Udacity Vs Coursera 2021 | Are Udacity Courses Better Than Coursera?

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Udacity is for those who want to learn university like courses and professional courses.

Coursera is one of the most reliable and well-renowned platforms in the industry. Not only does it offer courses on a plethora of subjects spanning numerous industries, but it also allows users to avail themselves of certificates and online degrees from some of the best institutes from across the world. 

  • Expert Professionals
  • One-on-one guidance
  • Projects
  • Support
  • User Friendly
  • Features
  • Top-Quality Content
  • Over 200 free courses
  • After completing a course you will receive certificate
  • The organization of the courses is fantastic
  • The interface of the site makes it easy to use
  • It gives users access to professionals from around the world
  • It is too expensive
  • There are a few courses that have old information
Value For Money

Udacity is too expensive but the course content is of top quality and taught by expert professionals and after completing a course you will receive a certificate.

Coursera is also worth the money, however, the courses offered by LinkedIn aren't for beginners who are looking to get started. By the way, the annualy pricing starts at around $320 which makes it a great choice.

Looking for comparison between Udacity vs Coursera?  We got you covered.

Are you looking for some great online learning platforms to take up courses to enhance your skills? If the answer is yes, you will still be baffled by the number of platforms that the marketplace is loaded with. In this article, we compare two good platforms for online courses – Udacity vs Coursera.

Udacity is a very new platform in the industry and is amongst the popular e-learning providers that are MOOC-based in the world. This platform has become quite famous and has a very good reputation, even though it is a new service provider. 

Another popular platform that has been in this industry for quite some years is Coursera. So, how do you decide which platform to choose? Which is that platform that will offer you the best online training which you need and help you attain the goals set up? Which is that platform that will guide and assist you in securing the dream job that you want?


🚀Bottom Line Upfront: Udacity Vs Coursera

If we compare both Udacity Vs Coursera, Udacity definetely stand out from Coursera. Udacity arose from a Stanford University experiment in which Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig made their “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course available online for free to anyone. Discover the quickest and most efficient approach to get job-ready skills for future employment on Udacity.

Udacity offers short-term degrees that cost $399 per month. Some degrees take 2-6 months to complete. Coursera has courses, specialization programs, and master’s degree programs that are all different prices.

Udacity offers a few hundred of these short-term degrees, and Coursera offers over 5000 different types of learning programs. Coursera is more focused on certified courses and degree programs, whereas Udacity’s strength is mastering job ready skills in technology.

Value for money is one of the most important features when it comes to online learning platforms.

When we compare Udacity vs Coursera, we can see that Udacity has higher value for money than Coursera. We can also see that better content quality is offered by Udacity when comparing it to Coursera. When it comes to courses, there are more choices on Coursera compared to Udacity, but they don’t offer as many languages as Udacity does.

We strongly advise you to try Udacity.

To assist you in making a decision, we have reviewed both these courses and offered an in-depth comparison based on the important elements. Read on to know more about these platforms and to decide on the one for you.

Udacity Vs Coursera 2021 | The Ultimate Comparison( Pros & Cons)

Udacity Vs Coursera: Overview

Coursera is a company that offers online courses and degrees. They are from Yale, Google, and other universities. These courses have certificates that show you have completed the course.

Udacity is another company that also offers some of these online courses. These courses do not always come with a certificate since there is no cost for the course but it does offer many learning opportunities.

They started in 2011 as one of Stanford’s instructors decided to offer one of their subjects for free to anyone in the world who wanted to take it. So far over 100,000 people have graduated from one of its learning programs which include computer science, math and biology


Udacity offers the learners’ Nano degree programs that have been organized by partnering with renowned industry partners, wherein the programs focus on topics that are related to technology. It is a very different platform and is called the Massive Open Online Course or the MOOC service provider. Udacity partners with many institutions, industries, and universities to develop the programs.

Udacity offers many Nano degrees – these are certifications that are an indicator of completion of the course and proficiency in that area. 

 Udacity Vs Coursera - Udacity

The platform has limited courses and they mainly concentrate on areas related to computer science or technology. Additionally, along with Nano degree programs which are structured courses, Udacity has 200 or more free courses that do not come with time constraints. The programs give you a similar experience as that which is offered by institutions and universities.

The programs include video lectures, many discussion forums, a lot of online assignments, etc. You might need a month or so to complete some of these nano degrees or even more time to complete other nano degrees.


Coursera was launched by 2 professors of computer science from Stanford University in 2012. This online learning platform partners with many professors of some of the best universities to create and provide courses that are driven by experts. Coursera has a wide scope and it has approximately 35 million users, about 150 partnerships with universities, and over 2,700+ different courses, about 250 specializations, and 4 full degree courses. 

 Udacity Vs Coursera - Coursera

It also provides courses for different purposes. However, in case you want a test prep, this is not the perfect platform for you. Students are allowed to enroll in any course, specialize in any field, and also study various subjects which assist them in their careers.

Though it appears to be a generic platform for online learning, it has many unique features, of which, one worth mentioning is the completion certificate which is offered on completing the course.

Udacity Vs Coursera: Navigation and Interface


Any e-learning platform or website is judged on the ease of navigation and the interface. Once this is identified, a lot of other factors play their role in deciding which is the better platform. However, the first impression does matter.

When you check out Udacity’s front page, it appears to be generic, however, it has been created in a neat manner and is very informative. Udacity is no different from the various online platforms for education that can be found, as it offers quite basic information and the design of the website is generic too. 

Udacity Vs Coursera - Udacity Global Reach

This need not be a bad point for the platform, as the majority of the platforms these days tend to focus and invest more in their content than on the visual aspect of their site. You can get a lot of general information on this page regarding Udacity, what it does, the partners, etc.

The site layout is quite comfortable and one can navigate through the site easily. The colors used are quite simple and the functions are well-placed too, thereby making the site have a very intuitive interface.  The pages of the courses are ok and not very appealing. The top portion of the pages where you can find the description of the course, additional info, and similar information is quite pleasant.


Many websites focus on having flashy and colorful designs, whereas this is not important, because it can only confuse the user. Any website must have an interface that is intuitive and which offers easy navigation. The website must be easily understood by all those visits or use it. When you visit this site, you come across a greeting that is simple but effective. The catchphrase is quite simple yet serves the purpose. 

 Udacity Vs Coursera - Accessible

Coursera‘s landing page also is quite simple, both in design as well as the information that is given to the visitors. You get details on courses, the list of partners, and there also is a section on how the system works.

You also have the search bar and all the basic requirements. The interface of this site is good and you can choose between entering keywords to find the course or check them out through the drop-down menu. You can choose any topics, the primary as well as subtitle language, etc.

The course or the specialization pages of Coursera are very unique in terms of style and appearance – they are aesthetically pleasing, they have a minimal color pattern, and information on the instructor, the university and the partner, FAQs, etc. Coursera has quite a professional feel.

Udacity Vs Coursera: Course


Udacity has short courses and the main USP of this platform is the Nano degrees which are offered in small videos. You can also download the content of your course for the purpose of the offline study. These programs give you very thorough information on the subject. This platform has no quick fix options to improve your skill sets, instead, the courses require commitment and dedication. 

 Udacity Vs Coursera- Udacity Course Program

The duration of the courses can vary and some can run into months. Students also must be willing to give a lot of extra time for studies and assignments. Additionally, they can learn from the top leaders in the industry through live chats. They could also work on practical projects and gain useful experience. Udacity’s learning community is quite active and the students can get engaged with everyone during the course.


Coursera has the below-mentioned types of courses:

(i) Courses which are Open Registration

Such courses are those wherein anybody can register for it as well as take it up for self-improvement or even for professional development. However, there is no distinction between who teaches the courses offered. No separate categories of courses taught by professors from leading institutes are available.

 Udacity Vs Coursera- Coursera Course Availability

(ii) Specialization Courses:

Such courses are quite helpful to those who want to achieve career goals along with goals of professional development. These courses come in series and offer completion certificates. The courses also have many practical activities.

(iii) Online Degree Courses

Coursera also has a few online degrees. However, they are not quite useful in securing college credits. The options are limited as well – Master in Business, Data as well as Computer Science. 

Udacity Vs Coursera: Subjects offered


Udacity has a very niche and focused curriculum. Most of these courses concentrate on areas like artificial intelligence, data science, cloud computing, programming, development, business, and autonomous systems. In all, about 35 different nano degrees are being offered by this platform. Though the options are limited, the programs are being recognized and have been created by top firms like IBM, or Google,

Udacity Vs Coursera - Udacity Offered Course

etc. Udacity has more than 200 courses offered free of cost, but it does not give you a completion certificate. A few courses do not have time constraints, however, few would require a student to dedicate 6-10 hours a week. The nano degree courses have many exercises, videos, and you also have to complete a final project.


Coursera has many subject areas to choose from: Art, Humanities, Business, language learning, math, and intuitive, data science personal development, etc. Under these categories, there are subcategories under which you have a lot of programs to choose from. the list is endless. They also have Masters’s programs and certification programs that you could opt for in case you are keener on getting accreditation along with knowledge.

Udacity Vs Coursera: Features


Udacity has quite a few features that are very unique – Udacity Nanodegree as well as Udacity Nanodegree Plus. 

Udacity Nanodegree-  Udacity offers the Nanodegree which is a type of learning wherein payment is made by the user every month and they can study the particular subject for about 6-12 months, post which they also get a completion certificate.

Udacity Pros

Udacity Nanodegree Plus – This is a special kind of learning where students of Udacity can engage in. The Plus programs distinguishing feature is that it is Udacity guaranteed wherein you will get a job post completion of the program. Udacity guarantees that you will get a job else the course price will be refunded. However, this program has been discontinued.


In case you wish to choose Coursera to learn any course, there are some choices on selecting it – audits, specialization, certified courses, and degrees.


In case you wish to take up a course, learn its materials however you do not want to spend on it,  you can opt for auditing it. When a course is audited, you can check the subject materials as well as study them, without any cost. However, you cannot apply for its certificate,  or submit homework to get graded, or participate in various activities, etc.

Certified course

In this basic option, you will be paying a fee, then enroll in it and start learning. Based on the schedule of the user, they can submit assignments or take tests as per their availability. On completing this course, Coursera will grant you the certificate of completion.


This refers to many courses packed into a single specific topic. For instance, if you wish to learn on creative writing, a standalone course can be selected or you could specialize in this topic – i.e. opt for a bundle of courses which revolve on creative writing, but covers various subject matter. Once you complete the course, you get a completion certificate.


This is the big deal and is similar to that give by universities all over the world. If you opt for this course, you are basically signing up for an online university. Coursera has many different degrees to choose from, and the majority revolve around IT and business categories.

Coursera also offers the option of financial aid to students. If, in case, you wish to take up a course, however, you do not have funds for the same, you can submit a special form to Coursera – if they consider you to be worthy of their financial aid, the course compensation will be taken care by them.


Udacity Vs Coursera: Pricing


Udacity has more than 200 different courses that are offered free of cost. All you have to do is register and you can begin learning. The Nanodegrees will cost you around $200 for a month, and you must remember that these degrees can last for 6-12 months, which brings the price of the degree to around more than $2400! 


Coursera has listed all the prices of their courses upfront. Anyone can join Coursera free of cost, however, the courses have their own prices. When you check the course page, it will give you an idea of the price range. A few courses are charged every month, and a few have a fixed price for the full course.

Now, Coursera’s Open Access Course will cost you about $29-$99 per course and the course duration is 4-6 weeks.

The Specialization programs will cost you about $39-$79 for a month and the course duration is 4-6 months.

Online Degrees will cost you about $15 to $25,000, depending on the program. The programs last from 1-3 years.

Though the courses seem expensive, the company claims to give their students expert-level services. You do not always find an online learning platform that offers you a professional and university-level education that is being taught by certified university professors.

Pricing is an important factor when deciding which online learning platform to use. Udacity offers a lower price than Coursera, with a monthly subscription beginning at $0.00. Udacity also offers 200 free courses that you don’t need to pay for. After looking at these two points in the Udacity vs Coursera comparison, it can be seen that most of the evaluations are better for Udacity than Coursera.

Available Languages At Udacity & Coursera

Udacity allows you to create subtitles in other languages such as Chinese and Portuguese. This is not guaranteed for all its courses. The best experience would be if the learner spoke English or had a high level of proficiency in it.

Coursera, on the other hand, has a wide range of languages including: English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese (Brazilian).



Certificates & Career Advice At Udacity & Coursera

If you want a completion certificate, Udacity and Coursera both offer one. Udacity offers them to students who complete their Nanodegrees. Coursera does not offer them for individual courses that make up a Nanodegree. If you are looking for an accredited certificate, choose Udacity’s certificates, which are recognized by industry companies like Google and Nvidia.


It is good to take courses from Udacity. When you do, they will help you with your career. They can also help you write a resume and prepare for an interview. Coursera helps people who take courses with getting certificates that are validated by the partner institution. You will be able to download, print, and share your certificates when you take a course through Coursera.

Teachers & Community At Udacity & Coursera

We all remember that one teacher who helped us to do better in school. Well, it is the same when you are learning online if you have an instructor with experience and knowledge.

They will help you learn more so that you know everything about the subject and can be prepared for tests. You need to have professional experience in your field and Udacity curates its content by partnering with big organizations like Amazon, Uber or Google which gives reassurance that course content is of high quality.







Udacity is a place where you can talk to other students and the course mentors. They are there to help you when you have any questions. You can’t know every person at Udacity, but I think that their community is more active.




Every course on Coursera is created by expert schools. Before the course is open to the public, they use people who are experts or know about the subject matter to test it and give feedback. There’s a community where you can ask questions and interact with other members who are also studying courses from these schools.




Is Udacity Or Coursera’s Support Better

Udacity has an organized and easy-to-navigate support system. It has help materials about any question that you might have about the elearning community. You can contact Udacity’s support team by going to their help section and clicking on the chatbot button, then typing in your question. If you are a free user, it will take longer for someone to answer your questions than if you were a paid user.


Udacity support
Udacity support


Coursera contact us
Coursera contact us

Coursera also offers a similar type of support system as Udacity with topics like account setup, payments, enrollment etc., along with some helpful articles on various topics like code editors or project management software.

Which One Is Better For Businesses  (Coursera or Udacity)

Many businesses and organizations are now looking at online learning to help their employees learn new skills. Udacity for Enterprise can help you transform your workforce with the right tech skills for the future. They don’t give any indication of how much it will cost without a consultation, but that service gives you a personalized quote based on how many employees and organizations are interested in buying it.




You can choose two different kinds of Coursera packages. The first and cheaper package is the Team package for teams or small organizations. It costs $400 a year for each user in a team or small organization, giving them access to over 3,800 courses. The second option is Custom Pricing for larger organizations.


Udacity Vs Coursera: Learning Experience | Students Reviews & Testimonials

Udacity Reviews

There are many reviews on Udacity which claim that they can tell you if the platform is worth investing your money in or not. However, such reviews totally focus on stale and generic points such as prices, the courses, topics, and the like. However, what is important is even the learning experience of users. Many times platforms might get a great ranking because of the looks, the great offers, endless free courses,

 Udacity Vs Coursera - Customer Review

yet it could be lacking in a learning experience which is fun as well as interactive. This cannot be measured in numbers, but it is quite important. The general opinion about Udacity is that the learning experience is nice and fun. This is regarding the free courses offered by Udacity. When we talk of the Nanodegrees, these programs are loaded with information, extend over a long duration and are expensive and give you a great positive learning experience. 

Coursera Reviews

As already mentioned, Coursera gives you a great professional learning experience irrespective of the course. The “instructors or professors are experts and are masters in their field which guarantees that you will get information and knowledge of great quality. The course timetables can be modified as per your requirement. You can study and work at your time.

 Udacity Vs Coursera - Coursera Customer Review

This is good for those having a full-time job, yet wish to improve their skills. It is great for people who love to keep learning new things and skills. The platform also offers completion certificates that motivate students to complete the courses. You could also attach these certificates to your profile on LinkedIn and it could help you out for your potential future employment.

Pros and Cons of Udacity and Coursera

Udacity Pros:

  • The courses at Udacity are organized by experts in the industry
  • The free courses are mostly self-paced
  • The Nano degrees offered are similar to that offered by real institutions and can improve your CV
  • The courses are simple and can be understood easily
  • Students can work on practical projects for experience
  • Students into coding can get feedback
  • Most of the courses are related to IT
  • The website has a very Simplistic design
  • The quality of paid and free courses are quite good 
  • Companies can take up courses for their employees

Udacity Cons:

  • the Nano degrees are costly and for a long duration
  • Students with time constraints could find the degrees tough
  • The courses are related to technology
  • There is no student community
  • The site lacks customer support in a few cases

Coursera Pros

  • Most of the courses offer completion certificates
  • A lot of courses on this platform are created and offered by top institutes and universities
  • There are of free courses on this platform
  • You can audit the courses without extra cost
  • Courses can be taken up in different languages
  • Transcriptions are provided for various languages
  • The site offers Professional service
  • The timetables are quite Flexible
  • Companies can also take up skill-based courses for their employees
  • You can also get a degree on this platform
  • You can choose from many features

Coursera Cons

  • Most of the Full courses are not free of cost and can be quite pricey
  • At times the courses you need may not be available;  the waiting period for these courses can be quite long
  • Some of the instructors are very camera-shy
  • Courses can be tough for absolute beginners

Udacity Vs Coursera FAQs:

Is a Nanodegree from udacity worth it?

The schedule is as follows: The Udacity nanodegree is challenging, but well worth it. A person who pursues this degree will definitely get a slew of benefits. These courses help students strike a careful balance between self-learning and instruction.

Is it possible to acquire a job after completing udacity?

At this time, Udacity does not guarantee employment. Instead, they focus on supporting all of their students in attaining their goals, whether that goal is to find a new career, perform a new role, or simply learn a new skill.

Will udacity issue me a certificate?

All graduates of any Nanodegree programme, single paid course, or executive programme receive a certificate. Once you've finished the graduation procedure, you'll receive your diploma. Through your Udacity account, you will be able to view, print, and share your certificate.

Is udacity better than coursera?

When we compare Udacity with Coursera, it's evident that Udacity is the better deal. When we compare the total quality of content and learning materials provided by Udacity and Coursera, we can see that Udacity has superior content.

Is Udacity Legit?

Udacity is fully legal, despite the fact that it does not offer as many courses as Coursera or edX, two other e-learning sites. Udacity is the place to go if you want to learn about in-demand topics and have access to one of the largest selections of courses in the IT field.

Can I Put Udacity on my Resume?

This will not only show your employer that you care about learning and your job performance, but it will also show that you have the appropriate skills. Udacity's curriculum is well-regarded, even if some online course providers do not give recognised or authorised training. Include Udacity courses on your virtual or physical CV to help you advance.

What is the average time it takes for udacity to review a project?

Project reviews are often completed within 24-48 hours after submission, which is something that Udacity aspires for. Your project evaluations may take up to one week to complete due to the large amount of submissions and the time it may take your project reviewer to provide individualised input.

Are udacity projects difficult to complete?

The Udacity curriculum is designed to be tough in order for your training, work, and job readiness to be justified to your potential employers. It's supposed to be difficult. It is not always the case that the best or most experienced student will be the one to receive a diploma.

Is udacity overpriced?

Udacity does not charge for all of its MOOCs; some are offered for free. Courses offered by well-known firms are more expensive since Udacity makes money by charging for them. If you wish to receive credit for the course, you must pay the fee.

Can I pause Udacity Nanodegree?

You can suspend and discontinue your studies at any moment if you have chosen to pay for your course on a monthly basis. If you buy a bundle all at once, you can only cancel it in the midst of your subscription.

How do I choose a course on Coursera?

With over 4000 online courses accessible, it may be difficult for some students to choose the perfect one. Because these courses are provided by industry's leading corporations, companies, and institutions, they provide extensive descriptions of all of your interests and courses to assist you in making the best option for you.

Can I get free Certificates from Coursera?

If you have completed one of the courses on Coursera and would like to receive certification, there are usually additional fees.

How do I use the Coursera Certificate on my resume?

You have the option to upload the Certificate to your LinkedIn account once you have completed your course and received the Certificate. Individuals looking for greater work options can benefit greatly from a Coursera certification.

What is the Coursera Refund Policy?

Anyone who is displeased with the courses offered on their dashboard can get a 14-day money-back guarantee from Coursera. However, if a student contacts Coursera later to cancel their subscription for a justifiable cause, they may do so by contacting the Coursera service centre.

How do I apply for Financial Aid or a Scholarship?

Coursera offers financial aid and scholarship options due to the high cost of the education. If you want to apply for Coursera Financial Aid or Scholarship, you must complete out a form on their website that includes information about your educational past, future plans, and financial situation.

Is Coursera trustworthy?

Yes, Coursera is a legitimate online learning platform that offers courses, certifications, and degrees from top universities and businesses throughout the world.

Is Coursera accredited?

Yes, Coursera's courses have been certified by some of the world's most prestigious universities and corporations.

Are courses on Coursera free?

Yes, certain Coursera courses are completely free to begin. If you want a completion certificate, however, you must do the priced courses.

How much does Coursera cost?

Coursera is a subscription service that costs $39-79 a month (USD). You can, however, begin with their 7-day free trial.

Quick Links:

How should I choose the best online learning platform ?

To find the best e-learning platform for you, first set your goals. Once you know what you want to achieve, it is easier to find a good one. To do this, use our comparison tool so that you can get all of the information about different platforms.

Which features should I take into account while doing this Udacity vs Coursera comparison?

Learning materials are different for each person. But from our experience, what is most important to this company is the quality of the content, how reputable the platform and lecturer are, how easy it is to use, what your overall experience will be like with that company’s learning materials, and what their prices are. We always compare these features in our comparison charts for you before deciding which one you want.

How much research do you do before writing your e-learning reviews?

Our experts do research for a few weeks before they can say that their evaluations are complete. It takes a lot of time for them to do this, but it is the only way we can find out if all the features of an online learning platform are good or not.

How is this e-learning review platform different from others?

Every MOOC-reviewing platform is different. Some have different goals and values. Our reviews are 100% genuine and we will take the time to write them after analyzing carefully. Other sites might not do this, so ours is our superpower!

Conclusion: Udacity Vs Coursera 2021 

Both Udacity, as well as Coursera, are great platforms for e-learning. However, you must note that what you are looking for matters when you choose a platform. Udacity focuses on technology and IT related skills. So in case you want a course on any IT related skill, you can opt for Udacity. You can also earn a degree if you have time on your hands and are not tight on your budget.

Hopefully, this comparison has answered many of the questions you may have had. The first thing to think about is whether you want to be an expert in a specific technology field.

Udacity is for You if:

If so, Udacity is the best option. Another important factor is your budget for the program. This program will cost $700-$2,000 or more and it can take 2-3 years to complete all courses.

If you are looking for mentors and good instructors who are responsive and who value engagement with students, then Udacity might be for you too!

Coursera is for You if:

Coursera is for you if you want to take a class in a different language than English. Coursera offers high-quality coursework from institutions that are partnered with us.

You can get a certificate at the end of the course and learn on the go with our app.

On the other hand, in case you want to check out some free courses on various other subjects like Arts and Humanities, social sciences, IT, data science, Math and Intuitive, you could check out Coursera. Some of the courses here also come with completion certificates which are quite motivating. Just like Udacity, Coursera to enables a company to take up skill training courses for its employees.

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  1. Don’t subscribe to Coursera.org, because they will charge for courses for which you don’t have an active subscription. And when it happens, there is no support or service centre to ask for a refund. Coursera is a fraud.

  2. The course was excellent. Coursera, on the other hand, was a nightmare. Getting customer service is almost impossible — they have no way to speak to a human. They delayed my grade so they could charge me for another month. When I complained they said that they would give me the lowest possible grade if I didn’t want to wait to be graded. They then did that without contacting me. I did 5 peer reviews. Only 1 person (probably admin and not a student) gave “content is satisfactory” feedback without ever reviewing my content. I know that because my assignment was on a file share that alerts me when it’s accessed. NOBODY ACCESSED IT. So the grade was a scam. I spend several days on this assignment only to find out that NOBODY reviews your work, and somebody puts in a fake low grade to shut you up if you complain. I was interested in taking other courses, but because of the scam involved in grading, never doing this again.

  3. I paid for the subscription to access labs and do the homework. I cancelled the subscription after completing the course, but the lab access was gone as well. Basically, the only way to download the lab notebooks is to pay another $49 for a course you already completed. The customer service chat was not helpful at all and was basically a robot.

  4. I signed up for:” Course Certificate for Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skill” with the deadline on May 4th, but I can not access the course anymore. What is going on? I would love to continue with with the course, if not, please return my money back!!!!

  5. I’ve taken a PHP programming course at Coursera. I wasn’t able to finish the course because I was disconnected from the Rhyme virtual desktop environment they provide right in the middle of the course. Now I am being redirected to the quiz while I wasn’t even able to finish the course.

    There is no way of contacting them so I just gave up on requesting a refund from them. In my account, they marked my course “non-refundable”. But then on their website, they claim that they refund within two weeks. I purchased my course one week ago. They don’t mention a single word why they mark some courses non-refundable.

  6. I wish I could give zero stars to this just only cause of the awful customer service. I had a subscription for a very reasonable price which I couldn’t keep to use cause I failed to have the funds ready at the right time; even tho I contacted them 4 times about the matter and they assured me that the system would charge me before the date my account would expire it didn’t happen; they suggested to resubscribe at almost double the price. Contacted customer service for email and been dealing with 4 different people that couldn’t be bothered to read any of my emails where explained 4 times what was the matter. The courses may be good but man they have no clue of what customer service is!

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