SEMrush Review 2022 #1 Complete All-in-One SEO Tool?

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Backlinsk data
Ease of use
Competitor Analysis
Rank Tracking


  • 50+ tools on SEO
  • Uncover millions of national & local keywords
  • Run technical SEO audits
  • Analyze any domain’s backlink profile
  • Track your SERP positions daily
  • 45% Fortune 500 companies use Semrush
  • Create and track your PPC campaigns
  • Create and schedule white-labeled or branded reports
  • Get recommendations to improve your content to increase search rankings


  • Expensive for beginners
  • Backlinks data is not that great
  • More pricing options needed for SMB's

SEMrush is one the top notch SEO tools used by 7M+ professionals and it helps you do SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and social media marketing from just one platform. 45% of fortune 500 companies using SEMRush as their go to marketing tool. I highly recommended you to Try SEMrush for your business to grow 10X

Price:$ 119

One thing that every blogger wishes is to capture is the top spot in the search result but not all are lucky enough to reach their. Yes some might argue that it is not luck but hard work that will take you to the position.

Agreed! But then again there must be something special in order to beat your competitors in the race and reach out for the finishing rope first.

So what exactly do you need when you have completed writing great content with 1% keyword density and other points that you have to keep in mind while seeking the SEO benefit? It is not only about you instead you also have to work equally hard on doing research, about your competitor as well.

What is he doing or where is he doing better than you is the biggest question that you need to ask yourself all the time. It will keep you motivated to perform better and also help you to know the other platforms that you can use just like your competitors to draw in some more traffic.

So when you are doing research to get your things sorted out you also have to keep your eyes wide open to see where your competitor is outperforming you. Now all this is easier to say than getting it done, but in this world of smart technology, you have tools for everything. So yes, there is a tool for this too.

You can make use of SEMRush to get things done for free in the beginning and if you really liked the tool then you can easily upgrade to a paid version. So here is the detailed SEMrush Review.

SEMrush Review 2022 #1 Complete All-in-One SEO Tool?


SEMrush service for competitors research shows organic and Ads keywords for any site or domain

We have been discussing about how you must keep your eyes on your competitors but in order to do that you have to ensure that you are doing your things correctly. First, you need to sort out things on your front and then move on to the next step of prying ion your competitor. SEMRush will be your helping hand in this aspect.

When you access the SEMRush tool you will see that it will come up with the overview screen just after you enter your web address.

That overview screen will provide you with the result regarding the traffic that you have been receiving. It doesn’t restrict its result with just that instead it will also help you in keeping a watch at the way your traffic is moving up and down. Depending on the keywords whether your traffic is actually improving or is it going towards worse will also get reflected in there.

If you want to see your growth over the last 1 years or 2 years, then you can easily do that by changing the date range and it is easily downloaded in PDF format so you need not worry about losing out on data.

Next step: Tracking down competitors Features, Track your competitors

Now when you are sure about your own strength and weaknesses you can easily move on to the next step and that is to track the progress of your competitors. When you go online to the official website you will be made available a search place where you can enter the name of your competitor and then the selection of their location is also required. Once upload this information then you can click on search it will come up with important information including keywords.

In the result you will be shown how depending on the keywords the ranking changes. Not just ranking, but the traffic is also affected because of the use of keywords.

There are some keywords that are crowd puller and this tool helps you to emphasize on that only. In case you want to know specifically which web page is drawing more traffic then also SEMRush will provide you with the information.

Optimizing the value of information received

SEMrush seo metrics analysis

Now when you know that where your customers are beating you in the race, then it is good to follow them but while doing that you must be realistic. If you see your competitor getting good traffic due to the use of a particular keyword then you can use that, but if your competitor has well written content than yours then you won’t get benefitted much.

Making the most out of it

With the help of SEMRush result, you will be able to concentrate more on the relevant things. It actually provides you with a path that you can follow in order to get your traffic improved. SEMRush also has a position change section which you can follow to see where your competitors were in the past and compare it to the position they hold at present.

From this comparison you will know whether their popularity is increasing or declining or what is the reason behind it. Next comes the Competitor’s tab where you can carry out organic search to find out what your competitors are up to. The gist appears first and if you click on a link out there, then the search result will expand and you will be able to get into more details regarding that.

Then again, it will come up with some keywords suggestion that as per SEMRush can prove to be great options for drawing in traffic but in reality the whole thing might differ. It might turn out that you do not need those keywords at all to rank better.

Dashboard Overview of SEMRush

SEMrush Overview
SEMRush Projects overview

This is the section where you can track about your project positioning and can check how is your website performing on weekly changes in campaign.

SEMrush projects overview

 Backlinks Overview

SEmrush Backlinks overview report

Go  to Backlinks >> Overview and enter your competitor’s domain.


Ok, so you know which domains are linking to your competitor…

Now,  it’s time to see which specific pages are linking. This show you exactly how they are getting their links.

Are they using guest posts, forum marketing or directory submissions to build links and drive traffic?


Backlink Comparison

In this section you can easily track backlinks of competitors by comparing them. This will help you to analyze better about link structure of your competitor. How many image link, dofollow links or nofollow links competitors site have.


SEMrush Backlinks Comparison

Referring Domains

This is very useful section where you can track about competitors referring domains, so spy on it and start making backlinks, isnt it cool. Hell Yeah 🙂

Semrush Backlinks Referring domains report

Competitor position tracking

SEMrush Paid Competitors

In this section you can track your competitor position for various keywords.

You will see a competitor positioning map highlighting your top organic search competitors. This visualization provides you with a quick snapshot of where you rank in the competitive landscape in terms of the number of keywords ranking in the top 20 search results, as well as the amount of search traffic going to the domain.

Position Tracking


SEMrush domain position tracking

This feature is currently in Beta.

Position Tracker allows you to monitor daily changes in the positions of your competitors for organic and Adwords keywords in Google.

You can track position changes for up to 500 keywords.

Go to Tools >> Position Tracking.


SEMrush Chart Tool

The “Charts”  tool is great for producing quick data visualizations for up to five different domains.

Domain Vs. Domain

SEMrush domain vs domain

This feature allow you to compare domains according to their keyword intersections.

Go to Tools >> Domain vs Domain.

Enter up to five domains you’d like to compare with organic and paid keyword data.

Indexed pages

This section will help you tell how many indexed pages you have for your site.

SEMrush Backlinks Indexed pages

Keyword Positioning

This is very crucial section of SEMrush to give you insights about your keyword position in Google SERP’s. Analyze these keywords and start optimizing your campaigns accordingly.

PLA Positions

If you sell products online you probably have product listing ads running through Google’s merchant center.

SEMrush recently launched the “PLA Positions” report.

SEMRUSH Product Listing Ads Positions

Site Audit :

Site Audit is one of best feature in SEMRush which provides overall domain overview in terms of errors, warnings of various pages in website. It will give insights about what SEO factors site is lacking. What all changes website need in terms of meta tag optimization, image optimization, category optimization and various SEO parameters.


SEMrush Site audit feature

Anchor Text:

This section will give you details about anchor text cloud of your sites.

SEmrush Backlinks Anchors report for this domain

Tools that can be put to use

SEMrush Tracking tools

Position tracking is available with the beta version of the tool, but still it doesn’t take anything away from this efficient tool. It will provide you with the best possible data that will go beyond your imagination. The First tool that you can make use of it as the Position Tracking tool which will provide you with the information that hold relevance as far as your competitor are concerned.

Then you can make use of another tool which is the self explanatory domain v/s domain. This will show you the result where you both share the common keyword. It will show you the result for the keywords where you rank within the top 20.

If you want to get in more detailed information then just roll over the place and click on that, it will come up with the information that you have been looking for. After going through the result if you feel that you have not been doing well in certain areas, then you need to churn out more unique topics on that.

Keyword Difficulty tool

SEMrush Keyword Difficulty Tool

SEMRUSH Product Listing Ads Positions

In this section you can discover websites using product listing ads (PLAs), their product listing ad copies and keywords triggering these PLAs.

SEMRUSH Product Listing Ads Positions

Ads history :

This is kickass feature with SEMRush that give you insight about ads history for keywords.

This report lets your competitors do the work while you reap the benefits. It allows you to determine when, and how often your competitors bid on each keyword.


Keyword Ad history:

SEmrush Keyword adwords history

Ad Copy

Use this report to get a comprehensive look at the different types of ad copy your competitors are using.


Semrush Ad Copies

Related keyword report:

Social Media Monitoring

SEMrush social media monitoring

How it works

First, SEMrush collect and process data from your and your competitors’ social media accounts — from Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Then they display it in a detailed and convenient report that is divided into two tabs.

The first tab is the Overview. Here you can see overall information for all specified social media accounts for each group (e.g. all social accounts for Nike). This includes:

SEMrush social media tool monitoring part 2

    • Audience
      The total number of users subscribed to the social media services (page likes for Facebook,followers for Twitter and Google+)
    • Activity
      This number indicates how many times you posted new content on your page for a selected time period (tweets for Twitter and posts for Facebook and Google+)
    • Engagement
      The total number of user interactions with your social media page (likes, shares and commentsfor Facebook; favorites, retweets and mentions for Twitter; +1’s, reshares and comments for Google+)
    • Engagement Rate
      The engagement rate measures how well your audience interacted with your social media page for a selected period of time. Basically, it tracks user activity and compares it to the total audience number.


SEMRush Plans available

SEMRush offers various plans according to small businesses to large businesses.


Now when you have decided to get yourself a plan of SEMRush then you can avail from three options –

  • Pro 1 month Plan – It will cost you $79.95 for 1 month
  • Pro Recurring Plan – This will put your account in recurring bill for $69.95
  • Guru Plan – With $149.95 it will give you higher limits of every feature.

SEMRush Clients

SEMrush Clients

SEMRush Webinars:

This is really feature at SEMRush that they have very useful webinars for digital marketers which help you to understand better of your compeitition and digital marketing strategies. These webinars are helpful and experts share their opinions about how to use SEMRush for your campaigns. I really like this feature.

semrush webinars

Few webinars from SEMRush:

SEMrush Webinar Competitor Backlink Analysis with Maggie Keavney

SEMrush Webinar The 7 Easy Steps to Fast, Traffic Generating Keyword Research That Rocks!

Final Words :  SEMrush Review 2022 Best Keyword Research & Marketing Tool

It is actually more of a guiding force for your website. It will give you all the details you need to know about your competitors and yourself so that you can evaluate both of them and draw a perfect plan for your website growth successfully. It is the research tool every business and blogger must have not just for prying on your competitor but actually to chalk out a plan to get them in a better position. Follow SEMRush on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin & Google+.

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