NordVPN Review 2023: Should You BUY? Read Here PROS & CONS

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VPN (Virtual Private Network) is an excellent option to safeguard your network from various network-based threats present on the internet. VPN gives you security even if you are moving to a different continent altogether. One such brilliant VPN service is NordVPN that secures your information and blocks the fake websites from appearing on your computer.

The worldwide presence of NordVPN guarantees the full-proof security online. The company has a network of high-speed servers around the world for streaming media as well as personalized protection policy online. The window client provided by the NordVPN is stylish and user-friendly.

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NordVPN is not only PCMag Editor’s Choice winner but also one of the leading VPN Services Company.

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What is a VPN Service and why it is so important?

Virtual Private Network or VPN is a kind of network technology that helps to secure a private network over the Internet or any other public network. VPN technology plays a critical role as it provides security and privacy to your data and saves it from hackers. NordVPN solution creates a passage between your PC and server to send the data securely and safely.

This encrypted passage or tunnel protects your information from the malicious operators present online. It also saves you phishing and visiting bogus web pages created for accessing your information for malicious reasons.

VPN has the capability to safeguard your network from the malware and various surveillances. It also stops ISP from collecting your data to sell it to the advertisers.

Today, we are going to talk about the different aspects of NordVPN in this review. One of the most exciting parts about NordVPN is that it has a feature named Smart Play, which allows you to watch US Netflix. NordVPN has a technology that manipulates Netflix into thinking that you are located in the US and irrespective of your location, you can use this facility.

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Not only Netflix, but it also allows you to use BitTorrent if you are connected via the accepted territory or country. Selection of an approved location is a very simple process. You just need to open the interface, which provides an option to select one of the 51 regions from the given listing. It will quickly connect you to the bit torrent.

If you have a technical background, you can even select the server from the list of servers connected. This will also give you the details such as which servers are busy along with their response time. Hence, you can select a fastest or an available server from your place.

Along with all this information, you can also select a particular server that is dedicated to a specific function, from the server detail list. For Example, it will show you which server is appropriate for TV streaming, etc.

There are Anti-DDoS servers also available, which are developed with the technology that they will continue to work even if the network is infected or attacked. You also have an alternative to choose the dual VPN connection, which provides two encrypted passages for your traffic or data instead of a single encrypted tunnel. This dual solution makes it tougher for anyone to know the inception of your traffic. It is a vital feature for many people who want to secure their privacy.

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NordVPN’s Mobile Application

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NordVPN mobile app when opens, shows a world map with exit nodes locations present worldwide. If you tap on a particular exit node, you will get connected through the location that this node represents. However, it is not s simple as it seems. The world map present has no labels on the exit node pins, and it is jam-packed with such nodes.

Hence, if you want to connect to a particular country, it will take you a while as it needs some hits and trials. Since it is hard to handle and involve a considerable amount of time to get the desired results, you end up using the conventional method of selection from the listing of countries to get connected instead of using this difficult to use map thing. By using the location listing, it is easy to create shortcuts to get connected to your preferred servers.

Other than the dubious world map links, the mobile app is quite useful. The application is user-friendly and can be installed quickly. Whenever you open the app on your mobile, it will connect you through the preferred server or location automatically. It also presents you the option to choose the TCP over UDP, which provides a more secure and stable connection. TCP connectivity may be more time-consuming, but it is a safer option.

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The Smart-Play feature has been introduced in the interface of the mobile app also. This can be triggered with a single click and lets you watch US Netflix along with many other locked services for that particular location.


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The connectivity provided by NordVPN is of little concern. We observed that the speed could be slow at times, and the bandwidth also stumbled while we tried the connection through the US. We recommend you to take the wise decision based on your needs when it comes to speed and bandwidth.

Features of NordVPN

NordVPN features

NordVPN support various platforms such as Linux, Windows as well as MacOS. We have tested NordVPN iPhone and Android apps both. The mobile client on these phones enables anyone to buy the entire subscription from their individual application stores. A few routers can also be installed to connect through the NordVPN so that you can provide connectivity to all your required devices present in your network.

Pricing Of NordVPN

Nord vpn pricing features

NordVPN has three payment plans to offer to its clients. These payments plans are based on monthly, half yearly and annual subscription. Charges for the monthly plan are $11.95 a month, while half yearly and annual subscription cost $42.00 and $69.00 respectively. There are various payment options provided by the company that includes credit card, PayPal, Webmoney as well as Bitcoin.

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The payment through Bitcoin is a favorite mode of payment for many people who want to keep their financial details discreet. People, who opt for monthly subscription plans end up paying more, almost double the amount as compared to yearly prices. Besides, there is unlimited subscription recurrence, which can create a problem for clients who want to discontinue.

The NordVPN Company offers a money-back guarantee of 30-days, in case the service is not active. There is no refund for the clients who dislike the solution or are not happy with the services provided.

Although for a trial NordVPN offers three days of Free Trial. However, it is a little-complicated process. Though, it has been years that the company is providing free trials to its customers, yet it is not easily accessible.

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We are also providing you with the list of pros and cons for your perusal


  • NordVPN is a user-friendly application, which is easy to install.
  • It is a very secure VPN service.
  • It provides a vast range of server options that include a variety from ultra-secure to ultra-fast servers.
  • It offers various datacenters.
  • NordVPN also offers P2P networking.
  • You can have the maximum of six connections at the same time.
  • It is compatible with all the leading OS.
  • NordVPN supports various platforms besides mobiles and computers.
  • It supports various payment options including Bitcoin.


  • NordVPN is comparatively a slow service.
  • It does not have the capability to prevent ad trackers.


Conclusion: Should You Buy: NordVPN REVIEW

nordvpn reviews

NordVPN is one of the best VPN service providers, founded by Tefinkom a company known for providing IT security NordVPN has made a name for itself. They are a reliable VPN service provider with their top notch hardware, top speed server and modern encryption methods NordVPN have bagged thousands of customers.

They offer their services for the cheapest prices in the market, they also offer various free tools which can help you get the security you desired, on top of that they offer 30 days money back guarantee. Follow them on TwitterFacebook & Goolge+.

So, if you are not happy with NordVPN’s service, then you can ask them to refund your money within 30 days of purchase. And if you are worried that making a payment through your card is a bad idea, then you can complete the transaction using bitcoins. There customer support team is very helpful, experienced and patient, you can contact them anytime you want and get your issue resolved.

You can contact them through 5 different ways which is rare. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself a subscription of NordVPN.

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  1. I’m a customer of NordVPN and the service is great. I have disabled IPv6 protocol as it has lot’s of security flaws. Their new app is nice and easy to use and they provide kill switch where you can add a particular app which will be terminated in case of a random disconnect. Furthermore, they work on all of my devices.

  2. I dont know how they can be most recommended logless VPN for god sick.
    – They leak your IPv6
    – No switch kill for internet connection
    — but worst of all THEY LEAK YOUR REAL IP—
    If you using Windows (7) like me you are fuck up.
    I was surfing all day and i normally do not turn off my PC but only switch it to sleep mode and even I set automatic reconnect and EVERY TIME i turn my PC into sleep mode and then woke up my PC their official application showed me that i am “CONNECTED” with green status but in real i was not connected and all of time i was surfing under MY REAL ADDRESS.

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