Coursera Review 2020: Is Coursera Worth it ? (Pros & Cons)

It is one of the leading e-learning platforms in the world, offering courses on various topics related to digital, business and other popular topics.

Coursera offers courses on virtually all topics, both technical and business. The top-rated courses on this educational platform include Arts and Humanities, Computer Science, Life Sciences, Business, digital learning and more. 

Coursera is an ideal learning platform for people who, for a variety of reasons, can not attend traditional brick and mortar classes. Maybe they can not give up their work or look after children, etc. Coursera offers you the opportunity to improve your career and your lifestyle, as there is no fixed timetable for learning. Coursera’s mobile applications give you access to Coursera lessons anytime, anywhere.

Advance your career with everything from courses to degrees on Coursera

The cost is another reason why people leave learning. All Coursera courses are free unless you wish to receive a certificate of completion. Even if you want a certificate, these courses do not cost a fortune. If you have the opportunity to participate in the forum, you will interact with colleagues from around the world and share your ideas with them. This is very useful to implement your projects.

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Detailed Coursera Review

Coursera was founded in 2012 by two professors from Stanford Computer Science, Daphne Koller, and Andrew Ng. They had the idea to create Coursera to share their knowledge and skills with the world. Since then, the platform has become a household word in MOOCs.

Coursera does not create its own learning courses. Instead, it works closely with post-secondary institutions, government agencies, and leading universities to provide expert online services.

Coursera education review - join

Coursera currently works with more than 150 partner universities in 29 countries. His academic partners include prominent figures such as Stanford, Duke, Michigan, HEC Paris, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Penn, Princeton, and many others. Recently, Coursera partnered with technology giants such as Google, IBM, MongoDB, and PwC to attract industry experts to develop highly relevant course materials.

The company offers more than 2,700-degree programs, more than 250 specializations, and more than four accredited degree programs. Coursera courses are usually free. In order to access the assessed work and receive a graduation certificate, you must pay what is worth your money. Many of these courses are Coursera specializations, a series of related courses, and sometimes a Capstone project. Since its launch, Coursera has taught more than 25 million students in more than 2,000 courses.

Coursera offers both individuals and organizations who want to build their teams. It offers courses in several of the most commonly spoken languages, including Spanish, English, Turkish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. Therefore, people from all over the world can access Coursera’s high-quality courses without a language barrier.

The Coursera curriculum covers a wide range of topics, as do many small and medium-sized universities.

Free Coursera courses provide video lectures and exercises. Free courses usually do not offer formal college credit. However, to receive a signed “Certificate of Completion”, you must pay a fee. However, certificates are not available for all courses paid at this time.

Coursera education review - learn You can share your certificate with potential employers. Therefore, we recommend that you opt for paid courses. In addition, many courses are completely free even for qualified tasks.

The courses usually take four to six weeks. Each class includes several hours of video per week, graded ratings, tests, and peer-to-peer forums. Some courses end with final exams.

Getting Started with Coursera: Coursera Courses Review

Log on to and browse through the available courses. Select the desired course. If this is a specialization, a window will appear asking you for a free 7-day trial. Otherwise, you will find options to confirm the course or pay once to get the certificate of completion.

You will also see the option “Full course, no certificate” for many courses. These courses give you free access to all course content, including assignments and exclusions.

Coursera education review - popularYou should know that Coursera courses have a beginning and an end week. These courses are synchronous, ie they are only available at this time. On the other hand, there are asynchronous courses that students can attend at any time.

Click on the course title for more information. The course page provides a general description of the course, the action program, the FAQ lists, the course creator, the tariffs, the ratings and the comments, and the start date of the course enrollment. The site offers a good reading of the course content for each week.

If you like a course, click the blue “Register” button or “Register” to follow the course.

Coursera Specializations: Coursera Certificate & Coursera app

If you want to distinguish yourself for a particular skill or subject, you can enroll in the Coursera specialization. The company offers more than 250 specializations, including advanced machine learning, business creation, data structure and algorithms, MySQL, graphic design, and more.

A Coursera specialization is a micro-diploma that combines several relevant courses, usually 4 or 5 courses, into groups. Some of these specializations include a Capstone project as a final course. These projects are checked by colleagues. Shorter specializations often only take three courses and take 4 to 6 months. On the other hand, some specializations can take up to 10 courses and last one year.

Coursera education review - featureIf you want a specialization certification, you must pay for all the courses included in the specialization. You can attend each course separately, but you can not jump to Capstone projects without having completed all the other courses in specialization.

Coursera works with industry partners who support data specialization, case studies and conferences. Some of these partners also help with the development of course materials and reward students who perform an extraordinary project.

The specializations of Coursera cost on a subscription basis between 39 and 79 USD per month. You will be billed for a 7-day free trial. If you want to continue with the specialization, you can pay, finish the course and receive your certificate. Otherwise, you can cancel your subscription by the specified deadline.


In 2012, two professors of computer science at Stanford, University professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, decided to offer their courses online for free, and the response was overwhelming. This led to the founding of Coursera, which has partnered with 149 universities around the world to provide access to high-quality courses anywhere, anytime.

Since its launch, this site has served more than 25 million students in more than 2,000 classes. Recently, they have begun offering full-time degrees in some areas, which will allow students to get even further onto the platform.


Coursera courses are organized like the classical university courses and are divided into humanities, social sciences, and various other categories.

If you are looking for a class that contributes to a college program, check which institution supports the class (the information highlighted on each page of the course) and whether it is accepted by your class.

Coursera education review - how it workSchool After selecting a class, you will be asked if you would like to pay for the certificate or if you just want to use the free version. From the beginning of the course, you have 180 days to complete the work, although most courses suggest a much shorter time to complete the work.

From there, you can navigate the classroom, watch videos, and do homework while keeping in touch with other students from the same group around the world. After completing the course, once you have paid for the course, you will receive your certificate and can proceed to the next one.

What does Coursera offer? Coursera Machine Learning, Coursera Python

Currently, this network offers more than 22 million active students with interactive classes as online video tutorials. The main points of Coursera are:

  • Courses: It offers about 1,600 courses and 700 advanced subjects, which were added to the library in 2016. In this great list of courses, about 40% are related to the activity, the science of, data and the extent of the management. Some of the most popular courses in this network have more than one million active students.
  • Language: If we speak the language of instruction offered by Coursera online learning platform you will be pleased to have it offered in 8 popular languages: Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, French, English, Chinese and Traditional Chinese. It helps users learn from every corner of the world without language barriers.
  • Course: TypesThe Courser platform is known for specializing in the best courses up to 130+. It offers engineering courses for both engineers and the business world. Other popular topics include biology, medicine, humanities, etc.
  • The Coursera online learning platform is available to both individual students and organizations. If you want to improve your skills for practical reasons, we recommend continuing with Coursera.
  • Instructors: The trainers in Coursera are connected by all universities and popular organizations around the world. With this platform, providing a professional learning environment, users can follow the advice of more than 4,000 experienced instructors at various universities around the world.
  • Coursera has more than 145 industrial partners.
  • So far, more than 600,000 students have received a course certificate.

Coursera education review - developed

The state of Coursera in [year]

Coursera now includes three different business units:

  • Consumer.
  • Training the company.
  • Online financial statements

Let us look at each one individually.


In 2020, Coursera may focus on business education and online titles, but the consumer sector seems to be stronger than ever and becomes a source of revenue for the company.

of the estimated $ 140 million It is quite possible that about $ 100 million will come from the consumer sector in [year].

Coursera has a total of 37 million students, of whom 7 million were added in [year]. This is the same number of new students who joined the platform in 2017. Although the number of students added each year is stable, more of these students seem to be paying. This is due to the changes in monetization that Coursera made in 2017 and earlier.

Coursera education review - courseSales estimates suggest that Coursera has gained hundreds of thousands of new paying customers in [year], raising the total number of people who have already paid Coursera to several million.

Coursera did not do much with the consumer product this year, did not conduct any further price experiments or change its payment wall.

Coursera maintains an active catalog of approximately 3,100 courses and 310 specializations, created by more than 160 academic partners and more than 20 industry partners. In 2020, 675 courses and 90 specializations were launched.

The Most Popular Courses in 2020

Below is a list of the top ten [year] courses shared by Coursera, based on the total number of enrollments. Coursera “Welfare Science” is the only course on the list that was created in the 2020.

  • Machine Learning at Stanford University.
  • Learning to Learn: Powerful mental tools that allow you to master challenging topics at the University of California at San Diego.
  • The Science of Wellness at Yale University.
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies at Princeton University.
  • Algorithms, Part I of Princeton University.
  • English for Development at the University Professional of Pennsylvania.
  • Financial markets of Yale University.
  • Introduction to Psychology at the University of Toronto.
  • How do I do a job at the National Autonomous University of Mexico?
  • Chinese for beginners at Peking University.

Coursera education review - book

The most popular specializations in [year]

  • depth training of deep learning
  • Python for everyone from the University of Michigan.
  • Data Science from Johns Hopkins University.
  • Applied to Python Data Science from the University
  • IT Professional Certificate Google.
  • Machine Learning at the High School of Research of the National Research University.
  • Improve Your English In Communication Georgia Technology Institute.
  • Business Fundamentals of the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Architecture with the Google Cloud Platform from the Google Cloud.
  • Excellent business skills at Macquarie University.

Training Program (Read full Coursera education review summary)

The product of the company Corporate. Coursera for Business According to Coursera, the company has more than 1,500 corporate clients (including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies), compared to 500 at the end of last year.

Coursera for Business costs $ 400 per employee per year and includes full access to a catalog of approximately 2,500 courses. This is a subset of the full Coursera catalog. Earlier this year, Stanford University and the University of Pennsylvania (including the Wharton School of Business) published their Coursera for Business catalogs. Here is a list of courses that are not part of Coursera for Business.

Coursera has updated its corporate product in 2020, primarily to extract more information from enterprise learning data and streamline integration with its internal training management systems. These changes are summarized in the Coursera blog.

Coursera education review - Transfore

Online Financial Statements

The most interesting developments from 2020 can be found in the online securities market. I mentioned the thrill of MOOC-based online titles as the second wave of MOOC exaggerations.

In 2020, Coursera announced eight new online titles from six new universities. One of these degrees is a Bachelor of Computer Science from the University of London. Another is a diploma from an Ivy League school; The degree is Master of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology from the University of Pennsylvania.

Here is a list of the twelve online Coursera diplomas that have been advertised so far:

For a complete list of MOOC-based online diplomas, see our price tables.

Coursera’s first online title was IMBA from the University of Illinois, Geis College of Business at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC),  which was announced in May 2015. The $ 22,000 iMBA award was the closest to tens of thousands of dollars to date. To date, more than 1,000 and more students have signed up for the program and the first cohorts of students have graduated.

Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, and Dean of Business College at the University of Illinois Gies, Jeffrey Brown. Source: Coursera.

For more information on the Course UIUC non-contact Interview, Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of Coursera, and the Dean of Gies Business School, Jeffrey Brown.

Earlier this year, the company presented some statistics on its study programs at the Coursera Partnership Conference: In January, there were a total of 1,632 students and $ 9.6 million in tuition fees. Training until today.

Coursera education review - buildInterestingly enough, 50% of diploma candidates had already used the Coursera platform, which shows that Coursera’s free MOOCs can serve as a marketing channel for their online titles.

Coursera Offers A Highly Interactive Learning Style

Daphne Koller has conducted extensive research into pedagogical approaches and the question of how artificial intelligence can stimulate student attachment to Coursera.

All Coursera courses are based on measures to enhance learning. For example, video conferencing repeatedly interrupts students to ask what they have learned so far during the course. The students receive immediate feedback on the task. It keeps students engaged, attentive and motivated.

The official website of Coursera is very simple and user-friendly. Thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly interface, the website can be easily navigated even for newcomers. Students quickly take notes on essays, tests, and comments from teachers, which is important given the high number of enrollments for each course.

What do you think about Coursera, edX, and Udacity?

As an independent search portal for online courses of all major providers, we often ask for the pros and cons of different course providers.

Therefore, we have compiled positive and negative comments to users earlier. Of course, the subjective assessment of online learning enthusiasts of our team is included.

Coursera education review - upskilling

We decided not to create a ranking supplier. This is not easy to achieve according to the objective criteria and is likely to vary depending on the user, learning objective and preference. It is often possible to test suppliers or courses for free and without obligation.

you do the advantages and disadvantages of each course provider?

Write us a message or contact us via Facebook!


  • Reimbursed to all accredited universities, their professional value is increased, and the academic degree is available
  • In more than 30 languages.
  • Learning is available everywhere through the website and lasmóviles
  • Applications. You are all teachers.
  • Courses are part of courses for If the certificate is not compulsory,
  • Prices are low. USD 29 to 99 (online study programs not included)


  • The content of the course is mainly limited to academic subjects and professional skills.

Pricing Plans of Coursera Review

Recently, Coursera has updated its course calendar and now places more value on courses on demand. On the previous platform, users could access courses and generally had unpredictable schedules. Therefore, this new orientation change of the website seems to be useful for the students. Courses can now be attended every two weeks as well as every month.

Follow a specific pricing model for specializations. Students have to pay monthly fees if the current prices are only between $ 39 and $ 89. Those who wish to specialize must pay $ 373 and attend the five main courses with a specialization certificate.

If you want to buy a certain course, you have to pay $ 79. A certificate is also offered when the student has completed the course. If you want to have access to all the material of the course on this website, you can also get it. In this case, you can not receive certification.

Coursera education review - pricing plan

It’s best to know that the monthly fee is available for a $ 40.00 payment and offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. These courses provide hands-on learning materials, discussion forums, and various graduate work to improve students’ learning skills.

Tips: How do I find a course in Coursera?

If you are new to this platform and need help finding a new course, you can use the course and catalog search tool. This helps you focus the results according to your interests.

Once you have found a course or specialization that interests you, you can see all the details by simply clicking on the title. Coursera user information page makes it easy to register for various courses on this platform.

If you want to register for specialization or course, you can easily do so on the official Coursera website. The price details have already been discussed in the previous section.

Quick Links: 

Coursera FAQs

🤔Is Coursera trustworthy?

Yes, Coursera is a legit online learning platform that comes with courses, certificates, and degrees online from world-class universities and companies.

✅Is Coursera accredited?

Yes, Coursera courses are accredited by the leading global universities and reputed companies.

🔥Are courses on Coursera free?

Yes, some Coursera courses are free to get started. However, if you want to get a completion certificate you need to go with the paid courses.

💵How much does Coursera cost?

Coursera costs $39-79/per month (USD) on a subscription basis. However, you can get started with their 7 days free trial.

Coursera Review Conclusion:

There is no doubt that Coursera offers valuable content or educators from a variety of disciplines and the opportunity to enhance their skills with valuable resources. The quality of the course content is perfect for a beginner. The professors of the platform provide course material with strategic planning so that students can focus on developing their skills.

It is also possible to sign up for multiple courses at the same time to optimize your time. Coursera education review offers courses from the best universities with high-quality content so that students have the opportunity to stay in touch with world teachers.

Interactive exercises and discussion forums facilitate the updating of knowledge. Coursera offers the best possible connection with the global student community so that anyone with rich skills and a bright future can grow up.

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