Wishpond vs Hubspot 2024: Which One To Choose?



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Marketing tools designed to quickly and easily scale a business. No coding required.

Hubspot is for those who are ready to shell out money for marketing as It's the most comprehensive CRM marketing solution which will be available in t

  • Wishpond is focused on business owners of small and medium s
  • Great Customizable Templates
  • Drag & Drop is very easy to use
  • HubSpot has a unique feature helps you monitor social stats
  • HubSpot Prospective Lead Scoring is another great feature
  • Marketing automation templates are available on HubSpot.
  • Reporting/Analytics is great
  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Real Time Editing
  • one can learn a lot about online marketing using Hubspot
  • easy to use platform
  • Value for money
  • All in one marketing solution platform
  • A great interface to see mesurable results
  • Decent ranges of features like affiliate program and more
  • Better training
  • Customer Service can be improved
  • A bit expensive for small scale businesses
  • Integrates with limited platform
Ease of Use

Wishpond is very easy to use and the documentation process provided is very helpful to understand how to use the tool correctly.

Their user interface is much better, Hubspot is an intuitive platform all in all complete solution provider

Value For Money

Yes Wishpond is value for money with great pricing options.

HubSpot deserves every buck it is asking for as it has so many added benefits over the competitor.

Customer Support

Customer support for Wishpond is great and they are every helpful in replying the customers within 24 hrs.

they have many options to get in touch like chats, email, and customer support number and a quick turn around time.

Looking for unbiased comparison between Wishpond vs Hubspot? I got you covered here.

The main differences between WishPond Vs HubSpot are:

  • Wishpond enables you to develop mobile-friendly landing pages, while Hubspot includes a live chat window.
  • Wishpond offers a 14-day free trial, whereas Hubspot provides excellent customer assistance.
  • Wishpond provides a very easy web page builder, but Hubspot offers free education via the HubSpot Academy.
  • HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing, sales, and customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Nonetheless, it comes with a steep price tag if you want to use its more advanced capabilities. Wishpond’s offer seems to be dependable, as shown by the fact that it has borne fruit for a large number of its consumers.

Are you a solopreneur or a digital marketer? If that’s the case, then I surely feel like you would like to up your game of digital marketing with Wishpond vs Hubspot. However, the problem is, that you are short of time. Here comes the role of marketing automation software. But which one to select becomes even a tougher nut to crack! Wishpond vs Hubspot.

So, here I am going to talk about two very famous platforms – Wishpond Vs Hubspot. Without any further adieu, I’ll jump right away to know what they are. I will first let you know who they are, then their prices, features, and even their pros and cons.

Who doesn’t wish to convert and generate more leads?  Would you like to increase your brand awareness? Do you want to increase your return customers?

To achieve all these goals, you’ll have to be patient because it’ll take effort and time.

If you think that’s like you, in that case, you should invest in robust marketing software. This will surely be a sensible choice. Who likes to transfer data manually from various apps when one straightforward platform can be used?

However, when you start surfing the web, you’ll come across some options. You might even feel dizzy after seeing so many options.

Thus, to save your precious and prevent you from all the stress, it’s us who’ll work hard for you! So, to save you the time and stress of swimming through them all, I will do the hard work for you.

 So, Let’s Jump Right In!

Wishpond vs Hubspot

Key Differences Between Wishpond vs Hubspot

The key differences between Hubspot and Wishpond are as follows –

  • Wishpond allows you to make mobile responsive landing pages, however, there’s a live chat box in Hubspot.
  • There are 14 days of free trial in Wishpond, on the other hand, Hubspot’s customer support is great.
  • Wishpond’s web page builder is very intuitive, on the other hand, HubSpot Academy is offered by Hubspot which has free courses.

I Personally Started with Wishpond

Every marketing automation functionality required to start is provided by Wishpond (pop-ups, forms, marketing automation, promos, and content). Moreover, everything will be provided at a very reasonable rate ( scalable too)

Wishpond vs Hubspot: Overview

Wishpond Overview:

According to Wishpond, it’s :

“A Platform which is Designed specifically For Growth,” along with “Marketing tools designed to easily and quickly scale businesses. Coding is not required.”

Wishpond vs Hubspot - Wishpond

Another claim that they make is:

“It’s the world’s simplest marketing platform for nurturing leads, managing, and generating. To assist marketers in growing their business easily is the mission of Wishpond.”

That’s so much to fulfill.  

Ali Tajsekander is the founder of Wishpond, it was founded in 2009, it’s in Vancouver, Canada. Talking about numbers, there are 4 million-plus monthly users moreover around 5,000 customers who, after being combined, generated 22 million-plus leads since the year 2012!

It has the largest client base in Brazil, the US, Canada, the UK, and India. A few well-known clients of Wishpond are Panasonic, CBS, Sony, Fairmont Hotels, Unicef, The Weather Network, and Walmart. Now, if it’s good for these big names, there is a high possibility that Wishpond is working on something exciting.

HubSpot Overview:

According to HubSpot’s homepage, it’s a “solution to assist you to grow” if “you wish to accelerate sales, increase leads, serve customers better, or organize contacts.”

You might have already understood that Hubspot will assist you in tasks related to customer service, marketing, sales, and growing your business in general.

 Wishpond vs Hubspot - HubSpot-

Hubspot was founded by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan in the year 2006. Hubspot’s headquarters are situated in Massachusetts, Cambridge. Talking of numbers, it offers 250 plus integrations, even boasts around 7 million visitors monthly to its blog, the number of registered profiles is 5,000, and the number of Hubspot user groups is 150 plus.

Currently, the total number of customers Hubspot has is around 68,000 in around 100 countries. A few well-known clients of Hubspot are Doordash, Wistia, Subaru, G2Crowd, and Purple.

That’s very impressive, right?

My Favourite Wishpond Features 😍

1. Landing Pages

Wishpond has all the tools that are required to make landing pages that are mobile responsive. Around 100 templates from which you can choose any, they’ll keep you going.

Wishpond - Landing Page Builder

The Drag & Drop editor of Wishpond helps to make new pages very quickly so that you don’t waste much of your time on programming and designing. The pages created are easily published on your website, WordPress site, or Facebook.

2. Popups and Forms 

Pop-ups and opt-in forms that will be mobile-friendly can easily be created using Wishpond’s drag-and-drop editor and templates.

Slide-in pop-ups, opt-in bars, and welcome mats can also be easily created. You can make them appear when any visitor on your website performs any specific action. Like, when any visitor reaches the landing page of your website, leave it, click it, will be there on it for a certain period, and like that.

Wishpond - Easy Online Form Builder

If you want to optimize your landing pages use Hubspot’s one-click A/B split testing tool, and after that use their analytics in order to know which design works the best.

3. Contests and Promos 

You might have already guessed this tool will help you create promotions and contests to generate sales as well as retain leads.

Wishpond - A&B Testing

You can choose any interactivity of your choice. For example, a video or photo contest or a vote (there are many others), or even a coupon code. After that, you can conduct the competition through your social profiles, website, blog, etc.

4. Marketing Automation

Personalized emails can be sent to your customers depending on what they shop and browse. You can easily customize the emails and send them at the appropriate time to increase your sales.

Wishpond -Marketing Automation

Your knowledge about the shopping behavior of your customers can also be used and then marketed according to that. You can easily know the “hot deals” using Marketing automation and then pass them to the sales team in order to follow up.

You can also combine Wishpond and other apps in the marketing toolbox. This will make sure that you have optimized and automated everything, without disturbing the current system.

In a nutshell, the impressive features of Wishpond are :

  • Analytics and ROI Tracking
  • A/B Testing
  • Customizable CTA buttons
  • Webform builder
  • Website tracker
  • Drip email campaign tool
  • Landing page builder
  • Segmentation tools
  • Lead scoring

Wishpond Pricing

There are three plans which are available for Wishpond. You can select the one that suits your business requirements the most:

  • Starting Out
  • Everything You Need
  • Rapid Growth

The best part of Wishpond is that it offers a 14-day free trial for any of its packages thus, the user gets confidence and can make better decisions.

Wishpond - Pricing Plans

Starting Out Plan costs $49 per Month and the features available are:

  • Unlimited Landing Pages
  • Unlimited Social Contests
  • Unlimited Pop-Ups
  • Email Drip Campaigns
  • Marketing Automation
  • Custom CSS
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Maximum 1,000 Leads

The ‘Everything you need’ Plan costs $99 per Month and the features included are:

  • All the ‘features of the ‘Starting Out’ plan
  • A/B Testing
  • Custom Javascript
  • API Access
  • Maximum 2,500 Leads

‘Rapid Growth’ plans cost $199 per Month, and the features included are :

  • All ‘Everything You Need’ Features
  • First-in-line Customer Support
  • Free Implementation Coaching worth $15p0p0 included in this plan
  • Plus, an unlimited number of leads ranging from 10,000 to 1000,000. Also, the pricing of the package varies with the number of leads you select.

My Favourite Features of HubSpot 😍

HubSpot has divided its features into “Hubs”:  

  • Marketing
  • Service
  • Sales

Like I did in Wishpond, I’ll go through each feature in more detail…

1. The Marketing Hub

Hubspot’s marketing features aim to provide tools that’ll attract visitors to the website. If you use blogging, online ads, social media, or SEO — Hubspot will facilitate every method.

HubSpot - SEO

With time, you’ll be able to convert and generate more leads through Hubspot’s:

  • Analytics – You’ll be able to know your customers better regarding the journey they go through on your website. For instance, the pages your customers land, leave, and exactly when they leave your site. This particular data will help you know what your customers are looking at and if it converts to sales. You will get to know if your marketing is able to reach the target audience or not and according you can tailor things out.

HubSpot - Social Media

  • Calls-to-Action – You can design CTAs for promotions, newsletters, competitions, etc. These will persuade your customers so that they click. You’ll be able to track the response rates using Hubspot, that’ll help you see who and how many people among your audience respond.

-HubSpot - Tracker

  • Form Builder – The form builder of Hubspot will help you customize forms using a drag-and-drop editor. If anybody fills up your form, that person will be routed automatically to HubSpot’s CRM. After that, it’s your task to manage the relationship between you and your customer, and you can do that by sending reminders and customized emails regarding discounts and offers. If you want you can add the form to the existing website and you can even use a standalone form page, and you can share it.
  • Landing Pages –  Launch and create landing pages that’ll work and look across various devices. Pages can also be designed using optimized forms that’ll be easier for visitors to fill with just one click.
  • Lead Manager –  Here, you’ll have access to the contact information of each customer, and you’ll also be able to see there and your company’s interactions. This information can be used to make laser sales campaigns and targeted marketing.

HubSpot - Marketing

You’ll be able to close deals by HubSpot’s:

Marketing automation tools – with this tool you can know the online behavior of your customer, thus you can tailor the contents, offers, and emails that’ll boost their interest in your company.

Live chat –  With this, you can support and connect to your audience in real-time with a live chatbox. Using this, you can even customize the chatbox that’ll go with your brand’s look.

CRM – This is HubSpot’s free tool. Using this you’ll be able to manage your relationship with your customers from one place.  CRM will give you a central location where you can keep the details of your customers who they are, how they connect with your brand, what they are purchasing, as well as where they are.

HubSpot - CRM

You can even allow your team members to have access to this information. This will work great. You make sure that all are on a similar page, and it’ll improve communication in your team.

2. The Sales Hub

This tool will help you find new leads and close more deals. Like, you’ll get a notification when any lead opens any emails sent by you, each interaction is tracked automatically, and you can even organize the sales activities in a single place.

In a nutshell, this hub will provide everything needed to make an online sales pipeline. Considering that, we’ll know more about Sales Hub features in detail…

  • Automated Outreach – An automated series of follow-up emails and reminders can be made to nurture the lead. Like, if they have searched for goodies for sale, but after that, they simply left, now you will remind them that the item exists if you want, you can even offer a discount to persuade them.
  • Share and create Email Templates – if the format of your emails is similar, you can make them into templates, and then access their performance.
  • Customer Follow-Up –  you can get automatic notifications if an email has been sent to a lead with attachments or links. When they open it you’ll be able to follow up.
  • Set more meetings – In case you do live chats on-site, meetings can also be set similarly. It is a quick and easy way to set up online or face-to-face meetings. After that, you can use Playbooks by Hubspot to make a personalized pitch.
  • No manual entry –  the details of each customer (or every potential customer)  are monitored or logged automatically, and thus you can skip entering anything manually on your system.
  • Manage and Track your pipeline – In case you sync with CRM, you’ll be able to track deals won, the deals in progress, and the flop ones. You’ll be able to know easily the best performance of your sales team, and you’ll also know why. Moreover, in no time, you’ll be able to add to your system new deals.
  • Uncover, in minimum time much more leads – by using email tracking, email sequences, prospects, and inbox profiles, you’ll be able to know who is actually on your site in real-time. You can even know how regularly they visit and exactly with what page they engage the most.
  • Engage with much more leads –  with the help of email templates, email tracking, the calling feature, and email scheduling, you can know the minute a prospect sees your emails, download any attachment, or click any link. These prospects will be on top of the list, so you can customize it as a hot lead after that follow-up using a second automated email and you’ll do all this before they exit.

The Service Hub

‘The Service Hub’ will give you every tool required to manage customer care. Communication channels will be pulled into one inbox, which’ll include contact forms, live web chat, Facebook Messenger, and email.

3. Sales’ Hub has 4 pricing plans:  

  1. Starter
  2. Free
  3. Enterprise
  4. Professional

The Free Plan

This plan has limited features. However, they include team email, live chat, email tracking, notifications, and email scheduling.

Here is a list of all the features that are in the ‘Free Plan’:

  • HubSpot CRM’s every feature
  • Live Chat
  • Team email
  • Calling time of 15 minutes
  • One conversational inbox
  • Email Scheduling
  • Five email templates
  • Notifications and two hundred email tracking
  • Five email snippets
  • Meeting scheduling with one personal meeting link
  •  Five documents
  • One reporting dashboard with ten reports
  • Limited Messenger integration
  • One deal pipeline

 The Starter Plan 

It costs about $50 a month, a discount of 20% is applicable in case you’re paying annually. This plan has no fees for onboarding. You get:

  • HubSpot CRM’s every feature
  • Conversational bots with limited features
  •  Live chat
  • Team email
  • Calling time of eight hours
  • One conversations inbox
  • Email Scheduling
  • Unlimited notification and email tracking
  • 1,000 canned snippets
  • 1,000 documents
  • 1,000 email templates
  • Meeting scheduling with one thousand personal and team meeting lengths
  • One deal pipeline
  • One dashboard with ten reports
  • Limited Messenger integration
  • Email and in-app support
  • Thousand email sequences plus one hundred fifty daily enrollments
  • Conversation routing
  • Rep productivity performance

The Professional Plan

Charges begin at $500 monthly with a 20 percent rebate if you settle an annual fee. There is also a 250 dollar one-time membership charge with this package. For this, you get everything in the Starter Package. However, with the given variations:

  • 100 interactive inboxes
  • calling time up to 16 hours.
  • 2 analyzing dashboards, including 10 summaries for each dashboard.
  • 15 arrangement course
  • Extra Messenger integrated features.
  • 10 e-Stamps and Signature
  • Phone support service.
  • The task, deal stage, and lead mechanization with 300 exercises.
  • Capacity to build up to 100 quotations in a few clicks.
  • Suggested intelligent send duration for offers/emails.
  • Salesforce merged with 1 account, 1,0000 salesforce proprietors, and  1000 field mapping.
  • Stripe incorporation.
  • 20 customized reports
  • 30 different currencies
  • 1:1 video making and editing.
  • Sequence lines of various connections, so it’s simpler to compose custom emails quicker.
  • Products – construct an item library and summary of sales of items.
  • 10 teams
  • Slack mix.
  • Calling SDK incorporated with VOIP dealers.
  • 5 determined properties to figure out sales commissions
  • Custom Limited record

The Enterprise Plan

Cost starts at 1,200 dollars per month with a 3,000-dollar one-time subscription fee with an enterprise package. For this you get all same as in the Professional Plan with the given varieties:

  • Calling time up to 33 hours
  • 26 panels and 10 summaries for each dashboard
  • 50 bargain channels
  • 30 e-stamps.
  • Deal stage, undertaking, and lead computerization with 1,000 work processes.
  • Custom detailing with 500 customized reports
  • 200 monetary standards
  • 200+ groups and hierarchical groups.
  • 200 determined properties to ascertain deals commission
  • Custom Record
  • Hierarchical squads – organize clients based on the group, area, brand, etc.
  • Prophetic lead marking to compute which conversions are well on the way to end in a sale
  • 1,000 playbooks – with sales assets and best strategies
  • Events Artificial Programming Interface – use inspection from your HubSpot dashboard.
  • Single sign-on for simpler sign-in.
  • Webhooks – share. data from your HubSpot records to other website applications you use
  • Quote-based work processes
  • Recurring income tracking.
  • Call interpretation – only in English.
  • User functions, authorizing diverse colleagues with several approvals.

Ultimately, let’s have a glance at the ‘Service’ Hub, and yes, you predicted it correctly: this also has four pricing packages: 

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

The Free Plan

Similarly, this has restricted features, but all of it comprises live chat, ticketing, an interactive inbox, ticket-locked reports, and team mail. For this, you receive:

  • Every feature of HubSpot Customer Relationship Management
  • Ticketing
  • Live conversation
  • 1 chat inbox
  • Call time up to 15 minutes
  • 1 team mail
  • 5 sacked snippets
  • 5 mail templates
  • Conference scheduling with a single custom conference link
  • Tickets locked reports with regular customer support service reports on 1 panel
  • Agent productivity records with regular customer support service summaries on 1 panel
  • Time-to-close summaries with regular customer support service summaries on 1 panel
  • Documenting dashboards with only 1 panel and 10 records
  • mail tracking and notification with 200 messages
  • Documents – create a resource archive for consumers, and track down which are important with 5 reports per account.
  • Messenger incorporation – with restricted features.

The Starter Plan

Rates go from 50 dollars every month, with a 20 percent rebate if you pay yearly. There is no membership charge for this package. For this one, you can access all in the Free Plan with the given variations:

  • Calling time up to 8 hours
  • 1,000 sacked snippets
  • Conference scheduling with 1,000 seminar scheduling links
  • 1,000 mail templates
  • Ticket-locked reports with regular customer support  and productivity summaries on 1 panel
  • Agent productivity records with regular customer support service and productivity records on 1 panel
  • Time-to-close summaries with regular customer support  and productivity records on 1 panel
  • Endless email tracking
  • Email cycles with up to 1,000 cycles and 150 everyday registrations
  • 1,000 reports
  • Mail scheduling
  • Discussion routing to the right individual in the squad.

The Professional Plan

Charges start at 400 dollars monthly with a 20 percent rebate if you settle an annual fee. There is a $250 one-time membership charge with this package. For this, you receive all the above in the Starter Package. However, with given variations

  • 100 interactive inboxes
  • Calling time up to 16 hours.
  • Receipts locked reports with a regular customer support service panel and 1 customized dashboard.
  • Agent productivity reports with a regular customer support service panel and 1 customized dashboard
  • Documenting dashboards with 2 summarizing panels and 10 summaries per dashboard
  • Time-to-close summaries with a regular customer support service panel and 1 customized dashboard
  • Extra Messenger incorporates features
  • An Information base
  • 15 ticket channels
  • 1:1 video building and hosting – tutorial videos for consumers
  • Net Promoter Score surveys – short surveys to inquire about consumers and how promising they are to propose to you.
  • User experience surveys –  inquire about consumers and their feelings about a unique product or assistance.
  • Customer support service surveys – inquire consumers what they feel about your support service
  • Customized documentation with 20 personalized summaries of consumer feedback
  • Insight dashboards – Keep an eye on all consumer responses in one panel.
  • Ticket automation, assignment routing, and ticket status with 300 workflows
  • Salesforce incorporation with 10k salesforce owners,1,000 area mappings, and only 1 account
  • 10 squads
  • Call up support service
  • Consumer feedback
  • Total 30 currencies
  • In progression queues, by amplifying multiple connections into a progression, it’s simpler to design personalized mail
  • Standard contact marking with 1 marking domain enables you to build rules-based marking standards. Utilize your consumer scores to divide bigger automation
  • Customer support automation with three hundred workflows
  • Slack incorporation.
  • Calling Software Development Kit using voice-over-internet protocol providers.
  • 5 evaluated properties permit you to build fields that collect data from different fields.
  • Document personalization with particular features.

The Enterprise Plan

The cost starts at 1,200 dollars per month with a 3,000-dollar one-time subscription fee with this package. For this you receive all features in the Professional Plan with the accompanying varieties:

  •  Calling time up to 33 hours.
  • Receipt-locked reports with a basic customer support service panel and 25 customized dashboards.
  • Agent productivity reports with a standard customer support service panel and 25 customized dashboards
  • Reporting panels with twenty-six dashboards with 10 summaries per dashboard.
  • 500 customized reports
  • 50 channels
  • Ticket prominence, ticket mechanization, and ticket routing with 1k workflows.
  • Two hundred teams and division teams
  • 200 evaluated properties
  •  200 currencies assistance
  • Custom records with approvals to fit your contact, deal, company, and ticket records to the business’s procedure.
  • English call interpretations only.
  • 1,000 playbooks
  • User functions
  • Hierarchical teams
  • Webhooks
  • Objectives
  • Solo sign-on
  • Events Application Programming Interface


HubSpot moreover offers “Bundle” choices. For e.g., you can spend for the Sales Hubs and Marketing and exclude the Service Hub. There are even a few additional features like HubSpot, Ads, Reporting, Dedicated IP, and CMS, but to avail of them, you need to pay more.

Let’s have a glance at these…

HubSpot CMS

The HubSpot CMS is used to build your webpage. Rates start at 300 dollars per month, and you need to deliver a one-time CMS membership charge of 1,000 dollars.

HubSpot states that it will assist you in setting up a HubSpot Content Management System and provide tutorials on utilizing it to make your website well-optimized.

HubSpot’s CMS offers you these features.

  • All of HubSpot’s Customer Relationship Management features.
  • Follow-up emails – After an opt-in form is finalized, send automated emails.
  • Forms – You can add popup, embedded, and obtained forms to any tracked landing page to utilize the contact data of potential.
  • Phone support service
  • Advertisement management – Join accounts from aided ad networks to your HubSpot account and notice which ads are developing conversions.
  • List segmentation – Build stagnant or/and automatically revised contact lists and mail the recipient’s custom content.
  • A mobile phone-friendly blog & content production tools

Website and Landing pages – Create impressive landing pages that are adjustable with any device.

  • Standard Secure Sockets Layer certificate
  •   Calls-to-action – Build custom calls-to-action switches on your webpage.
  • Creative content – Customized website content and emails that demonstrate to various audiences.
  • Vibrant content with HubDB – Built vibrant database sheets that could be revised.
  • Design management – Build personalized templates, including HTML, CSS, HubL, and Javascript assets.
  • Organizing environment – Create a fresh site without negotiating the prevailing one.
  •  Module marketplace and Robust Themes– Use prebuilt custom websites, modules, landing pages, and emails in the market and get them downloaded directly to your account
  • Website analytics – Filter your analytics reports by domain URL or country.
  • Search Engine Optimization & Content Strategy – Get the best SEO recommendations and keyword suggestions for your content.
  • Google Search Console Incorporation– Get reports on your performance on google search pages, and know your click-throughs and rankings.
  • Customized domains – Using Hubspot’s Domain Management connects your Domains
  • 99.99% uptime
  • CDN – Keep a check on possible probes and cyberattacks into your website’s vulnerability
  • Safety monitoring & risk detection – Keep your website, landing page, and blogs safe from frauds and cyber attacks with an inbuilt Content Delivery Network and Hubspot’s security support team

Why Choose Hubspot?

Hubspot is a  replacement for EVERYTHING. Are you tired of multiple panels for your marketing industrialization? Hubspot counters this difficulty with ease. You can start with the free Customer Relationship Management and then move towards extra features without needing a new program.

1. HubSpot Reporting

For 200 dollars per month, you can expand the number of customized dashboards and create up to 2k custom reports. That figure is divided into a limit of Two hundred reports/accounts circulated across the three Hubspot CRM, and Hubs.

The fee doesn’t encompass tariffs, and HubSpot fees are prone to boost “with extra purchases.”

2. HubSpot Advertisements

For an additional $100 per month, you can multiply the proportion you expend on the advertisement to $50, have 50 extra audiences, and have the audience syncing hourly. Likewise, this fee doesn’t comprise taxes, and HubSpot states that prices are liable to increase “with extra services.”

3. HubSpot Dedicated IP

HubSpot claims that its shared Internet Provider addresses possess “consistently higher email delivery ratings.” For an additional $500 per month, you could purchase your custom IP address to increase the possibilities of email delivery and increase your influence over what HubSpot tags “your personal sender reputation.”

Also, the fee doesn’t comprise tariffs, and HubSpot explains the same for price increases.

Besides these add-ons, you can even purchase Hubspot’s Premium Services.

Besides these add-ons, you also can buy HubSpot’s Premium Services. This consulting service starts at $350 per month and goes to 1,200 per month.


  • $350 per month offers you sessions every month with an in-house consultant on marketing and sales programs.
  • $650 per month offers you exactly the same as a $350 plan with the assistance of 5 hours every month with a specialized technical consultant.
  • 1,200$ per month offers you a support service of 5 hours every month with an in-house and technical consultant.

Pros & Cons: Wishpond Vs Hubspot

Wishpond Pros:

  • You can get a free trial of 14 days but to get the benefit of it, you need to enter your details on a credit card.
  • offers a wide variety of resource centers that you can utilize for free.
  • As part of the support center, it offers a more useful article.
  • The use of the dashboard is easier.
  • It offers a popup template with landing pages that are quite professional.
  • Spontaneous web page development.
  • Informative blog.

Wishpond Cons:

  • It is more expensive for the start-up and the smaller company.
  • Lack of dynamic content and search marketing as well as sales intelligence.
  • Lack of quick response when the user utilizes the platform of the chatbox.
  • Some users say a free trial is only accessible if a user permits an annual base subscription.
  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to cancel the subscription.

HubSpot Pros:

  • Full benefits for the paid users.
  • Customizable template at absolutely free cost.
  • Customizable summary.
  • Lots of unification.
  • Free course offered by Hubspot Institute.
  • It offers CRM and marketing solutions.
  • Changeable pricing option.

HubSpot Cons:

  • It offers lots of onboarding fees and it ultimately depends on the plan, where you get a section of Hubspot pricing.
  • Sometimes it is difficult to use as some user reports.
  • It does not offer A/B testing equipment in its main package.
  • You can get everything that you want but you need to spend more money.
  • It offers a confusing pricing structure.
  • The website is much more suitable for the unbalanced end user.
  • Free users can get only small support.

⚙️Integrations: Wishpond Vs Hubspot


It offers over 300 integrations. Wishpond is integrated with Shopify and offers easy adding of popups to user Shopify.

Wishpond- Integration

It is also incorporated with a variety of equipment for example, CRM, greeting cards,  analytics, live chat, surveys, webinars, email marketing, SMS apps, and phones. Wishpond can also be used on iPhone, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows, iPad, and mobile devices.


Hubspot offers over 350 integrations. However, the popular ones are Pipeline, CRM, live chat, word press Survey Monkey, and Shopify. Like wishpond, Hubspot can be used on iPad, windows, mobile devices, Android, and internet browsers. Recently, Hubspot launched the app marketplace with a new design. They rearrange this as “ Bringing it with an easier strategy to grow business by connecting over 300 integrations.”

App marketplace Hubspot consists of a variety of third-party equipment that can be used by businesses to integrate them with a business report. Slack, WordPress, Plecto, zepier, and officeRND are some popular apps that are included in it.

Key features associated with the app marketplace have been described below.

  • It offers more integration judgments. Hubspot provides all information to the consumer, like pricing information, data flow configuration, and demo videos to decide on the best integration apps. They want to keep the customers informed.
  • Apps are more relevant and easier to search, and Hubspot offers an improved version of the marketplace with a search filtering facility.

Customer Support Comparison:


It offers the best center for customer support, where customers can type their related questions. There are some important topics that are included in it, for example, leads dashboard, click action, and export leads.

The following areas represent a category of topics.

  • Troubleshooting
  • Manage leads
  • Publishing campaigns.
  • Email mechanization.

So here you can see that this available resource is quite simple to navigate.

Wishpond provides some vital help, which genuinely covers the concerns linked with it. For instance, “Embed on the blog” and “Eliminate lead.” Wishpond also has a popup chat box to help with these issues. Wishpond has promised to respond within three hours. I also have the option of emailing them for further assistance.

Wishpond also has a resource center where I may obtain other useful information. They also offer extensive advice on local SEO.

Wishpond’s free resource hub offers a variety of content, such as webinars, infographics, and marketing publications. I may use these tools to learn about new email drip campaigns, landing pages, lead creation, and marketing methods.


The website has a contact button allowing me to contact Hubspot and access their knowledge base. It gives an excellent platform for me to submit inquiries and receive appropriate responses.

However, I should point out that email support and technical phone support are only available to premium users. If I use the platform for free, I’ll be led to the Hubspot community to receive useful troubleshooting ideas. Free users are occasionally eligible for Hubspot campaigns and email promotions, which can deliver a response within one day.

There is also a resource center where I can register for free and gain access to consulting partners and Hubspot agency expertise. In addition, there is a local user committee that I can join for more assistance.

Which One Is Better & Why?

Wishpond vs Hubspot?

Wishpond, on the other hand, has its own website that shows a wide range of success stories. The case study piece is especially helpful to me because it gives relevant statistics. Wishpond also lets you choose from various businesses and companies to meet different needs.

Regarding reviews, Wishpond gets good comments and high ratings for customer happiness. It has been praised for having great customer service, an easy-to-use interface, and a good deal for the money.

However, some users may be worried about the prices because Wishpond’s pricing changes based on the user’s marketing needs.

As a Hubspot user, I like that the tool gives me more for my money and is easy to handle and use. According to reviewers, Hubspot’s features and functions are also easy to use, which is why it has 4 or 5-star scores. Users sometimes complain about not having enough reporting tools, a broken e-commerce bridge, spam marketing, or pushy sales tactics, but these complaints don’t seem to have a big effect on the general user experience.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Wishpond Customer Review

Wishpond- Testimonials

Customer Review Hubspot

HubSpot - Customer Review

FAQs On Wishpond vs Hubspot:

Is there a limit on the number of lists in my HubSpot account?

There is a limit of 1,500 active lists and 1,500 static lists across all plans save the Starter plan. You get 25 lists total (dynamic and static) with the Starter Plan.

How do I add multiple values in my HubSpot list filter?

HubSpot allows you to customise your filtering options by adding new values to the drop-down menu. Include them with the semicolon between them for the attributes that take a range of values.

Does Wishpond offer an app?

Wishpond is a consumer interaction platform that can be accessed online. Apps are available from this provider with which you can run competitions, advertise specials, and increase lead engagement.

Can I use Wishpond for email marketing?

Yes you can

How many emails can I send per month through Wishpond?

If your lead limit is 100, you may send out 100 emails. If you're allowed 1,000 leads every month, that's 10,000 emails.

Quick Links:

Conclusion: Wishpond vs Hubspot 2024

I was really amazed by Hubspot. Hubspot provides a complete CRM package with sales and marketing. But if the user wants to get a more sophisticated facility, then it arrives at a heavy price.

Hubspot’s website is difficult to drive, it is more important than what is required before signing a long contract with the customer.

Facilities and features provided by Hubspot are more reliable and comfortable for any customer. It is a very good thing about Hubspot that it offers evidence of a successful campaign.

Bottom line: as full-fledged CRM is concerned, HubSpot offers you the best platform, but if the customer needs a more approachable, flexible, and cost-beneficial online platform for sales, then the user needs to go with Wishpond.

Before utilizing any one platform, you need to do detailed research about it by going through a free trial facility offered by both of them.

Ultimately, I feel like it depends on you which platform you will select. Both of the platforms are more comfortable in offering marketing solutions.

Here, you need to see your business, and accordingly, you can select any of them. First of all, set your consumer target and then go for finding the perfect solution for it, which will help you make it a success.

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