Udacity Review 2021: What Is Udacity & Is Udacity Worth It? (Pros & Cons) (Udacity Reviews)

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Ease of use
Courses content
Teachers Quality
Value for money


  • Simplistic design (no unnecessary information)
  • High-quality courses
  • Discover the fastest, most effective way to gain job-ready expertise
  • Project-based, active learning
  • Get real employable skills
  • 200+ Industry experts partnering to build Udemy content
  • 100+ Enterprise customers world-wide
  • 100,000+ Udacity graduations and counting
  • Cutting-Edge Content
  • Created by Global Experts. 7 day Refund Option.


  • A huge leap in prices
  • Lack of a community

Udacity, a pioneer in online education, is building "University by Silicon Valley", a new type of online university that: - teaches the actual programming skills that industry employers need today - delivers credentials endorsed by employers, because they built them - provides education at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional schools.

Price:$ 49

It’s no secret that Udacity is one of the world’s most popular MOOC-based online learning providers. Due to the popularity and scope of the company, many people search online for reliable reviews of Udacity. Today I will thoroughly examine Udacity and help you decide if the platform deserves your attention. Do read the complete Udacity review with features & pricing.

First, I’ll tell you what Udacity is in general. After that we will talk about the different functions it offers: we will review Udacity Nano degree (to find out if Udacity nano-degrees are worth it), we will talk about the functions of the platform and find out if Udacity is worthwhile. The problem, in general.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Udacity was born out of a Stanford University experiment in which Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig offered their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course online to anyone, for free. On Udacity Discover the fastest, most effective way to gain job-ready expertise for the careers of the future. Many students got attracted to Udacity was a curriculum developed by people that worked for some of the biggest and most successful tech companies.  I highly recommend you to try Udacity.

Like many others, Udacity is a platform based on MOOC. MOOC means Open Massive Online Courses. This means that Udacity offers an online learning experience for anyone who wants to register on the site and start learning.

Udacity Nanodegree® Programs – Now at 60% Off

Udacity Reviews Pricing

Udacity was born throughout 2011. Interestingly, this is actually a department for free computer courses offered at the University of Stanford at the time. The platform offers a variety of functions. Udacity reviews Udacity Nanodegree user reviews and Udacity Nanodegree Plus reviews (and why this is not really relevant anymore).

My Honest Udacity Review 2021

About Udacity

Udacity is a completely different and new online learning experience. Originally offered university courses, now a free online education in the world of the profession is offered. The aim is to help young professionals to improve their skills and advance their careers.

Udacity Review - Online Learning Platform

It began as online learning experiment by Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun who were then the instructors with Stanford University. they offered ‘Artificial Intelligence” course online for everyone absolutely free. More than 160, 000 students enrolled from 190 different countries.

As of today, Udacity offers courses in some of the most innovative fields for the aspiring youth and help them excel in different spheres of their career.

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Key Features Of Udacity: Udacity Reviews & Product Details

UDacity testimonial facebook Udacity facebook reviews
  • User-friendliness

It is no secret that people see an online learning platform (or another website) because of the simplicity and intuition of their use. Of course, the criteria for a “good/bad” site become much more comprehensive and specific after a while, but the first impression still counts.

For this reason, in this article on Udacity, we will first take a closer look at the platform in terms of usability.

The Udacity homepage is fairly generic, but always perfectly made and informative. It is no different from most other online education platforms (ie the site provides all the basic information and is generic, there are no outstanding features that make it stand out).

Well, that’s not necessarily a bad thing: many of these platforms invest in their content and remain visually simple.

The site provides general information about the site, explains what Udacity is, provides a list of partners and other information.

Few critics of Udacity Nanodegree Plus (or general reviews on Udacity) mention this, but the presentation of the site is really very comfortable and easy to navigate. The color palette does not irritate the eyes, all functions are where you expect them, the user interface is intuitive and enjoyable to use.

Overall a pretty solid performance!

The sides of the course itself are fine. They are anything but spectacular: the section “What you learn” is a bit embarrassing, the section “Free Popular Classes” literally only contains words written on blank and outdated cards.

This, of course, can increase the simplicity of the design idea (and was probably designed to minimize unnecessary page distractions) but is still a poor choice.

However, the top of the page (course description, additional information, etc.) is great: it’s nice, not too long, or (even worse) too short.

  • Course Catalog

Udacity courses review

The Udacity course catalog is explored in detail  with options which can be selected as per the category. Further you are allowed to filter the skill level too. Rather, you can even pick the sponsor of the course if you wish to.

However, there is one limitation with Udacity wherein you cannot go for many non-technical courses as they are limited in number. Also, less of mobile development is taking place for now. But that’s what Udacity has an expertise for, most of them are tech courses.

Udacity has an exhaustive list of Course Catalog consisting of around 200 courses including Free courses and Nanodegree courses. The main areas of expertise one can take up are Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Autonomous Systems, Programming & Development and even Business.

Udacity Review - Program Catalog

With the exception of Google, most corporate sponsors have only one course available. There seem to be further development prospects with these sponsors. Sponsors have a long reach and represent some of the industry’s most important names: Facebook, Twitter, and AT & T are among the sponsors that provide content.

Filtering by the sponsor can be unreliable and produce the results of multiple sponsors. If you are studying for a specific company, contact the sponsor directly.

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  • Context

Udacity offers courses to students who can visit them at their own pace. They also offer timed programs that lead to Nanogradee.

Free classes are to your liking and with less support, no comments from teachers and no interaction from other students. Nanodegree programs and paid courses include coaching, graduation certificates and, for those who want to pay, nanodegree, which indicates the successful completion of a comprehensive curriculum. Udacity.com does not offer traditional online courses.

Udacity Review - Online Courses

Udacity courses offer what you would expect from a regular university education, including forums, online ratings, and video conferencing. But Udacity breaks the barriers to entry and is open to all. She offers her technical knowledge to a larger number of people.

Students participate in courses that can be designed by a company for their specific needs. Although the skills are retained, the exact capabilities may not match the needs of another company.

Udacity is seen as a form of emerging education called MOOC or open online course that allows anyone with an internet connection and access to the site to participate.

  • Content quality

The quality of content provided by a learning program is the most important aspect in creating an education-based online platform. For people who ask “Is Udacity worth it?”, This review at Udacity also takes the quality of the content very seriously.

The general consensus among most critics of Udacity online seems to be quite positive. Of course, the platform that offers such a wide variety of learning content and learning courses is ultimately case by case. However, it is obvious that the quality assurance program of Udacity works on a large scale.

Udacity Review - User Review

While the quality of the content matches the brand mentality, the same can not be said for the sense of community within the platform. In a community of students working together for the same purpose, little or no immersion is felt. The website is pretty “sterile”: it contains no numbers or signs that indicate a different way of life.

In addition, there are some critics of Udacity (do not confuse them with the reviews of Udacity Nanodegree, we’ll talk about it, it’s Udacity Nanodegree, which it’s worth later) claiming to have experienced poor customer service or lack of generally , However, it should be noted that most of these reviews by Udacity talk about free courses offered on the platform.

This explains a bit (free courses are rarely supported on most e-learning platforms), but should not be overlooked.

  • Design

Udacity’s model is similar to that of the well-known Khan Academy, a nonprofit based on general education. They host and create their own course content. The difference lies in the fact that Udacity works directly with corporate partners.

That’s why, according to Udacity, his references have been “created and recognized by industry leaders to drive their careers.” These recommendations are for-profit, while the underlying training is free. That said, Udacity is totally free for those who want to learn to code.

However, to receive a Nanodegree Certificate, you must pay for certification and follow a prescribed curriculum. The benefit is that the degree shows that you have retained and acquired the skills you defined. Others can only use it to gain knowledge and avoid costs. In both cases, the teaching method is the same.

  • Specifications

Udacity has some unique features, namely Udacity Nanodegree and Udacity Nanodegree Plus. How many people ask, “Is Udacity Nanodegree worth it?” If you’re looking for reviews for Udacity Nanodegree Plus, it pays to explore these features a bit more.

  • Udacity Nanodegree. The Nanodegree offered by Udacity is a form of learning in which you make a monthly payment and study a particular subject for about 6 to 12 months. Afterward, you will receive a certificate of completion.
  • Udacity Nanodegrees is worth it, it’s a tough question to answer! The students receive much information and acquire the ability to acquire sound computer skills. However, everything probably depends on your own preferences and expectations.

Is Udacitys Nano Degradation Worthwhile? Well, they will not guarantee you a job like Nanodegree. Or rather, yes

Udacity Review - Nano Degree Benefits

  • Udacity Nanodegree Plus. Nanodegree Plus was a special form of learning that Udacity students could attend. The main feature of the “Plus” program was that Udacity guaranteed a job upon successful completion of the desired program.
  • You may notice that I put an asterisk at the end of this word, because there is always one, right? Udacity guaranteed that he would have a job … Or he would fully refund the price of the course. While this may seem reassuring, it does not really offset the end-time learning time.
  • But you do not have to worry about “Is Udacity Nanodegree worth it?” At least for the Pro version: As of December 5, 2017, Udacity will not allow new subscribers to the program (ie interrupted). There is a lot of online speculation about why this is the case, but nobody has a clear answer.

These are (or were probably in the Udacity Nanodegree Pro version) the two main features of the platform. If we look at some comments from Udacitys users on these specific functions (now – function), we find that students are generally satisfied with the quantity and quality of the options offered on the platform.

Udacity Pricing Plan

The prize is probably the most controversial topic for e-learning platforms. Most of these platforms use different methods to set the price of their prices and features (subscriptions, payments, packages, etc.).

Despite a variety of pricing models available, it is always very difficult to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and earning money.

Udacity offers about 200 completely free courses to the students. You can sign up, register and start learning. However, as I mentioned earlier in this review of Udacity, there is rarely any interaction between students and students or between students and teachers in these courses.

Udacity Review - Price

The actual prices for nano degree, however, the situation changes rapidly. A nanodegree course cost starts from $200 per month and can, as I said, take 6 to 12 months. This means that the price for a nanodegree in Udacity could rise to $ 2400 It’s pretty crazy, especially if you only have one variable in mind: there’s no middle ground.

There are no courses that “relieve” you of potentially overwhelming prices. And that was my reaction! I looked for his free courses and when I came across the first payment (which was about $ 800)  I literally gasped.

  • Learning Experience

With all the discussed and discussed goals and measurable factors, I would like to address another point in this Udacity Review: the learning experience.

You may notice that many Udacity magazines claim to tell you “Udacity is worth it or not”, but they only focus on obsolete and generic articles like prices, quotes, topics, etc. But why? Is the learning experience so important to e-learning platforms?

Well, it’s really easy. You see, a platform could be an A + in all objectively defined departments (attractive prices, impressive features, thousands of courses), but it may still lack fun and interactive learning experience. It is very difficult to measure and quantify, but it is still very important.

When it comes to Udacity, “it’s worth it,” you’ll find that the general consensus is that the site provides a truly fun and entertaining learning experience. Remember, these are mostly free courses: Nanodegrades is a whole different story. These tutorials are designed for long life and contain much information.

A positive learning experience is therefore probably a guarantee. However, looking at the free courses, one might think that with all the negative comments about customer service and community interactions, it would not be too pleasant to study them. However, this does not seem to be the case as students rate most of the free courses offered by Udacity quite positively.

On the contrary, it merely shows that the platform monitors the quality of its products, even if they are “free”.

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Udacity Testimonials :

Shaimaa Nassar recommends  Udacity

I recommend Digital Marketing Nano degree program because it’s A very useful course. I’m so happy that I gained great knowledge from excellent instructors also I gained practical experience. So I’m so glad and I want to thank Udacity so much
Also I invite all my friends & colleagues to attend this impressive course to gain practical experience. Finally Udacity.


Omar GhozZy recommends  Udacity

it is amazingly interesting on a personal level, really supportive with my career aspirations.


Mahmoud E. Awad recommends  Udacity

The program meets my needs in marketing the own patented product. So, it presents knowledge in a realistic manner and strong content with simplicity of using the system.
Thanks so much for all the program’s team.


Abokhaled AL-ashmawi recommends Udacity

Great Experience ,Very professional and informative people. I learnt a lot of them and hope to be able tonapply what Ive learnt to my freelance work.


“Previously, I was a Manager of Network Services at AT&T. AT&T had committed to big changes in our workforce; my Nanodegree helped me get an apprenticeship working with the data driven portion of AT&T”

“Udacity helped me to accomplish a complete life-altering career change from TV personality to Android Developer at eBay!”

Udacity reviews and testimonials
Udacity reviews and testimonials

Udacity testimonials Udacity testimonials and reviews

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Advantages and disadvantages of Udacity

Of course, everything has advantages and disadvantages. This is important and should be emphasized to ensure that everything is absolutely objective. In this sense, you will find below some of the advantages and disadvantages to be considered.

Udacity pros:

  • The content of the platform is beautiful. It is obvious that it adapts to the needs of the students. It is relevant, timely and particularly effective, which is extremely important.
  • The speakers are very attractive. To get your full attention, Udacity speakers are particularly attractive. It is important and will keep you alive. In addition, the user community is also useful and very robust.
  • There are office hours. This means that you have many opportunities to ask questions about your nanodegree. It’s something that can open your eyes.
  • Udacity has also successfully structured its courses to use a project-based approach. You will learn new things by doing certain things. So the problems in the real world are tackled by real projects.
  • There are free and paid titles.
  • The content provided is extremely relevant to what the industry currently needs. They will teach you experienced instructors who will eliminate the error limits.

Udacity Cons:

  • The lessons take a few months, which is not always enough.
  • Many courses are incredibly difficult to master.
  • The complexity and duration of Udacity’s challenges are as detailed as information on university degrees, not a learning website.
  • You need to do a thorough external investigation to prove the course you might be considering.
  • The courses require a considerable amount of knowledge and preparation in advance. This is definitely to be considered if you want to be effective.

These summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the program. It’s pretty obvious that the first one negates the second and you should know. Let’s go over to the prices in this sense.

Udacity FAQ’s

✔Can I pause Udacity Nanodegree?

If you have selected to go for monthly basis payment for your course, you can pause and cancel the studies anytime. However, if you have purchased a bundle at once, you can only cancel it in the middle of subscription.

✌How many courses does Udacity have?

It has approximately 200 courses for aspirants.

👍Can I download Udacity courses?

The classrooms in Udacity allows you to download material like transcripts and videos. This helps you to keep them handy even if you are offline.

Is a Nanodegree from udacity worth it?

The program The Udacity nanodegree is difficult but well worth the effort. A person who pursues this degree will undoubtedly benefit from a number of advantages. These courses aid in the establishment of a delicate balance between two crucial factors: self-learning and instruction.

Is it possible to acquire a job after completing udacity?

Udacity does not promise employment at this time. Instead, they concentrate on assisting all of their students in achieving their objectives, whether it's finding a new job, a new function, or simply acquiring a new skill.

Will udacity issue me a certificate?

A certificate is awarded to all graduates of any Nanodegree program, single paid course, or executive program. You will receive your certificate once you have completed the graduation process. Your certificate will then be available to see, print, and distribute through your Udacity account.

Is udacity better than coursera?

When we compare Udacity with Coursera, it's clear that Udacity offers better value for money. When comparing the overall quality of content and learning materials given by Udacity and Coursera, we can find that Udacity provides greater content quality.

Is Udacity Legit?

Despite the fact that Udacity does not have as many courses as Coursera or edX, two other e-learning sites, Udacity is completely legitimate. If you want to learn about in-demand topics and have access to one of the greatest selections of courses in the IT specialty, Udacity is the place to go.

Can I Put Udacity on my Resume?

This will not only indicate to your company that you care about learning and your ability to do your job, but it will also demonstrate that you possess the necessary abilities. While some online course providers do not provide recognised or authorised training, Udacity's curriculum is well-regarded. To help you advance, feel free to include Udacity courses on your virtual or actual CV.

What is the average time it takes for udacity to review a project?

Project reviews are often done within 24-48 hours after submission, which is something Udacity strives for! Because of the huge volume of submissions and the time it may take your project reviewer to provide personalised feedback, your project assessments may take up to one week to complete.

Are udacity projects difficult to complete?

The Udacity curriculum is designed to be challenging so that your training, work, and job preparedness can be justified to their employment partners. It's designed to be challenging. It is not always the case that the best or most experienced student will graduate.

Is udacity overpriced?

Udacity does not provide all of its MOOCs for a fee; some are available for free. Because Udacity makes money by charging for courses, courses given by well-known businesses are more expensive. You must, however, pay the cost if you want credit for taking the course.

Udacity Best Alternatives


Coursera is an online learning platform with thousands of courses to help you explore your interests and advance your profession.

Coursera is one of dozens of platforms that offer massive open online courses (MOOCs), degrees, professional courses, Coursera specialties, and MasterTrack courses. It was founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng.

The sheer scope of Coursera’s courses is what actually sets it apart from the competitors. Some of the country’s best and most prestigious schools, including Princeton University, Stanford University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Michigan, were among the first to offer content on the platform, allowing users to gain access to Ivy League-quality education without ever having to leave home or be accepted to these competitive institutions.

Coursera has developed to offer specialities, which are distinct groupings of courses that build expertise in certain disciplines, since its inception with these first cooperating schools.

Government and corporate entities can use the platform to obtain degrees and a complete workforce development solution.

Coursera now includes more than 200 universities and organisations in 29 countries as partners. The platform collaborates with many different organisations in addition to colleges such as the University of London, Yonsei University in Korea, Yale University, the University of Illinois, and other highly regarded schools.


Accredited University Degrees
Coursera has partnered with over 200 major universities, including Imperial College and Stanford, to offer online recognised degrees.

Tuition Cost
Course fees are much less than those charged by a typical institution or a regular campus-based course.

Free Courses
If you don’t need a certificate, you can take most of the courses for free — there are no hidden fees.

Offline Learning
The Coursera app allows you to download course materials for offline use. Allows you to learn and study while on the go, which is ideal for a plane journey.

Quality Of Courses
Courses offered by world-class universities and companies’ top specialists in their fields.




Confusing Pricing
For many consumers, the various pricing subscriptions might make determining the precise price of the course complicated and unclear.

Prior Knowledge
Because of the nature of the course material, some courses may require prior knowledge. It isn’t always user-friendly for newcomers.

Udemy is a learning website that offers courses on everything from dog grooming to writing HTML code. It truly has something to offer everyone. It was founded in 2007 and has since evolved to become one of the largest learning platforms in the world, with over 130,000 courses and over 30 million students served.

Udemy is a global learning platform with courses in more than 60 languages and students from more than 190 countries. Access is available on any device, anywhere in the world.

What sets Udemy apart from other online learning platforms is that it is just as supportive of instructors as it is of students. Instructors can design complete courses and deliver them online (after quality checking and other processes first). People can share their expertise and abilities with others without ever having to meet. You will not only be able to participate in these classes, but you will also receive instructor feedback and, in most cases, be asked to demonstrate your newly acquired abilities.

Udemy has recently expanded its offerings to include corporations and larger organisations, allowing independent instructors to provide courses to entire enterprises and improve the abilities of their entire crew.

An enormous range of courses from yoga to leadership skills.
Unique courses created by industry professionals.
Great discount codes available.
Ability to learn on the go.
Lifetime access to your courses.
Great for business training solutions.
Ability to engage with the instructors.
Great for people to share their knowledge.
Not accredited by traditional Institutions.
Courses can’t be used for university credit.

Edureka, like many others, is a MOOC (massive open online course) platform that focuses solely on computer development and software programming. It is extremely comparable to firms like LinkedIn Learning, DataCamp , and Codecademy when compared to other online learning platforms on the market.

Edureka was started by Lovleen Bhatia and Kapil Tyagi in Bangalore in 2011. Since then, the platform’s breadth and topic matter have expanded. It now offers various courses in a variety of tech-related disciplines beyond computer programming, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and blockchain, to mention a few.

Edureka provides live interactive sessions as well as hands-on practical projects to ensure that each student acquires, retains, and applies the information learned in class. The site is also linked to a number of educational institutions and universities, as well as a number of highly qualified teachers. Students who successfully complete their course will receive a certificate that certifies and substantiates their knowledge in the subject area.

However, it’s vital to note that, on the surface, Edureka is superior to the majority of other online learning platforms available today.


Some of the greatest IT training programmes are available on the site.
The fees and costs are really reasonable.
Their customer service is well-organized, and customers can expect prompt responses and guidance from corporate employees.
The course schedule is reasonable and adaptable.
All Edureka professors, according to the majority of reviewers, are competent and capable of providing real-time scenarios. Furthermore, they use a hands-on approach to teaching.
You can return to a class’s resources, such as videos and documents, at any time after enrolling.
Overall, Edureka is a fantastic place to go if you want to learn new things or improve your existing talents. In other words, it represents a fantastic environment for learning and experimenting at your own pace.

Some students seems to believe Edureka should increase their professionalism in their offerings.
Although the majority of students are satisfied with the platform’s customer service, a few have complained about delays in receiving responses, which the eLearning provider has vowed to address as soon as feasible.
Although most training programmes are reasonably priced, some courses are more costly.
A few consumers have complained that the company does not update the courses as frequently as it should.
Certain procedures that students must follow can be annoying at times.
360Training.com is a website and organisation whose mission is to help people achieve their career, compliance, and certification goals while also becoming lifelong learners.

According to its website, 360Training.com’s mission is to help professionals manage and achieve their career goals by completing courses that help them meet compliance and certification needs through a “integrated strategy of technology, content, and service.”

According to the website, they work with over 1500 e-learning partners globally who have taught over three million people, and they employ the most comprehensive e-learning technology utilised by colleges, institutions, and organisations.

Prospective students are welcome to browse their course catalogue on their website to see if they offer the specific course they require, but they list some of their most popular options as Medical Transcription, Ethics and Fraud, OSHA 10 & 30 Outreach Training, Food Safety Manager Training with Exam, Real Estate Classes, and much more.


No hidden charges
Modern user-friendly interface
Refund within 72 hours from purchase
Frequent sales prices and markdowns
Money-back guarantee when failing real estate licensing exam after completing the real estate training course

Not BBB accredited
No discounts available
Lacks centralized management of digital badges
Minute display errors on Android and Apple devices

FutureLearn is a one-of-a-kind e-learning platform and one of the UK’s earliest online education providers. This organisation provides a wide range of British online courses as well as a large number of classes from American colleges.

You’ll be able to pursue micro-credential programmes, certifications, and even full online degrees in addition to short popular courses. This final instructional product is what distinguishes FutureLearn from the competitors. You’ll probably only be able to take a class here and there on other online learning sites — and usually just for pleasure. You could complete a whole degree with FutureLearn.

FutureLearn was created in 2012 and is based in London. It includes over 175 university partners throughout the world, as well as a learning community of over 10 million students. The Seek Group and the Open University jointly own the company.

Tuition payments for online courses, micro-credential programmes, and degrees, as well as annual subscriptions, are how FutureLearn makes money. FutureLearn also has a store where you may buy various e-learning equipment.

The majority of FutureLearn courses are completely authorised and recognised, and certificates are issued by the participating universities rather than FutureLearn. When you start a study programme, you’ll be given access to a long list of weekly units, each of which includes a variety of learning materials such as quizzes, projects, videos, and more. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a certificate in either physical or digital form.


Simplicity – As previously said, the platform provides a user-friendly interface that is appropriate for all students, regardless of age or technical skill.
Free courses: Courses are available for free. The ability to access some of FutureLearn’s free courses is undoubtedly one of the most significant benefits, especially for students on a tight budget.
Suitable for beginners: Graphics, downloadable materials, and connections to recommended internet publications accompany the video and audio lectures. This makes them ideal for students who have no prior knowledge of the course subject.
Learning diversity – This diversity is represented not just in the number of courses available, but also in the way they are designed. Users claim the mixture of video and audio lectures, as well as articles and quizzes, keeps them engaged and helps them stay focused.

There isn’t an app for Android or iOS — Many users believe that following classes on their phones would provide them with a far better learning experience. FutureLearn currently lacks a specific app, although this is expected to change in the near future.
Course Catalogue Is Limited: While FutureLearn continues to add to its course catalogue on a daily basis, the fact remains that it does not have the same number of classes as other online learning platforms such as Udemy and Coursera.
Many International University Partners: Although a few domestic colleges participate in FutureLearn, the majority of the online universities are from Europe, Asia, or the United Kingdom. While the courses are still approved and can frequently be evaluated for US-equivalent credits through a portfolio evaluation, not all universities will accept them. If you had your heart set on a specific class, this might be irritating and restricting.

Udacity On Social Media :

Conclusions: Udacity Review 2021 (100% Valid Udacity Reviews)

Almost daily, new platforms are opening up and establishing open and extensive online courses based on e-learning and education.

In this growing competition, industry veterans are trying their best to keep their place, whether through the implementation of unique features, promotions, contests or otherwise. It’s really a good time to be a student! You can choose from a variety of platforms and courses, it can even be difficult to pick one!

However, if you have to consider a criterion when choosing a platform, it has to be of high quality. The quality of the content provided by the company affects your personal growth and career opportunities. Remember: Important information can be the deciding factor between the dream job or complete absence.

Like many other critics of Udacity, I’ve tried to objectively grasp the platform and all of its notable features. However, in this Udacity test, I also tried to add the “feel” factor when the platform is easy to navigate, navigate, and ultimately learn.

Udacity seems to be a great option for students interested in information technology topics, even if they have significant issues (but who can not?).


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