Supermetrics Review 2022 (Features & Pricing) How Does It Work? Pros & Cons

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Ease Of Use


  • Easy to use and flexible
  • Multiple API integrations
  • 14-Day Free Trial
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Google Adwords Support
  • Social Media Ad channel Support
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Auto-update possible
  • Speed in Data analytics and data mining
  • (SEM) Search engine Marketing tools offered
  • Report Scheduling


  • No Data Storage
  • Customer support needs improvements

Price:$ 19

Struggling to get all your marketing data in one place? Supermetrics is the answer. Read detailed Supermetrics review here…

You are a marketer. You have ample of data to manage. You have deadlines to meet. But you don’t have the time or the skill set to make sense of it all. You’re always on the go and have to deal with slow wifi connections, spotty networks, and pesky passwords. It’s hard to stay on top of your marketing data when you’re dealing with these issues.

With Supermetrics, you can import your marketing data into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Microsoft Excel, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, and more. It comes with fast and simple interface. And no matter where you are, it’s just a click away.

In this post, I have featured my honest and trustworthy Supermetrics Review 2022 that includes all the detailed insights about Supermetrics pricing, features, functionality, and more. So let’s get started here.

Supermetrics is a business analytic programming that puts every one of your measurements and execution markers together, in a proper and accessible location.

At first, intended to enable organizations to streamline their entrance to their Google Analytics information, Supermetrics has developed to end up an out-and-out business detailing stage that works with different analytic motors and apparatus.

Bottom Line: Supermetrics brings all the data that you actually need to maximize your marketing campaigns. What’s more, Supermetrics even brings all the data you need to your preffered platforms such as reporting, analysis, or storage platform. Supermetrics works like a charm with all platforms such as Google Spreadsheet, data visualization tool, etc. Start Supermetrics 14 Days Free Trial here

Supermetrics has been trusted by 16000+ brands.

Supermetrics trusted brands

You may have questions like this : I will explain everything in detailed

– How does Supermetrics work?

– What is Supermetrics for Google Sheets?

– What are Supermetrics for?

– How do I install Supermetrics?

– How do I use Data Studio Supermetrics?

– How do I connect Supermetrics to Google Sheets?

– Is SuperMetrics add on free?

– What is Supermetrics for Data Studio?

– How do I connect my Facebook to Supermetrics?

Table of Contents

Supermetrics Review: Top Pros & Cons Of Supermetrics

The product has turned into a perfect stage to accumulate information and bits of knowledge to encourage devise and execute web examination, web-based social networking, and web-based advertising.

Supermetrics Review- Marketing Platform

Supermetrics lead item, the Supermetrics for Google Drive, empowers organizations to run questions, invigorate their information with only a push, and easily share reports and dashboards with other colleagues.

Supermetrics Data Grabber conveys an Excel-based report mechanization application that can perform without much of a stretch interface with various driving information sources like Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube.

Supermetrics Uploader gives you a chance to import publicizing costs information from any source into Google Analytics. Supermetrics Functions in an apparatus intended for cutting-edge Excel clients. This module empowers them to enter their business measurements effortlessly into Excel and Google Spreadsheet for more custom and minute details.

Supermetrics latest Integration With Hubspot

With Supermetrics for HubSpot, you’ll be able to move all your HubSpot marketing & sales data into Google Sheets, Excel, and Google Data Studio. You can then create your very own automated HubSpot reports and with Supermetrics, marketers can now, for the first time, combine data across HubSpot portals with just a few clicks.

Here are some of the key benefits of Supermetrics for HubSpot:

  • Analyze your data in any way you want and create custom automated reports in spreadsheets and Google Data Studio

  • Blend data from multiple HubSpot accounts and create cross-portal reports – this is perfect for multi-brand marketing teams and marketing agencies

  • Combine multiple dimensions in a single report such as Contact, Company, and Deal data

  • Free your HubSpot data and enjoy limitless reporting opportunities that are not available in the native UI

  • Get a complete and custom overview of your full-funnel performance, from new visitors to closed customers

  • Combine your HubSpot data with data from other marketing platforms such as ad networks, social platforms, and Google Analytics to get a complete overview of your marketing performance

Sales funnel performance

How To Get Started:

You can try their HubSpot connector with a 14-day free trial.

For Google Sheets & Excel:

  • Get the Google Sheets add-on or Excel add-in if you don’t have it already

  • Choose HubSpot from the data source tab

  • Authenticate with your HubSpot credentials

  • Once you’re data has transferred you’re all set! (Please note that depending on the amount of data in your HubSpot portal, it may take days to cache all the data for reporting)

For Google Data Studio:

  • Get their HubSpot connector for Google Data Studio

  • Authorise with your HubSpot account and the connector will be added

  • Once your data has transferred you’re all set! (Please note that depending on the amount of data in your HubSpot portal, it may take days to cache all the data for reporting)

Why You Should Choose Supermetrics?  (Supermetrics Reviews & Product Details)

  • Joining With Major Marketing Platforms/Multi-Channel Reporting

Supermetrics can be coordinated with an excess of 40 stages. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Insights, Bing Ads, Twitter are a portion of the regular ones.

Supermetrics Review- Google Sheets Reports
Paid Traffic Report
  • Not any more Manual Copy/Pasting or Importing CSV Files

For advertisers, time is money. Incidentally, now is the ideal time expanding to sign into every stage each day and gather the information to be displayed to our customers. Particularly, in the event that you are extending to new channels, it will just build the time devoured.

  • Spare PPC Reporting Time

With expanding customer base and promoting channels, information revealing and perception has turned out to be more testing and tedious compared to previous times. Incorporating information from various publicising channels into the equivalent exceed expectations sheet, refreshing them day by day and contrasting the outcomes is a repetitive procedure.

Supermetrics Review- PPC Reports
PPC Reports
  • Track Your Daily budget

In the event that you are associated with web-based promoting, you know the agony of the following day by day advertisement spends for each customer to guarantee the greatest ROI.

Supermetrics Review- Google Data Studio
Google Data Studio
  • Robotized Dashboards For Performance Tracking

To guarantee a high ROI for every customer, you can set dashboards and computerize cautions dependent on when the execution plunges beneath the normal level.

Supermetrics Key Features & Benefits

With Supermetrics for Google Drive, you can computerize detailing forms in your Google Docs and Sheets. That implies you can import every one of your measurements from various information sources like Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Google Webmaster Tools, and have every one of your information changed into spreadsheets and archives.

Overview of benefits

At whatever point you have to take a glance at the latest figures, the module gives you a chance to invigorate your information with only a tick of the catch. You can likewise set the framework to consequently refresh your information once a day.

On account of its easy-to-understand interface, getting to the information you require is super breezy.

Supermetrics Data Grabber gives you a particular edge to effectively and rapidly create Excel reports dependent on information from Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube.

You don’t have to introduce anything or implant content. What used to belong periods of work has turned into a rapid procedure that spares you an immense measure of time and exertion consistently.

Supermetrics Review- Paid Channel Mix
Paid Channel Mix

Need to know how your promotion spending is performing?

With the Supermetrics Uploader module, you can use Google Analytics to show your promoting cost information and additionally your ROI from various information sources, including Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini, or even CSV documents.

Summary of Supermetrics Features

  • Information Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Mining
  • Information Visualization and Presentation
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Adwords
  • Report Scheduling and Automation
  • Supermetrics Position In Our Categories

Supermetrics Products (All Products Offered By Supermetrics)

Supermetrics offers various versions of its software that relate to various tools, such as Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, Supermetrics for Excel, and the Supermetrics API, which enables users to push their data to a data warehouse or a BI or viz solution like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik.

Supermetrics can help you save time, organize your data better, and produce visually pleasing reports, whether you’re an agency, a company owner, or an in-house marketer. Depending on the requirements and processes, Supermetrics offers six product options:

  • Supermetrics for Google Data Studio
  • Supermetrics for Google Sheets
  • Supermetrics for Excel
  • Supermetrics Uploader
  • Supermetrics for BigQuery
  • Supermetrics API

There are a number of products available for Supermetrics. Supermetrics offers various services.

1) Supermetrics for Google Sheets: 

The Supermetrics plugin for Google Sheets is a quick and easy way to get data and information into your Google Sheets. This is a perfect add-on for you if you enjoy working with spreadsheets and creating pivot tables. 

You can use the tool to quickly cross-channel ad hoc analyze data and analytics from either one or more sources. You can also produce scheduled reports, which includes those that consist of graphs and charts.

This can be updated automatically every hour, day, or week, with the option of receiving updates via email. Another good thing here is that they also provide templates for Google Sheets, which are available here.

You can bind to Big Query and pull data directly from your custom BI database, in addition to pulling data from reporting platforms. You will also get a trial period of 14 days to try out and test all the features they are offering.

Please note:

  1. Since any data you upload to your Google Sheets can also be easily segmented, filtered, as well as broken in a variety of ways, you will be able to use it as a data inventory for all ‘raw’ data you have. The Google Sheet can then be used as a data source in Data Studio. In a later article, I’ll go over this in greater detail.
  2. While we truly are big admirers of Google Sheets, you may want to use Microsoft Excel in case you are dealing with data sets that scale up to 10,000+ rows.

How To Set Up Supermetrics For Google Sheets?

Let’s go over how to set up the tool’s Google Sheets integration.

Note: The steps below are for using Google Sheets on a Macbook with the Google Chrome browser. As a result, the procedure for Chrome for Windows can differ slightly.

  • Visit for more information.
  • To begin your free trial, click the button below.
  • You’ll be taken to the Marketplace for G Suite as a result of this. Install should be selected.
  • Simply open a blank Sheet and then click “Add-ons, then Supermetrics, followed by Launch” once it is installed.
  • You can also use any of the features showing in the side screen panel.

2) Supermetrics for Google Data Studio:

Google Data Studio is one of the most efficient and free data management tools developed by Google to allow the users to build dashboards using data from various Google products. However, Supermetrics allows you to combine a lot more data into a single dashboard.

Supermetrics Data Studio connectors can be very useful in situations where you want to directly import the data into your Google Data Studio to do some visual reporting.

It can also be used in tandom with Big Query, that makes things even more effective when combined with the blending function of Data Studios’. Alternatively, you also have the option to import all the data into your Google Sheets from other third-party platforms after which you can employ Google Data Studio to add your Google Sheet as a data source.

How To Set Up Supermetrics For Google Data Studio?

It’s easy and pretty quick to set up Supermetrics. You are not required to build an account. It will guide you to your Google Data Studio account until you buy a product or just sign up for a free trial.

Click on “Create a New Report”, then type Supermetrics into the search bar to see a list of all Supermetrics connectors that can be used with Google Data Studio.

  1. Go to
  2. Tap on the option “Start a 14-day free trial”
  3. Now choose the connector you want. For example,  Ad Data + Google Analytics

Please note

Supermetrics offers a plethora of connectors to choose from. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get everything in one package. Ad Data + Google Analytics, consisting of the most popular and commonly used ad networks, is the closest you can get to a package.

(See the list below) You can, however, add or remove any connector as you need them as per your needs and requirements..

Their website is unclear about what Ad Data + Google Analytics entails. Here is a list of all the platforms from which you can get data using this powerful connector:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Microsoft Advertising (Bing)
  • LinkedIn Ads
  1. Click “Try for free”
  2. You will then be asked to Authorize the connector
  3. Grant the necessary permissions by just clicking “Allow”
  4. After you’ve authorized the connector, you’ll need to authorize each platform you want to use. You can do this by clicking Log in.

That concludes our discussion. In Google Data Studio, you can now easily generate multi-channel reports.

What can you do with Supermetrics for Google Data Studio?

Choose from a huge collection of Data Options

We were really impressed by the sheer volume of information available. There are numerous metrics that will allow you to include more detailed information in my research.

This was initially overwhelming and perplexing, but once you get used to it, you will be able to find the information I needed far more quickly.

Blending Data

Supermetrics really outshines its rival software and tools when it comes to blending data. In one paper, we were able to combine data from Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter, Linkedin, and Bing. Instead of switching from one single platform to the next and manually gathering data, this saved me a lot of time.

We could also compare the data from every platform using Google Data Studio to get a larger picture of where we could develop my campaign.

Multiple Accounts

You can also associate multiple accounts with Supermetrics. I have two accounts for Google Analytics, and I don’t need to pay anything extra to link them both.

Free Templates

When you use Supermetrics, you get access to a gallery of Google Data Studio models which you can use. Whenever I need short reports, I find this extremely useful. I just need to duplicate one of their models and replace the data source with my account. The Google Data Studio template gallery can be found here.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio Pricing

Supermetrics currently offers users to choose from three distinct Google Data Studio packages. Here is a quick overview of the prices of each of the subscription plans along with the features that come along with the price tag. 

Individual Connector

Price: $39 per month


  • No. of reports: Unlimited 
  • No. of account users: 1
  • Accounts per data source: 3 
  • No. of data sources: 1


Price: $99 per month


  • No. of reports: Unlimited 
  • No. of account users: 3
  • Accounts per data source: 20
  • No. of data sources: All Supermetrics data sources
  • Cross-platform data blending

Super Pro 

Price: $299 per month


  • No. of reports: Unlimited 
  • No. of account users: 5
  • Accounts per data source: 100
  • No. of data sources: All Supermetrics data sources plus Google Campaign, Google Ad Manager, Google Display & 360, Adobe Analytics, Hubspot, Adform, Criteo, Snapchat Marketing, Searchmetrics, Adform, Criteo, etc.
  • Cross-platform data blending

For each commodity, Supermetrics offers a variety of pricing options. Visit the Supermetrics Pricing Page to see the packages for Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Supermetrics Uploader, BigQuery, and Supermetrics API.

3) Supermetrics for Excel:

You can get all of your data into Excel through the sidebar, similar to how the tool works for Google Sheets. The Excel edition of Google Sheets has the same number of integrations as Google Sheets. Excel excels at handling massive data sets of more than 10,000 rows. They do not have any Excel models at this time.


Supermetrics is a business analytic programming that puts every one of your measurements and execution markers together, in a proper and accessible location.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Google Adwords Support With Affordable Pricing

😩  Cons

No Data Storage


Supermetrics has been extraordinary for us with substantial information, complex organization, as we require precise and point by point detailing of measurements for our customers over various stages.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

How To Set Up SuperMetrics For Excel? 

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Start Free Trial”
  3. Depending on how you use Excel, go for the online or desktop edition. Let’s stick with the desktop edition since it’s usually used for massive data sets.
  4. On the next tab, after clicking Start Excel Desktop Trial, click Open in Excel.
  5. This should bring up Microsoft Excel. Then all you have to do is allow editing and tell Excel to trust the add-on.
  6. The add-on can be found under the ‘My Add-ons’ tab in the insert tab.
  7. Similar to the Google Sheets side panel, you will now be able to access all functionality from the side panel.

Alternately, you also have the option of getting the app on the Microsoft App Source. Just search for the app and click on “Get it Now”.

4) Supermetrics Uploader:

This Supermetrics uploader collects your data from different sources such as the cost and the ROI on different platforms and sends it to Google Analytics. It certainly saves you a lot of time as it doesn’t require switching from one platform to another.

5) Supermetrics Data Grabber

Now you can easily create reports,  monitor and analyze your marketing campaigns in Excel with Data Grabber.

Simply drag all your marketing statistics to Excel. As here it offers integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, and other marketing platforms it uses.

Automate tedious manual labor and save time. It is not necessary to copy/paste or import CSV files manually. Save 10 to 30 hours a month easily with Supermetrics Data Grabber.

Personalize your reports according to your needs and requirements. Get all the dimensions you need, combine them with all dimensions and visualize them in the way you choose it to be.

Supermetrics Data Grabber- Get Your Marketing Data
Get Your Marketing Data

Simply get an instant ROI. The productivity you earn easily exceeds the cost. Get excellent reviews for the price of one coffee per day.

This is the latest addition to the tools for Supermetrics. It gathers the data from different sites in one place.

Data Grabber pulls all your marketing skills to an excel sheet. It integrates well and automates the report for Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook & Adwords. It gets the metrics from dozens of sites.

It creates beautiful charts of your data considering the factors such as unique visitors, average page views, or new visitors which could be helpful for your business and save up a lot of time preparing charts.

You can also customize the reports and add or remove any data that you want with ease. You can remove or add any column or rows.

You can choose metrics and split them by week or month with so much ease. Once you have prepared the different metrics and obtained the stats on the Excel sheet, you can create them in a PowerPoint within few minutes.

6) Supermetrics Functions

This product is designed for advanced spreadsheet users as they can integrate with excel spreadsheets and Google sheets without making use of it.

Supermetrics review

You can type in the custom function just like you do in the spreadsheet such as SUM or COUNTS. You don’t need a plugin to install for this purpose.

If you are sharing it with your team, you can embed the code fetching the data into that workbook and that data can be shared with anyone. They can refresh or modify the data anytime and obtain the latest data for it.

You need no programming skills for excel. The functions work simply as any inbuilt spreadsheet functions.

7) Supermetrics for BigQuery

Now you can connect your data to Google BigQuery. You can also create intuitive panels in Data Studio or other BI tools as easily and effortlessly.

This platform offers powerful analytics on demand. Simply use the computing power of Google Cloud. Unlimited amount of data set size. 

Also, there will be advanced and fast data mixing. Compare paid campaigns with networks or link advertising data right with web analysis or CRM data too. 

The best part is that you will have full ownership of all historical data. Like you can see many of the marketing platforms store data only for a limited number of months. All your data is stored in BigQuery and not in any third-party reporting tools which you can access it anywhere and anytime. 

Supermetrics BIGQUERY

Unmatched robustness and speed right for Data Studio. Fast data recovery can often be slow or unreliable. Herewith Supermetrics you will have a unique Data Studio connector optimized right for marketing data in BigQuery.

Key Features Of Supermetrics BigQuery

  • Designed with simplicity

  • Best-of-breed integrations

  • Data fully transformed ready-to-use

  • An exclusive Data Studio connector

8) Supermetrics API

Here the Supermetrics easiest way to feed your marketing data into BI tools and data stores. Built by dealerships for dealers. And the best part is that no programming knowledge required.

Skip the cell, row, or speed limits of the worksheets. A more robust way to get your data. Create your queries with the Supermetrics sidebar for Google Sheets easily. 

Now you can pull all your marketing indicators into one place. As here Supermetrics API has Optimal integration with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, and other marketing platforms as well. 

Supermtrics API

Just maintain full control over your data. Do not be afraid of losing historical data. Restore your data at the speed of light easily and effortlessly with Supermetrics. 

Also, you can easily create API requests as if you were using our sheet add-in. It has an intuitive self-service query generator that generally reflects the experience of the Supermetrics sidebar for Google Sheets.

9) Supermetrics for Snowflake

Supermetrics has been designed to help you manage your data pipeline and transfer all your marketing data effortlessly into Snowflake in just a few clicks.

If you are a data analyst, marketer or data engineer, then you will be easily able to migrate your Snowflake data to a data visualization tool and create attractive dashboards or organize your figures and numbers in a spreadsheet.

Supermetrics for Snowflake

You can also analyze any data or visualize it by moving the entire data to a dashboard, business intelligence tool, or spreadsheet of your choice.

Furthermore, you will also be able to easily set up data transfers in a matter of minutes and get all the important data flowing into your chosen destination in a few taps.

If your historical data management involves a lot of backfilling, you can easily manage that by importing and storing all your important historical data into a spreadsheet using Snowflake for some in-depth analysis.

10) Supermetrics for Amazon S3

With Supermetrics, you can now automate all of your marketing data transfers and manage them in your Amazon S3 account.

The tool is an ideal solution for technical data analysts and data engineers who looking for dependable solutions for managing their data pipeline by transferring the entire marketing data to their Amazon S3 Bucket instances.

If your work involves intense cross-channel management of your historical data, then you can do so using Supermetrics.

The tool will let you bring in all your marketing data from multiple data sources like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. under one data lake, and you will be able to store all your marketing data in your Amazon S3.

Supermetrics Amazon S3

Configuring your Supermetrics account with your Amazon S3 account is extremely easy and can be done in just a few clicks with both customizable and templated configuration options.

You can connect all your sources, choose your desired data, and then begin the data transfers to your Amazon S3 bucket. The entire process is automated and you will be set free from the time-consuming scripting and data extraction procedures.

11) Supermetrics for Google Cloud Storage

Supermetrics is developed for users and data analysts who are involved in extensive data extraction, analysis, and management and are looking for a tool that allows them to automate all data transfers effortlessly to their Google Cloud.

You can also import your marketing data and manage them in one data lake from supported platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 

You will be able to easily connect and configure your sources using Supermetrics and then choose the data necessary to begin your transfers. All of this is initiated in just a few clicks and is automated by Supermetrics to spare you the hassle of data extraction and scripting.

Supermetrics for Google Cloud Storage

Supermetrics will let you have all your marketing data under your control as you desire as you have the options of managing everything using both customizable and templated configuration options.

You can use either of the two options to get started instantly and manage most of the use case scenarios of your data. The customization options are very flexible and you can easily design your own schema and directly send it to the data lake.

12) Supermetrics for Azure Storage

If you are looking for options to automate your data transfers to your Azure Storage, then Supermetrics has your back as it will allow you to do exactly that!

You can use the tool to effortlessly transfer all your important marketing data right into your Azure Storage and manage all your historical data from platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. under a single data lake. 

Supermetrics for Azure

The configuration process is very easy and can be done in only a few clicks.

Everything is automated at the end of Supermetrics and will save you valuable time. Within a few taps, you will be able to connect your sources, choose your data, and start the data transfer to your Azure Storage account. 

You can also manage all your data transfers the way you want using customizable and templated configurations offered by Supermetrics for your Azure Storage. You can also design and customize a schema of your own and then directly send it to your data pool.

Supermetrics Add-on Integrations:

So here goes the list of Supermetrics Integrations.

  • AdSense
  • Bing Ads
  • DoubleClick (all)
  • Facebook Ads and Insights
  • Google AdSense. AdWords, Analytics, BigQuery, My Business, Search Console and, Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • MailChimp
  • Moz
  • Optimizely
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Searchmetrics
  • SEMrush
  • Stripe
  • Tumblr
  • Twitter
  • Vimeo
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Google Cloud SQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redshift

How to Get Started With Supermetrics Add-Ons On Google Sheets

You will need to get the spreadsheet add-on. For this, go to the spreadsheet and click on ‘get add-ons’.

Review for Supermetrics

A window will pop-up where you can search for the Supermetrics add-on and get the add-on added to your Google sheet.

After adding the Supermetrics add-on to your Google Sheet account, launch the Supermetrics toolbar and it will appear on the right side of the spreadsheet.

You can connect any of your social accounts with Supermetrics and run queries related to your accounts.

You can connect multiple social accounts with your Supermetrics account. For instance, I connected my Twitter with Supermetrics.

Remember, you will have to choose the desired template for it. There are over 30 templates for different social media accounts. You can choose or create any template that you wish to.

Supermetrics Templates
Supermetrics Templates

After choosing the template, insert the keyword for which you want the data. You can easily fetch the data from any of the social media accounts. You can use metrics, splits, or keywords to make it narrow.

For instance, I searched the keyword SEO and obtained the result for it such as Retweets, likes, and user followers.

These are just a few basic things you can do with Supermetrics.

The options and insights are nearly limitless, and you will need to tailor your solution for you. Supermetrics offers great guidance from within the add-on, and also on their forum and solutions page.

The position of Supermetrics in the primary classes:

Supermetrics is one of the main 100 Business Intelligence Software products

In the event that you are keen on Supermetrics, it may likewise be a smart thought to break down different subcategories of Best Business Intelligence Software gathered in the database of B2B programming audits.

Since every association has specific business needs, it is fitting for them to avoid searching for a one-measure fits-all ideal programming framework.

Obviously, it is useless to attempt to discover such an application even among market-driving programming arrangements. The keen activity lists the different essential factors that need to be thought of, for example, key highlights, spending plan, ability levels of staff individuals, organization measure, and so on.

You need to do some research work before that. Read some Supermetrics surveys and explore every one of the alternate frameworks in your waitlist in detail.

Such comprehensive homework can guarantee you remove sick-fitting stages and focus on the application that gives every one of the components you require for business achievement.

Supermetrics Pricing Plans | How Much Does Supermetrics Cost?

So here’s is the pricing plan of Supermtrics here.

1)Supermetrics for Google Sheets – Starts from $69/mo

  • Report, investigate, and screen in Google Sheets
Supermetrics Review- Paid Channel Mix
Paid Channel Mix

2) Supermetrics for Data Studio – Starts from $19/mo

  • Assemble a world-class dashboard and promoting reports in Data Studio.
Supermetrics Review- Data Metrics

3) Supermetrics Data Grabber – Starts from $39/mo

  • A report dissects, and screen in Excel.

Supermetrics Review- Data Grabber Pricing

4) Supermetrics Functions – $11.99/mo

An adaptable method to get your advertising measurements into Google Sheets and Excel.

Supermetrics Review- Supermetrics Functions

5) Supermetrics Uploader – $39/mo

  • Booked and programmed transfer of promoting cost information into Google Analytics.

Free trial with all features for 14 days.

Bing Ads

Facebook Ads

Yahoo Gemini

  • 5 daily uploads* ($39/mo)
  • 20 daily uploads* ($79/mo)
  • 200 daily uploads* ($179/mo)

* A Maximum number of scheduled uploads running simultaneously. You can change the scheduled uploads at any time.

CSV File Uploads

License period 1 year

  • 100 uploads ($99)
  • 200 uploads ($195)
  • 500 uploads ($395)

6) Google BigQuery Pricing

1) $190/Month

  • 1 Data Source
  • 1 Account

2) $490/Month

  • 1 Data Source
  • 5 Account
Supermetrics BigQuery Pricing
Supermetrics BigQuery Pricing

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How Supermetrics Founded Mikael Marketing Analytics Company From €10M to €20M:

Supermetrics Customer Reviews & Testimonials

“With its large and varied client portfolio, iProspect needs to create multiple automated reports and dashboards that are updated on a regular basis. Supermetrics has been very helpful in this way. Apart from its flexibility and ease of use, the large number of APIs available makes it the number one choice for dashboard automation”

Axel Queffeulou

Head of Data & Analytics, Conversion

“Supermetrics’ native connectors in Google Data Studio immediately made our team more efficient and our reports more valuable to our consulting clients. Through visualization of advertising together with the results they drive, we’re able to better illustrate a digital narrative for our customers, and Supermetrics continues to find ways to help us achieve this”

Andrew Garberson

VP of Marketing Services, Bounteous


Who can benefit from Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a method that tens of thousands of advertisers use all over the world. It assists marketers in gathering all of the data they need and storing it in one location for simple and quick reporting.

Smaller teams and businesses that have just kick-started their journey and are amateurs with aspects of marketing analytics can use Level 1 software. They don’t need a large-scale solution. They must be able to answer simple “what happened when” marketing success questions.

For companies that are asked to have more nuanced market insights, research, and suggestions, supermetrics will not be a good fit. And what if you’re not asking those kinds of questions right now?

It’s crucial to think about whether they’ll be a potential demand from any of your stakeholders or clients. If that’s the case, you’d be benefiting more by investing in a solution that is more efficient like Supermetrics.

Otherwise, you might be just forced to begin again with a brand new platform when it’s time to evolve your marketing analytics. Furthermore, you might not even have the necessary historical data to make the leap.

How Does Supermetrics Work?

Supermetrics is an add-on, which means you bind it to your preferred reporting tools, such as Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, or Excel, and Supermetrics can pull data from wherever it is.

Supermetrics allows you to connect to over 50 major data sources, including Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, SEMRush, Moz, and many more.

Reasons why we like Supermetrics!

Speed & Performance

Supermetrics is designed to be fast. Marketing analysts may also explicitly query about data sources, importing only the information they need at the time. Any field accessible from that data source can be accessed. Supermetrics is a good place to start if all you want to do is create fast, on-the-fly reports. 

Easy To Use & Intutive

The Supermetrics user interface has a number of useful features. You don’t have to recall the exact name of a segment if you need data from Google Analytics for a particular segment ID, for example. Supermetrics provides a dropdown menu from which you can choose the section you want.

Supermetrics also integrates well with Google Data Studio, despite the fact that it does not have its own visualization tool.


Supermetrics has a low barrier to entry, but you may have to pay extra for those data sources.

Supermetrics Reviews & Supermetrics Free Trial  FAQs

👉🏻 How does Supermetrics work?

With Supermetrics, you can gather data from various platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It helps you in arranging your data in a single file/sheet. From there you can manage all your resources.

👉🏻 How much Supermetrics costs?

The base pricing of Supermetrics is $39 per month. But as a beginner, you can try the free version or you can take the free trial of paid plans to get an overview of Supermetrics.

👉🏻How do you integrate Supermetrics in Google Sheets?

Just open a Google Sheet, click on Supermetrics add-ons and then click on launch. At last, you need to pick a data source from where you want to pull data from.

👉🏻 How do I use Data Studio Supermetrics?

Open Google Data Studio and login with your Google account Create a data source from the search bar Click on authorize and allow button Setup data source page Your data source file is ready just click on the connect button on the top right corner.

👉🏻Does Supermetrics Offers Any Free Trial?

Supermetrics offers a 14 days free trial. You can claim Supermetrics free trial on their official site without any hassle.

👉🏻 Does Supermetrics Comes With Any Money Back Guarantee?

As of now, Supermetrics doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. If you somehow cancel any future payments Supermetrics will not refund the remaining days of your existing license.

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a company analytics software that centralises and makes all of your metrics and performance indicators easily accessible. Originally created to make it easier for businesses to access their Google Analytics data, Supermetrics has grown into a full-fledged business reporting platform that works with a variety of analytics engines and applications. The software has evolved into an excellent tool for gathering data and insights to aid in the development and implementation of web analytics, social media, and online marketing strategies.

What does the Supermetrics Data Grabber do?

Supermetrics Data Grabber is an Excel-based report automation tool that connects to a variety of popular data sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, Bing Ads, Twitter, and YouTube. Nothing has to be installed or a script embedded.

What can I do with Supermetrics for Google Drive?

You may automate reporting procedures in Google Docs and Sheets using Supermetrics for Google Drive. That means you can import data from a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, AdWords, Bing Ads, and Google Webmaster Tools, and have it converted into spreadsheets and documents.

How much storage space does Supermetrics offer?

Data is not stored by Supermetrics. It immediately asks the source every time it collects data for a report, whether it's Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Twitter, or another platform. That's fantastic if all you're interested in is knowing more about what just transpired. You won't have the data storehouse needed to construct more advanced marketing analytics if you're seeking to discover long-term trends or apply a more sophisticated marketing attribution model.

Can Supermetrics help me know how your ad spending is performing?

Yes! You can use the Supermetrics Uploader module to display your advertising expense statistics as well as your ROI from a variety of data sources, including Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, and Yahoo Gemini, as well as CSV files.

Which integrations does Supermetrics support?

Supermetrics integrates with the following business systems and applications: Google Analytics,Google AdWords,Database,Bing Ads,Google BigQuery,Google Search Console,Facebook Ads,Facebook Insights,MailChimp,Moz,SEMrush,Stripe,Twitter Ads,Yahoo Gemini,YouTube,Adobe Analytics,Adform and DoubleClick.

Which tools does Supermetrics connect with?

Supermetrics sells different versions of its software that correspond to different tools: Supermetrics for Google Sheets, Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, Supermetrics for Excel, and Supermetrics API, which allows users to push their data to a data warehouse or a BI or viz solution like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik.

Is Supermetrics suitable for Small businesses?

Level 1 tools are a good choice for smaller teams that are just getting started with BI or viz solutions like Tableau, Power BI, or Qlik They don't require a large-scale solution. They must be able to answer basic what happened when marketing performance queries. Supermetrics aren't a suitable fit for businesses that need to deliver more advanced business insights, analysis, and recommendations.

Is Supermetrics ideal for digital marketers?

Supermetrics is designed to be quick. Marketing analysts can directly query data sources, pulling only the information they require at the time. Any field available from that data source can be accessed. Supermetrics is a wonderful place to start if all you want to do is create quick, on-the-fly reports.

Is Supermetrics ideal for digital marketers?

Supermetrics is designed to be quick. Marketing analysts can directly query data sources, pulling only the information they require at the time. Any field available from that data source can be accessed. Supermetrics is a wonderful place to start if all you want to do is create quick, on-the-fly reports.

Does Supermetrics allow me to segment my data?

The Supermetrics interface has a number of useful features. You don't have to remember the exact name of a segment if you need data from Google Analytics for a specific segment ID, for example. Supermetrics provides a dropdown menu from which you can choose the segment you require.

Does Supermetrics have a native visualization tool?

No! Although Supermetrics lacks its own visualisation tool, it works nicely with Google Data Studio.

Supermetrics Alternatives 2022:

So here we have compared Supermetrics with other similar tools out there.

1. is often regarded as one of the most reliable and popularly used ETL tools that offer you to play with more than just data extraction and management features.

The tool allows you to utilize advanced features like attribution modeling similar to the attribution modeling feature offered in Google Analytics which lets you blend your data and then neatly assign the ideal credits to the channels that attract the most conversions. 

This feature will come in handy in case your brand has multiple channels within, a relatively complex customer journey, and an expenditure of $15K or more monthly.

The advantage you get here is that everything stays well managed even when the number of channels and volume of data retrieved keeps growing.

windsor-ai Overview

Compared to Supermetrics, Windsor allows you to better understand your consumer path, attaches importance to your touchpoints in marketing, and helps maximize ROAS. Supermetrics could just work nicely if you simply need to pull data from a few sources into a Data Studio dashboard.

2. is an advanced ETL platform that brings in all the necessary ETL functionalities you would need, to clean up your sales funnel, clean out your maps, and allows efficient grouping of your data before you load them to a data reporting tool. has names these features CTF (Collect-Transform-Feed) to make it feel more ‘native’. - Overview

The tool offers many useful features and functionalities that you would want to manage your data extraction and scripting requirements. The features include:

  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) 
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • Help center blogs
  • Live chat support

When it comes to head-to-head comparison, both and Supermetrics offer similar tools that provide ETL functionalities.

But the advantage that has over Supermetrics is that it offers you an integration option with over 500 sources and in-product dashboards, which can really come in handy if you frequently work with rare channels. is the ideal for people who:

  • Work with marketing channels that are exclusive only to
  • Pull important marketing data into multiple locations
  • Own an agency or a large organization that deals with unlimited seats and ad accounts

3. Improvado

Improvado emphasizes the ETL features and makes it easy to pull the data into a data warehouse or reporting tool. You’ll most likely find what you need with around 180 integrations at present. In rare instances, is still there to take a look at it.

Improvado Overview

Features of

Improvado provides internal dashboards and attribution modeling solutions in addition to ETL features. You also get to use options like white-labeled dashboards, which could be an important thing for departments, Worth notes.

The key features offered by Improvado include the following:

  • Attribution modeling (Multi-touch)
  • ETL (Extract – Transform – Load) 
  • Dashboards
  • Cross-platform data blending
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Phone support

In terms of design, Improvado is more advanced, incorporating attribution modeling and dashboards to its offering.

But with high costs, it might not be a choice for smaller companies. So, Supermetrics provides better pricing for the ETL features if you’re a small or mid-size business. And can be a place for you to go in case you need attribution modeling for a fair price.

4. Adverity

Adverity is a marketing data management tool that allows you to connect with every data source of yours and organize them to carry out full-scale analysis of your marketing data so your decision-making becomes easier and efficient.

The tool allows you to import data easily, enhance and customize them according to your analysis needs.

Adverity - Overview

You get to choose from a wide range of data connectors that enable you to stay directly connected to the sources of your data and then run the analysis. The features offered by Adverity are considered ideal for the following types of users:

  • Marketing agencies
  • Advertising agencies
  • Branding
  • Ecommerce
  • Technology
  • Telecommunications

When compared with Supermetrics, experts and several users have concluded that Adverity is easier to use and set up than Supermetrics.

Adverity is also easier to administer overall. Many users have stated that Adverity offers better functionalities that suit their business requirements better than Supermetrics. The tool also offers slightly better ongoing product support than Supermetrics.


Oribi is a one-stop-shop for marketing analytics. Its intelligent computing, great features, and best optimization advice enable companies of all sizes to make sensible, informed choices. 

The organization is composed of a small, high-quality project team that is responsible for organizing and developing a massive network that manages millions of activities per day and thousands of active client interactions per second.

Oribi currently offers users to choose from three distinct packages as per their needs and requirements. The prices of the plans have been kept quite affordable starting at $300 per month (Annual) for the Business Plan to $750 per month (Annual) for the Agency Plan, ensuring that you get the most cost-efficient features to suffice your data analytics needs.  

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Conclusion: Supermetrics Review 2022: Is It Worth?

Supermetrics has been extraordinary for us with substantial information, complex organization, as we require precise and point by point detailing of measurements for our customers over various stages.

It is additionally versatile to different organizations, for example, Excel or Google Sheets – with the goal that we can change and configuration reports in the manner in which we require them to work. With Supermetrics, you can get 22% Off on their annual plans.

Supermetrics Latest Updates :

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110 User Reviews on Supermetrics Review

  1. I like the flexibility of using different metrics. My favorite feature of Supermetrics is the ability to avoid Google data sampling, which is not possible when using the native Google Analytics interface.

  2. Enough about me – let’s talk about Supers (HAHA) Love love love it! You can do anything as long as you have an internet connection and look up one or two steps on YouTube.

  3. Supermetrics is a new type of tool that allows you to analyze and cross-reference data from different sources. Having all of this data in one place for your organization can help increase efficiency and significantly reduce costs. This versatile piece of software has been especially helpful for me as a small business owner, because it’s so easy-to-use and quick! In just minutes I was able to have access to more detailed information about my marketing, which has boosted the success rate of my advertisements tremendously! Seriously, if you don’t have Supermetrics already you’re truly missing out…

  4. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the online marketing landscape is evolving and growing quickly. It can take up to 24 hours for metrics like leads and conversions from Facebook ads to show up in your dashboard. Supermetrics aggregates data that might otherwise end up scattered throughout your dashboard or in separate databases — all into one place. That means instant access and insights across channels (even if they’re not connected). One sky-high customer: Netflix… The company watched their PPC campaigns nearly obsessively when developing House of Cards, which powered them to victory in 2015!

  5. This is the tool that keeps me sane. I couldn’t work with all of this information without it! Be sure to use Supermetrics to save your sanity, or at least make beautiful graphs.

  6. This app is terrific and works well. I can’t believe how much data it pulls from across my various social accounts. It has really helped me to better understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns over time.

  7. Who needs spreadsheets when you have Supermetrics? Easily manage your company’s crucial marketing data so the insights are never more than a click away. With features like plug-in compatibility with Marketo, Google Sheets, and many others, it doesn’t get easier than this! you can avail supermetrics discount code easily from official website.

  8. I don’t know how we’ve done it all these years without this. It’s like, has anyone else noticed that there is a lot of data out there and if you had the time and dedication to track everything down then maybe you could find what you’re looking for? Yeah I didn’t think so. Life at Supermetrics feels more relaxed now with some guidance from those who’ve been walking the tightrope of data before us.

  9. Supermetrics is a topnotch analytics reporting platform that has the features to handle just about any data you have. It’s affordable, user-friendly, easy to use and pretty much everything I need for crunching numbers and analyzing data.

  10. I LOVE Supermetrics! I had always wanted to give my review, but I never actually got around to it. When I came across your product, I thought that would be the perfect time to share my thoughts with you on how great of a deal this is for small businesses like mine. With two platforms and three data sources needed for weekly integrity reporting — we were constantly missing out on social media results and struggling with internal feedback about new products — we knew we needed help. Now, our whole office can get up-to-date insights in seconds rather than hours or weeks of manual reporting and generation.

  11. I am a busy marketer and as such, I need to be able to look at my analytics platform or some sort of spreadsheet every day. But, sometimes the data is held on another system so I can’t bring it together myself — until now!! Supermetrics aggregates all your data and puts it in one place so you always have access and doesn’t overwhelm any one location. This brilliant software does everything for me!

  12. ” I used to work in the free world, but now this software company makes me feel like I’m living under a totalitarian regime! It monitors what I do, how much time I spend on tasks, and which ones are taking up all of my time. And then it goes ahead and assigns new tasks for me based off what it thinks will be good for the business! “

  13. Supermetrics is the most wonderful way to make sense of all your data- siloed or not. I mean, it’s like they read my mind! All my dashboard confusion disappeared after using Supermetrics for only two weeks. It let me track everything correctly and keep up with what was working vs. what wasn’t with ease. I never realized how much space these tools were taking up on my computer before either- you can even delete them now that you don’t need them anymore.”

  14. As a graphic designer, I was always frustrated that one of my best insights had to be translated into 50 million words just so someone else could understand it.

    Then came Supermetrics. With the push of button, all my data for our accounts with Google Analytics and Instagram are accessible in one place.”

  15. I wish I could give this company more than five stars. They’re an all-inclusive BI and analytics platform that works with all the platforms we use to keep check on our social media pages and other marketing channels as well as charts, graphs, and reports so you never need another window open or another tab open for looking at your stats. Supermetrics knows everything about how these programs work together so they can present the data in whatever way you want it — whether it be a single screen page where everything is easy to find and sorted into columns that makes sense or a hundred different visuals built for what works best for smaller screens like phones or tablets.”

  16. The only analytics tool worth buying, hands down! Seriously though, if you have to decide on an analytic tool I’d pick this one all day long. It will do everything for you and more when it comes to reporting and data manipulation. They also make life easier by syncing up with the best marketing tools like facebook ads and google analytics which makes your life SOOOOO much easier! The plus is that they always offer a lot of perks like free credits in all their apps which is super helpful.

  17. “I love that I can cross reference everything with a couple of clicks! Supermetrics is one of my most valuable tools. I’ve been able to have really in-depth conversations with clients about things like the ROI on their campaigns and customer retention rates, thanks to this program.”

  18. This product is one of the best, most affordable marketing tools on the market to date. It really even goes beyond just being a marketing tool because it allows for data analytics across platforms which gave me so much insight into my business I could have never imagined before. It’s simple to use and honestly just makes everything more enjoyable because there doesn’t feel like anything that I’m doing anymore is in vain. Highly recommend!

  19. I was never that good at math, so when I started to do my marketing campaigns on the Google Adwords platform, where you need to set your budget and duration manually, I found it hard to maintain all of the numbers in my head. That’s why this great app came along! The Google Analytics app automatically tracks your traffic sources for me, which saves me loads of time. And while it doesn’t take care of copywriting or produce graphics like some other programs out there make promises about doing for free (but don’t), Supermetrics has saved hours away from data entry every week with its pure analytics tracking power. Plus they are constantly updating their apps with new cool features, anyone could love it too!

  20. This is a great find for marketers! I love how it aggregates all the marketing data from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Instagram into my analytics platform of choice. Before Supermetrics, I was resorting to using fragmented data sources that didn’t give me the accuracy or insights I needed. So glad this came along to make managing marketing actions easier 🙂

  21. You know how when you read about a product and it all seems too good to be true? I’m telling you the truth when I say this – Supermetrics is worth so much more than its weight in gold! With that said, only do what we did: just get on over there and try out their free trial.
    It’s not like we’re asking too much of you guys but we’re just saying — they have everything under one roof which means no more extension plugins or wasted time searching for things. And yea, before anybody jumps at me for trying to sell something- I personally think if it saves people time then anything is alright with us (but mostly because my job kinda depends on it) lol

  22. Why is time so limited? There’s never enough time in the day to do everything you need to do. And, when it comes down to it, multitasking just isn’t worth the risk of missing out on very important tasks. But worry no more! Supermetrics streamlines your data collection process and leaves you with what’s really important: plenty of productive hours every day! Using an automatic feeder for all your data from different platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Analytics means that you’re always able to get a clearer perspective of what needs priority–and by using Supermetrics alongside other programs like Google Slides, Excels Sheets, or Data visualization tools such as Tableau.

  23. Supermetrics is a data warehouse for all your marketing data in one easy platform. Sharing sales and marketing information with coworkers, partners, or customers is a lot easier when it’s in the same system everyone already knows how to use–especially if you’re using Supermetrics! Its streamlined tools make sharing relevant customer insights beatifully simple.

  24. Supermetrics is a software we’ve been looking for since we started out online. It helped us better monitor and calculate the effectiveness of our marketing efforts in an automated manner providing much needed data in a timely fashion to make better business decisions.

    They were able to seamlessly integrate with each one of our channels, especially Google Analytics which had always been such a struggle when it came to pulling any kind of specific reports relating to social media ads. We no longer have that problem because Supermetrics takes care of everything for us like clockwork!

  25. I don’t know how I managed without this. Supermetrics is a powerful tool that will change your life as a marketer, saving you time and energy. This product has saved me HOURS of data-wrangling by letting me import 60+ different marketing sources into one place.

  26. SuperMetrics saved my life!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a dark, murky land and when I found this lovely gem of an app – it became the light that guided me back to the world. Keeps complexity at bay and allows me to do mental gymnastics with precision and elegance. Handling complex data curation like no other – thanks!!!!!

  27. When I first started using Supermetrics, something magical happened. My boss suddenly quit touching me, found a new job to avoid the prospect of seeing me ever again or giving me directions.

    In all seriousness, though, it solves problems for marketers and business owners who need to mash up their data from different sources. When you upload your data into their dashboard (which is fun because clicking buttons makes cool sounds), they’ve got all sorts of magic that tells you what your competitors are doing vis-à-vis social media (over here with the graphs!) and where your money’s going when it comes to marketing strategies.

  28. I have been in marketing for a while now and I swear by this tool! Gathering data from all my social media platforms has never made more sense to me. It seems like it is pricey, but for the amount of time saved on compiling the data Supermetrics is worth its weight in gold. We may not be able to see live viewers on our ads like we could years ago, but with Supermetrics that’s not an issue anymore! Their customer service is FANTASTIC too- they get back to their clients quickly and offer some great advice based off their data analysis.

  29. Let me start by saying that Supermetrics is a life changer for anyone who actively uses Google Analytics and also spends time on LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, etc. It’s so easy to import your data into one place and aggregate all the necessary reports you need. PLUS it integrates directly with Tableau (you can add any domain such as Tableau Public) which is really nice because then everyone in the office has access to the same information without having to download anything onto their computer or laptop!

  30. Supermetrics? Super Zeros, more likely. Your ad dollars are probably going to waste with this thing. LOL I can tell from your reviews that you’re wasting a whole lot of effort on icky old data they hadn’t turned into anything useful yet. It’s not like Google or Facebook would make it easy for you, let alone fit in the same place without all the hassle… my iphone doesn’t even work when I connect to iCloud! LOL

  31. Worst app ever”I can’t get this stupid thing to work right. And if it did, I don’t know what you would use it for.”

  32. When you have to configure so many API connectors for each client on each platform, it is difficult to connect the data source to Google Data Studio for reporting. Supermetrics simplifies this process. Love it!

  33. We have used supermetrics for many years and it cannot be continuously loaded in the data study, and then all of a sudden we were forced to increase the price for the period that we have paid in advance, and then we will not refund when we cancel. The price has increased from $ 65 to $ 382 per month, which is a big increase.

  34. The flexibility of Supermetrics makes it stand out. We create a panel through Google Sheets and insert it into our MCC. Then we can target the number of leads and target CPA through spend, target CPA, and use the traffic light system to include all conversions.

  35. We have worked hard to track our potential customers to generate customers and where they are with the number of potential customers, spending, and whether they are trending. Supermetrics solves this problem by using a plug-in to alert us when we reach a limit level, send emails, and even create a task on our trello board.

  36. Supermetrics Google Sheets integration is poor. Especially large queries often fail, and incremental updates sometimes mess up. In addition, their customer service has improved in the past few years, but once a problem arises, it is not easy to solve it.

  37. Supermetrics integrates popular marketing tools (Facebook, Google Ads and Bing Ads) directly into Google Sheets and Excel . It is easy to set up and use, and helps us start marketing analysis, and the implementation cost is not high.

  38. Supermetrics is my best tool for trying to compare and view data from different sources, and it will only get better over time. Seamless integration with all our marketing channels Flexible reporting and automation (saving time) Easy to use to create tables and dashboards

  39. Supermetrics No It won’t irritate me every day. I use this software to create complex customer-facing and internal automated reporting dashboards. I hate it. The more complex things are, the higher the probability of failure. For simple things, the software has a large number of options available. The more complex things you want to deal with and the deeper you go, the worse it looks.

  40. I am managing 15 AdWords accounts. These accounts have high budgets and many campaigns that require daily monitoring. I’m using Supermetrics to import all the important metrics from AdWords and Analytics and quickly understand the performance of customer accounts. I can quickly see what I can improve and what I can improve without having to log into each account and manually verify dozens of campaigns.

  41. Supermetrics is the best product ever to handle any PPC activity. My old boss introduced me to this amazing product and I am very grateful. This makes my life very easy.

  42. I run a small self-reporting empire and use Supermetrics to track all aspects of our brand, content, and social marketing. This includes ongoing trackers or dedicated trackers for Facebook and Instagram (organic and paid), YouTube, Twitter, web analytics, cross-platform brand activity, and very fast and 100% customizable ad hoc reports.

  43. I used the free trial version. The super indicators are amazing. It connects to all major players to obtain extremely valuable data dumps. Connect it to Google Data Studio or equivalent, and the report will be done automatically.

  44. In general, I am very satisfied with Supermetrics, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. It has become an essential tool in my daily marketing and management toolbox.

  45. I like the seamless integration of Supermetrics for Sheets with Google Data Studio, allowing me to take advantage of my reporting capabilities. I can extract data from multiple sources and update it daily to ensure that all stakeholders always have the latest relevant data.

  46. Frankly speaking, there are other cheaper options for what I need. Supermetrics is like Clickfunnels in reporting software. I am grateful to Supermetrics for the time saved by extracting all my KPIs from social media and advertising, but I hope it is more reliable. I like being able to choose which dimensions/metrics to include in the spreadsheet, and the user interface is easy to use.

  47. Supermetics is good. For many people, this is a good solution, but for a small organization with few clients, it turns out that it has a large advertising investment, it is sustainable, and the price has tripled in a few years.

  48. Setting up the datastudio connection feature is relatively simple and very useful. Supermetrics works seamlessly with Google systems to provide great real-time reporting tools for advanced KPIs.

  49. My experience with the Supermetrics team has really taken their software / services to a new level. Their operations support team is responsive, helpful, and ambitious in achieving the goal of satisfying customers. I have never seen such a responsive, personable and helpful team of staff. I would recommend Supermetrics 10 out of 10 times.

  50. Supermetrics has connectors for multiple platforms and predefined dashboards, allowing you to extract data from different data sources (like FB / GA, etc.) in a very simple way and insert it into a beautiful dashboard. The price is very competitive.

  51. Supermetrics is frustrating and time-consuming. We never reached the expected level of insight or tracking, and after setting up the tool, we still need to manually track and record performance data. If the cost of this tool is 1/3 of what they charge, it may be worth it, but Supermetrics is right in the middle: it tries to do too much, it makes it complicated and not easy to use; and it tries to be easy to use, so it is very Difficult to control the messy tools. It will increase the hours and my dollars.

  52. Although expensive, Supermetrics allows us to create reports that are applicable to a wider range of stakeholders (ie Clevel executives, sales managers, etc.). Providing a more flexible data flow between platforms (ie Excel data can be easily sent to Google Data Studio, etc.)

  53. Supermetrics is the Cadillac of data integration plug-ins. The kit not only covers the number of platforms it supports, but also does a very good job. All of its tools have an intuitive and easy-to-understand interface without skipping the feature set.

  54. Supermetrics is a great product for someone who doesn’t have any clue how to organize their data or find anything they are looking for. With this thing, you’ll never be able to find the right metric because everything’s so disorganized! Either way, it won’t work without your login information which you will forget by next week anyway.

  55. I discovered this product by accident, but I am SO HAPPY I did! My company relies on a variety of tools to be successful in marketing. We have Google Analytics as the backbone of our reports, and different channels like Facebook, Instagram, etcetera that we need to follow up on their performance. So when all those platforms were so hard to get data from all at one time? It was horrible. But then Supermetrics came along… it gathered everything I wanted and needed faster than anything else!

  56. Supermetrics is like a dream come true. After struggling to deal with an ever-increasing number of marketing data silos, we finally found Supermetrics! All of our data from Facebook Analytics and Google Analytics – all of it – streaming into one place? It was almost too good to be true. Dude, it totally delivered, not just on its promise but as if I had asked for something hyper specific. It looked out for me when my primary analytics program broke down and instead of trying to show me meaningless help desk nonsense (gag), the care team provided this helpful article about how to fix your BI package in 72 hours or less.

    “Everyone needs customer success” said noone ever

  57. Supermetrics is a game changer for marketers. It’s like LexisNexis for your marketing data, and it does everything you need to do!

    *Intelligently consolidate all your data from different platforms into one platform (I was using two tools before this my life was so much easier) *Turn complex spreadsheet data into visual graphs with drag-and-drop functionality without having to learn some fancy technical skillsets

  58. “It’s hard to find the marketing data you need and bring it to your go-to reporting, analytics, or storage platform whether that’s a BI tool, a spreadsheet, a data visualization tool, or something else. And when you do find what you’re looking for (or even come close), getting it into your preferred software often feels like a total spam project due to all of the repetitive crawling and manipulation.”

    I have been there and finally found Supermetrics. It’s one stop shopping for all of those who think they can’t get their marketing data inside their preferred software or want an alternative solution/strategy. Your Supermetrics review is awesome 🙂

  59. I stumbled around for years looking through data, pulling it into the right reports, and then back again. It was a huge pain. Suddenly Supermetrics comes along like an angel from heaven with its fantastic reporting engine that takes all the data I need across my favorite analytics tools, drops them in one place, and voila! The best work of your life you didn’t have to do yourself is served up on a silver platter! Love this thing more than I ever thought possible. You won’t regret buying it!

  60. This product is truly a game changer. I don’t know about you, but I was pretty much drowning in data before this came along. With Supermetrics integration, however, it’s as easy as scrolling through my go-to reporting app and checking out the little galaxy that Epicor Accounts Receivable has created for me on the world map.

    Anything we left out? As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything this powerful tool doesn’t handle with style and grace. Isn’t that just perfect? What a Supermetrics review, loved reading it.

  61. “I love that this analytics software is designed to help me unify my data and access it anywhere. It’s perfect for the analytical person just like me.”

  62. “I can find anything on the internet, but sometimes it’s more work than it needs to be. Supermetrics not only saves me time in my day, but also helps me filter through massive amounts of data quickly and easily.”
    Leave no marketing detail behind with easy comparisons or snippets of reviews for your potential customers! Get all your account information from social media analytics platforms like Facebook ads and Google Analytics into one centralized location where you can accurately analyze and report on their performance—whether that’s a BI tool, a spreadsheet, a data visualization software, or anywhere else!

  63. Supermetrics is a joke! I reached out to customer service with a question and they said that half of their team doesn’t work on weekends, which means my email might not be read until Monday. Who wants to wait all weekend for an answer? My time is valuable enough as it is! For the amount of money I’m paying them, really any simple query should take less than five minutes. And what about security updates?! Don’t lose data trying to align data sources because there’s no one around on weekends to fix your system for you! Ridiculous.

  64. After using Supermetrics for just a few weeks, I have so many new insights into how to increase ROI and customer loyalty that would’ve never been possible without data from marketing. Live analytics has been my favorite feature. It allows me to quickly assess the best marketing efforts or experiments throughout their lifecycle, and use those metrics in real time as feedback loops live on social media.

    Try out this service by adding Facebook Ads to your reporting, or take a look at what might happen by testing out the $5 personalization campaigns on Instagram story ads — it’s all about better representation of user-specific interests with targeted content for individuals based on their browsing history.

  65. I’m a Marketing Manager and this is the best thing I’ve ever come across. Powered by Google Data Studio, seeing my campaigns’ performance has never been easier!

  66. Supermetrics is a cloud-based software that connects multiple platforms and allows you to explore your data from numerous angles. This tool even comes with integrations like the Google Data API integration and Microsoft Power BI, so there’s no need to download or manage any files or APIs separately.

    We love Supermetrics for its easy-to-use interface that helps bridge these gaps in the marketing process. It automatically collects tidbits of useful information on customer interactions across all channels, helping us get more out of our campaign data by analyzing things like purchase location names, device types, etc.

  67. I was skeptical that this could be worth its price at first because I tried other data solutions and didn’t like any of them. But finally, Supermetrics proved me wrong! The integration function makes it easy to import data from practically anywhere, and the ease-of-use is perfect for my current skill level. You also get a discount on their products when you join their newsletter list – totally worth it if saving money is what interests you. I am really happy, i got 25% off with supermetrics discount code.

  68. Not everybody needs a first-class seat. If you think first class is too expensive, try flying business! But if you’re going to fly economy, at least have the best experience possible by upgrading your data with Supermetrics Discount. This deal allows you to take advantage of BigQuery and Data Studio for only $95/mo instead of their regular rate of $250/mo. You’ll be sitting in an exclusive section where all the other passengers are marketers from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more who know what they’re doing when it comes to data analytics and optimization!

    What does this product do? It integrates right into BigQuery or Data Studio so there’s never a need for manual uploads again!

  69. Hello Jitendra, loved your review the way you explained all the points is very useful, and from your Supermetrics promo code, I saved a good amount. I must say supermetrics for Google Sheets transformed the way I pulled data online for some types of work as it automated what used to be done manually. I love its simple interface and drop-down menu style for each element and metric required. It also has a large array of possible connectors, especially for social channels.

  70. I am a big fan of Supermetrics connector for Google Data Studio so that we can connect things like Google My Business, SEMrush, and any social media platforms. The connections work really very good and allow you to view data that is otherwise very difficult to represent in a Google Data Studio report. I have also used Supermetrics for sheets which allows you to easily pull in various data sources to a Google sheet. This connection is also very fast and seamless. Great supermetrics review by the way 🙂

  71. I have never been so productive in my life. I don’t know how marketers, who are already short-staffed and under pressure, do it without this app.

    I’m not sure if you’re familiar with those big red binders that just say “Marketing” on them – full of printouts from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, the marketing department’s CRM records and more? Supermetrics negates the need for any physical binders or paper files; everything is tracked through their access-controlled cloud software application.
    A tool like this makes it easier to return to data at a later date while continuing to dig into other areas–giant leaps ahead in productivity and collaboration.

  72. I’ve worked with analytics for a long time and it can be pretty hard. There are all these different types of data, stuff you don’t want mixed in, too many tools… Sometimes I feel like there is no rhyme or reason to this data thing. But then Supermetrics came along and not only solved those issues but did so in a way that doesn’t take any more time to set up the process. Plus their customer service rocks!

    Supermetrics will automatically keep your BI projects clear of marketing content and reports out of storage when they get updated. It offers an option for one-click exports—and filters even by tags on social media platforms, making my life just that much easier!

  73. Supermetrics is a big, clunky piece of software that sucks up all your reports into one place. Superbeknownst to you beforehand. Looks great on paper for managers that want to be able to track the performance of campaigns across platforms

  74. Sometimes I watch YouTube influencers and hear them rave about Supermetrics. It sounded like something that’s way more advanced than what any of my other tools could do, so I figured it’d be worth a try. Finally had the opportunity to put it through its paces and wow was I blown away by how things can be done with this! Not only is the all-in-one analytics software better for me, but it’s also easier on my budget. If there were six stars to give this product, well, you know where all six would go.”

  75. I was stuck in Excel wondering why I can’t compare sales and marketing data together to find out what’s going on. Supermetrics fixed everything!

  76. Supermetrics is a time-saver. This tool helps you combine data from a number of different platforms, making it easier to access your data and make actionable decisions.
    It saves all your marketing data in one place, so there’s no need to turn the world upside down to find it!

  77. “I love this product because it has integration with a lot of other platforms. I can do my analytics and reports without having to log in or out. I know that the data is being pulled efficiently because there are no delays.”
    “It’s also great for aggregating all your web, app, and social media performance via dashboard – so you don’t have to switch between tabs after adding a Facebook post or Google Ads campaign. They’ve even just come out with tracking technologies like Bounce Rate Alerts that email you whenever users leave your site before browsing 10% of its pages!”

  78. After wasting too much time and money on my reporting software, I finally found the perfect one! Supermetrics is far more intuitive and easy to use than anything else I’ve tried. With my old software, there was always something I didn’t understand or couldn’t do – with Supermetrics, it’s so straightforward. Trust me – don’t waste your time on any other analytics tool.

  79. Not many analytics platforms the size of Supermetrics exist, and not many offer such simple insight to get off your feet with. The dashboard is dead easy to navigate and offers immense value in one service.

  80. Supermetrics. What a steal! Why is this not talked about more?

    We all know the struggle of having to sort through and connect multiple data sources manually. It can be tedious and time-consuming, not only for marketers but also for their teams. Luckily, there’s Supermetrics discount code – with this innovative tool, you can analyze your marketing campaigns like never before! With one simple integration into Google Sheets, Google Data Studio, Excel, or BigQuery dashboard templates (among others), you’ll instantly save hours on jobs with a single click. You can crunch numbers from any CRM or SaaS so easily now.

  81. I’m writing comments for the Supermetrics Discount. I’ve honestly never seen anything like this before, but what an innovation! After having gathered my thoughts about it, I can say that you should buy this thing because it is actually pretty awesome. It truly is a totally unique find and not just another blah-blah software company trying to sell me something.

  82. I’ve been using the Supermetrics plugin for a few weeks now, and I can honestly say that it was one of the smartest decisions I’ve ever made. It’s pretty much like having an extra pair of eyes behind your back at all times. Creating campaigns is intuitive, but if you’re intimidated by reports or data files this app might be too hard to manage without their help. You’ll be able to make sure your campaign reaches enough people before investing more time and money into ads. Seriously- if you want better marketing strategies without any guess work involved, buy yourself a copy of Supermetrics!

  83. Supermetrics is my new favorite toy. I love how it provides marketing metrics in the same place as all of our other data, without having to transfer anything manually—well, my friends call me technically noobie for that or something? And then there’s the fact that it tells you when your campaigns are working based on its proprietary algorithm… also they even work with ad agencies if they use their platform?! The best part about society is that I get to be a part of this company and help grow.

  84. Supermetrics is the missing puzzle piece for analytics. It’s my new best friend in the office. This super-smart product aggregates siloed data from marketing and sales platforms, no matter where they are, which creates cohesive metrics based on what I need to know for decision making purposes. Bottom line: it makes using multiple platforms way more streamlined and robust with one central place of control both during work hours and outside of them too!

  85. I use Supermetrics every day and I couldn’t live without it. It is a powerful marketing analytics tool that aggregates data from all of the different platforms we need to track on a daily basis, such as Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and many others.
    I can also aggregate different silos of data together into the same platform that I’m comfortable analyzing my data in (e.g., Google Analytics). The best part is that there’s no more switching back and forth between tabs or programs just to get insights from one specific area! Loses be gone!
    It takes about 5 minutes to set up each integration because you have access to so many programs with pre-built integrations

  86. Google Analytics is inefficient. It’s bulky, outdated, and full of useless information you already know. And with all the data out there, why do I have to go back to the Google homepage whenever I want something new? That’s where Supermetrics steps in: an easy-to-use split database system that lets you find prospects straight from a sales report or a social media campaign – no need to rebuild anything!

  87. Just wanted to share what an awesome challenge this has been for us at our agency! We’ve never liked data analysis but thanks to this new product we’ve really come into focus on that aspect of our work and now we can provide insights that allow clients better insight.

  88. Ever since I started using Supermetrics, my marketing has been so much easier. The feature that makes me the happiest is how it saved me hours of work combining sources like Facebook Ads and Google Analytics into one place. Before, if someone wanted to know what our social media ROI was in certain countries, they’d have to go through three different data tables every day; now all I do is drag-and-drop Social Media ROI onto a dashboard or spreadsheet! The only downside might be the lack of third party integrations with other data analytics tools (like Tableau), but at least I don’t need to spend 30 minutes trying put together pieces from ten different dashboards anymore!

  89. “To summarize in one word, this app is “amazing”. It’s so creative and helpful- it does what doesn’t have to do. If you’re an established business or that just started up, then this could be the missing piece in your journey into that level of success.” You can easily find up to 20% off with supermetrics coupon code.

  90. The Supermetrics team continues to innovate and shake up the market with their latest release of a data integration tool. Using this software, you can now integrate data from Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, and Instagram — all three of which are important to growing your business and keeping it running smoothly. This is the kind of innovative thinking we want in startups like ours: one that follows current trends while never forgetting about new ones on the horizon.

  91. This thing has saved my life.
    I was about to throw away my keyboard I’m not sure how else to say it! Supermetrics is the bomb!

  92. I read a great news the other day about Supermetrics! It put me in a really good mood and was easy to follow! I like that it helps me stay on top of all my marketing data and effortlessly integrate it with any analytics or reporting tools. At first, I wasn’t so sure, but then when I saw how helpful this is for my business and how useful having all this information right at my fingertips is, I became more confident!
    I thought: “step up or step back” @getsupermetrics

  93. I’ve tried every marketing tool under the sun. Marketo, Pardot, Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics – I’ve tried all of them. But to this day Supermetrics is my go-to analytics platform because it makes reporting data easy for me and it saves me time! i saved 20% off with the supermetrics discount coude

  94. I used to spend hours inputting all my analytics data into Excel, but Supermetrics could handle the entire thing. It’s so easy! I can see where my online ads are performing best and which content goes viral, without ever needing to touch a spreadsheet.

  95. Smart people know that stepping out of the box and trying new things is essential to growing your business. Sometimes, this requires you to get creative with your data sources. Supermetrics makes this process easier for certain companies with a mind for innovation. If you’re looking for better ways to leverage raw data from platforms like Facebook Ads or Google Analytics, then get on the phone with these guys ASAP!

  96. Having a lot of data as a marketer can really help. Yet, collecting and organizing all those numbers takes up a lot of time and is not often an easy task. Supermetrics helps marketers report, monitor, and analyze their data in a better and more efficient manner – by connecting marketing platforms to wherever the data needs to be used! Imagine having Google Sheets connect to Facebook Ads for example? It’s great! When you purchase Supermetrics, this innovative software has powerful features that make it incredibly simple to import your data from other programs such as Excel or BigQuery. You can grab 20% off with supermetrics discount code with the official website.

  97. Supermetrics Discount is the solution to your data needs! Imagine how much more fulfilling and rewarding you would feel, if only you knew how to work with all of your data. Supermetrics can be integrated with Google Sheets and Google Data Studio and enables large businesses to make the most of their data. There’s no need for time-consuming analysis because it does everything for you. It also easily integrates with other marketing tools like Excel, BigQuery, Swiftpage CRM Sync among many others which means that it saves money (more than $2k).

  98. “I love Supermetrics because it’s so easy to use. I’m SOOO glad I found this app.”

  99. Last year, I created a Google Data Studio report with some amazing graphs and charts to demonstrate our marketing prowess. Unfortunately, while it was intended for internal use only, we were so amazed at how good the report looked that we made it public on the company’s website! Our boss saw it and decided to present my work–complete with slideshows of my magic tricks–at this week’s board meeting. It turns out that not only did he own up to all of his decisions “We can’t hide from data!” but also showed us metrics proving him 100% wrong that haven’t even been collected yet–talk about impressive hacks! At first I refused because what if he got mad? But then I realized: He’ll be thrilled. Get supermetrics with the discount code and you’ll save a lot.

  100. I started using this app some time ago and I am in awe. Supermetrics made my life much easier because it gives me all of the data from 60+ marketing programs at my fingertips no matter where I need to use it.
    Once installed, you get immediate access to your account information for these platforms: Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, Adwords Editor jobs manager and Google Tag Manager JSON API. All of them are optimized to offer faster performance than their own web interface or other third party products.
    What’s more, you can manage analytic tags like dimensions and custom metrics within the tool which is a huge plus since that takes up so much of our time outside there already! For anyone who plays with multiple social media

  101. This app is the best thing that’s happened to my marketing life. I’ve saved so much time and cried for joy many a time when Supermetrics loads in seconds instead of hours! It’s like meal prep because it saves me days of work, but better than that, IT’S FREE!!

    Every time my team needs to add an ad campaign, or make some changes on LinkedIn Ads, we all pile into this wonderful app and get our work done. There are so many tabs and options — you can do data science experiments like create Google Analytics dashboards or export your Instagram feed! This app makes every one of my jobs at least 10x more efficient.

    I love everything about Supermetrics

  102. I’ve been using Supermetrics for a couple of weeks now and I have to say – I’m absolutely in love with this product! Not only does it measure the success of your ads, but it can compare one channel against another. It’s also super easy to read and understand the results that come out of this service. The mapping tool is awesome too if you want to see which part of your campaigns are doing well or not so good.
    I haven’t dealt much with complicated metrics until I came across this service. They really break everything down into simple terms that anyone can understand (or google) and best yet there’s no installation required, all you need is an internet connection to get started on tracking those ad buys!

  103. I never write reviews but this product deserves one. I use to waste so much time trying to find data from a variety of sources and then take the data into my BI tool(s). Supermetrics streamlines all that – it really does everything for you in one place! Now, I can finally spend more time analyzing the numbers rather than nurturing relationships with various vendors who won’t give me access or hours running around an office asking people for reports. It’s free to get started which is awesome!

  104. “I LOVE Supermetrics. The platform is so powerful and incredible; it gives me everything I need all in one place! I use the app daily to maintain my various PPC campaigns.”

  105. You finally found the perfect marketing tool! Supermetrics is a one stop shop for your data needs, combining siloed data from Facebook Ads and Google Analytics into one reporting platform.

    You can be on it all day and still not get bored because they offer something new every day. Alright, I may have slightly oversold it but seriously, you gotta try Supermetrics out!

  106. I’ve used products like this before, but the problem is having to use a slightly different tool for every platform. Supermetrics takes all of these siloed marketing platforms and funnels them into one clean interface for ease of tracking. I am also smarter as a result because now i have the ability to compare data across two systems instead of only looking at my own data or it’s pre-defined analytics.
    Some people may be scared away by price – buy if you’re willing to put in the time to learn how this module can make your life easier. It pays off in dividends fast due to its customization options that allow you absolute control over what happens with your information!

  107. Supermetrics is a terrible SEO tool. I bought it because Google Analytics told me to do so and it worked for a day, but after that my website was crawling with errors and couldn’t be opened. Shame on you Supermetrics!

  108. “The best customer data aggregator. I am now able to track metrics across all programs in one place! Love the FB Ads integration with Google Analytics, too.” – Olivia

    Supermetrics is the best customer data aggregator because it lets you track your metrics seamlessly across many different channels! This program works especially well for us because we use Facebook and Google Ad campaigns, which Supermetrics integrates with seamlessly.

  109. “Is your spreadsheet starting to look like raw data? Get Supermetrics Discount and convert your spreadsheet into an AI-powered marketing hub. I used to export my data for every company, but now it’s all so easy with this new discount! No more exporting data, no more time wasted trying different platforms, just one powerful tool that connects everything. And now it’s not just a hotshot platform for those big businesses anymore.”

  110. Supermetrics: for when your data is like spam and you don’t know what to do with it.

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