Top 8 Best Music Affiliate Programs To Earn Money In 2023

Best Music Affiliate Programs have a lot of earning possibilities.

Consider the many income streams available in the music industry: instruments, parts, and accessories, studio equipment, recording software, audio files, online courses. The list continues. Now consider how much each of those niches is worth.

In 2022, the musical instruments market alone is anticipated to be worth approximately $34 billion. That equates to each individual on the earth spending almost $4.50 on musical instruments!

A diverse assortment of items spanning several categories, frequently at premium prices? It’s no surprise that the music industry is so tempting to affiliates.

Keeping this in mind, let’s look at the top music affiliate programs.

8 Best Music Affiliate Programs 2023:

Here is the list of 8 music affiliate programs:

1. Masterclass Affiliate

The masterclass is a platform for online learning in the arts, including music, visual arts, culinary arts, and even business-related disciplines.

The instructors are well-known achievers in their fields. The sessions are incredibly enriching for the students because the lecturers are very skilled individuals.

They provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the greatest.

 Best Music Affiliate Programs Masterclass Affiliate

The Masterclass affiliate program is managed by ShareASale and pays a 25% commission for each sale. The cookie expires after 30 days.

The program also offers a monthly incentive depending on success, which may reach $300 for a $12,000 sales goal.

Artists in the music category include Carlos Santana, Christina Aguillera, Timbaland, and Usher, to mention a few. Because the course cost is considerable, the earnings for influencers are also rather significant.

2. Guitar Center Affiliate

Guitar Center is an online business that sells musical instruments and other music-related items. To mention a few items, the product line includes guitars, basses, drums, studio equipment, software, and DJ equipment.

The store also sells secondhand items and has a section dedicated to antique items. There is also the option of purchasing a home or online classes.

Guitar Center

The affiliate program pays a 6% commission on each sale. The cookie term in this situation, however, is very short, at only two weeks. Once your commissions surpass $25, they are monitored by a third party.

With a vast product selection, the Guitar Center affiliate program is a good source of money if supported by high traffic.

3. Amazon Associates Affiliate

As you may already be aware, Amazon sells virtually anything in every field conceivable. Its catalog varies from $5 sheet music to $1,500 grand pianos within the music niche.

For affiliates, Amazon Associates is always a safe pick. You know The Almighty Bezos will guarantee that things are dispatched on time and in good shape, that their return policy is second to none, and that they provide excellent customer service.

 Best Music Affiliate Programs Amazon Associates

However, it is not all good news.

A compensation rate of 3% per sale on musical instruments is the joint lowest of all of the affiliate programs we’ve looked at here, and the cookie lifetime of 24 hours is, to say the least, short.

4. Musician’s Friend Affiliate

Musician’s Friend’s collection may possibly outnumber Amazon’s with over 85,000 unique music goods.

Its inventory comprises thousands of new and used guitars, as well as keyboards, drums, and other instruments.

The shop also has a famous rewards program that offers members 8% back in rewards, free ground delivery on all orders inside the contiguous United States, and a VIP phone line.

And it’s easy to understand why it’s called Musician’s Friend since all guitars come with a complimentary two-year guarantee.

 Best Music Affiliate Programs Musician’s Friend

Is it, nevertheless, Music Affiliate’s Friend?

The conditions of its music affiliate program, on the other hand, aren’t too awful. Sure, a 4 percent commission per transaction is nothing to write home about, but with many of those things sporting large price tags, your profits may rapidly add up.

And, while the 14-day cookie window isn’t the most generous, it is longer than the cookie windows of other of the affiliate programs on our list.

5. Playground Sessions Affiliate

Have you ever wished Quincy Jones had been your music teacher? You can (sort of) make it happen using Playground Sessions!

The Playground Sessions virtual piano lesson program, which contains tuition from great artists like David Sides and Harry Connick, Jr., was co-created by the 28-time Grammy winner.

However, Playground Sessions offers more than simply music lessons. It also provides keyboard packages and virtual sheet music.

Playground Sessions

All of this means that there are several revenue options available through this high-quality resource.

Commissions vary based on the type of transaction, ranging from 5% on product bundles and membership renewals to 15% on memberships and gift certificates.

Lesson payouts begin at 15% for affiliates who drive less than $500 in monthly sales and may reach up to 22% for those who refer more than $3,000 in sales in a month.

6. Pianoforall Affiliate

Today, one of the most popular online learning programs is Pianoforall. It provides e-books and videos to help aspiring musicians of all levels learn and enhance their piano talents. For those who like to preserve a backup, there is also a DVD option.

The service is not just restricted to pianos but is also appropriate for most other keyboard instruments.

The affiliate program is quite thorough and pays a whopping 60% commission on each transaction. The cookie term is valid for up to 90 days.

 Best Music Affiliate Programs Pianoforall

The sign-up procedure is simple. In addition, the firm gives ad tools to assist advertisers in developing a campaign. The firm is also highly supportive of new affiliate marketers and assists them in a variety of ways.

Because of its high commission rates and extended cookie term, this program is unrivaled in its category.

7. Performance Partners Program (By Apple)

iTunes provides an enormous library of music, albums, audiobooks, movies, and TV series. Furthermore, it is quite popular all around the world.

This makes iTunes a highly appealing venue for promotion. Influencers who are not only associated with the music industry can also profit from this platform.

Membership in the iTunes affiliate program takes around 7 days to be approved. Influencers may produce links and distribute them with their followers using the Blink app on their phones.

The commission on sales is 7%, and the cookie term is 24 hours.

 Best Music Affiliate Programs Performance Partners Program

Payment will be made 90 days after the sale. Because of iTunes’ vast reach, it has become a particularly effective affiliate income generator.

An influencer with a large number of followers can generate a large number of conversions with a single tweet or Instagram post. As a result, if handled correctly, this may be a major moneymaker.

8. Singorama Affiliate

Singorama is a web-based instructional tool for budding singers and composers. It benefits people who want to increase their vocal strength and range.

They provide downloaded items as well as tangible products such as DVDs that may be mailed to clients.

Affiliate members earn a phenomenal 70% of the sale in the event of quick downloads and 40% of the sale in the case of shipping items. The cookie has a lifespan of 60 days. Clickbanks works with Singorama to monitor traffic and compute member commissions.

Members earn commission not just on the original transaction, but also on additional promotional purchases they make on their ends, such as one-time offers and more, with Singorama.

This feature elevates the Singorama affiliate program to the ranks of the best affiliate programs for making money.

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Conclusion: Best Music Affiliate Programs

As you can see, there are several opportunities for affiliates to earn money in the music industry. We haven’t even mentioned additional niches-within-niches, such as sites that offer audio samples to music makers.

With the usual music affiliate network focused on high-priced luxury items, there’s a lot of earning potential here – even if earnings on instruments and equipment aren’t always spectacular.

The curricula listed above cover nearly every facet of the music industry. These initiatives, however, are not limited to influencers in this field.

Anyone, with the correct attitude and content generation skills, may benefit from these music affiliate schemes. If you’re just getting started with affiliate marketing, these are the most profitable categories with the least amount of competition.

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