Lingoda Review 2023: Best Language Learning Platform [Honest Opinion]

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When I started learning languages alone, I used the term “independent learning” too literally. I thought I could learn a new language by myself, and my head was buried in textbooks and learning units that contained many memory cards.
But I soon realized that language learning was not an effective strategy.

To learn a language well, you must speak it, even if you do it yourself. And although language exchange partners are extremely helpful in this regard, they do not really get the attention they sometimes need.

That’s why I believe that one of the best ways to make quick progress in your target language is to learn individually with an instructor.

Read Our Detailed Lingoda Review 2023 and get more information about the application.

Let’s get started here.

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What is Lingoda?

It is an online language school that teaches Spanish, English, French, and German. All lessons are based on the levels of the GER (A1-C2).

The best thing about Lingoda is that they offer courses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, where native speakers can choose between two courses, individually or in groups. You can also take your courses through Skype or your virtual classroom.

Lingoda is not just another virtual course platform. They offer personalized lessons based on their language level, personal interests and the structure of the GER course.

Lingoda Review

Lingoda offers online language courses for those who want to learn with qualified native speakers. As we all know, not only does one have to write a language, but also be able to speak in order to learn it well. Language exchange partners help a lot but do not receive personal support.

The best way to learn a language is an individual. There are many places where you can find online language teachers. However, to be able to use them optimally, thorough research is required.


All courses are taught online in real-time and you do not need sophisticated software to get started. Some teachers only use audio, but it’s more fun for everyone to see with their webcam. Each course lasts one hour and focuses on a specific topic or concept. For each class, there is a complete PDF of about 25 pages, which serves as a guide for each lesson.

After your first registration, you will receive a personal advisor who will evaluate your level, consult the Lingoda panel, prepare from a technical point of view and answer your questions. You can start from scratch with French skills that go beyond hello (or the language you choose) until you reach level C2 (teacher).

You can choose from a wide range of classes, organized by subject and subject. The following screenshot shows a small example of French language options at level C2.

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About the Lingoda Courses

It is very important to be interested in what you are learning and Lingoda will make your job easier. For example, if you are a bit greedy, you can take many lessons focusing on food and gastronomy. Therefore, you will learn the meaning of a particular grammar related to food.

The topics range from globalization to education, happiness, etc., just to name a few examples. The scope of the topic is probably the most impressive of Lingoda.

In addition, you do not have to follow the order in any way. If your subjunctive needs work, book this class. If you want to focus on using adjectives, book them. With Lingoda, you can choose the courses you want to visit to get the most out of the service.

You can also choose conversation, writing or grammar lessons, depending on what you want and what you need to practice.

You can also choose a teacher so that lessons are not necessarily with the same person unless you want to continue with a specific teacher. This adds variety to the combination and exposes the student to different language and teaching styles that you will not receive when working in a traditional environment with a single teacher.

Lingoda Review - German Course

The timetables were also impressive with at least 3 group lessons per day, sometimes from 5 am with options until 11 pm! Regardless of your schedule, you will find the course that suits you. If you do not have a suitable time, you can create a private lesson.

Anyone who has seriously tried to learn a foreign language has had trouble at some point. It can be with the language itself or just trying to find the time and motivation to move forward.

When you learn a language, the following problems may occur:

  •  There are no native speakers to practice
  •  lack of motivation
  •  Classes / Not enough personal attention
  •  difficulty remembering what you have learned
  •  I do not know where to start dipped
  •  The courses are too expensive
  •  It is not time

Where can I find language teachers online?

There are many places where you can find online language teachers. I am sure you have heard of it, but there is one that I have recently discovered, and I can not wait to introduce it.

Lingoda is an online language school that teaches Spanish, French, English, and German and offers courses at CEFR level (A1-C2). They offer 24-hour lessons with native speakers, individually or in groups. You can also take courses through Skype or through your virtual classroom.

Lingoda was founded in Germany and is more than a virtual course platform. In addition to their predefined CECR course structure, they offer personalized lessons that match your language level, goals, and personal interests.


Lingoda offers a comprehensive course program on various topics, which is divided into chapters. Each chapter has a topic, covers a few grammar points, and includes lessons that focus on the skills of each language.

You can download all the slides and study materials for free to prepare your course in advance or to check the grammar/vocabulary. The topics are varied and attractive and whatever your interests are, you will surely find something for you.

When I looked through the topics for the first time, I almost felt overwhelmed: I had not expected such a large variety of topics. They range from hobbies to family, media, politics and current affairs to cultural ideas about France and other French-speaking countries and life abroad.

Lingoda Review - Benefits

There are also lessons tailored to specific needs: writing a CV, applying for a job or going to a job interview.

What I prefer in Lingoda is the quality of the teachers I studied with. I had lessons with 7 of them and everyone was prepared and experienced.

They have made the lessons entertaining, effective and entertaining. They made sure my pronunciation was correct, they worked on my mistakes without interrupting me, one of the signals of a well-trained teacher, and they kept listening to my doubts or questions.

The approach is communicative and it is recommended to speak as much as possible.


I believe that one of the quickest and fastest ways to attract the attention of a professional teacher is to make progress in a language, and my experience in Lingoda has confirmed this idea.

For the first three hours, I studied with the same teacher. He quickly identified my weaknesses and gave me advice and reading recommendations adapted to my level. Then I had two more lessons with different teachers. Both were excellent, but it is a shame because I would like to continue studying with the former.

During class, I received constant comments, suggestions for improvement, and the best way to do it. Overall, I felt that all the teachers I worked with were really interested in my progress and results.

If you would like to study a specific topic that is not included in the normal program, you can book a custom private course. The teacher will prepare a lesson tailored to your needs.


In most group classes, I only worked with another student. Once I was the only one, I had a private class and once we were four students.

It was the first time he took online group lessons and was a little bit worried that he might get chaotic. On every occasion, however, the teachers perfectly managed the time, the homework, and the attention they gave each student.


The website’s interface is visually appealing, user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Adobe Connect, the software used for group classes, has always worked well for me. I never had any problems during class or during the connection.

The reservation system is very simple: you can choose lessons for the subject or according to availability. When you book a class, you’ll receive an email confirmation that will allow you to add it to your calendar with just one click.

The price for a monthly rate varies between 79 and 269 euros. It can include private lessons, group lessons or a combination of both.
You can get a 60-minute trial for $ 0.99 to talk to a teacher who rates your level.

Which courses are there in Lingoda?

The following languages are offered. English, German, French, and Spanish. Languages are offered in private lessons or in groups. Other features include

  • Learn around the clock
  • native language
  • Learning from everywhere
  • Face to face with teachers
  • CECR certificates (A1 to C2)

Why should I prefer Lingoda over others?

  • Every Lingoda student has a personal advisor.
  • The quality of the teachers in Lingoda is very impressive. They have a piece of deep knowledge and master the language they teach.
  • If you have not had a great experience, Lingoda will refund you if you apply within 7 days.
  • All course materials can be downloaded in advance to make sure the content is right for you.
  • Universally recognized CECR certificates that are useful for visa or work requirements.
  • You can complete the course at your own pace and from anywhere. You have a virtual classroom that gives you the feel of a university classroom.
  • Take a placement test or private lesson with Lingoda to find the level you need.
  • It benefits from teachers of native speakers in small environments, so the price is very competitive.
  • Better and faster results than learning with an application
  • All study materials are included in each package.

How does Lingoda work?

You pay a monthly fee and receive class credit for Lingoda . You can select all group classes, all private classes, or a combination of both. I chose a mix of the two. I have to say that the group classes are very small, only 4-5 people, so it is not lost in the mix.

Personally, I would like to have the opportunity to gather my ideas and plan an answer when I know that my turn is imminent. Four or five people in the classroom are perfect. The lessons are based on skills, conversation, reading, and writing. You will see all the options offered for your specific language level.

You select days and hours, and your course options are displayed. Select your classes there. What I like best is that I can decide on a course quite late. For example, suppose you find that you have time tonight and can still sign up for a class.

Lingoda Review - How it works

Similarly, a cancellation requires a notice period of seven days. I would advise you not to reserve everything in advance, but to reserve the book while you go. You can do the lessons in turn or just choose what you want to do. I randomly chose which ones to get started with, and honestly, I chose the official order more because I was a bit crazy at first!

I recommend having a notebook and pen by your side to take notes as you go through the class. This is useful if you know that you need to answer a question because you can try sorting the question first while making a note of what you want to post later.

For my learning style, it helps me to consolidate the concepts in my mind to write them. I recommend reading the learning material before the beginning of the course to avoid being completely innovative in this area.

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How were the teachers?

I have some now and I would say that they are very good. They have the experience of the system and the material, so they made things possible, but I did not feel rushed. All teachers are native speakers. This is important to pronounce your pronunciation.

I had the impression that they were not hiding their mistakes, but that they were correct students, but that the sentence structure was not too deadlocked when we tried to answer more questions formal.

This is very important because it is very important to feel that you are making progress in the language of conversation and that students can easily get stuck in the details.

As with any language course, you will receive what you wrote. You are welcome to ask questions if you do not understand what the teacher has said and if you come a little further.

Of course, it’s important that you wait until your class’s turn, and even more when we’re all at some distance. But with a button, you can raise your hand.

I understand that I am ashamed of not knowing something, so I understand it. In fact, sometimes I have cold sweats before class starts! But he will enjoy learning and his teachers will enjoy teaching him when he goes to class and thinks positively about attending.

They can not help you with learning if you do not try to make mistakes!


If you have not taken a language course, I’ll start over, even if you know a little. Speaking a new language has to do with self-confidence as well as vocabulary and grammar.

So if you have some time to talk about it without giving yourself new words, it can really help you. You can take an online placement test: I have tested this online placement test and you have specified exactly the level I am in or you can book a private lesson in Lingoda and a teacher can tell you.

My experience with Lingoda

To write this review, I was credited with five lessons that allowed me to book private or group sessions. I have programmed two group lessons and three private lessons on levels A1.1, A1.2 and A2.1. I learned Spanish to be able to follow his program in a language I had very little experience of and the results inspired me.

In my second lesson, my teacher spoke to me almost completely in Spanish and several times we finished the lesson with ample time until the end of the lesson (something my counselor told me was very rare).

Lingoda Review - Features

Then I could use the extra 10 to 15 minutes to work on additional material that asked questions and made great progress in the language.

My two instructors came from Venezuela. I would have liked to work with a teacher from another country, but I will not complain because I was very happy with my two teachers. So much so that I have requested that most of my courses continue with my first instructor.

Since I jumped at different levels, I did not move much to the certificate level. It would probably have been better for me to use his evaluation option to get me to the right level right from the beginning, but it’s my fault because I really thought I had to start from the bottom up.

For both group classes, I was the only student, it was positive and negative. It was positive because I drew attention to a private class because of the “price” of a group class. It was negative because I missed the experience of working and interacting with other students.


It’s good If you spend time there, you will get the benefits, as with any experience of learning a language. Then you have to tie up and do your lessons.

The ability to structure the pace of the courses according to my schedule has been a big plus for me, especially when I have more free time, can take a little more time and reduce speed when it gets hectic.

He benefits from a live teacher instead of an automated system like Duolingo, which corrects his pronunciation and makes him think without waiting. Lingoda has many advantages that I missed in a local class but in my random timetable.

Is not it expensive? Yes, relatively speaking, you benefit from native-speaker teachers in a small environment, so I would say that prices are very competitive. I only find local language courses, every day all day or one afternoon a week, but nothing in between.

Lingoda Review - User Reviews

This allows me to study in a kind of intensive middle school. It’s true that I speak German all day, every day around me. As a result, your mileage may vary when you learn a single language.

However, I still think that this is the best way, especially with regard to pronunciation, since you certainly have a native speaker as a teacher, who is harder to find in another place. It is important that you pronounce your pronunciation correctly in order to learn it correctly the first time!

Obviously, every platform has its drawbacks, and my main problem with Lingoda is the seven-day cancellation policy. I appreciate the time of the teachers very much, but also three days would be more realistic.

Because it is an online platform, it sometimes causes problems with students who lose their connection to the class or with their teacher who loses contact and has to return to the classroom. Have good control over the system.

Pricing Plan

There is a valid 7-day trial for 3 group classes at $ 23.99. If you want to continue, you can choose between the following options:

Lingoda Review - Price

  • Continue with 10 group lessons for 99 € / month
  • Continue with 20 group lessons for 169 € / month
  • Continue with 30 group lessons for 229 € / month

Monthly packages include the following: for groups

Private Lessons

They are slightly more expensive than group lessons for the obvious reason that they receive individual attention.


For classes + certificates as a combination package here are the fees

What do you have to improve?

  • The course reservation tool is a bit confusing in use
  • Additional languages must be offered as part of Lingoda
  • More consistent comments should be provided by instructors.

Do we recommend Lingoda?

Those who want to learn a good language and have difficulty finding live classes will find that Lingoda is a great alternative. Benefits include native speakers as teachers, flexible timetables and recognized certifications that add value to these courses. It is a lifesaver for those who like immigrants try to learn the national language.


  • With a flexible schedule, you can follow a course at will
  • From the beginning, teachers speak almost completely in the language you learn.
  • There are hundreds of different classes that handle different topics for all levels.


  • You may need to wait a moment for the selected class to appear at a convenient time, which limits its flexibility.
  • The quality of your class and the amount of content it covers are largely dependent on other students. This also affects the time you are talking about.
  • The course material is quite similar and there are no big differences between the courses.

Conclusion: Lingoda Review 2023

Compared to some online tutoring sites, Lingoda is slightly more expensive (technically it’s not just another tutoring site, it’s an online language school).

Nevertheless, I think that the quality of the teachers, the structure of the course and the possibility of obtaining CEFR certificates make the price quite appropriate.

Monthly rates vary from $ 79 to $ 299, depending on whether you’re attending group classes, one-to-one lessons, or a combination of both. All plans except two include the ability to receive CEFR certificates.

We are currently offering a 60-minute trial lesson at $ 0.99 so you can test your program before signing up. However, if you are ready to register, Lingoda was kind enough to give you a 15% discount with the COUPON coupon code.

Do not miss this opportunity if you are ready to receive quality language instruction from certified teachers.

Go and Join it. Also, mention Your opinion about Lingoda review in the comment section.


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