How to Use Affiliate Ads Along with AdSense At The Same Time

For those bloggers who just started monetizing their website with Affiliate Ads and have AdSense running on their blog, this is the most common question that comes to their mind. AdSense is a contextual ad network, and they do not allow running any other ad network which shows ads like AdSense. Here in this article, we will see how to use Affiliate Ads along with AdSense.

The Answer is “Yes” you can place Affiliate ads along with AdSense ads on the same page, it’s highly recommended as well, and this doesn’t violate AdSense policies. As long as you’re not an affiliate for anything unsavory, that Google doesn’t like, you will be fine.

Use Affiliate Ads Along with AdSense You could try the Amazon Affiliate Program, but only if your website is product orientated.

If not, an email list will help you advertise directly to your visitors, so think about having an “opt-in” area somewhere on your website for you to collect email addresses.

Confirmation from AdSense:

Confirmation from Google AdSense


It is precisely stated on Official AdSense help page that “If your Ad network already displays Google Ads on your pages, you can still join AdSense and run Ads on your site through their program. However, you may not place more Ads than content on your page.

AdSense policies - Use Affiliate Ads Along With AdSenseKeep in mind that it’s your responsibility to work out any contractual issues that may arise with your Ad network as a result of serving Google Ads directly”. You can learn more by visiting Official AdSense help page.


The efficient way to implement both Ads Network:

Amazon Associates


Let’s take an example of Amazon Affiliate Program for this.

First, Amazon tends to work better as text links within your content rather than banner ads.  So, don’t put a big 300×250 Amazon Associates banner ad in your content.

Anytime you mention the product or product related phrases, just link the text to your content to Amazon.  Also have a call to action near the end asking the reader to read more about the product, or check out the pricing of the product, or any other call to action that will encourage them to click on the link and view the product in Amazon.

Google AdSense, on the other hand, does work well as Ad units.  I have discussed a few times in the past some of the best Google AdSense Ad placements here.  In general, the ads that are in the content and above the fold will perform the best.  I usually recommend a medium or large rectangle unit just below the title either right or left justified.  This is going to be your highest click-through rate unit most likely.

Some of the hand-picked post:

How to Increase Earnings:

You will need to monitor your earnings to make sure that adding Amazon or AdSense does not decrease your overall revenue. Obviously, you will need to test and monitor your earnings over a few months to determine what works best.  Also, you should always be willing to test out different layouts to see what gives you the highest click-through rate and earnings.

This is how you can increase your earnings. Some keywords will just earn more with AdSense, and some may perform better with Amazon.

Here are few essential things which you should know:

Limit the number of Ads on your blog, and focus on adding value and quality of your website.  If the number of Ads or affiliate banner is more than the original content, then it will put your AdSense account in danger.

Your affiliate Ads should not link to content which is not allowed in AdSense policies, like explicit content.

Final thoughts: How to Use Affiliate Ads Along with AdSense At The Same Time

You can use Affiliate ads with Google AdSense on your blog. It is to replace your low performing Ad units with direct Affiliate Ads of a product related to your niche. Once you start getting success in the form of affiliate sales, replace more AdSense ad blocks with affiliate ads.

Long story short, there is no reason why you can’t have both Google AdSense and Amazon on your site at the same time. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section and let me know if you are using Affiliate Program on your website. Share this post on the Social media so that it may help others too.

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  1. Rakesh

    I was keeping only Banner ads of Amazon in website and i thought its going to work nice tip that given by placing link in between text

  2. Ramesh Kota

    I was keeping only Banner ads of Amazon in website and i thought its going to work nice tip that given by placing link in between text


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