Rocket.Net Review 2021 | Is This The Best WordPress Hosting ? Best Alternative To WPX (Pros & Cons)

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Ease Of USe
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  • Independent company, not owned by EIG
  • Super Fast SSD Servers
  • FREE CDN with 200+ PoPs
  • Customer Support over phone call, live chat, and emails
  • Expert WordPress Optimizations and tweaks, you won’t have to worry about any technical detail, the support team will handle everything for you.
  • Enterprise Servers with guaranteed resources
  • 200+ Global CDN Locations


  • Very Expensive For Beginners

Price:$ 25

Looking For Unbiased Rocket.Net Review!

You know the feeling. You’ve spent a bunch of time optimizing your site for speed and security, but your hosting company isn’t delivering. Your server’s slow, and your site is being attacked.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, it might be time to switch to delivers WordPress as fast and secure as possible, with built-in CDN and WAF. Plus, it comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Switch to and experience the difference!

In this article, I will be doing Review. With, you can host your website on their fast cloud platform with an incredible loading speed.

Google made it official by launching its core web fundamentals that speed has a direct effect on the search engine ranking. Google also went ahead by introducing it in the search console as well.

Hosting a site on WordPress is a pretty crucial thing as it defines the success and ranking of your site on the search engine. So if you choose a cheap or inefficient and bad hosting company, it can cause you a lot of problems. On the other hand, choosing the right company for hosting your site can prove out to be a table-turner for you in making the website a successful venture.

Bottom Line Upfront: is the easiest and most powerful way to host WordPress websites. It is one of its kind all-in-one WordPress platform that’s optimized and delivered by Cloudflare Enterprise. With built-in CDN and WAF, every WordPress install is delivered as fast and secure as possible.

Rocket.Net is integrated by Cloudflare Enterprise WAF, which blocks malicious requests before they even get close to your WordPress installation. Try Now.

Overview Of Rocket.Net Hosting Review: Why It is Better Than WPX Hosting?

Rocket.Net Hosting made everything super easy for websites of any size and comes with numerous instant benefits. The hosting offers a pretty blazing speed as well as provides in-built security.

With its incredible speed, it localizes your website and finds the nearest city as compared to the visitors. With Rocket.Net hosting, you will find infinite levels of freedom and scalability. 

Rocket-net - Web Hosting

It comes with an incredible and appealing interface and is easy to use even for people with zero experience of working with a complex hosting provider. All in all, it is an astoundingly, simple, and straightforward interface to use that comes with many exciting and remarkable features. 

Now that we have a brief idea about what Rocket.Net Hosting is, I will be listing its incredible features. 

“Expert Customer service, simple Setup and Global Infrastructure to make sure sites fast for all our visitors. Boost your WordPress on a different level with Rocket. Grow with more installs, visitors, and storage.

  • Joe Gilharry

You may have questions with Review like this: I will explain everything in detailed

– How to install a

– What are the benefits of using a

– Can help me choose a Plan?

– Is there a discount for annual payments?

– Why should I use service vs others?

– What is refund/cancellation policy?

– Do offer email services?

Features: Support for all the latest WordPress plugins and themes. The all-in-one platform helps you deploy a new website in minutes and install updates to your existing websites with just one click.

Advantages: is a great solution for people who like to work with the power of WordPress and want to make sure their content stays secure and up-to-date.

Benefits: Rocket is perfect for businesses that need a fast, reliable web host and who want to ensure their website remains accessible even when on the road or in transit (e.g., between office locations).

Man Behind Rocket.Net:

Rocket.Net Hosting Review Features

Now I will be listing some of the incredible features of Rocket.Net Hosting.

Panel Control 

It is one of the most significant and best features of Rocket. Its control panel for WordPress is pretty easy to usage. With its control panel, you can deploy the WordPress websites and also manage plug-ins that include both themes as well as backing up whenever you need them. 

Rocket-net - Web Hosting Panel

Security Of The Applications

It is pretty imperative to keep your website secure and safe from the malicious tools and online threats that are lurking around. Keeping this in focus, the tech team onboard with Rocket.Net made their hosting with the security of an advanced level. 

Rocket-net - Web Hosting Security

Offers A Robust Server Stack

rocket net hosting reviews

Rocket.Net Hosting is built with the NGINX server that has the ability to segregate the content pretty quickly in comparison with other servers around. Rocket is empowered with PHP Version 7.4 that makes the website work really, very fast.

One Of The Best Customer Support

Rocket.Net has a team of dedicated professionals on board who are 24*7 ready to support you in the issues you are facing regarding the hosting. They are also ready to offer help on emails, phone calls, and even live chat. Their response timing is excellent on the ticket system and emails. Phone calls and live chat is a recommended option if you are looking for instant support.


The websites that are hosted on rocket hosting are pretty sufficient for any type of utilization. There is no need for customization in order to get your content optimized. It offers the ultimate speed with full-page caching. 

Rocket-net - Web Hosting Fastest Speed


When it comes to the Managed WordPress Hosting of TTFB, the performance of the Rocket.Net is one of the fastest in the world. It also has an outstanding page speed performance to offer and also shows a loading speed of 2.15 seconds on average. You get an exceptionally great execution of a WordPress site. All in all, it is great to have your WordPress site built on the WordPress hosting offered by Rocket.Net. 

Facility Of BackUp

rocket net hosting pricing and features

rocket net hosting pricing and features

It is imperative to create a backup in order to avoid unforeseen events. Though it is not possible to prevent this, you can simply reverse it with the help of restoring options.

With the Managed WordPress Environment of Rocket.Net, you get options of both Automatic Backup as well as Manual Backup on your dashboard. All you need to do is click on the “Create Backup” tab, and your entire site will get converted into a backup file of compressed zip format.

Staging At Just One Click

This feature is pretty unique that you get with only top-notch premium level hosting services. But, Rocket.Net offers you this feature even with their basic plan at no extra cost. You can simply configure it in a single click without any hassle.

If you do not have an idea about what exactly staging is, then to put things in perspective for you, the staging environment is the dummy environment where you can test the functioning of themes, plugins or any sort of changes that you wish to make on the website.

At times a plugin update might break and damage your site. Thus it is better to test an update in the staging environment before you go live with that particular update. 

Plugin Management 

With the Rocket.Net hosting, you can simply add, update, or even delete a plugin directly from your control panel without any hassle. 

Analytics Of Your Visitors

It is pretty easy to check all your daily visitors from your dashboard directly. You are offered three options viz the last 24 hours, 30 or 60 days. This makes it an incredible tool to monitor the trends as we all know how important it is to keep a track of your traffic.

Things To Like About Rocket Hosting

There are various things that make it a worthwhile choice to choose from. Some of the features I liked the most are mentioned below:

Rocket-net - WordPress Hosting

  • Dashboard UI

The UI of the dashboard is very clean and interesting and feels one of the best. Better than some of the competitors too.

  • CDN is really nice

The CDN provided with this hosting service is a very nice and high performing one.

  • Pricing is flexible

The pricing plans are very flexible. You can choose your plan according to your need, and you won’t feel left behind with these pricing plans.

  • Uptime is very high.

The uptime of this hosting service is also very trustable and reliable. Generally, this hosting service records an uptime of around 99.99%.

Things I Did Not Like About Rocket Hosting

Rocket Hosting is very nice and reliable, with numerous features and advantages. However, that does not mean that Rocket Hosting does not have its shortcomings. As with everything, it has a fair share of shortcomings too. I will list out the things which I didn’t like below:

  • A limited number of users

The hosting does limit the number of persons who can access the hosting and the settings panel of the hosting. This is problematic for some people who may have multiple admins to a website.

  • Works with WordPress only

The hosting works out only for WordPress websites.

  • A huge gap between the top two plans

The middle plan is for up to 3 websites, while the top plan is for an infinite number of websites. However, if you have 4 websites, then you would have to pay for the top plan, which is somewhat expensive and not worth it.

Rocket.Net Review: Pricing

Rocket Hosting has very flexible and comfortable pricing plans suitable for everyone wanting to get this.

Rocket Hosting has a total of three hosting plans available at your dispense. The first one is the Single plan. This will cost you around $49 for a year. This includes a year of support, and the hosting is available for one website. This plan is suitable for those having only one website and do not have to handle much.

The next plan is the Plus plan. It will make you shell out around $99. This includes support for a year, and the hosting will work for three websites. Thus if you have more than one website, you can go for this plan.


The last plan is the infinite plan. This plan will make you take out $249. This includes support for a year, and the hosting is valid for as many websites as you may make. This is a perfect plan for those having to handle numerous websites since they won’t have to pay for the hosting of each website individually.

Rocket Hosting has plans made to your comfort according to the number of websites you need, and you won’t feel feature-less since all the plans are the same.

If you feel that the hosting is not up to your liking, you can easily claim your money back within a period of 14-days from buying the service.

FAQs Related To Hosting Reviews

👉What is Rocket Hosting?

Rocket Hosting is a fast, reliable hosting service dedicated to providing WordPress website owners with an efficient hosting option.

👉 What are the payment methods available to pay for the hosting?

The site uses Stripe and PayPal as their payment options. Hence, the cards working with these services are accepted here.

👉What if a WordPress update prevents the hosting from working properly?

The support team at Rocket Hosting constantly works towards providing updates so that these kinds of issues are not faced by the user.

Can I get any discount for

Yes, they are currently offering an initial offer of $1 for the first month. This means you only pay $1 for the first month.

Is there a discount if I buy an annual subscription?

Yes, you can get 2 months of FREE hosting on with an annual subscription to each plan.

Does have a money-back policy?

Yes, offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. You can request a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Is Right For me?

Yes, if you are looking for higher SEO rankings, high customer experience on the website, and good security, then is a perfect choice for you.

Does offer phone support?

Yes, they provide help via phone, chat, and email 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Does offer free WordPress migrations?

Yes, they will free of charge transfer an infinite number of WordPress sites to their platform.

Can I use with a caching plugin?

Yes, Rocket works seamlessly with all WordPress plugins, including caching plugins.

Will the service provide my website with real-time security?

Yes, indeed. This will be handled by its built-in website security package.

Which paid plan of is best?

This will be determined by the requirements of your website. You can choose from four different paid options depending on your needs. However, my recommendation is to get one of its annual subscriptions to save two months on the price.

Is it possible for me to get the domains for free?

No, it's not true. They do not offer domain registration.

How can a website's speed be measured?

Checking the loading time of a website can be used to determine its speed. This function also includes checking your website's uptime.

Is Rocket compatible with all types of browser?

Yes, you can use Rocket with all available browsers.

Is there a trial version of Rocket available?

Yes, they offer a 14-day trial period during which you can request a refund if you are unsatisfied.

What Is the Speed of Hosting?

The fastest page speed is guaranteed by This is accomplished through their free CDN, which comes included with all plans, as well as full-page caching. Additionally, Enterprise Servers and Fewer DNS Lookups are available. Basically, guarantees that your website's PageSpeed and YSlow Scores will be improved fast, or your money back.

What is the Uptime Rate of

According to their website, has a 99.99 percent uptime. This implies that your website will be up and functioning almost all of the time, ensuring that sales and visits are never affected. You'll have a hard time finding a service with a higher uptime.

Is Something We Would Recommend?

We would strongly advise you to use In any Hosting Service, we look for two primary indicators: Uptime and PageSpeed. has a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee and lightning-fast speeds. Not to mention their built-in security suite and round-the-clock customer service.

Rocket.Net Review Customer Testimonials:

Rocket-net - WordPress Hosting Testimonials hosts are Worth every penny, both my personal and business sites, worth every penny to know I’ll rank better on google because my site doesn’t randomly slow down. Don’t risk your SEO on $4/month hosting.– Nick Nelson


As their name states, fast hosting as rocket! The fastest woocommerce site migration, I have ever experience. From starting the chat with until they migrate my site, includes the NS propagation, takes only 30 minutes and that’s a big WOW!
Really impressive managed server configurations, and awesome support by “Astronauts”. Highly recommended! – Vicky

Website Speed Increased By Rocket.Net Review:

Website Speed Increased By Rocket.Net Review

Quick Links: Alternatives:

1. WPengine

WP Engine-Overview

WP Engine is a web host company that specializes in controlled hosting services for websites that use the widespread WordPress content management system. They are headquartered in the United States, although their headquarters and data centers are located all over the globe.

Bullen Wilson, Ben Matcalfe, and Jason Cohen co-founded WP Engine on March 1, 2010. Aaron Brazell, one of the co-founders, had been an active member of the WordPress development community, as well as the three could see a possibility to provide a stronger hosting service for WordPress customers.

WP Engine’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. London, San Francisco, San Antonio, and Limerick, Ireland is their present branches.

2. BlueHost

Bluehost - WPX Hosting Alternative

BlueHost is a cloud-based website hosting company known for its price flexibility. In addition to domain registration, the system offers shared hosting, private virtual networks, and reseller hosting It includes a simple UI, extremely affordable pricing tiers, and a one-click installer for WordPress users. In reality, advises using Bluehost because of its ease of setup and management.

Not only is the service inexpensive, but it also offers advanced functionality and strong assistance to lower-tier customers in the same way that it does to experienced users.

The service’s main benefit is that it may assist you in getting the most out of Google or Bing advertisements. It also provides in-house operations by using its fiber links, data centers, and bespoke servers running the Linux kernel. The web hosting services offered by Bluehost are fairly substantial, particularly in terms of bandwidth. These plans include incredibly high bandwidth and storage capacity for quite a reasonable price.

Web hosting packages are available on shared servers, with pricing varying according to contract length. These are perfect for PHP applications that need only a minimal CMS installation, such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Other than that, you may be assured that your webpage will be up and running at all times and will be secure at all times. Power backups are provided to the users via UPS and diesel engines, and customer accounts are frequently backed up.

Bluehost offers a wide range of features and functions in which you are sure to like. It can assist you in getting the most out of either Google and Bing’s marketing campaigns. Apart from its inexpensive cost, the platform treats all users equally, offering lower-tier customers the same extensive features and support as advanced users. In-house operations are also in the works, leveraging the company’s private fiber links, data centers, and Linux kernel running on custom systems.

3. SiteGround

SiteGround- Best WooCommerce hosting providers

SiteGround is a renowned and well-respected WordPress site hosting company that provides exceptional WP performance and security. These features guarantee that the website loads quickly and is secure. Automatic updates, CDN, GIT version control, one-click installation, as well as WP caching, are just a few of the features you’ll find useful. These features are designed to keep your website up and functioning at all times.

SiteGround’s greatest strength is its ability to provide location-specific website hosting solutions Data centers in the United States, Asia, and Europe make this feasible. With the system’s quick processors, 99.9% uptime is assured.

The company also takes security very seriously, with anti-spam software, hotlink prevention, and anti-hacking tracking tools among its security features. With the company’s Leech Protect function, you may rest assured that your passwords remain protected. It has a password analyzer that may be used for password verification and strong password compliance.

Regular backups, free configuration, free domains, limitless bandwidth & emails, free set up and migration, as well as free Cloudflare CDN were covered in SiteGround’s offerings. Users can establish several email accounts with an integrated management panel. It can also use open source applications such as PrestaShop, CS-Cart, and Magento. Users who just want to create online shops, shopping carts, and perhaps other eCommerce components can benefit from these functionalities.

4. HostGator

Hostgator- best magento hosting providers

HostGator is a powerful WordPress – optimized web hosting company. It is well-known for providing flexible pricing and a wide range of Webmaster-focused features. The company also offers shared, virtual private servers, and domain service plans even though it is HostGator’s dedicated hosting solutions that really sets the company aside.

VPS web hosting from Hostgator allows you to share actual hardware with other clients while operating your server as a virtual private device.

This solution might provide you with dedicated server functionality at a considerably reduced cost. The service will supply everything you will ever have to maintain your WordPress site up and operating at all times if you utilize it as a content management system Its purpose is to improve the performance of WordPress-based websites.

Each HostGator package includes a number of fascinating extras that you will undoubtedly find handy. There are 4,500 free website designs, free website building services including Weebly Site Builder, and free scripts and MySQL site migration and transfer. It also offers free scripts which can be installed with a click of the mouse, as well as free marketing credits using shared hosting packages.

The control center used by HostGator is cPanel. Popular scripts such as Weebly, WordPress, and Joomla are all installed with a single click in cPanel. Such freebies are designed to assist newcomers in establishing their sites without struggling to comply with complicated control panel features. Users may learn how to utilize cPanel with the help of easy-to-follow video lessons provided by HostGator. Users will be able to connect to the control panel in less time as a result of this.

5. Nestify

Nestify Hosting Review

Nestify’s hosting services are not limited to WordPress sites. Whenever you do need to set up a new WordPress website right now, the Nestify 55 – second launching process will appeal to you. While anybody can use Nestify to run a website or application WordPress website owners will find lots to like. Nestify is worth investigating for several reasons, including its low rates and fast loading times.

Nestify’s services are optimized for excellent performance because the company caters to corporations or anyone searching for a host for a mission-critical webpage. Nestify is proud of the fact that its stack was designed from the ground up for optimum performance and quality.

To assure that your material loads as rapidly as reasonable the Nestify hosting services use caches and content delivery networks (CDN). When it refers to implementing caching for quicker loading times, you have a lot of choices. Stating URLs that should never be cached, enabling full page caching, and selecting an optimization threshold can all assist in guarantee that your website page is cached correctly.

You must be able to select a location that is nearest to your intended population among the three main areas to pick from North America, Central Europe, and Asia.

In reality, because all website activity is directed through the Railgun-enabled Cloudflare CDN service’s 86 data centers, your information will almost constantly be provided from a place near your customers. For optimum availability and minimum downtime, Nestify additionally offers website uptime of 99.99 percent.

Because the Nestify website hosting solution was built from the ground up to meet the needs of enterprises and people who want a mission-critical site, site protection was a top priority.

This is reasonable. And besides, who could really manage to lose all of their site data and information, from its most inexperienced bloggers to a long-established e-commerce website? That’s not something anybody likes to go through, whether that’s a loss of data that causes your project to lose or merely takes all of your images and blog posts down for good.

Conclusion: Rocket.Net Review 2021 | Ultimate Reliable WordPress Hosting 

Rocket Hosting is really an excellent choice when it comes to choosing to host for your WordPress website. However, it is not available when choosing to host for non-WordPress websites.

If you are looking for hosting for your WordPress site, this indeed is an option to consider.

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