Rocket Languages vs Duolingo 2023: Which App Is More Effective & Why?

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Rocket Languages

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Rocket Languages is a language learning company bearing compatibility with both MAC and PC holding out 26 courses in 13 languages and it is best for whoever is looking to learn a new language.

Users who wants to learn languages like Spanish, French but without paying can choose this platform.

  • More than 15 languages
  • Proper Grammar
  • Practical Assignments
  • Download Lessons
  • Free Of Cost
  • Storytelling
  • Has an ample amount of exercises for reading, writing
  • Overloaded with quality content
  • Specialized vocabulary tasks covers innumerable words
  • The learning process is very easy and understandable
  • Recording exercises to improve your pronunciation
  • Duolingo's setup is like a game
  • huge amount of constant pops-ups which becomes annoying.
  • In the beginning you won't find a course overview
Ease of Use

Super easy to use

Super easy to use

Value For Money

With Rocket Languages, you can learn many languages at once which is really great so it makes it worth investing in it.

It is totally free of cost. Select the language you want to learn and get started with Duolingo. To remove ads you can buy the pro plan which can be beneficial.

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Customer Support 24*7

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Still, figuring out which one to choose — Rocket Languages vs Duolingo?

Well, we have got your back.

Rocket Languages and Duolingo are two popular language-learning platforms that offer users the tools to learn a variety of different languages. Both programs have their own unique approach to teaching, providing a wide range of features with the goal of helping learners become fluent in a new language. In order to gain an understanding of which platform is best suited for specific needs, it can be helpful to compare them side by side.

This article will break down Rocket Languages and Duolingo, looking at their approaches to learning, content offerings, pricing plans, and more. By weighing these factors against each other, it will give readers an informed decision on which program may best suit their language learning goals.

Bottom Line: Duolingo is a lot more different from Rocket Languages in many aspects as it offers up a far more fun, engaging and interactive way of learning a new language. While it may not be as comprehensive and detailed focused as Rocket Languages, but still what it offers, is more interesting than Rocket Languages. Start learning a new language with Duolingo today.

Rocket Languages Vs Duolingo 2023: Overview

It is important to note that both Rocket Languages and Duolingo have their own unique strengths, and neither approach will work for everyone. However, when making a decision about which platform to use, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of each in order to make an informed choice.

By understanding what sets them apart from each other, learners can be sure they are investing in the best language learning program for their needs. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at precisely how Rocket Languages and Duolingo compare.

Rocket Languages Overview: 

Rocket Languages is a language learning company bearing compatibility with both MAC and PC holding out 26 courses in 13 languages.

This application was said to be self-funded on its origin in 2005 and only started making profits after a span of 12 months and of course there has been no looking back since then. Last year it accounted for courses in 15 different languages setting a benchmark.

Rocket Language learning App: Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

It offers a range that includes Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, French, English, Chinese, Arabic, and so on. To support the notion of it being a quality-assured application, there are enough points to back up. To make this point solid one, a survey states “As of 2017, Rocket Languages had 1.2 million users worldwide.” This, of course, in turn, implies how Rocket Languages is assuring quality.

What does Rocket Languages App has to offer?

Rocket languages believe that every person should love the language completely throughout their learning journey. Loving what you’re learning is more important and that is what they improvise on.

It offers more than 15 languages named on the app as Rocket Spanish, Rocket French, Rocket Italian, Rocket German, Rocket Japanese, Rocket Chinese, Rocket Korean, Rocket Russian, Rocket Arabic, Rocket Hindi, Rocket Portuguese, Rocket ASL, Rocket English, Rocket Inglés, Rocket Eigo, etc.

This online-based language application has its courses designed in such a way that it teaches you a new language quickly and in a correct and confident way. It’s all in one package. 

Why choose Rocket Language learning App

Why choose Rocket Languages?

Let me mention why Rocket Languages is preferred by people-  

  1. You get to learn practical and real-world languages which teach the proper grammar and vocabulary well. 
  2. You have practical assignments that make you speak, listen, read, and write in your new language.
  3. This, in turn, helps you to have perfect pronunciation such that you can match your voice to the voice recognition tool as well.
  4. Comprehensive grammar with easy-to-follow lessons is taught.
  5. It helps you to get over your fear of speaking. 
  6. It has clever algorithms analysis and focuses on areas where you might need more help. 
  7. You can use this app anywhere!
  8. It has more than 120 hours of lessons at each level which covers all the in-depth knowledge.

Rocket Languages Pros & Cons


  • Rocket Languages serves pretty much a good number of features that come along with voice recognition, testing, gaming method of teaching-learning, etc.
  • Has an ample amount of exercises for reading, writing, listening, and speaking it focuses on the speaking skills that enable a user to have a good sense of pronunciation too.
  • Rocket Languages might not be as famous as other applications in the field but is surely promising enough to be noted.
  • For the Arabic version, Rocket Languages uses a very beautiful and compelling method that is also scientific in nature named “chunking”. In this approach, Arabic conversations are broken down into smaller fragments, so that one can calmly absorb each and every segment with ease and a greater understanding. It also allows a complete comprehension of the language in the mind which increases the fluency of a language. This approach has been doing effortlessly well.
  • Talking about the modules of Rocket Languages, are overloaded with quality content and generally keep a user engaged for about an hour.
  • The Provision of specialized vocabulary tasks covers innumerable words.


Every side has two coins and there are pros and cons to every existing thing. So is a similar case with this app. Along with its advantages, there are a few shortcomings too. Nonetheless, the advantages rule over these few shortcomings.

  • Something that can’t really be ignored while on the internet is the constant baggage of advertisements and unfortunately, Rocket Languages carries it too. One might find a huge amount of constant pops-ups which becomes annoying.
  • It is observed that the desktop interface which is used by Rocket Languages is a little outworn and makes the application drab.

Advancing towards your next query to make a comparison with, is Duolingo.

Duolingo Overview: 

Duolingo is an American language learning website and mobile application that sets before users a wide variety of over 90 languages, which for sure is a great deal. It has evidently been a highly used app and to justify that: “Duolingo won the iPhone app of the year award in 2013.”

It has also been an extremely engaging application – a lot of surveys say. In around 2012, Severin Hacker, a great innovator who was still in his 20’s-Luis von Ahn created this beautiful application named Duolingo. The main desideratum of the creator was to provide a platform for learning languages at affordable costs because the actual courses are pretty upscale.

A lot of people would argue as to what makes Duolingo different from the other applications or websites that too teach foreign languages, and the creator suggests that it is its amalgamation of competent, intuitive, and constantly growing teaching methodology. Some interviews also show that this app started with a highly academic motive.

Duolingo Language Learning App: Rocket Languages vs Duolingo

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Features OF Duolingo 

To have a fair statement we shall weigh out its pros and cons. Let’s dive into it by giving this application a global view from various angles.

  • Format of the Application: Duolingo consorts diverse question formats and exercises, by far the most common being the translation of sentences between two languages. This deliberates the understanding of an entire sentence as a whole than individual units. In turn, facilitates the daily usage and application of languages. It is also said to be extensive when it comes to nuances of language. It surfaces plenty of audio material, articles to translate, and cooperative development made by users.
  • Methodology Used: An engaging learning method is what Duolingo has always convened upon. Each lesson uses a variety of different learning methods to keep the activities interesting and fun. Duolingo also tends to have better hints when you get things wrong, and will sometimes accept answers where you make a typing error.

Duolingo Methodology

  • User-Friendly Interface: Duolingo is a very intuitive application. People who have used the application tend to share their reviews which show that ease and user-friendliness compose the app. The app always keeps itself up to date with any recent advancements, and also by uploading new courses on the app.
  • The Hype in Community: The hype that a particular community tends to create through various sources creates a false image. Applications like these can surely help one grow from zero to a basic understanding of words however can’t really help you in understanding natives like books, magazines, newspapers, television shows, podcasts, etc. They want to get there and have a great command over the language that might as well require a proper trainer. This also means that counting only on Duolingo is not a wise option.
  • Variety of Languages: The variety of languages that Duolingo provides is a little biased and comes up with natively European languages. This does tend to create a hindrance.

Duolingo Course Information


  • Motivation Through Gamification: This application makes a record or keeps a count of the points earned while solving various exercises just like in games. This motivates people to keep solving more. To call up for Duolingo in a line: “It is a very resourceful app which has a scope for improvement in areas like the variety of languages.”

Duolingo Gamification

Which Is Better And Why?

When it comes to choosing a language-learning platform, there is no shortage of options available. Two of the most popular are Rocket Languages and Duolingo. Both offer comprehensive resources for learning languages or improving existing skills, but which one is better?

Rocket Languages offers courses in 12 different languages and focuses on providing learners with a comprehensive set of materials, including audio lessons, interactive exercises, and practice quizzes. It also provides personalized feedback for each lesson so that learners can monitor their progress. The downside of Rocket Languages is that it isn’t free and course subscriptions can be quite expensive.

Duolingo is an excellent choice for those who want to learn a language without spending any money. It offers hundreds of lessons in over 20 languages and is free to use.

Duolingo also has a vibrant user community, which can help motivate learners to stay on track. The downside of Duolingo is that it doesn’t provide personalized feedback or detailed progress tracking like Rocket Languages does.

Ultimately, the choice between Rocket Languages and Duolingo depends on what kind of language-learning experience you’re looking for.

If you want a comprehensive course with personalized feedback and detailed progress tracking, then Rocket Languages may be the better option. If you are just looking for a free way to learn a language without spending any money, then Duolingo might be the right choice for you. No matter which one you choose, both offer excellent resources for learning languages or improving existing skills.

Pricing Comparison: Rocket Languages Vs Duolingo

Rocket Languages Pricing

Rocket Languages Pricing


Duolingo Pricing

Duolingo Pricing Review

Difference Between Rocket Languages and Duolingo?

Rocket Languages and Duolingo are two popular language-learning apps, but they’re fundamentally different because of their course duration, structure, and level of detail.

Rocket’s courses gain insight, focus more on grammar, and do a great job of enhancing your speaking skills, whereas Duolingo’s are much more surface-level.

To sum up, both Rocket Languages and Duolingo are excellent language learning programs that may be utilized in addition to formal language instruction. Successful completion of any course depends on the student’s willingness to devote themselves to the study process.

Learn a new language using the app that works best for you, whether that’s Rocket Languages or Duolingo. You can learn any language if you put in the time, effort, and drive.

FAQs On Rocket Languages Vs Duolingo:

What are the key differences between Rocket Languages and Duolingo?

One of the biggest differences between Rocket Languages and Duolingo is the scope of languages they offer. While Duolingo offers instruction in over 30 languages, Rocket Languages offers language learning resources for more than 15 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese. Rocket Languages also provides more comprehensive instruction than Duolingo, with audio-based lessons and interactive activities that help learners develop conversational fluency in their chosen language.

Is Rocket Languages or Duolingo better for beginners?

Both Rocket Languages and Duolingo offer great language-learning resources for beginners. However, each platform offers a different approach to language learning. Duolingo’s gamified format can be appealing to users who want an easy-to-use and highly visual introduction to a language, while Rocket Languages' more comprehensive lessons provide more depth and breadth of instruction for learners looking for a deeper dive into the language.

How much does it cost to use Rocket Languages and Duolingo?

Both Rocket Languages and Duolingo offer some of their language learning tools for free, including basic courses. However, more advanced courses from Rocket Languages come with a fee, while the majority of Duolingo’s content is offered for free.

Does Rocket Languages or Duolingo offer live classes?

Rocket Languages does not currently offer the option for learners to participate in real-time, interactive classes with native speakers. However, Duolingo does offer this type of language learning experience through its Live Classes feature.

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Conclusion: Rocket Languages Vs Duolingo 2023

Along with their own set of advantages, both these applications warrant learning at the user’s pace. The user can establish their own pace and rhythm of learning. Having downloaded the courses offline, there is no such major distraction either.

Like both these apps allow the data to be saved and synchronized. The notion of learning anytime and anywhere is completely justified. Not only that but also one can save a huge amount by learning languages on these apps. 

Various sources say that people do tend to squabble upon the notion of these language learning apps lacking in giving practical knowledge. Some also say that apps must centralize the skills of speaking and pronunciation.

However on the other side of the coin, one must apprehend the virtual limitations an application tends to create. Being a digital language learning platform there are going to be some setbacks. In order to learn one must ignore such issues.

Like these, undeniably there will be a lot of other aspects through which people might compare the two applications. The basis could be their speech recognition power, the quality of their exercises, CEFR equivalence, and others of the same kind.

What still remains indispensable is the want and the belief to learn a new language, because these applications might have their own sets of pros and cons but learning a new language will surely take you places. Hopefully, this Comparison Review of Rocket Languages Vs Duolingo helps you in deciding which language is best for you.

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