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Marketers’ evolving goals led to growth platforms. They’re like CRM or marketing automation software.

Digital marketing tools aim to gain and keep customers.

SharpSpring is a revenue growth platform, meaning it gives solutions for small and medium businesses to develop and grow revenue.

SharpSpring’s target clientele distinguishes it from competitors: agencies and enterprises. It targets lead generation, marketing strategy, and customer acquisition/conversion.

SharpSpring’s mission is to automate marketing duties so you can focus on growing revenue.

SharpSpring mostly serves agencies. Because agencies have different needs, the platform is flexible and customizable.

SharpSpring Features


SharpSpring is a revenue and marketing growth platform. Below are the features:

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful technique to reach your audience. SharpSpring’s marketing automation solutions make it easy to send customers email broadcasts and sequences. You may send tailored emails, track deliverability, and develop automatic email replies.

SharpSpring offers customized email templates and dynamic content; you may tailor messages.

Landing Page

Creating landing pages from scratch is time-consuming and challenging.

SharpSpring’s landing page tool lets you design pages and forms without coding. The drag-and-drop builder simplifies page customization and boosts conversion rates.

CRM Integration

SharpSpring integrates with customers’ existing CRM systems to synchronize data.

When new CRM data is added, SharpSpring can launch an email campaign, track incoming calls, and segment lists.

Lead Management

SharpSpring’s lead management software qualifies and scores leads.

The software tracks each visitor and shows sales teams which leads are ready to be called. Visitors can be recognized by demographics and engagement, allowing you to customize content and track leads.


SharpSpring provides real-time reporting and analytics to measure campaign success. You can quickly track leads, conversions, and sales with marketing automation software.

SharpSpring’s data dashboard shows the effectiveness of your entire marketing strategy.

Segment audiences by gender or area, track how many people engage with your landing pages or emails, and create bespoke reports.

Social Media

SharpSpring manages social media profiles.

It lets you schedule posts, put up lead collection forms, evaluate outcomes, and track post-performance.

SharpSpring Pricing

SharpSpring Pricing

Let’s see how much SharpSpring costs now that we’ve covered its features.

Customers may have trouble comparing SharpSpring pricing to that of competing marketing automation platforms.

We’ve broken down each price model so you may choose based on your organization’s goals.

SharpSpring provides three pricing tiers plus Agency and Enterprise bespoke pricing.

  • 1,500 contacts: $550/mo
  • 10,000 contacts: $850/mo
  • 20,000 contacts: $1,250/month.

All options include unlimited users, support, and an onboarding professional.

But that’s not all. You can also buy an additional $2,399 onboarding plan. Two months of training and assistance are included. One-time purchase.

Agency SharpSpring Pricing

The aforementioned pricing is for SMBs.

SharpSpring builds a client-management platform for agencies. Agency dashboards can track many clients and allow unrestricted user access.

SharpSpring’s agency package provides agent-specific management choices to small enterprises.

The agency package allows agencies to manage numerous clients’ accounts and various teams under their own accounts.

With the Agency Package, you can set alerts for certain behaviors, examine detailed reports by team members, and automatically produce leads from quote requests. They are:

  • API connectors
  • Full connectivity with third-party apps
  • Automated email templates and processes
  • Call recording & monitoring tools

Agency pricing isn’t normal. SharpSpring’s unique pricing requires a call in order to get a perfect pricing plan.

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Final Thought

When it comes to picking the appropriate product, one of the most important considerations for a small business is pricing. We provide comprehensive pricing plans for SharpSpring, in addition to prices for a variety of other instruments.

In the end, the platform that you decide to use will be determined by the goals that you have. SharpSpring is the right choice for you if you want to see absolute revenue increase while still adhering to an agency pricing strategy.

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