Top 24 Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023: Are Affiliate Programs Worth It?

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 24 Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023, let’s start

Affiliate marketing is a beautiful strategy for generating stable income WHILE assisting others. I know no other company strategy that allows you to deliver free value and earn money.

Other lucrative affiliate areas are elementary to enter. This includes the vegan niche.

You may utilize them to your advantage to become an advocate for an excellent lifestyle while making a respectable amount of money on the side.

I have compiled a list of the highest-paying vegan affiliate programs available. If you run a blog, vlog, or another platform focusing on food or veganism, these affiliate programs are for you.

Top Vegan Affiliate Programs

Top 24 Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023

Here is the list of Vegan Affiliate Programs:

1. Veestro:

Mark, a former banker who had problems paying sufficient attention to his eating habits, conceived of Veestro as typical of most corporate employees.

Veestro Vegan Affiliate Programs

This, in turn, made it exceedingly difficult to maintain a balanced vegan diet and led to poor eating habits.

Growing up in Costa Rica, Mark understood the significance of eating fruits and vegetables. However, maintaining the same eating habits in America proved challenging. Mark thus introduced Veestro. A premium vegan gourmet food provider.

Instead of harmful snacking, Veestro offers consumers the alternative of a nutritional, tasty, and healthy lunch. Their meals are available in various categories from which clients may pick.

These include a la carte, weight reduction products, juice cleanses, and their most popular gourmet meal sets. A professional chef prepares all of VeeVeestro’s in-house to ensure quality and cleanliness.

The firm prepares its meals using fresh, all-natural ingredients, packaged in eco-friendly packaging and delivered to your home.

ShareASale maintains the affiliate program for Veestro. It is one of the most popular affiliate programs on the website, with a rank power of over 1000!

Their commission rate is just 5 %, which is admittedly lower. Nevertheless, their average order value is $ 215, and their clicks’ revenues are $ 13.55! Affiliate marketers often increase their income by growing their sales volume.

This is a straightforward task given their extensive product line and widespread appeal. In addition, ShaShareASale’sfiliate dashboard provides several marketing and reporting tools you may use to increase and monitor your income!

Cookie Duration: 15 Days

Commission: 5 %

2. Vessi Footwear:

Vessi Footwear is another innovative vegan band that has just reached the market. Yes, you read correctly: vegan footwear! Flash knit is a novel and groundbreaking technique the firm uses to create one-of-a-kind vegan athletic sneakers.

Vessi Footwear Vegan Affiliate Programs

This technology enables moisture to flow from the shoe while remaining impermeable to outside wetness. Thus, Vessi keeps your feet dry and odor-free! Their flash knit technique allows Vessi shoes to stay featherlight, weighing just 5.3 ounces each!

The footwear manufactured by Vessi using their unique technology is the airiest, waterproof, and vegan-friendly footwear.

The corporation is well aware of its carbon impact. Vessi Footwear takes every measure to guarantee its goods are environmentally sustainable. Their facilities have the slightest potential environmental effect.

ShareASale and Vessi have teamed up for their affiliate programs. To participate in the affiliate program, you must join them first. Since the procedure is rather basic, you shouldn’t have any problem confirming your account.

The company provides a 10 percent fee on each product sold via a referral link and a 30-day cookie life. On the surface, this may seem inadequate for a major brand such as Vessi.

However, given that their average order value is $ 115, even a 10 % commission might yield substantial revenue.

People enjoy great renown and popularity because it is the only vegan knitted footwear company. Affiliates should have no issue increasing their sales volume and earning substantial commissions.

This program also provides its affiliate marketers with several marketing tools. These also contain reporting capabilities for real-time tracking of commissions and sales!

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Commission: 10 %

3. Future Kind:

Future Kind is one of the industry’s well-known vegan companies. The firm provides a multivitamin comprising Omega 3, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D3.

Future Kind Vegan Affiliate Programs

Numerous celebrity health professionals, including the famed dietitian Whitney English, the celebrity cardiologist Joel Kahn, and the professional athlete Natalie Mathews, support the brand.

All of their goods are ethically sourced and derived from plants. Even their packaging is environmentally friendly! Another factor contributing to the company’s generous approach to vegetarianism.

Future Kind is known to donate some of its income to animal sanctuaries to improve their well-being. This is why the brand has a vast and devoted fan base and is so simple to advertise.

The brand has collaborated with Refersion to provide one of the market’s highest-paying affiliate networks for vegan products. To become an affiliate marketer for Future Kinds, just sign up with Refersion and wait for your account to be authorized.

You may begin your affiliate marketing career with the business. Now comes the most exciting part: commission! Future Kind provides all of its affiliate marketers with a 40 % commission!

Additionally, this vegan multivitamin business provides a 10 % discount to buyers. By marketing this company, you will not only get a substantial income, but you will also assist your vegan fans by providing them with substantial savings! As a vegan affiliate marketer, you should participate in this win-win scenario!

Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Commission: 40 %

4. Sunburst Superfoods:

Vegans are always in search of nutrient-dense meals to satisfy their nutritional needs. Here, superfoods come into play.

Sunburst Superfoods is a firm that acknowledges the demand for all-natural superfood mixes of the highest quality! Typical components of their diet include seeds, leafy green vegetables, and fruits.

The firm offers superfood items that are inexpensive, readily available, and simple to store for its clients. Customers may now continue their vegan journey while being healthy.

Even substituting an unhealthy snack or beverage with these superfoods may significantly impact your health.

Before being added to their goods, all components are kept and dried at low temperatures to preserve their nutritional value. Sunburst Superfoods has a sizable customer base. Their standard order is around $ 90, which seems to climb yearly.

However, affiliate marketers linked with the organization continue generating substantial referral income. The commission rates are around 10 % and 5 % on discounts, and their revenue per click is approximately $ 33.43.

According to affiliate marketing norms, the program lifespan is roughly 60 days, which is a reasonable period

Cookie Duration: 60 Day

Commission: 10 %

5. KVD Vegan Beauty

KVD Beauty has a fascinating history. They are a tattoo business that moved into the vegan cosmetics industry, transitioning from cruelty-free makeup in 2008 to vegan makeup in 2016.

KVD Vegan Beauty Vegan Affiliate Programs

Their online shop offers a comprehensive selection of cosmetic items, including foundation, concealers, eyeliners, lipsticks, and many more, as well as hundreds of accessories.

In this way, they give the outcomes your visitors want while giving you the peace of mind that each product contains only pure, organic components.

KVD Beauty provides free delivery on all U.S. purchases over $ 35 and two complimentary samples on all orders over $ 50.

This vegan affiliate network offers a 4 percent commission rate, which isn’t terrible but is on the lower end of the payments provided by the highlighted programs.

Their cheap variety of cosmetic and aesthetic products derived from plants will appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences, from animal rights activists to mainstream customers.

Commission: $4 

Cookie duration: 7 days

6. P.F. Candle Co.:

Here is one of the more intriguing affiliate programs in our collection. Traditional candles include beeswax, which vegans cannot use.

P.F. Candle Co Affiliate Programs

P.F. Candle Co. fills this market need with soy wax candles that are 100 percent free of animal by-products and derived from natural sources.

However, they also offer hand washes and other personal hygiene items, such as body washes and perfumes manufactured with natural soaps.

Targeting vegan candles and personal hygiene products might be a lucrative sub-niche. Their affiliate program provides a 5 percent commission on any prospective consumers you refer through affiliate links or banners.

This offer allows you to market items to your vegan visitors that have more to do with relaxation and personal well-being than the essential requirement of eating, as the focus of the ordinary blog devoted to the vegan lifestyle is on food.

Commission: 5 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

7. Lysse:

Lysse apparel has the style and feel of a modern fashion brand, yet the emphasis is on everyday wear for women.

What began in 2009 as a line of leggings designed by designer Beth Cohen has now evolved into a complete line of contemporary women’s clothing, including blouses, sweaters, jackets, and jeans.

However, their vegan imitation leather leggings, trousers, and coats are what will appeal most to the vegans who follow your blog or social channel. How does Lysse compare to the other highlighted affiliate programs?

You must first have an account with the Pepperjam affiliate network to promote this offer and access the required marketing materials.

It offers a 6 % compensation rate, so depending on the average price of $ 100 for a pair of leggings, you will make $ 6 for every referral.

They blend practical, comfortable fashion attire with ethical, animal-friendly fabrics that people will want to wear just for their bragging rights.

Commission: 6 %

Cookie duration: 15 days

8. Honey Badger:

Honey Badger is a line of pre- and post-workout health and fitness supplements. However, they are plant-based, making them suitable for paleo, keto, and vegan diets.

Honey Badger Affiliate Programs

However, not all vegan protein powders are made equal, and Honey Badger distinguishes itself from the competition by excluding preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners from its powders.

So that your visitors are not experiencing a false energy boost due to consuming a substandard protein powder that contains excessive sugar, this is also a family-owned and -operated firm with special forces veterans on staff, which might be helpful in your pre-sell material.

Are these protein powders derived from plants worth promoting? You will make a 15 % commission on each sale, and the program has a relatively high EPC, so all signs point to this being a successful promotional offer.

They provide a variety of high-quality items that are suitable for vegan blogs and influencer channels.

Commission: 15 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

9. Green Chef

Green Chef was established in 2014 as an online purchasing and meal preparation service with a twist. And the distinction is that each dish lacks genetically modified organisms, pesticides, antibiotics, and growth hormones.

Green Chef Affiliate Programs

Their menus include Keto and Paleo options, but they also provide a vegan meal delivery service through their menu.

The most effective method to sell this service is likely to be by stating that the concept of healthy eating appeals to many individuals, but preparing meals does not. Therefore, propose that your visitors let Green Chef do most of their labor.

Consequently, let’s compare this vegan meal prep offer to other affiliate programs. Everyone who purchases after clicking on your referral link will earn you $ 15.

In addition, since Commission Junction administers this program, you will have access to various promotional banners, text links, reporting tools, and other content via your affiliate dashboard.

Commission: $ 15

Cookie duration: 7 days

10. Notiq:

Vegan leather goods are one of those vegan things you would probably never consider without extensive study into the sector.

Notiq produces a variety of planners, personal organizers, wallets, and purses created from materials that are not tested on animals. Therefore, not only are their products useful, but they are also kind of eco-friendly accessories for the ethical lady.

Judging by the increasing interest, this industry will have a significant number of early adopters.

This affiliate offers reportedly has a 20 % conversion rate. Therefore, based on an average order value of $ 288 and a commission rate of 7 %, you might make $ 20 for every fifth referral. This is a rapidly expanding sub-segment of the vegan market, and their goods are ideal for it.

Commission: 7 %

Cookie duration: 30 day

11. Vegamour:

Vegamour makes and offers a variety of vegan-friendly hair, lash, and brow products. In the interest of animal welfare, their plant-based creams, conditioners, shampoos, and serums are professionally examined, emphasizing cruelty-free testing.

Vegamour Affiliate Programs

And 91 percent of clients questioned reported a substantial improvement in hair quality and thickness, for instance, beneficial social evidence for your affiliate material, as is the fact that Vegamour provides free delivery on all purchases over $ 49.

This vegan affiliate network provides an 8 % commission on purchases generated by your blog’s recommendations. Alternatively, any blog. They provide a variety of cruelty-free cosmetic items appropriate for vegans and eco-conscious individuals.

Commission: 8 %

Cookie duration: 15 days

12. Thrive Market:

Thrive Market’s products are non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, and vegan-friendly; they are procured from ethical and sustainable sources—delivering all the healthful meals a person might want at their front door.

Thrive Market Affiliate Programs

Membership is quite affordable, costing just $ 5 a month plus the cost of any food or nutritional supplements purchased. How does this software compare to the others we have discussed? Affiliates may earn up to $ 40 for each client who joins Thrive MarMarket’s plan; referrals for the monthly plan pay a $ 5 fee. They appeal to a rising market of individuals who want a better diet and a less carbon imprint.

Commission: Up to $ 4

Cookie duration: 1 day

13. Clean:

Clean is a detoxification program aimed at assisting individuals in eliminating toxins from their systems and restoring an enhanced feeling of well-being. It is available in two basic variants, Clean 21 and Clean 7, which a cardiologist created by combining the finest of current Western treatment with old Eastern understanding.

The result is a detoxification regimen suited for vegans. The Clean online shop also provides maintenance packages to keep consumers healthy while not participating in a detoxification program. In addition, it offers chocolate, drinks, and other healthy living items.

So, how much do you earn for marketing this vegan affiliate program? Based on their 5 % commission rate and the $ 10 incentive on sales above $ 200, you may expect to make an average of $ 21 per first transaction.

Detoxification programs are gaining popularity among individuals from all walks of life. The fact that this product is plant-based is only a bonus.

Commission: 5 %

Cookie duration: 90 days

14. Tofu Bud:

Tofu is a cornerstone of the vegan diet due to its versatility. However, one of the most challenging aspects of cooking tofu is that it must first be drained of all moisture, which may take an eternity.

Tofu Bud is a press that may cut preparation time to as low as 15 minutes. This allows your audience to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the meal.

This firm also provides plant-based superfood powders, vegan protein, fermentation crocks, works, and food wrappers for the vegan market.

This affiliate network provides a 15 percent commission on all transactions, so you will earn around $ 4.50 for each Tofu Press sold.

Solving an urgent and recurrent issue, such as eliminating all the moisture from tofu, generally leads to significant sales.

Commission: 15 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

15. Zatik:

Since 2005, Zatik has sold a variety of skin, hair, and body care products, including only natural components. This is when the entrepreneur, as a pastime, designed and launched his first skincare product.

Zatik Affiliate Programs

And today, over two decades later, Zatik is a developing brand with a devoted following. “What” you put on your skin should be as healthy as what you put in your body,” i” their goal statement.

Because of this, all of their shampoos, creams, serums, toners, and cleansers are plant-based and have no additional chemicals.

Consequently, their goods are compatible with a vegan diet and are also cruelty-free, animal-friendly, and eco-friendly.

The ShareASale affiliate network manages the Zatik affiliate program. Affiliates get a 15 % commission on all sales, with an average purchase size of $ 83.

Their goods will appeal to various consumers, including vegans and non-vegans who wish to buy vegan items because they are cruelty-free.

Commission: 15 %

Cookie duration: 15 days

16. Gousto:

Gousto provides a meal delivery service to consumers in the United Kingdom. Although they provide plant-based choices, they are far more challenging to locate, and the mention of meat on the site may deter vegan customers.

Gousto Affiliate Programs

In addition, you must navigate a considerable distance through their meal categories to reach the plant-based category.

Gousto offers a higher commission than its closest rival, Mindful Chef, but the lack of emphasis on plant-based dishes may drive vegan customers to shut the tab.

Commission: £ 9.00 on new customer sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

17. Mindful Chef:

Mindful Chef is a meal prep service for consumers in the United Kingdom who enjoy using fresh, local foods.

According to their affiliate program website, Mindful Chef is “the” only natural source of vegan recipe boxes in the United Kingdom.”

Unfortunately, most UK-based programs do not give the same commissions as comparable American companies.

If you want to advertise meal delivery, it will cost you either £7 with Mindful Chef or £9 with the non-vegan-exclusive Gousto.

Awin offers both. Thus, it will be simple to join up for both and see which converts better for your audience.

Commission: £7.00 on new customer sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

18. Organic Basics:

Organic Basics is another sustainability and wellness affiliate network choice, offering anything from yoga pants, tees, and shoes to sustainable undergarments.

They are explicit about the kind of partners they seek: influencers with at least 1,000 followers and high-quality material.

According to the numbers provided by Impact, Organic Basics accepts just 23 % of affiliate program applications.

However, with a 30-day EPC of 1.66€, applying is worthwhile if you qualify for the program.

Commission: 15 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

19. Everlane:

Everlane is a well-known sustainable fashion business with a reputation for publishing production prices on its website.

Everlane Affiliate Programs

Everlane provides shoes, purses, apparel, and other items often produced from plant-based materials such as cotton and vegan leather. Their designs will appeal to sustainable fashion fans, usually vegetarians.

Interestingly, Everlane’s affiliate program offers a lower commission rate than Skimlinks.

Commission: 10 % (Pepperjam), 30 % (Skimlinks)

Cookie duration: 7 days (Pepperjam), Not listed (Skimlinks)

20. Purple Carrot:

Purple Carrot is another plant-based meal delivery business established in the United States. Consequently, they compete directly with companies such as Veestro and AllPlants. The fixed commission rate of $ 25 is comparable to other vegan meal delivery services.

To market vegan food delivery services in the United States, you should compare these strategies to see which converts best.

Commission: $ 25.00 for both subscriptions and one-off sales

Cookie duration: 30 days

21. Naked Nutrition:

Affiliate programs specializing in vegan fitness, vitamins, and protein are abundant. Naked Nutrition has its own brand for each item and is among the most popular.

Naked Nutrition Affiliate Programs

And unlike many other companies, it emphasizes additive-free choices, which appeals to vegans who like to consume foods with as few ingredients as possible.

For instance, the vegan Pea Protein Power has over 600 five-star ratings and costs $ 54.99. Therefore, a 10 % commission on this purchase will earn you $ 5.49.

If your vegan blog includes cuisine, apparel, nutrition, and fitness, you should investigate the Naked Nutrition program.

Commission: 10 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

22. iHerb:

iHerb is a well-known online marketplace for health and wellness items. If you cannot advertise Ethical Superstore because you are not headquartered in the United Kingdom, iHerb is an excellent option.

iHerb Affiliate Programs

In addition, iHerb provides localized versions of its website and delivers to many countries. Consequently, you may join iHerb from almost any nation on the globe.

You may market popular health supplements, sports supplements, consumables, cosmetic goods, and pet supplies with iHerb.

Everyone who follows a specialist diet, whether vegan, keto, paleo, or anything else, is often health-conscious. Consequently, iHerb might be an excellent affiliate network for pushing dietary supplements to those following various diets.

Commission: 5 % 

Cookie duration: 7 days

23. Ethical Superstore:

Next is the Ethical Superstore, a delight for vegan bloggers living in the United Kingdom who want to advertise particular vegan food goods.

Ethical Superstore features sections for grocery, cleaning and household products, fashion, home and garden, beauty and health, babies and children, gifts, and pets, among many more.

The 20 % affiliate fee for new consumers is exceptional for food purchases, particularly in comparison to Amazon, which reduced rates on grocery products from 5 % to 1 % during the 2020 pandemic. The 30-day cookie is not to be mentioned.

FYI – Ethical Superstore gives content site owners varying prices compared to cashback and discount companies. You must write fresh content for affiliate marketing to get these lucrative earnings.

Commission: 20 % for new customers, 10 % for existing customers

Cookie duration: 30 days

24. Sun Basket:

Sun Basket is a meal preparation and delivery business established in the United States that provides organic products for as little as $ 8.99 per dish.

Although they are not a fully vegan affiliate network, they provide vegan dinners each week to accommodate your vegan readers. Sun Basket’s affiliate program is thus ideal for vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free diets.

Sun Basket’s affiliate program is a must-try for vegan bloggers since it offers a flat $ 20 fee from Impact and an even greater commission from Skimlinks.

The 30-day cookie is the icing on the cake, unlike others such as Green Chef, who only provide a 7-day cookie.

Commission: $ 20.00 per order (Impact), $ 50.00 per order (Skimlinks)

Cookie duration: 30 days (Impact), Not listed (Skimlinks)

FAQs On Vegan Affiliate Programs

✔ What is a vegan affiliate program?

A vegan affiliate program is a marketing partnership where you earn commissions by promoting vegan products and services to your audience.

✔ What are the benefits of joining a vegan affiliate program?

Vegan affiliate programs offer high commissions, access to a wide range of vegan products and services, and marketing tools and resources to help you succeed.

✔ How do I choose a vegan affiliate program?

When choosing a vegan affiliate program, consider commission rates, payment terms, marketing tools and resources, and the provider's reputation.

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Conclusion: Vegan Affiliate Programs 2023

The vegan sector has steadily accelerated in recent years. Veganism may be initially challenging, but anybody can get the hang of it with time, patience, and persistence.

Veganism has several advantages and moral concerns, which are beyond the scope of this essay. Veganism is a well-established lifestyle that will only increase in popularity over the next several years.

The vegan sector is booming quickly and has a substantial customer base. Even non-vegans sometimes experiment with veganism for health or environmental reasons. Therefore, even those who do not precisely identify as vegans might be prospective clients.

Affiliate marketers with platforms focused on food, veganism, or vegetarianism may exploit this potential. The majority of vegan companies provide substantial commissions to their affiliate marketers.

This implies that you can earn a consistent income from the comfort of your home and without exertion.

Various vegan affiliate programs are on the market, and I have selected the highest-paying ones. You may utilize these programs to jumpstart your vegan affiliate marketing endeavors.

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