Top 25+ Weight Loss Affiliate Programs 2024: What Is The Highest Paid Affiliate Program?

In this post, we will provide the list of Top 25+ Weight Loss Affiliate Programs 2024, lets start

For many, the most excellent method to lose weight is to improve their diet and increase physical activity.

However, these strategies may be challenging or complex for others. This is where affiliates for weight loss come in!

These programs alleviate the strain by providing an organized strategy to follow and measuring your progress along the way without demanding you to become a vegetarian or run a marathon every week. 

Today. I will discuss the top affiliate programs for weight loss that will assist your audience in losing weight and staying healthy.

What Are The Benefits Of The Weight Loss Affiliate Niche?

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing for weight reduction, you’re in for a treat. This sector offers several advantages for affiliate marketers and a great deal of potential for generating passive revenue

Let’s examine the most outstanding features of this affiliate marketing sector –

1. Lots of affiliate programs to choose from: 

Here, you need not bother about restrictions. In this field, there is a vast selection of affiliate programs from which to pick, allowing you to construct an effective portfolio.

2. Excellent affiliate commissions: 

Some affiliate themes are lucrative, but others are not. Affiliate commissions contribute to a portion of this profitability. These affiliate programs all offer affiliates excellent commissions.

3. It’s easy to specialize: 

Weight loss is an excellent market to enter, but you will need to narrow your focus. Fortunately, there are numerous sub-niches to choose from. For example, you might concentrate on ketogenic programs, pre-made meals, exercise, or supplements.

Top 25+ Weight Loss Affiliate Programs 2024

Here is the list of Weight Loss Affiliate Programs:

1. ACE Fitness:

This affiliate program for weight reduction is unique. ACE Fitness, also known as the American Council on Exercise, gives certificates to aspiring exercise experts and health coaches instead of dieters.

Over the last three decades, it has established a network of over 90,000 weight loss consultants and become a trusted source of weight reduction guidance for millions of individuals throughout the globe.

ACE Fitness Weight Loss affiliate programs

Within a 90-day cookie window, the ACE Fitness weight reduction affiliate network offers a 7 percent commission on course enrollments.

ACE provides its weight loss affiliates with various text links and appealing banners to simplify their lives. They were monitored two months and days after the end of the month, and sales were frozen and billed on the fourth of the following month.

Commission: 7 %

Cookie duration: 90 days

2. Bistro MD:

When you think of the term “diet food,” you probably envision a dull and unappetizing meal that belongs in the trash. However, this is no longer the case due to Bistro MD.

Bistro MD Weight Loss affiliate programs

A physician created each meal that forms the basis of this weight reduction regimen.

This guarantees that your audience receives meals with the proper proportion of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. Your guests can select a “set menu” from Bistro MD or have a personalized program created. Affiliates that promote this weight reduction program will get a fixed $ 45 commission for each sale they generate.

With the great ‘Network Earnings’ performance and similarly good EPC, you can almost certainly earn money with this program.

Commission: $ 45 per sale

Cookie duration: 45 days

3. Dr. Colbert’s Keto Zone:

Dr. Don Colbert is a board-certified family physician with thirty years of expertise. However, he is also the author of several best-selling publications, including “Keto Zone Diet,” the subject of our discussion.

Dr. Colbert's Keto Zone Weight Loss affiliate programs

Those unfamiliar with the topic should know that a “keto” diet emphasizes eating fewer carbs. Or essentially a low-carbohydrate diet, the objective of which is always the same — weight loss.

Dr. Colbert offers a variety of “Keto Zone” weight reduction pills and products in addition to his book. This affiliate program offers a commission rate of 10 percent and an average order value of $ 135.71.

Therefore, each transaction should net you $ 13, which is not substantial. However, they have a high ‘Power Rank’ score and a conversion rate of 11 %.

Simply put, this signifies that their affiliates earn a substantial amount of money while assisting their visitors with weight reduction by marketing their affiliate offers.

Commission: 10 %

Cookie duration: 60 days

4. Diet Direct:

Diet Direct is the WonderDiet brand’s home, consisting of various high-protein snacks, smoothies, bars, and weight reduction supplements.

Diet Direct Weight Loss affiliate programs

Everything you might need for a low-calorie diet. This organization is arguably most well-known for its meal plans; your guests may sign up to have nutritious meals and snacks delivered to their homes.

This aids in avoiding the emotional eating and purchasing that occurs when individuals visit their local grocery shop. Customers may choose a 4,8- or 12-week food plan depending on their weight reduction goals. And now for the best part: your potential earnings.

So, affiliates get a 10 percent fee on each product or service they offer to a brand-new consumer. Therefore, if someone subscribes to a 12-week “Basic” plan, you will earn $ 48.

However, you also get a 5 % commission on purchases made by returning customers. This is one of the few weight reduction affiliate programs with a recurring revenue source that we could find.

Commission: 10 %

Cookie duration: 30 days

5. Noom:

You may have spotted Noom appearing online in recent months. If not, I have, and it has nothing to do with interest-based targeting.

Noom affiliate programs

Each of their advertisements discusses weight reduction and living a better lifestyle but remains vague so as not to give anything away.

Noom essentially assists your audience in developing healthier habits so that they may escape the yo-yo dieting cycle.

This is why around fifty percent of individuals who lose weight by rigorous dieting alone get all the weight back plus a few more pounds. Using their app, Noom delves into the psychology of your living patterns and assists you in breaking them.

It’s like always having a little weight reduction and nutrition expert in your pocket. You are dealing with one of the few weight reduction affiliate networks that take its marketing as seriously as it does its product.

As an associate, you will get $ 15 for any referrals who join up for Noom’s free trial. However, they also provide incentives to their top-performing affiliates.

Commission: $ 15

Cookie duration: 30 days

6. Medifast:

The majority of individuals are unaware of how harmful their eating habits are. Their meals are either overly large, too tiny, or absent.

Medifast affiliate programs

Or the meals they do cook, such as freezer dinners, are saturated with fat and devoid of nutritious value. Medifast resolves this issue by mailing you your meals.

Plus, each dish is a portion- and calorie-controlled, and you may have up to five meals daily. In addition to healthy snacks and gluten-free meal alternatives, they provide nutritious snacks. This affiliate program for weight reduction caught our interest the most of those provided.

Yes, the goods and branding are vital. However, the company pays a 3 % fee on purchases from current clients. That is the possibility for recurrent revenue, i.e., labor once and several payments.

Commission: Up to 20 %

Cookie duration: 7 days

7. South Beach Diet:

The South Beach Diet addresses the age-old dilemma of individuals who know that they must reduce weight yet struggle to do it.

And this difficulty is due to their daily diet, which consists mainly of sugary or fatty junk food. Therefore, with this diet, Keto-friendly meals are delivered right to your house.

That implies the argument for ordering takeout instead of cooking is no longer valid. Your audience chooses the plan that best fits their needs, and South Beach handles the rest. ‘

And your leverage here is that South Beach promises that those who adhere to their diet may lose 7 pounds in the program’s first week.

Affiliates get a 5 % commission on any sales they create for this weight loss deal. Therefore, you will receive $ 13 for each subscriber to their ‘Silver Plan; and $ 16 for each subscriber to their ‘Platinum Plan.’ This program’s 10-day cookie is the shortest among the affiliate weight reduction programs included on this page.

Commission: 5 %

Cookie duration: 10 days

8. Mayo Clinic Diet:

The Mayo Clinic is among the most esteemed non-profit healthcare and health education organizations worldwide. Since 1864, they have provided this service from their many sites.

Mayo Clinic Diet affiliate programs

Therefore, their guidance via their ‘Mayo Diet’ program is based on what is medically proven to promote safe and sustainable weight reduction.

There are no “magic pills” available on this site; instead, visitors will discover how to eat a better-balanced diet, eliminate junk food, and include exercise in their daily routines.

And it works, as shown by the many success stories of individuals who have dropped 30, 40, and even 80 pounds. This is a weight reduction program administered by professionals in weight loss.

Just so you’re aware, you’ll need a Rakuten Linkshare account to advertise this affiliate program. Affiliates are compensated $ 40 for each referral who remains a subscriber for at least 30 days. If you suggest more than 20 new customers in a given month, that basic commission rate climbs to $ 50 per subscription.

Commission: Up to $ 50

Cookie duration: 30 days

9. Bluefin Fitness:

A nutritious diet will only take you so far on the road to weight reduction. In reality, the more lean muscle mass you have, the simpler it will be for you to lose weight. But some individuals detest the gym.

Bluefin Fitness affiliate programs

I agree — often, there is more posing and chatting than sweating and gaining.

Bluefin Fitness’ selection of gym equipment enables you to have gym-quality exercise in the comfort of your own home. No more commuting to the gym and waiting in line for equipment. At least, that is how I would present it to a fitness-oriented audience.

Because Bluefin is situated in the United Kingdom, this program is for UK and Irish affiliates. You will get a 10 % commission on any sales generated via your affiliate links. Therefore, with an average order value of $ 330, you pocket $ 33. In addition, their conversion rate is 16 %, meaning almost 1 in 5 of your visits will result in a commission payout.

Commission: 10 %

Cookie duration: 60 days

10. Eat Sleep Burn:

Some recognize that consuming fewer calories and engaging in more excellent physical activity is the key to weight reduction.

But there are many more who wish they could lose weight without exerting any effort at all. And this is precisely the population Eat Sleep Burn targets.

Eat Sleep Burn affiliate programs

The concept is that you may stimulate fat burning as you sleep. Although there is logic to their assertion, excessive cortisol production may lead to weight gain even when a person exercises consistently.

Therefore, the central concept of the program is how lousy sleep habits adversely affect health.

There is also the opportunity for recurrent revenue since the average payment per transaction is $ 50.66. You can thus understand why this is one of the most popular weight reduction items on ClickBank, given its high gravity score, big initial payment, and potential for monthly residuals.

Commission: $ 50.66

Cookie duration: 60 days

11. Weight Loss Evolved:

Weight Loss Evolved touts itself as a “physician-designed and scientific approach to weight loss.” It operates a 14-week program intended to accommodate its clients’ hectic schedules and assist them in sustainably achieving their weight reduction objectives.

Weight Loss Evolved affiliate programs

The brand’s weight loss affiliate program offers a 30 % commission, making it possibly one of the highest-paying weight loss affiliate programs.

And the good news does not end there, as it also gives a cookie that lasts forever. In other words, if you recommend someone to Weight Loss Evolved, you will get a commission regardless of whether they join now, tomorrow, or a year later.

The profit potential is substantial, with an average retail price of $ 397 and an average conversion rate of 16 %.

Commission: 30 %

Cookie duration: Lifetime

12. Weight Watchers:

Weight Watchers (or WW for short) was founded in 1963, making it one of the oldest weight reduction programs available.

weight watchers affiliate program

Weight Watchers has survived the storm of change in a world where fad diets are the norm. When you devote time and effort to advertising a particular affiliate program, its endurance is crucial.

You are essentially allotted a set amount of points for meals to shed around 1 to 2 pounds of fat every week. As long as you don’t over your point restriction, you may eat anything (within reason).

In addition to attending meetings to be weighed, you will also get advice from your meeting leader and other participants on the best methods to lose weight and keep it off. Everyone who subscribes to WW using your affiliate links will earn a commission of $ 10 

Seasonality is occasionally an issue with initiatives like this (New Year’s resolutions, etc.). However, the EPC for this program suggests that money is available throughout the year.

In addition, they have a tremendous degree of brand recognition, making this one of the most straightforward programs to market.

Commission: $ 10 per sale

Cookie duration: 14 days

13. BeachBody:

You should be familiar with Beachbody if you reside in the United States! Since it’s been there since 1998, you should be aware of its existence! Ha! That was simply a stupid joke, so don’t worry! BeachBody is a fitness brand that provides at-home exercises to help individuals burn fat and exercise wisely.

BeachBody affiliate program

In addition to meal plans, supplements, and informative weight loss material, the organization also provides meal plans and supplements. I was able to locate the BeachBody affiliate program on CJ Affiliate after coming and stopping here.

This program allows affiliates of all levels and pays between $ 2.50 and $ 10 per transaction, depending on the sales made.

The minimum payment amount is fifty dollars, and the duration of cookie tracking is thirty days. You would like to work with this firm since, in addition to providing superior solutions/products, it converts customers like crazy!

Commission: $ 2.50 to $ 10 per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

14. Jet Fuel Meals:

Jet Fuel Meals is one of the health sector’s leading meal kit or meal delivery businesses. It provides/delivers items for individuals to improve their health, feel better, and live a healthy lifestyle.

From vegan meal plans to ketogenic diet plans, Jet Fuel Meals has everything a person might want for his health.

Jet Fuel Meals affiliate program

Customers may choose from pre-made meal plans or get a personalized meal plan based on their needs. Let’s now discuss the affiliate program! It seems that all corporations have suddenly opted to pay just a five percent fee to diligent affiliates like you and me.

Jet Fuel Meals is perhaps the most excellent affiliate scheme I’ve seen in the ‘fat loss’ sector. As an affiliate, you should worry about commissions and consider the company’s offering. Fortunately, Jet Fuel Meals has achieved the same success. As soon as you arrive at, you will immediately see that this firm has insane conversion rates.

ShareASale is where you may become a working partner of the firm. There are numerous resources to assist affiliates with marketing initiatives, and the referral term is thirty days.

Commission: 5 % per sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

15. Nashua Nutrition:

Nashua Nutrition specializes in supplying high-quality, nutritious, and delicious protein foods that are also physically advantageous! From protein drinks, smoothies, protein bars, low carb food, low salt food, vitamins, and minerals goods, and diet plans and recipes to protein shakes, smoothies, protein bars, low carb food, and low sodium food, Nashua has a lot to offer health aficionados.

Nashua Nutrition affiliate program

People may also visit the official website to get free, helpful stuff. Now, Nashua Nutrition is a brand similar to mine! Huh? Why? How? Don’t overthink it; I like using ShareASale, and Nashua Nutrition also uses the platform. I am aware that this is the worst joke ever.

As a result, you may join the program at no cost and earn a 5 % reward on every referral you send as a partner.

This program offers a thirty-day referral window, and all approved/active partners will have access to personalized discount codes, landing pages, banners, and text links and a dedicated affiliate management staff.

Commission Rates: 5 % on all qualified sales

Cookie Duration: 30 days

16. Fastin Supplement:

Fastin is a dietary supplement intended to speed up the fat-loss process. Since the substance has no adverse effects, no prescription is necessary for consumption or use.

This product is neither novel nor a fad that will disappear after a few years. It has existed since 2008, and many individuals have used it to lose weight.

As an associate of this firm, you will receive a 5 % commission on any sales you produce or new clients you suggest. $ 3.18 is the average amount you may anticipate earning each client. Therefore, it is only worthwhile to join the program if you have a substantial traffic source!

This program’s EPC over thirty days is $ 4.03. You may anticipate earning around $ 4 each click, and the conversion rate is 1.27 percent. There are not many affiliates now pushing this firm, but I’m confident you may earn a fortune if you have an exciting audience or know how to target individuals. The duration of the cookie is sixty days.

Commission Rates: 5 % commission on all sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

17. Thinco:

Thinco is an Australian firm that offers diet pills, healthy capsules, and weight reduction regimens to aid in weight loss.

Thinco affiliate program

Whether you are a novice, a mother who wants to get in shape, or a bride-to-be, Thinco has different regimens and tablets to help you reach your goals in record time.

From vegan diet programs to healthy baked goods, Thinco provides many beautiful products. And let me reiterate, all of the goods are created in Australia!

It is maintained by and active on the ShareASale affiliate network (which, by the way, is my favorite). Each consumer you refer to this Australian weight reduction firm will earn you an eight percent commission on the transaction, which is not bad!

This program’s one-month EPC is $ 50.20, its conversion rate will be 4.36 percent, and its monitoring window will be thirty days. All partners are allocated a competent affiliate management team, which Searlco LTD handles.

Commission Rates: 8 % per qualified sale

Cookie Duration: 30 days

18. Doctor’s Weight Loss:

We are all aware that losing weight is not a simple task…and it’s also costly since the bulk of weight reduction clinics demands a great deal of money! However, such is not the case now. The health business is undergoing rapid change, and new firms are providing individuals with cheap options.

Doctor's Weight Loss affiliate program

Such a business is Doctor’s Weight Loss. A Florida-based clinic transformed the whole weight-loss industry by giving excellent goods at half the price.

Doctor’s Weight Loss provides many aids, from delicious supplements to required medications. Currently, CJ Affiliate and ShareASale run their affiliate program. Both are incredible networks in their respective industries.

The commission rate for all eligible sales is ten percent, and the cookie tracking period is seven days. You need not be a prominent blogger or content provider to be accepted.

The clearance procedure may take some time, but being an affiliate partner with Doctor’s Weight Loss is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Commission Rates: 10 % per sale

Cookie Duration: 7 days

19. Maximum Slim:

Maximum Slim is a terrific firm specializing in selling organic, healthy weight reduction products that stimulate the metabolism and provide the required effects. Their goods include –

  • Organic detox tea.
  • A fat-burning protein smoothie.
  • Several more organic and ayurvedic items.

ShareASale is the affiliate network through which Maximum Slim’s affiliate program is administered. The commission rate is 40 %, and the company claims to have a high order value and EPCs. All partners access attractive banners, promotions, product feeds, text links, and a dedicated affiliate management staff.

Commission Rates: Up to 40 % commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

20. Medi Weight Loss:

Medi Weight Reduction offers more than 15 years of experience in the weight loss industry. Their teachings and preachings are medically monitored.

Medi Weight Loss affiliate program

Because every customer’s body is unique, they provide special supplements, injections, and individualized care.

This company’s claim to help clients lose up to 20 pounds in the first month is particularly noteworthy. The affiliate program for Medi Weight Loss is operated internally.

You must first register a customer account before becoming an affiliate and promoting things.

Since the organization is reputable and well-established, you may anticipate commission rates that will help you develop your bank account.

Commission Rates: Not disclosed

Cookie Duration: Not disclosed

21. Over 30 Hormone Solution

Over 30 Hormone Solution is a scientific solution that facilitates rapid weight loss using established procedures and nutritional supplements. It is a product from the well-known and reputable Applied Science Nutrition brand in the health industry.

ClickBank is used to administer their affiliate program. By marketing their product, affiliates may earn competitive commissions.

Affiliates get access to email assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, email swipes, and other marketing materials to increase sales quickly and simply.

Commission Rates: 30 % commission

Cookie Duration: 60 days

22. The Smoothie Diet:

The Smoothie Diet is a weight reduction solution developed by well-respected, knowledgeable health specialists.

Their 21-day smoothie challenge assists individuals in losing weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle, allowing them to live a disease-free life and feel confident in themselves.

Currently, the affiliate program is advertised and administered via the ClickBank affiliate network. Affiliates will get access to a wide variety of promotional materials and tools and a dedicated account manager who will assist them with any inquiries or issues.

Commission Rates: 75 % commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 60 days

23. Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic:

Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a weight reduction “tonic” pill that uses a Japanese tonic to assist men and women in shed fat rapidly. It is a market-unique supplement that is neither a pill nor a capsule!

It is 100 percent natural and has no adverse side effects. You will like marketing their items since they are one of the few companies that manufacture customer-beneficial products.

You may join their affiliate program directly on ClickBank, and they claim that cold traffic EPCs exceed $ 5. Aside from this, you are given all promotional materials and the required tools to increase your sales.

Commission Rates: 75 % commissions

Cookie Duration: 60 days

24. GNC:

GNC is one of the most significant health and wellness retailers and has been in business for over seventy years. Currently, millions of people believe it. I use this brand’s protein powders and other supplements.

GNC affiliate program

Affiliates may join their affiliate program and get lucrative earnings. Despite the low commission rates, you will be able to make a respectable amount of sales and earn outstanding profits due to the high trust score…which immediately correlates with high conversion rates. CJ Affiliate presently manages its affiliate program (Commission Junction).

Commission Rates: 5 % commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 7 days

25. Organifi

Organifi is one of the world’s most reputable health and fitness brands, as acknowledged by Readers Digest, Thrive Global, Food Network, Forbes Inc, and a lot more.

This firm has a big following on Instagram and provides its consumers with the highest quality weight-loss goods.

Their affiliate program is now listed on ClickBank, and their astoundingly high conversion rates may help you generate enormous profits with practical affiliate marketing efforts.

Commission Rates: 50 % to 75 % commissions

Cookie Duration: 60 days

26. The Vitamin Shoppe:

Vitamin Shoppe is a well-known retailer of dietary supplements headquartered in the United States of America.

The Vitamin Shoppe affiliate program

It is one of the leading supplement stores in the nation, carrying hundreds of high-quality items like skin care products, protein products, and digestive aids, among many more.

Their affiliate program is free to join, and affiliates can access various promotional tools and content to promote their goods effectively. Commission Junction administers the partner program (aka CJ Affiliate).

Commission Rates: 10 % commissions on all sales

Cookie Duration: 7 days

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Conclusion: Weight Loss Affiliate Programs 2024

After reviewing each weight-loss affiliate program, you may ask how much you can make as an associate. To address this topic, let’s examine a successful example of a website in this area. is a highly effective weight loss affiliate website. They have focused on the micro-niche of weight loss pills and protein powders.

This website knows its target audience quite well. The website has a unique 21,000 monthly visits from organic search results alone.

So, how much profit does this amount to? Every month, Ketogenic Supplements generate a staggering $ 45,000 in revenue. This statistic is astounding for a website that has been for less than three years. If you do it correctly, you may make substantial money in the weight reduction field.

These are several of the most popular weight loss programs for bloggers and affiliate marketers in the weight loss industry.

Finding the best products and affiliate programs for your audience is challenging. However, I hope this list will make things somewhat simpler! Enjoy!

Do you know of another affiliate scheme for weight reduction that I did not list? Please indicate it in the comments section below, and I will include it. Additionally, if you have any questions, please feel free to inquire.

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