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      If you are a blogger or have an online website to help your company, then one thing you will always want is to grab the top spot in the search result. Yet as simple or enticing as it may sound, it’s pretty hard to achieve the same and only some lucky websites can get there. But it’s not just about chance, it also includes some smart behind-the-scenes research that will carry you to the role. Being classified in the results of search engines needs certain unique skills to beat the opponents in the sprint and reach out first for the finishing cord.

      Getting ranked on search engines like Google is an art, and if you want to master this art, then you need to use the right tools to handle and manage your website’s SEO requirements. Sure, you will find tons of suggestions on the web on which tools to use for improving your SEO game, but there are only a counted few that are actually capable of doing this. One such popular and dependable SEO tool is SEMRush!

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      How to avail the SEMrush 14-days free trial?

      You need to click on the button present in the blog post or our SPECIAL LINK to the trial page and enable the free 14-days trial. Then you can just click on ‘Get You 14 Days Free Trial Now!’ and then enter all essential details, congrats you have claimed your 14 days free trial successfully.

      SEMrush Free Trial FAQs

      Here are some important things you need to know about SEMrush’s free trial.

      👉🏻Does the free plan give me access to historical data?

      This feature is only available for guru or higher plan users. So, you can’t access it with a free plan.

      👉🏻Can I get branded and white-label reports with a free trial?

      No! you need to subscribe to either business or enterprise plans can’t to access these reports.

      👉🏻What analysis options do I get with the free plan?

      The free plan allows you to analyze 10 domain analytics each day, build 1 list with its keyword magic tool, conduct 2 subject research searches, track the location of 10 keywords, crawl 100 web audit pages, and much more.

      👉🏻Which one is better? SEMrush or Ahrefs?

      SEMrush comes with more features and is a good value for money, while Ahrefs has really good UI/UX compared to SEMrush. However, both programs are really good tools when it comes to SEO.

      👉🏻Which SEMrush plan is suitable for me?

      It depends on what is your profession and what your website does. The pro plan would be ideal for you if you are a solopreneur or a blogger. While SEMrush Guru or Business plans are perfect for agency owners.

      What is SEMrush?

      SEMRush thrives by a common goal to make online competition fair and open, with equal opportunities for everyone. By providing powerful and efficient services like keyword research, backlink research, competitor analysis, social media poster, content templates, and much more, they have become the world’s leading competitive online marketing research service enabling websites and online businesses with steady development. SEMRush is seemingly the best competitor SEO analysis tool every blogger needs to push their websites up through the ranks.

      Loaded with features: Things you can do!

      SEMRush Review ✅ How To Use SEMRush Tutorial(Keyword Research)

      I have been using SEMRush for a very long time, and without using this amazing tool for competitor SEO research I can’t even imagine blogging. I’ve also discussed SEMRush on my blog before. Here are some of the qualities it offers:

      • Keyword research

      This SEMRush feature helps you to scan for lucrative but poorly competitive keywords. In their keyword magic tool, you only need to enter your seed keyword, and SEMRush will return all the relevant keywords you can potentially target on your blog content.

      • Content analyzer

      This tool allows users to analyze their contents for basic on-page optimization.

      • Competitor keyword research: Features, Track your competitors

      You can use this tool to spy on your keywords that are used by your competitor sites for which they are ranking on Google.

      Semrush Backlinks Referring domains report

      • Competitor backlink analysis

      Effortlessly spy on all the backlinks of your competitor so that you can easily craft your own SEO backlink building strategies.

      • Domain vs domain

      This tool lets you compare any of the two domain names of your competitors when it comes to keywords, traffic, number of backlinks, and much more.

      • Crawl audit tool

      This tool crawls any website and helps you find the improvements that can be made to SEO on page.

      • Advertising research

      It helps you display the ad keywords that any site is targeting.

      • Brand monitoring

      It helps you to monitor your brand online.

      • Social media poster

      It lets you post content on social media, and keep your profiles active for your audience with fresh material.

      And much more!

      How to get started with SEMrush?

      SEMrush Overview

      To get the most out of your keyword strategy means to keep your eyes on your rivals. But there are some things that you need to do and conduct correctly to do so. Next, you will sort it out at your end, and then move on to the next prying stage for your competitor. Let us get into the stuff you need to do to get SEMRush started.

      #1 Overview Screen

      Upon opening the SEMRush program, you can see that just after you enter your web address, the summary screen appears. The overview screen will give you the details of the traffic that you have. It doesn’t restrict the outcome of just that, but it will allow you to keep track of how the traffic goes up and down as well. Depending on the keywords, that will also indicate in there that the traffic is really increasing or will get worse.

      #2 Track down your competitors

      Now the next step is to track progress of your competitors. When you visit the official website online, a search place will be made available where you can enter the name of your rival and then you will need to select their location as well. Upon submitting this information, you can then click on the tab to find important information, such as keywords.

      You can see in the analysis how the classification changes, depending on the keywords. Not only the ranking but the use of keywords also affects the traffic.

      #3 Access to vital information!

      Now one you get to know where your customers take the edge over you in the race, it’s nice to chase them but when you do, you have to be reasonable. If you see your competitor getting heavy traffic due to using a similar keyword then you can use it, but if your competitor has content that’s written better than yours then you won’t get any advantage.

      #4 Utilize the details!

      You will be able to concentrate more on the relevant issues with the aid of the SEMRush test. It basically offers you a route you can take to improve your performance. SEMRush also has a site change tab that you can track to see where your competitors were in the past and equate it to where they currently carry.

      You’ll learn from this comparison whether or not their performance is rising or decreasing, or why. Next comes the Competitor’s tab, where you can test your competitors organically to find out what they are up and down. The overview appears first, and if you press a link out there, the results of the search will be expanded, and you’ll be able to learn more.

      SEMRush Plans & Pricing

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      SEMRush offers users to choose from 3 different plans, according to their online business needs.


      Price: $99.95 per month ($83.28 per month – Annually)

      • Ideal for freelancers, in-house marketers and startups with limited budget
      • Over 40+ advanced tools to run your SEO, PPC and SMM projects.
      • Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.


      Price: $199.95 per month ($166.62 per month – Annually)

      • For SMB and growing marketing agencies

      All the Pro features plus:

      • Content Marketing Platform
      • Branded reports
      • Historical Data
      • Extended limits


      Price: $399.95 per month ($333.28 per month – Annually)

      • For agencies, E-commerce projects and businesses with extensive web presence

      All the Guru features plus:

      • White label reports
      • API access
      • Extended limits and sharing options
      • Google Data Studio Integration

      Furthermore, SEMrush is also offering a 14-days free trial from 2020 onwards for customers to avail. If you are not sure whether you should invest your money in their services, then you can avail this free trial, which gives you unlimited access to most of the SEMrush paid tools for a month, after which you can choose whether to upgrade to a paid subscription or not.

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      SEMrush serves as the ultimate in-house toolkit for improving your online business marketing expertise and efforts. The developers have worked hard to reach all ends of their customer base by combining their industry expertise and experience to create the most effective and enjoyable service for specialists in online marketing out there. From advertisement analysis to backlinks to keyword density preparation, SEMrush has just the right tools, all bundled in a beautifully designed dashboard, to perform certain acts.

      All in all, SEMrush is just the right tool for any form of company, small or large, finding the ultimate marketing tool that tackles important aspects such as keyword preparation and backlinks with a fair price tag!

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