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Ease of use
Competitor Analysis


  • Explore 40+ Semrush tools
  • Get recommendations on optimizing your content to drive more organic traffic
  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • Competitor PR Monitoring is easy
  • Access over 20 billion keywords for 130 countries
  • Create and track your PPC campaigns


  • More pricing options needed

Semrush is the sole SEO tool you'll ever require. Using Semrush, you can perform competitor analysis, keyword tracking, an SEO audit, keyword research, and much more. Semrush offers a free 30-day Pro account trial via the link provided below. You can get a free 30-day trial of Semrush Guru for small businesses and developing agencies.

Price:$ 99

Check out SEMrush Free Trial 30 Days and this will help you to learn how powerful is SEMrush as a marketing tool for your business.

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SEMrush free trial 30 days

How to avail the SEMrush 30-days free trial?  Try Semrush PRO For 30 Days or GURU For 14 Days

  • You need to click on the button present in the blog post or our SPECIAL LINK to the trial page and enable the free 14-days trial.
  • Then you can just click on ‘Get You 30 Days Free Trial Now!’ and then enter all essential details, congrats you have claimed your 14 days free trial successfully.

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What is SEMrush? SEMRush Free Trial Offer : Get SEMrush PRO and GURU for FREE

SEMrush pro trial SEmrush guru free trial

Getting ranked on search engines like Google is an art, and if you want to master this art, then you need to use the right tools to handle and manage your website’s SEO requirements.

Sure, you will find tons of suggestions on the web on which tools to use for improving your SEO game, but there are only a counted few that are actually capable of doing this. One such popular and dependable SEO tool is SEMRush!

SEMRush thrives by a common goal to make online competition fair and open, with equal opportunities for everyone. By providing powerful and efficient services like keyword research, backlink research, competitor analysis, social media poster, content templates, and much more, they have become the world’s leading competitive online marketing research service enabling websites and online businesses with steady development. SEMRush is seemingly the best competitor SEO analysis tool every blogger needs to push their websites up through the ranks.

Why Should You Make Use of the Semrush Tool?

SEmrush review on Trustpilot

My competition used to consistently outperform me in search results. I was going nuts and wanted to find a tool that helps me in-depth research.

However, after extensive research, I was able to accomplish the following:

Spying (which is perfectly legal) on competitors’ keywords.
They are employing a content marketing strategy.
Determine how far they have progressed in terms of traffic from your website.

After reviewing the preceding, I could identify what they were doing correctly and where I was falling short. This is where the Semrush tool came in handy.

People interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may have heard of or utilized SEMrush.

Keyword research, website audit, competitor analysis, traffic analysis, and other critical metrics are all required for any skilled SEO. Using the Semrush tool, all past mentions can be viewed in one place, leading to the discovery of marketing insights. It also aids in the improvement of web exposure.

SEMRush Review in Detailed : (Try SEMRush Pro or Guru Account Free for 30 Days)

I have been using SEMRush for a very long time, and without using this amazing tool for competitor SEO research I can’t even imagine blogging. I’ve also discussed SEMRush on my blog before. Here are some of the qualities it offers:

1) Use a Free Tool to Find Relevant Keywords

The Keyword Magic Tool and the Keyword Overview each allow you to perform ten keyword searches per day.

There are a maximum of 10 results returned per search with the Keyword Magic Tool.

To meet your keyword research requirements, you should expect to receive an average of 10 x 10=100 results every day.

SEMrush review picture

A good example of this is as follows:

SEMrush review features

Free of charge version of the keyword magic tool

With the Keyword Overview tool, for example:

A tool that provides a summary of keywords.

With a free account, you get more than simply information on monthly search volume (MSV).

In one click, you can access a slew of data, including the following:

  • Calculate the difficulty of ranking for a particular term (Keyword Difficulty)
  • Get a country-by-country analysis of the global MSV.
  • You need to figure out what your keyword’s primary search intent type is (so you can decide what type of content to build in order to target it)
  • Find out if interest in it has increased, decreased, or remained stable over the last year.
  • Determine how much it would cost to advertise this term using sponsored search.
  • The SERP (Search Engine Result Page) has the following features: (from featured snippets to reviews and ads)
  • Get a list of a keyword’s top ten ranking pages.
  • Find queries or keywords that are related to your seed keyword.
  • For any of the 142 countries in our database, you can get all of this and more.

For a whopping 20,000,000,000 different words. (If you’re having trouble keeping track of the 0s, that’s 20 BILLION.)

Pro Tip : Search for a keyword in the Keyword Overview tool to see how interest in it has changed over the last year. The Keyword Magic Tool can help you come up with extra seed keywords that are related to your original search term.

In the event that you go over your daily allotment, you will be forced to wait until the following day’s allowance is reloaded.

For 7 days, you can increase your limitations for free if you sign up for a free trial.)


You’ll be able to see even more results if you upgrade to a paid account.

2. Freely examine your competition

Domain Overview lets you keep track of up to ten domains at a time.

SEmrush Domain Overview tool

From competitor analysis to website performance to pitching to clients, this is where you can find all the information you need to know about:

  • To what extent and for which keywords does a website rank? (in both Organic and Paid Search)
  • The distribution of these keywords’ positions on the page
  • The principal rivals (in Organic and in Paid Search)
  • Branded vs. non-branded traffic split of top keywords
  • Domains that point to your site from other sites

And there’s a lot more.

This tool allows you to see how a domain’s organic and paid traffic performs. It’s not only helpful for SEO, but it can also be used for sponsored strategy top-level analyses.

Remember that your daily restriction of 10 searches pertains to how many keyword research and domain analytics tools you can use in a single day.

For example, in Domain Overview, a search for “” returns 1 result out of 10.

A second search is required if you click on the top ranking keywords for this domain and end up in the Organic Research report.

Choosing “seo software” as a keyword in the Keyword Magic Tool will add an additional keyword, so you’ll have a total of 7 keywords remaining. As an example,

3. Freely Monitor Your Keyword Positions

Using the Position Tracking tool, free users can monitor up to 10 keywords in five simple steps:

  • Decide on a plan of action (you are allowed to set up 1 project as a free user, which gives you access to 12 standalone tools)
  • Enter your website’s URL here.
  • A competitive list should be included
  • Set up a keyword tracking list.
  • Configure your current location and the type of mobile device you’re using

Position tracking is a useful tool for keeping tabs on your local standings (down to ZIP code).

If local SEO is a key component of your SEO strategy, this is especially helpful.

Alerts can also be set up to notify you when rankings change.

Every day, the tool will monitor your search engine rankings and those of your rivals.

The results tabs for your keyword list contain all of this information. You may then compare your rankings with those of your competitors, as well as your visibility or expected traffic from these keywords.

Position Tracking provides a wealth of data, ranging from the daily changes of individual keywords to the potential for featured snippets.

It is your decision whether, when, and how to take action based on these insights.

4) A Free Site Audit

Site Audit allows you to crawl up to 100 URLs as a free user. All domains, subdomains, and subfolders are included in this.

As a result, you will have:

  • An evaluation of your website’s overall health
  • In-depth reports on all of the faults we uncover, organized into categories depending on severity (Errors are the most serious errors, while
  • “Notices” will have a minimal influence on your organic performance).
  • An explanation of each problem and suggestions for resolving it are provided.
  • Thematic reports, which provide you a clear picture of how your site performs in a certain area.

Semrush Site Audit

The following are examples of thematic reports:

Crawlability: Is it accessible to search engines?
Security: Is HTTPS implemented correctly?
Internal linking and site architecture: Do you have orphan pages or deep pages on your site that search engines struggle to get to?
Structured data and markup: Any issues with structured data implementation will be listed here.

You can browse these sites as often as you like with the free version.

However, you may only provide a domain, subdirectory, or subdomain, not a new set of 100 pages to replace the existing ones.

Uploading a list of URLs to be crawled at the beginning is also an option.

5. Keep an eye on your local listings

The Listing Management tool provides a free audit if local SEO is part of your growth strategy.

There are more than 70 reliable directories in the US where you can verify the status of your local listings (from Google Business Profile and Yelp to Trip Advisor and Bing).

If you live in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, or Germany, you can also take advantage of this service.

Your business listing status in each directory can be found by simply entering the name of your company.

Semrush Listing Management tool

There are four possible outcomes for each directory:

Present: Your business is present in the directory, the data is correct, and no further action is needed
With issues: Your business is present in the directory, but the data is incorrect
Not present: The business is not present in the directory (missing out on potential customers)
Unavailable: The directory and/or the listing does not respond at the time of crawl or the directory does not support that kind of business (for example, Tripadvisor only accepts businesses in the Hospitality area)

Your  Free Semrush Account as a Marketing Tool

Semrush has three primary ways for a free user to use it for content marketing. To name a few:

6. Ask for Content Optimization Tips from Experts

With the help of an SEO Content Template, you may learn about your competition, what kind of relevant keywords you should include in your content, and the ideal word count for your text.

SEO Content Template

Template for SEO-Friendly Content

Content briefs and copy can be created with them.

Only one SEO Content Template can be created with a free account.

7. Create Optimized and User-Friendly Content

As soon as you’re all set to begin writing, you may make use of the SEO Writing Assistant.

This tool provides suggestions on how to make your copy more readable and SEO-friendly, as well as how to incorporate the template’s recommendations.

Semrush SEO Writing Assistant example
Importing content from another page is also possible.

Google Docs and WordPress are supported as plug-ins.

You can only use this function once if you have a free account like the SEO Content Template.

8. Discover New Ways to Improve SEO and On-Page Content.

On Page SEO Checker must be used to design a campaign.

With just a few clicks, you’ll obtain a report that includes ideas for:

  • Things that need to be worked out
  • The performance of your page is being hampered due to the absence of some parts.
  • The answer is yes. It also suggests technical adjustments and suggests how to target SERP elements, which secondary keywords should be included, and where backlinks should come from as part of the On Page SEO evaluation.

Each of the three tools listed above uses “SEO Ideas units” to perform its functions. A single SEO Ideas unit will be assigned to each target keyword you enter into one of these tools.

There are only 10 units available for each of the three tools on a free account.

You have the right to:

  • Make a single template for SEO content.
  • Using the SEO Writing Assistant just once will get the benefits.
  • Create a single campaign for On-Page SEO Checker
  • There are no restrictions on how to employ the 10 keywords from the SEO Content Template and the On-Page SEO Checker campaign.

For example, if you construct an SEO Content Template for a single term, the number of SEO Ideas units you have for your On-Page SEO Checker campaign would now be 9.

If you want to use the SEO Writing Assistant, it will provide you with suggestions based on the term that you entered in the SEO Content Template.

Consider a free trial if you’re having trouble with your account’s limitations. For the next seven days, you’ll be able to utilize all of Semrush’s features at no cost.

Using Semrush Tools to Manage Your Social Media for Free

That being said, here’s the situation.

You can utilize our entire Social Media toolset for free, with no strings attached.

This is for the benefit of everyone.


Semrush’s social media capabilities can be used to accomplish four primary goals:

9)  Post on Social Media Channels

From a single calendar view, you can schedule all of your social media postings. On Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google Business Profile, you can post from 10 distinct profiles.

Semrush Social Media Poster example

10) Track Your Competitors’ Social Media Activity

Find out when the time of day is ideal to post and which hashtags are most effective.

Semrush Social Media Tracker

11. Monitor Your Competitors’ Social Media Activity.

Track your competitors’ social media activity and compare your results to theirs.

Semrush lets you keep track of all of your paid Facebook advertising.

You can use one ad account to:

  • To advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and the Facebook Audience Network, create ad campaigns, ad sets, and ads.
  • Keep an eye on your current ad campaigns

Social Media Ads

Then, utilizing the software, you may keep an eye on their progress.

I’ll start by asking, “Why would anyone want a free Semrush subscription?”

Semrush lets you develop and manage your whole digital strategy from a single platform, no matter what your marketing needs are.

They’ve got you covered from SEO and PPC to social media and marketing.

There are more than 50 tools available to aid you with this.

Over 140 countries are represented in the data set.

Facts and figures about Semrush

But, as we all know, even the most lofty aspirations began as modest beginnings. You may not be able to purchase one of our paid plans due to a lack of funds, expertise, or resources.

That’s OK.

It is Semrush goal to help every marketer achieve their full potential.

Each and every day.

Because of this, anyone may sign up for a free Semrush account. It’s for this reason that some of our tools are available at no cost to everyone who joins our community.

What you can do with a free account is as follows:

Carry out a search for keywords.

Analyze your competition.

Track keyword positions

Carry out an on-site technical audit

Make sure your local listings are up to snuff.

Be in control of your online presence.

Then some.

There are other things you may do with your free account, which they’ll go over in detail below.

  • SEO
  • marketing with content
  • Internet-based social networking

How to get started with SEMrush Free Trial?

SEMrush Overview

To get the most out of your keyword strategy means to keep your eyes on your rivals. But there are some things that you need to do and conduct correctly to do so. Next, you will sort it out at your end, and then move on to the next prying stage for your competitor. Let us get into the stuff you need to do to get SEMRush started.

#1 Overview Screen

Upon opening the SEMRush software, you can see that just after you enter your web address, the summary screen appears. The overview screen will give you the details of the traffic that you have. It doesn’t restrict the outcome of just that, but it will allow you to keep track of how the traffic goes up and down as well. Depending on the keywords, that will also indicate in there that the traffic is really increasing or will get worse.

#2 Track down your competitors

Now the next step is to track progress of your competitors. When you visit the official website online, a search place will be made available where you can enter the name of your rival and then you will need to select their location as well. Upon submitting this information, you can then click on the tab to find important information, such as keywords.

You can see in the analysis how the classification changes, depending on the keywords. Not only the ranking but the use of keywords also affects the traffic.

#3 Access to vital information!

Now one you get to know where your customers take the edge over you in the race, it’s nice to chase them but when you do, you have to be reasonable. If you see your competitor getting heavy traffic due to using a similar keyword then you can use it, but if your competitor has content that’s written better than yours then you won’t get any advantage.

#4 Utilize the details!

You will be able to concentrate more on the relevant issues with the aid of the SEMRush test. It basically offers you a route you can take to improve your performance. SEMRush also has a site change tab that you can track to see where your competitors were in the past and equate it to where they currently carry.

You’ll learn from this comparison whether or not their performance is rising or decreasing, or why. Next comes the Competitor’s tab, where you can test your competitors organically to find out what they are up and down. The overview appears first, and if you press a link out there, the results of the search will be expanded, and you’ll be able to learn more.

Is the Semrush SEO Tool recommended by us?

Semrush is a definite go-to for us.

It’s possible that you’ve already fallen in love with Semrush after reading this lengthy review. It’s ideal for those who wish to crush their rivals and control Google’s search engine results pages.

If you’re looking for speedy results, avoid using this method. Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t something you do in a hurry.

The tool is free for 30 days, so if you receive good results from utilizing it for that time period, then go ahead and sign up for an account.

Is Semrush the ideal tool for you to use to research your competition?

This is the ideal tool to use if you want to know what keywords your competitors are using. If you want to find out the best performing keywords together with the backlink analysis, this tool is for you.

This program provides you very accurate estimates of a website’s traffic. Even if there are other tools available for checking website traffic, this one is the most reliable because of its comprehensive features and the accuracy with which it provides users with the findings.

With the help of Semrush SEO, you may enhance your income by marketing the proper affiliate items or increase your website’s organic traffic by utilizing the best keywords that your competition is employing.

Many bloggers, including myself, produce articles only in the hopes of increasing traffic to their websites, which, in turn, will lead to more sales and higher profits, allowing them to live off their blogs. If you’re one of those people, Semrush is the finest tool for you, and you won’t regret spending about $70 on it to get the most out of your SEO work.

How can you get the most out of the Semrush competitor research tool?

  • Are you interested in learning how to get the most out of Semrush? If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be on your way to increasing your website’s total traffic.
  • Look for a website in your industry that has a lot of traffic from a competition (especially from search engines)
  • Use Semrush’s Organic Research Tool to examine the domains of your competitors.
  • Observe their traffic and search engine trends
  • Analyze the volume of inbound connections (find out the sources of the backlinks so you can use different link building strategies to acquire those links)
  • Also check out the Pages section, and filter the URL that the competitor domain is ranking for in the search results
  • With only one mouse-click, you’ll get a huge list of keywords (even long tail ones) for which your website ranks in search results (in the Page section).

Take advantage of a free 30-day Semrush Pro trial (valued at $119.95).

Make sure to keep an eye on the website trends graph and if the graph is decreasing, it signifies that the website is not keeping track of the backlinks that have been lost. It’s time to take advantage of these opportunities in order to rise above the competition in search results (through guest posting, email outreach, skyscraper technique etc).

When you search for Semrush reviews on Google, you’ll mostly discover glowing endorsements of the software rather than honest assessments of its strengths and weaknesses. They ought to be covered, too.

Semrush’s advantages:

  • With this one tool, you can save a lot of money on other expensive SEO tools like SpyFu, Ahrefs, Moz, Long Tail Pro, and more.
  • Accurate KEYWORD info is provided to you.
  • It is really simple to locate high-potential keywords (as they have accurate data)
  • Looking for information on how well or poorly a website performs on Google? Use their site audit tool, and you’ll see everything wrong with your site.
  • SEMrush’s database is the largest in the world, and it’s constantly updated to reflect new information.
  • This tool is commonly utilized (over 7 million people use it)
  • Any website’s traffic may be simply accessed and estimated.
  • Finding successful keywords is a cinch.
  • You can keep tabs on the progress of your keywords.
  • Additionally, it can be used to conduct site audits in order to detect and fix your site’s technical and SEO-related problems
  • Incredible competitor research is available.
  • Provide the best SEO reports possible (including white label reports)

Semrush’s drawbacks:

  • It will take some time to get used to the feeling. To obtain a good sense for their interface, you’ll need to watch or read some of their instructional films or tutorials.

What Else Can You Do With Your Free Semrush Membership?

  • Examine the backlinks pointing to your website and remove those that are unhelpful.
  • Monitor your brand’s mentions and look for link-building chances.
  • A link-building campaign should be planned and monitored.
  • Perform a content audit to identify pages on your site that aren’t performing well
  • Find out what’s popular on social media and use that information to generate new ideas for blog entries.
  • If you’re using a free account, you’re only able to access the required tools for a limited number of projects.

A free Semrush account should give you a solid indication of what’s included. Even if your resources are restricted, you may find that a free-level account suits your needs.

Refund Policy for Semrush

However, it appears that you can extend your free trial period from seven to 14 days. Basically, you’ll be charged and your credit card will be charged after a seven-day trial period. However, a money-back guarantee extends your trial period by an extra seven days.

For the next seven days, you can continue to utilize Semrush. Congratulations if you enjoy it. In the event that you don’t enjoy the service, you can request a refund and discontinue your subscription plan. Simple and convenient, right? However, if they inquire as to why, you are free to provide any explanation you like.

In other words, even if you miss the 7-day trial period and end up being charged, you can always go back and get your money back. This is how to get a 14-day Semrush free trial.

Is There a Free Semrush Alternative?

The greatest free alternative would be to use the Google tools that you have access to. Of course, you’d have to learn these, and it wouldn’t provide you a full audit or access to the competitors. As a result, you will have limited access. Nonetheless, it is far superior to Semrush’s free account. If you have money to invest, Semrush is without a doubt the greatest alternative.

Who Should Make Use of Semrush?

Anyone who wishes to improve their online ranking should use Semrush. It should be used by content creators, bloggers, article suppliers, and corporations to calibrate their websites or other platforms. It will make it easier for people in the neighborhood to find services.

Is Semrush Safe To Use And Reliable?

Yes. Semrush is a trustworthy service provider. Many significant corporations, including PayPal, rely on Semrush for their digital marketing efforts. It is a trustworthy tool for everything from SEO to competitive analysis.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Semrush provides a 7-day money-back guarantee to all of its users. If you believe that Semrush isn’t worth the hype, you can get a full refund within 7 days of purchasing it.

What payment methods does it accept?

Semrush accepts wire transfers, money orders, checks, and all major credit cards such as UnionPay, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover.

Some SEO Stats 2022 :

seo-statistics online

Image Credits :

In a typical day, how many searches does Google receive?

There are currently over 7 billion searches every day on Google, which equates to 81,000 searches per second. In 2020, more than 2.55 trillion searches were made on Google by people throughout the world.

Source: Worldometers.

How has Google’s increase in search changed these numbers?

In 2020, how many Google searches will there be?

In 2020, the number of searches will rise from 63,000 per second to 81,000 per second.

In 2020, there will be 4.9 million searches every minute, up from 3.8 million in 2016.

In 2020, there will be 292 million searches per hour, an increase over 2016’s 228 million.

Searches will increase from 5.5 billion to 7 billion per day by 2020, up from 5.5 billion per day in 2016.

Up from 167 billion searches in 2016, there will be 212 billion searches every month in 2020.

In 2020, there will be 2.55 trillion searches per year, an increase from the 2016 figure of 2.00 trillion.

Source: WorldometersSearchEngineLand.

It’s important to keep in mind that Google hasn’t released their data in a while, and these are the most recent estimations available online.

When referring to the statistics above, ‘or more’ is a safe bet because they’re a lower approximation than the real quantities.

How Many People Use Google on a Day-to-Day basis?

A typical internet user will use Google an average of four times every day. According to these estimates, there are around 1.7 billion people who use Google search every day, with an average of 7 billion searches per day.

Source: 99firms.

Again, this is best taken as an approximate estimate until Google makes its numbers public. Only 15 percent of US consumers search more than once a day, according to another statistic I came across. In light of this, it’s possible that the 15% they utilized to raise the overall average was a mistake.

Is Google capable of indexing more than one billion web pages?

According to current estimates, there are around 1.72 billion websites on the internet. More than 58 billion unique pages will appear in Google search by 2020, an increase of 38.1% over the past five years. Google said in 2013 that it had 30 billion pages in its index and crawled 100 billion pages each month, some with higher return frequency, of course. In 2014.

Source: WorldWebSizeStatista.

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SEMrush Free Trial FAQs

Here are some important things you need to know about SEMrush’s free trial.

👉🏻Does the free plan give me access to historical data?

This feature is only available for guru or higher plan users. So, you can’t access it with a free plan.

👉🏻Can I get branded and white-label reports with a free trial?

No! you need to subscribe to either business or enterprise plans can’t to access these reports.

👉🏻What analysis options do I get with the free plan?

The free plan allows you to analyze 10 domain analytics each day, build 1 list with its keyword magic tool, conduct 2 subject research searches, track the location of 10 keywords, crawl 100 web audit pages, and much more.

👉🏻Which one is better? SEMrush or Ahrefs?

SEMrush comes with more features and is a good value for money, while Ahrefs has really good UI/UX compared to SEMrush. However, both programs are really good tools when it comes to SEO.

👉🏻Which SEMrush plan is suitable for me?

It depends on what is your profession and what your website does. The pro plan would be ideal for you if you are a solopreneur or a blogger. While SEMrush Guru or Business plans are perfect for agency owners.

How do I get Semrush for free?

You can use my Special SEMrush free trial offer and you can easily get SEMrush for free.

Is Semrush free tool?

If you start out with a free account, you will be able to use some tools but not all of them. When you first sign up to Semrush, you can choose whether or not to start out with a 7-day free trial of either the Pro or Guru subscription.

Is Semrush reliable?

We found that SEMrush was the least accurate tool, underestimating total traffic for all sites by 30%. It is also 42% less accurate on average.

How do I cancel my Semrush free trial?

You can log in and go to the Subscription Info page. You will see an active next to recurring. Click on it and follow the link that says contact us to fill out a form for cancelling your subscription.

Is SEMrush expensive?

Pricing and value for money. Compared to other types of software, SEO tools like Semrush are expensive. But you're not just paying for the functionality of the software, you're also paying for access to lots of data and a lot of information about your competitors.

How do I remove a card from Semrush?

If you have an active recurring subscription, then you can change your credit card information. To make these changes, go to the Subscription info in My profile settings and click on the Billing info tab to find the blue Edit button next to Current Card. Click that and put in your new credit card information.

Is it easy to cancel SEMrush?

You can stop using SEMrush by sending a cancellation request to [email protected] It's best to email its customer support from the email that you use for SEMrush.

Why is SEMrush so good?

SEMrush lets you see your competitors and what keywords they get most of their traffic from. This is helpful for creating a successful content marketing strategy that targets the traffic that your competitors are getting for their best keywords.

💁‍♀️ How much can I save with SEMrush Coupon Codes & Promo codes?

With the SEMrush discount code, you can get a good discount and you can save up to 30% on your purchase.

🙆‍♂️ How often does SEMrush update new discount code?

SEMrush releases new coupons every month throughout the year. You can get the best coupons and discount code in this article as we keep adding new promo codes every day.

Is SEMrush offering 60-day trial or more?

A long time ago, SEMrush used to offer a free trial of 60 days. They no longer do that. The maximum trial length is 30 days.

Should I need to get the subscription to continue after the free trial is completed?

You will be charged after the free trial. You can get your money back if you are not interested.

Which SEMrush plan is suitable for me?

If you are a solo-entrepreneur or blogger, the pro plan would be enough for you. If you own a marketing agency, then go with the SEMrush Guru or Business plans.

Has SEMrush has good keyword and backlink index?

SEMrush is a company that has the best keyword database in the world. They are investing heavily in crawlers and servers. Recently, after a big update of their database, SEMrush has by far the best big data related to SEO.

Who owns SEMrush?

Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitri Melnikov founded SEMrush in 2007. It was called SEOquake back then. Now they have $40m of funding and it is the biggest SEO company.

SEMRush Plans & Pricing (SEMrush Free Trial)

Semrush coupon code

SEMRush offers users to choose from 3 different plans, according to their online business needs.


Price: $99.95 per month ($83.28 per month – Annually)

  • Ideal for freelancers, in-house marketers, and startups with a limited budget
  • Over 40+ advanced tools to run your SEO, PPC, and SMM projects.
  • Know your competitors’ traffic sources, rankings, social media results & more.


Price: $199.95 per month ($166.62 per month – Annually)

  • For SMB and growing marketing agencies

All the Pro features plus:

  • Content Marketing Platform
  • Branded reports
  • Historical Data
  • Extended limits


Price: $399.95 per month ($333.28 per month – Annually)

  • For agencies, E-commerce projects, and businesses with an extensive web presence

All the Guru features plus:

  • White label reports
  • API access
  • Extended limits and sharing options
  • Google Data Studio Integration

Furthermore, SEMrush is also offering a 14-days free trial from 2022 onwards for customers to avail. If you are not sure whether you should invest your money in their services, then you can avail this free trial, which gives you unlimited access to most of the SEMrush paid tools for a month, after which you can choose whether to upgrade to a paid subscription or not.

Is SEMrush Pro available for free?

Free Trial Of SEMrush Pro

Search engine marketing tool SEMrush Pro is the finest method to learn about and utilize SEMrush. It is designed to aid both marketers and bloggers of all skill levels. It can also be used to monitor the traffic of your rivals. This fantastic tool does not necessitate any special knowledge on your part. It improves the performance of your online store and enhances sales. It’s the most popular and effective tool for optimizing a website for search engines. SEO is critical for any website, but it’s extremely critical for newer ventures.

This tool can be used for a variety of uses. It’s utilized for keyword research, ranking optimization, and creating content around the phrase. Additionally, it is employed in the field of competition research. There are several uses for this instrument, and it aids the company in developing better strategies for corporate growth and development. Even major companies like Hewlett-Packard and Amazon use this technology. One of the world’s premier competitive research services for digital artists and marketers.

SEMrush Guru For Free

One of the biggest plans for you, SEMrush Guru has a distinct edge over the SEMrush Pro because of the historical data feature. This function is not available in SEMrush Pro, thus you won’t be able to view past data. The traffic overview is also available on the SEMrush Guru, which is not available on the SEMrush Pro. The traffic analytics tabs provide you with a number of alternatives.

  • An Overview of Traffic
  • sources of traffic
  • Geo Distribution
  • Destination URLs for subdomains

Using the SEMrush Guru, you’ll also be able to track a wide range of devices and places. The Guru version of SEMrush is more feature-rich and more powerful than the Pro version. As many as 50 projects can be managed and their reports can be generated for your clients using this software. Your company’s branding appears on all of the reports you provide to clients. As an alternative to tracking 500 keywords, you can now track as many as 1500 keywords.

The right keywords are critical if you want to attract the right kind of traffic. Do a lot of keywords, and it will make a big difference and help you spread the word about your business. You may compare your mobile and desktop results, as well as the results of additional users, for a minimal cost using this incredible tool.

SEMrush Business For Free

It’s also possible to benefit greatly from SEMrush business, which unlocks all of SEMrush’s capabilities for your use. You’ll be able to do more and have more room as a result of this. If you’re looking to expand your horizons, a business plan is an excellent choice. It is possible to use the keyword analytics for Product Listing Ads in this plan. Your customers can also access your work as read-only, which means they can just view it, not edit or change it. This function allows them to see what you’ve been up to. If you do business all around the world, having access to comprehensive traffic metrics will be invaluable.

The best advantage for business owners is the ability to create entirely customized reports. In order to meet their clients’ needs, they can provide them with totally tailored reports. This subscription also includes API access. It’s possible to use the SEMrush API with the SEMrush business plan, which gives you full access to the API.

Free SEMrush Enterprise

SEMrush is pleased to help businesses realize their goals by providing them with valuable data. SEMrush is a useful tool for corporations, e-commerce stores, and upcoming internet ventures. Using this software and its tools, you may execute a wide range of tasks. It speeds up the growth of your website and provides you with a steady stream of high-ranking keyword phrases. To help your company grow and provide you a good business plan with more than 1500 keywords and unmatched features, this program will give you access to product listings and advanced features that the other three SEMrush subscriptions don’t provide. On top of that, it’s cheaper than the other options.

Today’s SEMrush Free Trial Top Offers

Coupon Codes 6
Best Discount ‎50% OFF
Total Offers 9
Average Savings $120.06

Recently Added SEMrush Free Trial Offers

Browse the most popular collection of SEMrush Free Trial and coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
Get SEMrush for FREE Build Your Dream Business With SEMrush 19/07/2022 23/07/2022
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SEMrush’s Competitors

No need to worry, you may always go for a less expensive option instead.

Despite the fact that there are many alternatives to SEMRUSH, none of them will be able to match its power. However, if money is no object, there are a plethora of alternatives to pick from.

Ahrefs is a popular choice among WordPress users. However, Spyfu and Ubersuggest are other popular options. SEMrush, on the other hand, is the greatest in the business. Here is a couple of them, in no particular order:

  • Ahrefs
  • Spyfu
  • Ubersuggest
  • Moz
  • Keyword surfer
  • Longtail pro

VERDICT:  SEMRush Free Trial 30 Days (Get SEMrush PRO and GURU for FREE)

SEMrush serves as the ultimate in-house toolkit for improving your online business marketing expertise and efforts. The developers have worked hard to reach all ends of their customer base by combining their industry expertise and experience to create the most effective and enjoyable service for specialists in online marketing out there. From advertisement analysis to backlinks to keyword density preparation, SEMrush has just the right tools, all bundled in a beautifully designed dashboard, to perform certain acts.

All in all, SEMrush is just the right tool for any form of company, small or large, finding the ultimate marketing tool that tackles important aspects such as keyword preparation and backlinks with a fair price tag!

Did you like our SEMRush free trial offer, let us know in the comments.

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  1. Semrush is a total boss search engine optimization tool that I use for every project. Plus, it’s free to sign up for the trial, so you can check out all of the different tools they offer and see what will work best for you. Super cool company with unique employees too!

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  8. I used Semrush when I was trying to get my new blog off the ground. Without it, I would have been lost in the sea of marketing blogs which all had different articles about SEOs and PPC ads. The one great thing about this service is that there is a free trial period so you can see what works for you before paying any money. No offense, but if your budget isn’t as tight as mine then I would recommend going with an annual subscription because it may work better for your business needs.”

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  10. I’ve been using Semrush for the past few weeks and I’m loving it! The customer service is prompt, the reports are crisp, and there’s tools to suit any need. I give them two thumbs up!

  11. I have been using Semrush for a few weeks now and I’ve notice that they make everything so easy. They keep things simple, to the point – which is great when you’re busy like me! It’s also really affordable and it has some of the most up-to-date features on the market. Highly recommended!

  12. Semrush seems to be the best of all worlds. Take a quick look at their free trial and you’ll see that they offer so much more than just keyword research. I found my competitor’s keywords in an instant! They also offer excellent PPC management services for those fast-paced online marketers. After trying out Semrush, it was the perfect fit for me because it provided on-demand SEO content while still enabling blogs like mine to reduce backlinks and get them naturally ranking on Google search pages too!”

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