How to Use Content Marketing to Promote Yourself

Mobile revolution has made it possible to  put the whole world’s of information in a tiny  pocket of your jeans or a jacket. The researchers all around the world have shown that the users —  the youth in particular – has already migrated to to the Smartphones.

They treat their cellphones as their second selves. So what is the best interest of  the organisations is – that they write more of those bite-sized pieces far easier to be consumed on  any mobile platform. And as folks get busier day by day, communicating in the minimum possible words and graphics will deliver better results.


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The  thumb rule for thousands of writers vying for  the readers’ attention is this:  Put yourself in the shoes of your  consumer and then start doing things on their terms, it will be alright.

There are zillions of reasons the content you keep throwing against the wall doesn’t work. One of the reasons is – that while generating the material, you forget about the customer completely: their priorities, their interests and passions. You get into yourself so deep that you end up distancing yourself from the reader.

Now, here is the slippery slope that is going to cost a lot of money and effort of you. Another thing advisable is – that better divide your attention between both the sides:  The organization you work with and its target group. Great content is that best fits in the larger picture of the organization.

The third thing: don’t lie to your buyers. It just doesn’t work. Being dishonest does just the opposite of what you have been writing for. Once, a very smart advertising man said: A buyer is your wife. It knows it when you twist the facts, inflate or cook the data.  The more you speak the truth no matter how ugly or bad it is, the sooner online visitors come to connect with you.

Always try to communicate that you stand for your products even after you have pocketed the money.

The last but the least, don’t sell, it is always better to educate instead. Don’t just put up the image of the product and sit back thinking it will work. Try to build a story around your product. Make it warmer and more human instead of too cold and rational.

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  1. Hi Jitendra,

    I agree with you on your points, people have to be treated like people rather than commodity. Everyone is in a rush to make big money, but at the cost of other people.

    Slow, and steady strategy is the only way to have a long term “stable” business brand, even if it is a online one!




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