10 Best Sites Like Swagbucks 2024: What’s Better Than Swagbucks?

In this article, we will discuss the 10 Best Sites Like Swagbucks 2024

You can earn money with paid surveys on these sites, similar to Swagbucks but better. Check out my list of Swagbucks alternatives.

What is superior to Swagbucks? You’re probably already aware that some reward sites pay more than Swagbucks. Sure, there’s an allure to sites like Swagbucks because we’re on our phones for most of the day, so why not earn a little money through Swagbucks alternatives?

However, it can be challenging to determine which ones are legitimate. To help you avoid scams, I’ve researched dozens of platforms to select the most legitimate Swagbucks alternatives.

Due to the industry’s evolution, it is now possible to earn money through websites such as Swagbucks. Several years ago, it was unquestionably challenging to earn a few dollars.

In 2022, however, there are sites like Swagbucks that are superior that you can use to earn money online.

After reviewing most cash-paying apps similar to Swagbucks, I can confidently state that these are the most legitimate alternatives.

Best Sites Like Swagbucks

What Is Swagbucks?

To briefly summarize, Swagbucks is a legitimate business that I have evaluated in the past and has paid out over $ 340 million to members. 

Swagbucks allows you to make money in a variety of ways, including completing surveys, purchasing online, and playing games, as well as via a referral program, but many users like accumulating SB (Swagbucks) by watching videos in their leisure time. 

SB may be redeemed for gift cards to hundreds of retailers or cash through PayPal. Many think that this is one of the greatest reward sites around.

10 Best Sites Like Swagbucks 2024


Pawns.app Review: Sites Like Swagbucks

Pawns.app allows users to make money by sharing their internet connection and completing surveys. Simply establish a free account and install their app, and you’re ready to go!

Using WiFi or your data plan, you can ensure that no megabyte is wasted! This information is used by IPRoyal to assist businesses and people throughout the world in gaining unrestricted internet access. In other words, it is comparable to sharing your WiFi connection with a visitor.

Now you’ll ask where’s the survey here. Right? Well, they also offer some of the best surveys. I have kept Pawns.app on number one because I believe your aim is not to look for survey sites only, but for making money effortlessly. 

For this, Pawns.app is perfect. The earning potential from Pawns.app is the highest of all. They also have surveys so you can share your bandwidth and give surveys simultaneously. 

  • Highest earning potential
  • Easy payout options
  • Android, iOS, and Windows Apps are available
  • Both long and short survey options

2. PandaResearch:

PandaResearch: Sites Like Swagbucks

A&A Marketing, Inc.’s primary survey and cash incentives website is Panda Research. The great majority of paid chances are on Panda Research surveys. Therefore, it’s not the best site if you want to play games or view movies, like you may on Swagbucks.

In exchange for 10 to 15 minutes of your time, Panda Research surveys pay between $ 1.50 and $ 3. A few surveys on Panda Research pay up to $ 40, but they are rare, so do not anticipate them often.

You may only withdraw cash from Panda Research after you exceed the $ 50 minimum payment threshold. Additionally, you must contact a verification number and talk to a person before your payment is accepted. Then, your money is put on a 30-day hold and will be distributed on either the 1st or 15th of the following month.

  • Earn more money by reading Panda Mail 
  • Surveys are brief and simple to complete.
  • Refer associates and get 10 % of their earnings
  • You may earn up to $ 50 for every survey.

3. American Consumer Opinion:

American Consumer Opinion: Sites Like Swagbucks

American Consumer Opinion, one of the oldest continually functioning survey platforms in the United States, began as a mail-in survey business in 1986. Since then, they have embraced the digital era and now provide the opportunity to earn money by completing surveys online.

After creating an American Consumer Opinion Account, you may participate in surveys on their website. The majority of survey invitations are sent through email, and you should anticipate getting just one per month.

Each survey pays between $ 0.05 and $ 50. However, while there are some well-paying surveys, they are uncommon.

After earning a minimum of $ 10 with American Consumer Opinion, you may pay out by PayPal, gift card, or charitable contribution. Although American Consumer Opinion is a recognized firm, it does not provide as many surveys as other sites. Therefore, if you want to earn money regularly, you should likely join several survey sites.

  • Low $ 10 minimum compensation Product reviews pay between $ 50 and $ 200.
  • Longer questionnaires might pay up to $ 50.
  • comprehensible point system

4. MyPoints:


The MyPoints website is strikingly similar to that of Swagbucks since Prodege LLC owns both. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to attempt this approach.

MyPoints is perhaps the oldest rewards website, having been founded in 1996. For every 700 points you earn, you will get a $ 5 credit for a gift card. You must have 3,500 points or $ 25 to withdraw through PayPal.

In addition, get 1,750 points when spending $ 20 with MyPoints. Interestingly, if you have a United MileagePlus account, you can exchange your MyPoints for airline miles using MyPoints.

  • Accepts gift cards, PayPal, and travel miles as payment.
  • Over ten distinct methods to get money
  • Earn an average of $ 1 for each survey completed
  • $ 10 sign-up bonus on the first purchase

5. LifePoints:


LifePoints is an application that enables users to earn gift cards or cash by doing minor activities, such as surveys. The firm collaborates with academics and marketers that need consumer data collection.

As a LifePoints member, you will be asked to contribute your travel, retail, and service-related experiences and thoughts.

  • Minimum payment threshold of $ 5
  • Availability of surveys in 40+ countries
  • Various survey durations range from 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Earn an average of $ 20 every month

6. PrizeRebel:


PrizeRebel is a reputable survey website that has been in business since 2007. It is comparable to Swagbucks in terms of possible incentives.

As soon as you get 1000 points, you instantly advance to the Silver level, at which time the minimum payment is reduced to 200 points ($ 2) for an Amazon e-gift card or 500 points ($ 5) through PayPal.

  • Up to 30 % of revenue from referring users
  • Rewards are sent within 24 hours
  • Earn up to a few hundred each month.
  • $ 1 average earnings per survey

7. InboxDollars:


Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a popular website that pays users with cash for a range of easy activities. You get an immediate cash deposit into your account when you accomplish any of these activities. Each activity pays a somewhat distinct compensation. Depending on their duration, you may earn between $ 0.25 and $ 3.00 for every survey.

All other InboxDollars earning opportunities pay substantially less, often between $ 0.02 and $ 0.25 per action. Once your account balance reaches $ 30, you may request payment through PayPal, cheque, Amazon gift card, or ePayment (via Tango).

  • 13 distinct methods to generate income
  • The majority of surveys pay between $ 0.50 and $ 1
  • Referral program – 30 % of referrals 
  • A $ 5 sign-up bonus.

8. Pinecone Research:

Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is among the most desirable online survey panels. The firm is well-known for its high-paying surveys, which pay between $ 3 and $ 5 or up to $ 6 for a product test.

Considering that some firms pay as low as $ 0.25 for every survey, Pinecone is one of the highest-paying websites. Pinecone Research is among the most challenging survey sites to join.

Pinecone Research membership is by invitation only. Thus, you cannot join up on their website. There are two methods to get an invitation: a personal reference from a fellow panelist or through an advertisement on another website.

Consider yourself fortunate if you get an invitation and qualify for the Pinecone Research program. You will be required to complete a survey to see whether you meet their requirements.

Once you’ve joined and begun doing surveys, you may redeem your prizes for gift cards, checks, or PayPal. Overall, it’s a decent website, however, joining Pinecone Research is quite tough.

  • Low minimum payment requirement of just $ 1
  • Typically prompt payment within 48 hours
  • Earn up to $ 9 for evaluating novel items
  • Minimum survey payment threshold of at least $ 3

9. Survey Junkie:

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is included on the list as the largest survey website with 10 million active users. Joining is free, and you earn points mostly by completing online surveys.

Each survey is valued between 200 and 7500 points, or between $ 2 and $ 75. Once you achieve 1000 points ($ 10), you may cash out your points by depositing money to PayPal, your bank account, or by selecting an e-gift card. Some perceive Survey Junkie as Swagbucks but superior.

  • Install the Survey Junkie add-on for a bonus
  • Extra opportunities to earn up to $ 100
  • Bonus points if you were eliminated from the survey.
  • $ 0.50 to $ 3 on average for each survey

10. BrandedSurveys:

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a market research firm located in San Diego that pays participants to complete online surveys and polls. With Branded Surveys, you will largely conduct surveys about goods and marketing, however they are all of excellent quality and simple to do.

Some Branded Surveys research includes product evaluations and video testing, which helps to keep things entertaining. Each survey you complete will earn you between 10 and 500 points in exchange for 10 to 20 minutes of your time.

Each point is worth $ 0.01, so you can expect to earn between $ 0.10 and $ 5 for every survey. You may also earn $ 0.05 each day by just responding to a one-question Daily Poll on the Branded Surveys website.

In addition, Branded Surveys offers a unique loyalty program known as the Brand Elite program. It is intended to acknowledge survey participation of high quality. Once you have accumulated a minimum of $ 10 in points, you may claim your prize. Payment choices include PayPal, gift cards, charitable gifts, and Branded Pay direct transfer to your bank account (for US members only).

  • Accepts bank transfers, PayPal, and gift cards as payment methods.
  • The average survey duration is 15 minutes.
  • Earn $ 0.50 to $ 5 every survey on average 
  • $ 1 signup bonus

Do Sites Like Swagbucks Work?

There are several benefits to participating in online surveys. They are simple and accessible; you may earn incentives without leaving your house.

Conducting a survey is a process. It takes time to accumulate substantial rewards. If you have the patience, internet surveys may be an excellent method to make additional money. It only needs time.

For people who do not perceive online surveys as a suitable match but are interested in working from home on their schedule, there are many choices.

Now that you’ve read about the ins and outs of conducting online surveys and the finest sites like Swagbucks, you’re probably attempting to determine whether or not this is a good possibility for you.

Survey sites are most effective as a means to earn money on the side, with the accent on “side.” Although you won’t get a whole year’s salary, you may still earn a substantial amount.

Are paid surveys effective? Indeed, they do.

Tips To Earn Using Sites Like Swagbucks

  • Don’t Ever Pay to Join: All of the aforementioned paid survey sites are free to join and utilize. Regardless of the promises made by online survey services, you should avoid signing up for paid memberships. The alternatives to Swagbucks presented on this page have been evaluated and are legitimate.
  • Cash In Your Money When Available: With these Swagbucks alternatives, paying out as soon as possible is recommended unless you are going for a large sum and one of the top prizes for which you have time. Also, some sites may limit when you redeem your points and how long they are valid.
  • Watch out for Spammy Sites: Avoid the sites (I won’t name names) that market questionable survey sites to college students. Generally, the ones to avoid are the ones that seem too good to be true! It is also important to note that you are not guaranteed to get things from the product testing website since users are selected randomly, so you should be highly skeptical of anybody who guarantees this.
  • Be Honest: Try to be truthful while doing these paid online surveys since you may be fined for contradicting yourself or providing poor comments. Also, do not attempt to game the system by claiming to be a wealthy businessperson to get more surveys. It will fail!
  • Set up an Alias Email: You are not required to do so, but I suggest creating a separate email address for each survey site account. Thus, you may check in daily and simply see the available surveys (without it clogging up your inbox). Additionally, you should check your email often since some surveys are only active for one day (sometimes less).
  • Sign Up To Them All: It is advisable to join as many as possible. This means that you will constantly have surveys to do rather than having to wait for one or two every month. There is no danger in joining up for many services, and you can easily unsubscribe if you don’t like one of them.

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Conclusion: Sites Like Swagbucks 2024

Whether you’ve used Swagbucks in the past or you’re using it now, there’s no question that it’s a fantastic platform for earning extra money.

However, utilizing the same website might get monotonous sometimes, and it’s always a good idea to investigate other options.

Consequently, with this list, you may find the best sites similar to Swagbucks that pay well for doing easy activities.

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