Semrush vs Serpstat 2020: Which is Best Keyword Research Tool

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It’s been only four years since Serpstat appeared on the market, but this tool gained many admirers becoming the best-selling SEO tool on AppSumo and entering the top of their 5 best-selling tools ever. If we search for Serpstat on G2 Crowd we’ll see that it is in top 3 SEO tools, shoulder to shoulder with such giants like SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz.

We’ve heard much about SEMrush. So let’s discuss Semrush vs Serpstat: Which is the Best Keyword Research Tool?

Semrush vs Serpstat 2020 Which is Best Keyword Research Tool

What do we know about Serpstat?

Serpstat was founded in 2013. It was only for keyword research initially, but after some time they have created fully fledged SEO tool. It is an all-in-one cloud-based SEO tool which consists of such modules: Website Analysis, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, Keyword Grouping, and Text Analytics.

Full tour of Serpstat

Database of Serpstat is massive. It has 100 million keywords and 200 million search suggestions. Serpstat is used by more than 130000 online marketers, SEOs and webmasters. Serpstat has much in common with SEMrush as well as with any SEO tools. If you have used SEMrush, it will be easy for you to learn how to navigate.

Serpstat Pricing

You can start using Serpstat for free, but free trial has limits. Starting price for Serpstat is $19/month, making it much more affordable than SEMrush. SEMrush plans starts from $99/month and the largest plan of SEMRush costs $399/month.

Semrush vs Serpstat- Serpstat Pricing

Serpstat has eight paid plans of different limitations from $19 to $2500. By buying a long-term subscription you’ll save up to 40% vs 30% with SEMrush. Serpstat claims that they keep the price low by having a small but extra effective team.

Serpstat vs. Semrush 2020: Data Comparison

Let’s see if we can get as much data with Serpstat as we can with SEMrush.

Serpstat Review-Keyword Research Tool


Serpstat Review-Keyword Analysis Tool


We type in “jeans” and get almost 90K in SEMrush and 110K in Serpstat which cannot be compared with what we can get with KeyWord planner.

Serpstat Review-Keyword Research


Serpstat Review-Organic Keyword Traffic

9K and 12K for acoustic guitar. We can explore keyword difficulty, volume, CPC right on this page and also apply filters.

Serpstat Review-Organic Keywords ToolSerpstat Review-Keyword PositionWe got 15.6K and 13.7K keywords in domain analysis.

Serpstat Review-Domain Analysis


Serpstat Review-Domain Analysis Tool

SEMrush found 61M keywords and  Serpstat found 49M keywords for

Serpstat Review -Serpstat vs Semrush


Serpstat Review-Serpstat vs Semrush

Results for keywords do not vary much, but in Backlinks research, Serpstat is definitely a leader: 3.1K vs 5.6K links and 152 vs 583 referring domains.

Let’s compare what we can get for almost the same amount of money in SEMRush and Serpstat . Here the comparison between first SEMRush Plan and Serpstat’s Plan B.

Semrush Serpstat
Price 99$ 69$
Tracked Keywords per day 500 700
Update frequency every day every day
Projects 5 20
Reports per Day in Search analytics 3000 4000
Results per report 10 000 15 000
Historical data No Yes
Pages for Site audit 100 000 150 000
API Access No Yes

Both SEMrush and Serpstat will be helpful to

  • enlarge your keywords list with the relevant keywords, understand which keyword will be more effective
  • make a competitive analysis and compare yours and yours rivals rankings, ads, visibility and keywords.
  • check your website for errors.
SEMrush Serpstat
Rank Tracking Yes Yes
Traffic analysis Yes Yes
Keywords Research Yes Yes
Related Keywords Yes Yes
Missing Keywords Yes Yes
Keyword difficulty Yes Yes
Search questions No Yes
Search suggestions No Yes
Keyword grouping Yes Yes
PPC research Yes Yes
Mobile Search Yes No
Competitors Research Yes Yes
Export XLS, CSV, CSV Semicolon CSV (Open Office, ME), XLSX, XLS, Google Docs
API Yes Yes
White label reports Yes Yes
Prices from $99.95/month

Long-term subscription discount up to -20%
Price on API starts from $399

from $19/month

Long-term subscription discount up to -40%

Price on API starts from $69


As seen from the table above, Serpstat and SEMrush have matching tools.

Let’s take a look at Search questions which is a unique Serpstat feature. You can get interrogative search questions which contain the keyword you are interested in. When you know the questions that your target audience ask it gives plenty ideas for creating content. You can simply pick those questions and create how-to articles on your topic and so on.

I typed a name of Twin Peaks series character and now we can see what are people curious about her (all the spoilers are blurred so that the main intrigue “Who killed Laura Palmer” is not revealed 🙂

Serpstat Review-LSI Keywords

Features: SEMrush vs. Serpstat

SEMrush has biggest databases for 117 countries. Though Serpstat has fewer databases, the data you get (especially for keywords) is usually more precise, and there are less irrelevant phrases.

Serpstat’s feature Missing keywords shows keywords your competitors rank for, but you do not. SEMRush has recently launched Gap Analysis which works almost the same. It will come in handy if you want to target the same keywords as your competitors.

Unique Serpstat feature Tree View displays all the top pages for the domain based on their organic search visibility. Below each URL there is a list of keywords that the page is ranking for. Other tools like SEMRush only display the top pages, and you will have to go through each of them to explore the phrases that bring you traffic.  Serpstat shows the top pages and their keywords on a single page which makes it easier to navigate.

Let’s check out features of Serpstat:


APIs can serve a variety of purposes. Like here for the developers often use them to embed specific objects right on websites. If you see a part of Google Maps on a website, it means that the Google Map API is used there. The same can be done with applications or tools. And now you can use Serpstat API to use all these features effectively.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- The API Feature

Screenshot Credit- Search Engine Watch

And here Serpstat is having easy-to-use API for the developer that generally incorporates daily ranking, competitive analysis, position tracking, and keyword research directly to you without any efforts.

The Multi-User Mode

No doubt. This one is my favorite features when it comes to managing teams for SEO tasks. As here with Serpstat you can use a single account to manage your teamwork with the help of the multi-user mode.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Multiple UsersAs a team leader, you can now track your team’s projects, including SEO errors found during the review, the number of external links, the position of the client in Rank Tracker, etc.

And the best part about this feature is that you need not to be afraid to add other accounts, they have limited rights. You can not delete accounts or change profile settings.

The Keyword Clustering and Text Analysis

With the help of this feature Keyword Clustering, you don’t have to waste time on this boring and repetitive task, putting keywords in the way and all.


Here Serpstat generally creates groups for thousands of keywords that you can edit, update and edit at any time. Now start adding a list of keywords. Just start adding the keywords to your list in order to do the keyword clustering and text analysis.

With this feature, you can just start the text analysis for the advertised page. Right through text analysis, you can choose the right keywords to describe the topic and show you how to optimize the header, body, and title of the page.

The Missing Keywords

Basically, the missing keywords are keywords in which the pages of your competitors are among the top 10, not on the page requested. With this unique feature, you can quickly gather the missing semantics and outperform your competitors in a super easy and smart way.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- The Missing FeaturesThe best part about Serpstat they generally collect all the keywords for which this page has a rank, and simply analyze each keyword in the list. Serpstat verifies what pages are actually ranking for these keywords.

And even they check the semantics of these pages and compare them to show some intersections. Like somehow 50  of your competitors are actually ranking for a specific keyword and you do not then they will show you that you have it right in the list of missing keywords.

Related Keywords

As here the name suggests you can easily use these features in order to simply find the best working related for a keyword term that you basically enter in the search box of Serpstat tool.

Like here I’m just typing a keyword “blogging” here and I’m gonna the best-related term for this actual phrase right here.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Related KeywordsActually, it was a long list but I have narrowed it down to show some of the examples. Let’s move to another feature.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

The best of all, as many of the SEO tools, generally offer the keyword difficulty tool but none of them really matches the level of Serpstat. Serpstat uses the second algorithm as a base and adds some additional measures to improve accuracy.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Keyword Difficulty ToolSo here are all the parameters that we consider:

  • Reference domains: Indicates the number of domains that refer to the 10 main pages of Google.
  • External links: the number of links to the 10 best pages of Google.
  • Serpstat page rank refers to the number of backlinks your site receives.
  • Serpstat Trust Rank is the number of reliable and high-quality backlinks that your site has received
  • Domains whose keyword is in the title: number of domains that contain the keyword requested in the title.
  • URL with the keyword in the title – Number of pages containing the keyword requested in the title
  • Main pages in SERP: indicates the number of main pages in the top 10 of SERP.

Tree View

Now using this feature you can simply look for pages that can easily move up and search for keywords. Also, you can just expand the group of keywords on your pages with the most effective and relevant keywords.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- The Tree ViewLook for the classified pages on the second page of Google and place them at the top. This is the easiest way to make the most of pages that do not perform well.

You can just do this task in two simple features:

  1. Just enter a domain in the Serpstat search bar, select a database and click the Search button.
  2. Now in the second step just go to the Domain Analysis module, search for SEO and click on the tree.


Basically, Visibility is a relative index developed by Serpstat that indicates the frequency with which the domain appears in the search results of the keywords for which it is actually ranking for.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Visibility In simple terms we can just say, visibility means the visibility of your website in search engines. The greater the visibility of the domain, the more traffic you can get from the major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Traffic Trend For The Year

Here using this feature you can easily the number of visitors for the month. And this figure is the approximate traffic data that is website is getting over time.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Domain Analysis_Traffic TrendBasically, the Serpstat traffic calculations are generally based on the CTRs (Click Through Rates) and they also consider the SERPs positions and the keyword volume.

The Batch Domain Analysis

Here using this simple feature you can easily compare the metrics of up to 200 domains in a row. In order to get started with this feature, you need to just enter the domains name in the Batch Domain Name Analysis Tools.

Serpstat Vs SEMRush- Batch Domain AnalysisAnd after inserting it you have to choose the metrics that you’re actually interested in and then specify the search engine and then click on the “Get Data” button. And they will simply display the results in the single tab with the option to simply download in any format you like.

Serpstat Database: (The New Data For Every Country)

No doubt Serpstat is one of the best and reliable growth hacking SEO tool out there in the market. And it always comes up with interesting features and now they have more than 230 Google Database. And recently they have added countries like Portugal, Czech Republic, Hungary, Norway, Switzerland. Now anyone can easily use all of the advanced data analysis.

Google USA Database- (2.4 Billion More Than SEMRush)

They have the largest database for the USA and you will be amazed to know that they have near about 2.4 billion keywords especially for the USA and this more than SERMRush and any other SEO tool out there in the market.

Database Statistics — Serpstat Vs SEMRush

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SEMrush is rather slow when it comes to indexing new backlinks.

Serpstat has more flexible prices (8 plans) which include more limits than what you’d get for the same amount of money with SEMrush.

More exporting options are available in Serpstat. (XLSX Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, CSV Open Office, CSV Microsoft Excel, PDF or TXT).

Final Word: [Updated] Semrush vs Serpstat 2020 Which is Best Keyword Research Tool

SEMRush and Serpstat are such kinds of tools that every SEO and PPC specialist should be using. They will be perfect for keyword ideas, but SEMRush lacks backlink reporting. If you need a tool especially for backlink research, I would advise you Serpstat or of course Ahrefs. When it comes to price, Serpstat is an undoubted winner. You can get as much as you get with SEMrush for less money.

SEMRush has been a leader in the market for quite a long time. It’s been only four years since Serpstat was launched and the number of its fans grows rather fast. SEMRush has got a solid competitor in the face of this tool.


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