party to create your own templates but for that, you have to pay for it in Leadpages.

It falls under the category of hosting which is available in bundles so you don’t have to pay every time.

2. Leadboxes

Whenever you are about to leave a website sometimes you see pop up boxes and these boxes are Leadboxes made by Leadpages. These boxes working according to a trigger which you can set on the basis of condition and conditions can be like when a visitor clicks on your website then this box appears in front of him.

Leadboxes can increase engagement and result if they are being used correctly for business. There is a drag-and-drop editor to create this type of Leadboxes. Leadboxes tracking is also available from which you can see the data and analyze it.

3. Leadlinks

These are links which you can include into your broadcast emails through any email service provider. You can put links into the templates. Links can be on your website, your product and many more. You can also add other online courses in your emails with these links. All you have to do is send it to your customers and once they click on the clink, they will be registered.

After they don’t need to fill any more information. Leadlinks are actually useful for webinar registration and same as that. You can put up offers for your subscribers inside these links.

4. Leaddigits

Leaddigits allows your audience to see your email list through texting in any kind of device. You have to create a text list for this after that your customers can just click on the landing page to see that text list.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - content count You can also collect phone numbers of your customers through Leaddigits, why settle for only email address get their contact number too to engage with them. This feature is extremely useful because today’s generation loves texting more than sending emails.

5. A/B Testing and Detailed Analytics

You can perform many A/B testing to find a better campaign for your website. After the testing, you’ll get the results which you wanted to see them.

There is a dashboard available in Leadpages where you can see a detailed analysis of data from which you can make list and target your audiences to increase the profit and click-through rates. These analytics are compatible with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and more.

6. Marketing and Website Integrations

There are many marketing and website integrations are available from which you can choose any of them and use it according to your needs.

You can connect with your favorite email marketing service, Webinar tool, CRM and payment gateway with these integrations. There are WordPress plugins are also available for these kinds of things and you can connect with Leadpages to hook up to your website.

According to the features, I think Leadpages has more to offer than Unbounce and there are a lot of reviews of customers available on the internet from which you can verify it.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages (Benefits)


You can build and publish as many pages as you like with Unbounce. With the help of Unbounce, you can build and perform A/B testing for an infinite number of pages.

You can publish your pages too many domains because there is no restriction on that. To engage with mobile customers Unbounce is also available on mobile phones which is really awesome because that way mobile customers can also increase their online experience.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages -benefitsThis feature completely changes the market because there are many users of mobile phones from that you can find your potential customers.

The number of templates and features are huge. Through them, you can create unlimited landing pages according to your needs.  there is a feature available on Unbounce from which you can manage multiple clients through a single account which is really cool. The loading time to load your pages can be reduced 99.99% through Unbounce which means your landing pages will load instantly.


There are a lot of templates are available on LeadPages but the most important part is that you can create a design of your own without having difficulty. These ready-to-use templates are designed on the basis of user requirements. You can use templates according to your business size.

There are many customization options are available which gives you control over landing page design. You can customize them according to the mobile screen or large screen interface.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - benefitsIn Leadpages there is A/B testing feature is available like Unbounce which gives you better campaign. Leadpages has a very simple and easy-to-use interface available for some common users so that they won’t have any kind of difficulty in using Leadpages. The pages which you design through Leadpages are actually SEO friendly so that your pages will stay on top of the search engine results.

There are a lot of benefits to using Unbounce and Leadpages. You can decide which will give more benefits in creating landing pages but according to me, Leadpages has more benefits.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages (Customer Support)


Unbounce offers two kinds of customer support to the users. You can contact the support team through email and phone which is awesome because they reply instantly to their users and you can put up any query regarding your problem to them and they will certainly answer that query. It also supports devices like windows, android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, and web-based.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - Agency Partner


Leadpages offers four kinds of customer support. You can the solution to your problem by contacting the support team through email, phone, live and sending them a ticket regarding your query which is cool. They also reply instantly and try to give a solution to your problem. It supports the same devices as Unbounce.

Unbounce Vs Leadpages -customer supportIn my opinion, Leadpages offer best customer support than Unbounce to users

Unbounce Vs Leadpages (Pricing)


Essential( $99/month or $79/month annually)

  • 75 Published Landing Pages
  • 8 Published Popups and Sticky Bars
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Dynamic Text Replacement
  • SSL Encryption
  • Google Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • A/B Testing
  • Zapier Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • Hubspot Integration
  • Infusionsoft Integration

Premium( $199/month or $159/month annually)

  • 150 Published Landing Pages
  • 16 Published Popups and Sticky Bars
  • 5 Client Sub-accounts
  • All Essential Features
  • Marketo Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Advanced Popup and Sticky Bar Targeting
  • Popup and Stucky Bar Scheduling

Unbounce Vs Leadpages - unbounce pricing


Enterprise ( $499+/month or $399+/month annually)

  • 375+ Published Landing Pages
  • 40+ Published Popups and Sticky Bars
  • 15+ Client Sub-accounts
  • All Premium Feature
  • Full Feature Access
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Audit Logs
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Dedicated Launch Specialist
  • CTA Conf Ticket Included
  • Template Migration Service


There are 3 plans are available to get premium access to LeadPages.

Standard ( $25/month)

  • 160+ templates with drag and drop feature
  • 40+ tools for software platforms
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Custom Facebook tabs
  • Unlimited Leadboxes
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Mobile Responsive Landing pages (unlimited)
  • Q & A coaching calls
  • Email Support
  • Facebook Community Access

Unbounce Vs Leadpages -leadpages pricing

Pro ($49/month)

  • All Standard plan Features
  • Chat Pages
  • Partner companies discount
  • Affiliate Program Access
  • Leaddigits text to opt-in Codes
  • One-Click signup links
  • Split A/B testing

Advanced ( $199/month)

  • All-Pro Plan Features
  • Five free Leadpages Sub accounts
  • Extra lead digit text messaging campaigns
  • Quick Start Call
  • Free Virtual Workshops
  • Annual Conference Discounts
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Telephone Support

 These 3 plans are available with a 30-day money-back guarantee in Leadpages which makes is better than Unbounce and also the pricing is also lower than Unbounce. So I think Leadpages will fit into your budget.

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Conclusion: Unbounce vs Leadpages Comparison 2020

After comparing both of them on different aspects I think LeadPages has more to offer than Unbounce at lower prices. But both of them has the potential to give the best tools to the user so they can easily create landing pages for their website.

There is also other software are available in the market from which you can choose to create landing pages but in comparison to that, they are not as good as these two. So if you like the review then don’t forget to share with your friends and family and if you have any suggestions for us then let us know in the comment box.


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