SharpSpring vs Constant Contact 2022: Which One Worth The HYPE?

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In this article, I will compare SharpSpring vs Constant Contact. Go and check the complete write-up.

Are you an Entrepreneur or Handling a Business firm? Then you must have been working very hard to generate leads Sharpspring vs Constant Contact. It’s always been a tiresome work of finding a potential client through various platforms, gathering their contact details, pitching our Idea through mails, and then turning them into our clients Sharpspring vs Constant Contact. This process has been outdated and it requires more employees and even more hours of work.

By now, you might have started looking at several other ways to increase Work efficiency. Ever heard of automated business intelligence marketing tools? Yes! You read it right. Several smart tools can help you generate real leads and send them very attractive messages in a Single Click. Few among them are Sharpspring and Constant Contact.  These two Marketing tools find out more ways to flourish your business rapidly. We are not comparing these two tools and find out which is best suitable for your business. At the end of this article, you will come to know every aspect of Sharpspring and Constant contact.

We have successfully done a head-on-head comparison between the two.

So, stick to this article until the end to gain something very useful. 

SharpSpring vs Constant Contact 2022

Overview Of Sharpspring

Sharpspring is an affordable email marketing platform that focuses on lead generation and customer relationship management (CRM). It works with third-party apps and existing systems targeted primarily at small and medium-sized businesses.

SharpSpring vs Constant Connect - SharpSpring

They have a wide array of features that offers all kinds of online marketing functionalities. Its Headquarters is based in the United States and the year of Establishment is 2011

It is quite inexpensive making it a-must-try option for a new business or an individual entrepreneur.

 Overview of Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an all-in-one platform that boosts your brand and revenue by reaching thousands of potentials quickly. It comes with in-housed tools that provide plenty of features to extend email marketing efforts to social media. Its Headquarters is based in the United States and the year of the Establishment is 1995.

 SharpSpring vs Constant Connect -Constant-Contact

The dashboard is centralized for scheduling and sharing content on various social media sites and engages customers and leads.

Features Comparison

Sharpspring Features

Lead scoring and lead nurturing

With Sharpspring you can find leads, and develop them. Some of these leads will soon be your customers. With the help of Sharpspring, we can create and speed up the process of lead generation. But Sharpspring not only helps you find these leads it also helps you develop and grow your relationship with them.

Compaign Insight

Smart Emails

With SharpSpring smart emails you can send personalized emails that will connect directly with your potential customers; also known as your leads. Personalization is one of the most impactful tools to use to connect with an ever-growing competitive market.

SharpSpring - Smart Mails

Transformative email analytics

The mail analytics that is offered by SharpSpring is indeed second to none. It gives you a scalable increase in the efficiency and way you deal with situations based on the reaction that your leads have to your emails. Mail analytics is very important to understand how effective your email marketing campaign is.

SharpSpring - Email Analytics

Third-party CRM integration

CMR is a database solution that you can link up with your SharpSpring account, a database management system that will help ease your difficulties. It lets you integrate with this third party app so that you can create these personalized Smart Emails, which in turn bring you transformative email analytics.

SharpSpring - CRM Integration

Behavior tracking and campaign tracking

You must constantly manage and take care of your marketing campaign, you must know how people are reacting to your product. Any good marketing campaign must understand and keep in mind the behavior or rather the reaction that their leads are showing to their best efforts.

SharpSpring - Email Tracking

For this Sharpspring brings to the table a solution, one which will change the course of your campaign as it directly impacts the decisions you will be making.

Constant Contact

Customizable and responsive email templates

Customization is just another word for personalization. It cannot be stressed enough that personalization is the single most important tool for business development and sales generation. These customizable email templates are also interactive and are sure to bring people’s attention to your brand!

-Constant-Contact - Send Smarter

Create invoices

Having too many clients is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Having too many transactions has the same effect. Many sit there scrolling online for invoice generators, wasting their time. With the Constant Contact tool, you will be able to quickly and easily generate invoices that you can send off to your clients.

Contact Manager

SMS marketing

Emails have become a thing of the past. People may be checking their email a couple of times a day, but people check their phones a couple of hundred times a day.

Constant-Contact - Ecommerce Tool

A concept that Constant Contact has ironically enough; “Constantly” understood. As it provides some of the best SMS marketing tools available on the market today.

Predictive analytics

You need to know not only the insights as to what has happened in the past in terms of your campaigns. But it is essentially important to also understand and predict what the future holds in store for you.

Constant-Contact - Track Result

These predictive analytics will help you understand the raw data and be able to get things done much more effectively.

Real-time Sales reports and sales-alert

As mentioned it is good to know about what your campaigns have done in the past, and what they might do in the future. But it is vital, to know what you are accomplishing at the moment! Right at this second! Yes, that’s right, Constant Contact constantly keeps you up to date on all these matters!

Constant-Contact - Social Marketing

Integrations: SharpSpring vs Constant Contact

Sharpspring Integrations

  • Salesforce
  • Magneto
  • Zapier
  • Wufoo
  • Linkedin
  • Shutterstock
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Litmus
  • Formstack
  • Gmail
  • WebEx
  • Open API
  • Zoho CRM
  • GoToWebinar
  • PieSync
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Google Adwords

Constant Contact

  • Facebook
  • Formstack
  • Xero
  • Wistia
  • WordPress
  • Zapier
  • Hootsuite
  • Volusion
  • Viewbix
  • Sumac
  • Socket
  • NetSuite
  • Nimble
  • Goldmail
  • GiftWorks
  • Instagram
  • Joomla
  • Mother node
  • Lexity live
  • Lead pages
  • Perkville
  • Velocify
  • Wishpond
  • Podio
  • Shoeboxed
  • Personyze
  • patient
  • ThunderTix
  • Outlook
  • Snap force
  • Unbounce
  • Salesforce

SharpSpring vs Constant Contact: Ease Of Use


It provides documentation, lives online, personality, and webinars as pieces of training. It gives you a powerful platform for executing marketing automation across the marketing and sales landscape.

The built-in visuals help you to analyze how the lead in scoring, to build experiences with branching logic. You can easily frame-up dynamic forms and landing pages.

Today’s fast-paced marketing world, sharp spring can be the best asset for you. This system acts as a central platform and supports both sales and marketing functions.

The lead scoring tool allows you to track engagements and assign outreach responsibilities.

The dynamic form fields and blog offers hyper-personalized experiences by customizing your sites automatically. Thus, it matches the latest and unique needs of your site.

Apply a proper strategy and see how Sharpspring helps you to drive more conversions.

It is the place where ‘set it and forget it’ thing holds good. Some automation is critical to delivering personalized and profitable experiences.

It has impactful sales and marketing tactics which is worth a look.

Constant Contact

It provides documentation, lives online, and webinars as training.

You can easily create and edit emails using the inbuilt drag and drop feature. There are hundreds of email templates and image libraries to choose from and host up to 2 GB. You can add images, texts, or buttons via smart columns.

No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced one, this system helps you to make your emails look professional and unique.

You can now automate emails to your new subscribers and set emails based on their clicks. List segmentation ensures that you send the right message only.

It allows you to focus on important aspects of your company/ business.

Hassle-free integration with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, etc helps you to link with new and potential customers and engage them in your business. To streamline marketing efforts is easier now.

Now you can schedule, share, and monitor your content from the software’s dashboard. So, you can quickly switch between the social media handles.

The easy to read reports give you valuable insights to check the performance of your email campaign and social ads.

A/B testing lets you maximize the rates of email open.

Event management, surveys, pools, dynamic sign-up forms, and donations boost your marketing campaigns. You can interact with your target audience more easily ad can collect actionable feedback from all your contacts.

The comprehensive step-by-step guides and how-to tutorials train you to use it properly. You get advice from the marketing experts as well. The 24/7 customer support never disappoints you.

User satisfaction SharpSpring and Constant Contact


No record of mentions as they are countless. Positive remarks dominate negative ones on social media.

Constant Contact

Positive social media mentions are 117 whereas negative social media mentions are 10.

SharpSpring vs Constant Contact: Which One Is Secure?


  • Encryption of sensitive data at rest
  • HTTPS for all web-based apps
  • Reports/alerts for security breaches

Constant Contact

  • Encryption of sensitive data at rest
  • Reports/alerts for security breaches
  • Customer data is removed on service cancellation

Smart Score

Sharpspring – 9.2

Constant Contact- 9.0

Reliability and Availability


It stands good in terms of reliability and availability.

Constant Contact

No major problems in sending out email campaigns have been observed. Plus, accessing analytics is easy. So Constant Contact is available and reliable well.

Customer Support: SharpSpring vs Constant Contact


When you have any issues regarding sharp spring, you can directly contact their team.  They respond as soon as they can either through email, phone whatever venue they get. You can trust that your effort doesn’t go into a black hole. They are not dismissive but highly responsive.

Constant Contact

You will notice even small issues are fixed in a very small time frame. The overall support is incredible. Here you will experience quick responses.

Value for Money


You will get a powerful platform at a great price. The whole team of sharp spring option monster supports you to succeed.

They help you by all possible means they can, like documentation, courses, and forums.

Constant Contact

Overall pricing and experience will be good but beware of certain limitations. Go for a 30-day trial and see if it works for you or not.

Device supported


Android, iPhone, Mac, Linux, Windows, Web-based, iPad.

Constant Contact

Android, iPhone, iPad, Linux Mac, Windows, and Web-based.

Likelihood to recommend


Sharpspring is a great option for you if you are not in the mood of hiring salespeople for your company. We recommend it because this system moves your focus into closing deals and not merely chasing it.

If your company/business is not on the path of growth due to capacity issues then this is not for you.

Users recommend it more comparatively.

Constant Contact

Well suited for email newsletters and generating more subscribers. It is best for small-sized businesses. It can make your emails look professional. We recommend it over iContact or MailChimp.

It is great for managing a large number of email communications and mailing databases. It requires a knowledgeable user to take proper advantage of it.

Most of the users recommend it because of its service.

PRICE BATTLE: SharpSpring vs Constant Contact

  • Sharpspring

Sharpspring doesn’t offer any free trial and it is subscription-based. It has a month-to-month billing basis. The five pricing plans are:

SharpSpring- Pricing

1500 Contact Plan

  • $450/month or $1800 as a one-time payment
  • 1500 contacts
  • Infinite support and users

10,000 Contact Plan

  • $650/month or $1800 as a one-time payment
  • 10,000 contacts
  • Infinite users and support

20,000 Contact Plan

  • $650/month or $1800 as a one-time payment
  • 20,000 contacts
  • Infinite users and support

Enterprise Plan

  • Quote based

Agency Plan

  • Quote based
  • Constant Contact

It offers a free trial. The two pricing plans based on contact counts are listed below:


-Constant-Contact -Pricing

Email ($20/month)

  • Unlimited emails
  • Branded templates
  • Customizable templates
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Contact list import and list-building tools
  • List segmentation
  • Pop-up forms
  • Google ads
  • Landing page
  • Marketing calendar
  • Social media insights
  • Mobile app accessibility
  • Track and report
  • Resources
  • Unlimited support
  • Automated email resend to non-openers

Email ($45/month)

  • Automated email welcome and email behavioral series
  • RSVP
  • A/B testing subject line
  • All features of email
  • Multi-user functional
  • Easy survey and poll system
  • Event marketing
  • Coupon creation
  • Easy consultation with new customers
  • Online donations
  • Dynamic content

 SharpSpring vs Constant Connect: Pros & Cons

Sharpspring Pros

  • Integrates smoothly with client CRM which helps in closing more sales and boosts retention.
  • Visual flowchart for easy planning.
  • Onboarding is hassle-free.
  • Advanced lead scoring helps in focusing on the right things at the right thing.
  • The lead funnel builder helps you in saving money and time.
  • Social activity history gives you an idea about what is working in social media.
  • It curates contents for specific personas. This positive point is a game-changer for Sharpspring users.
  • Planning and execution via the social media calendar are less-time consuming.
  • You get a detailed report of the lead from the point it has been created and the ROI of each campaign as well.
  • Compare campaigns helps you in making continuous improvements.
  • All the pieces that can support email marketing automation campaigns are integrated.
  •  The senior support folks offer you technical advice and recommendations if and when required.
  • You face great customer support and ticket process there.
  • No long term commitments only month-to-month contracts.
  • You get agency features like a rebrandable platform, single sign-on, etc.

Constant Contact Pros

  • It has a huge collection of templates that you can use for designing emails.
  • The metrics and data gathered from campaigns are very detailed and helpful.
  • Constant contact allows you to easily incorporate your organization’s logo, colors, or fonts into designs. Great, isn’t it?
  • The email creation UI is easy and powerful.
  •  They provide more than just email sending services like surveys, A/B tests, registration.
  • Uploading lists of contacts so you can rapidly upload a list through Excel or CVS files.
  • You can easily create campaigns.
  • Constantly updating subscribers or unsubscribers
  • Incredible analytics that makes you aware of who has opened the emails and they clicked on the link or not. Easy follow up.
  • Easy to use and flawless delivery.

Sharpspring Cons

  • Onboarding can be overwhelming at times.
  • If you tend to rush in to get started, you may have to suffer. Patience is required.
  • The UI/UX interface can be a bit clunky and not very intuitive.
  • While trying and adding accounts, you or the person you are adding experiences a lockout. So, don’t be afraid of random mini hiccups.
  • Youtube ad connectivity could do better.
  • The email builder is clunky but that’s a rare case.
  • Trackable mailto links would work great.
  • Automated 1:1 outbound sales emails.
  • Mobile app accessibility and Instagram scheduling is a must to develop.
  • The forms are a little limited. Though it improves on integrating with other forms.
  • It is comparatively expensive and doesn’t provide SEO recommendations for blogs.
  • It provides a 60-day free trial.
  • Easy Gmail and Outlook email imports
  • No contracts so you can cancel anytime.

Constant Contact Cons

  • Storage limitations
  • Limited auto-responder
  • The UI of the contact page is okay-okay type.
  • The reporting features lack customizability.
  • The fee structure is several contacts based so adding and deleting lists can be tedious for a cost-conscious company.
  • Poor billing policies.
  •  A bit more flexibility in an email campaign is required.
  • Unclear bounced email types.
  • The reporting system is slightly confusing.
  • The folder structure needs improvement so that sorting emails could be easier.
  • A recently used area in the image library is pretty demanding.

Our advice

The article shows every aspect to display the difference between the two. You see how both software stack up against each other.

Try to compare the user opinions on the pros and cons to decide better.

There are no major problems in the two software that you cannot deal with even after consulting experts. They have head-on-head strong competition in the current marketing world. You need to study each of the differences and make the better decision yourself.

None of the services will disappoint you strongly. In the event of continuing to have second thoughts, you can give a try to any of them. Practical experience plays a better role.

If you would ask us, we recommend Sharpspring a bit more than Constant Contact as we believe in ‘get-things-done-itself’.

Which one to choose can be decided on the other parameter too and the parameter is very simple. Small business goes good with constant contact whereas big business demands Sharpspring.


👉🏻If I buy an email list of 20,000, can I send all of those to someone’s site at one time?

You can do that through Constant Contact. It offers you the flexibility of doing such tasks but the plan will cost high.

👉🏻Constant contact has poor deliverability. Is there any change?

Till now there is no update and no change. We suggest you continue following up.

👉🏻Should a busy small business owner invest his time to market his company?

Well, you can use it to launch surveys for your clients. The time it takes to create emails and sending them is worth investing in.

👉🏻Can I track multiple sites in one instance of Sharpspring?

Yes, you can. Give it a try.


SharpSpring - Testimonials

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Final Words: SharpSpring vs Constant Connect 2022

Hope this article gives you a clear idea about Sharpspring vs Constant Contact. Everything mentioned in this article is well researched and tested on our tools.

We strictly stand against any kind of content piracy and expect our readers to do the same.

Passing correct and detailed information to our readers is our priority. We request you to share your opinion and feedback in the comment section below. We embrace all kinds of feedback.



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