Ontraport vs Hubspot 2020: Which One Is Worth The HYPE?

From Ontraport Vs Hubspot which is a better all-in-one marketing platform that can help you with blogging, social media, marketing automation, email marketing and SEO? This is the right place to know what you should choose depending upon your business needs.

There are many different aspects that you need to keep in mind to make sure to gain excellent outcomes when you organize and manage an online marketing campaign. A high-quality CRM platform comes handy to deduct all statistics concerning your online marketing campaign. Numerous platforms allow you to track and monitor your marketing campaign and provide inclusive CRM management solutions.

Different platforms have different campaign monitoring potential. It is thus imperative to know about various features of these platforms so you can figure out which platform works best for you. The CRM you select should be able to work on multiple analytics.

In today’s era of digitalization, the CRM you choose should be able to track your social media marketing campaigns. Along with that, it should also monitor both on-page as well as off-page SEO. Numerous CRM platforms enable you to monitor progress and analytics, which makes choosing the right program difficult.

The two top-class CRM management solutions we are comparing in this article are Ontraport and HubSpot. Both enable you to access top-notch CRM management. Their tracking abilities can help you schedule, organize, and monitor all aspects concerning digital marketing. But both of them vary in a few elements which makes it imperative to know the unique features of both the platforms.

Overview Ontraport Vs Hubspot 2020

Ontraport Overview

It is an inclusive marketing automation software that provides a wide range of features that you can bring in use to track the overall progress of your marketing campaigns. Ontraport enables you to manage the business with amazing features like reporting tools to get deep insights into analytics and metrics of the website. Affiliate marketing options and WordPress site management also comes along.

 Ontraport Vs Hubspot - Ontraport-

It proves terrific for small business and website owners with consistent sales. Ontraport is a reliable option to look for to create email and marketing campaigns.

 HubSpot Overview

Hubspot proves out to be a platform that can prove out to be an ideal solution for all marketing needs. You get access to different blogging tools, social media marketing strategies, marketing automation, and a lot more. It enables you to manage marketing strategy and customer relations at one place. This cuts downtime you would have to spend on different solutions and platforms to control all parameters of your marketing campaign.

 Ontraport Vs Hubspot - HubSpot-

Along with marketing automation, it also helps you integrate different branches in one profile so you can manage all aspects with ease.

Comparison Ontraport Vs Hubspot

After knowing what these platforms are, let us check out how both these platforms vary from each other.

How Do They Differ In Terms Of Usage?

HubSpot and Ontraport are very similar in many ways. However, they are very different in some crucial areas. These areas are ranging from their overall design to the number of features it provides. Learning out these differences is vital as this will help you figure out which one is better for you. Both of them serve particular marketing needs. To choose whether they fit your needs or not, you need to check their differences. Even though you will encounter many similarities between the two platforms, you may find some notable differences among them.

Following this paragraph, we will see all the notable areas where these platforms differ. This will help you determine how you can use them to achieve the greater heights in your business. According to the requirements, you may find one platform better than the other or vice versa.

Ontraport Usage Steps

The first step to use Ontraport  is assigning a webpage to whatever job you want to achieve. Examples of which can be marketing optimization or site monitoring and reporting. After you import your website URL and verify your ownership, you can assign a campaign name to the website of the job you want to complete. After these steps, it prompts to focus on specific content types. These can be an eBook promotion, video marketing, and more. This helps you in determining the overall direction of the campaign to provide more specific tools for your particular needs.

Ontraport has an excellent interactive UI and is very easy to use. This is because Ontraport sets up different marketing campaigns and jobs separately. Ontraport can also help you in creating landing pages just by clicking on the landing page creation tab.

Ontraport can also be used to identify, track, and measure potential areas where you can improve your website. This will result in optimizing your overall marketing results and engagement numbers. Integration and migration of existing campaigns are easy with Ontraport. This is helpful if you want to continue building the current report. Previously applied settings can be easily applied using just a mouse click.

Overall, the navigation of Ontraport is very comprehensive but still a nice one to use.

HubSpot Usage Steps

Checking out HubSpot may make you think that it is very similar to Ontraport in terms of UI and capabilities. However, HubSpot offers you a lot of capability options and features which are absent in Ontraport. HubSpot enables you to import your existing online marketing campaigns into separate categorized sections for you to address them efficiently. This allows you to address every aspect of the effort on an individual basis.


To start using HubSpot, you will have to import your existing website or blog. After a verification to confirm your ownership over the domain you entered, you will be capable to begin assigning jobs to your various sites and blogs. You can set different workflows depending upon the type of work such as deal-based,contact-based, etc. After workflow selection, HubSpot will enable you to schedule posts, outreach, and monitor the overall progress of your website. It also gives you the ability to check-out each workflow on an individual basis. This will be independent of any data or any other aspect of your campaign. A user can add blog posts, content, edit categories, and a lot more. All the necessary customer relationship management needs such as contacting customers, advertising products to them and their interaction is also possible with HubSpot.

HubSpot offers a range of premium digital content strategy and optimization capabilities. These can be used by any online marketer to elevate their online marketing campaign efforts.

This comprises the core elements of both Ontraport and HubSpot. You can take notes from here on what product is going to be suitable for you. Apart from this, we are also going to compare both based on some factors. These factors are more than required to bring into consideration before picking up one of these services to satisfy your digital marketing needs.

Features Provided Ontraport Vs Hubspot

Ontraport and HubSpot have a wide array of features available to both of them. Both allow you to optimize your digital marketing campaign, strategy, and method completely. Ontraport and HubSpot both offer a staggering level of features for you to choose from and apply to your marketing campaign and control every aspect of the campaign. To give you a border idea about how both the solutions compare in terms of features, we are going to talk about them below. This will guide you to take a more sound decision about what to choose and what not among HubSpot and Ontraport.

It is required of you to read this section thoroughly before going in to buy one of these services. This will help you in choosing the right solution for your digital marketing campaign.


Ontraport provides features ranging from SMS Marketing, Sales Report, Lead Scoring, and Segmentation. You can also personalize web content, create invoices, and also make bulk social media posts in one go. Ontraport enables you to track web activity, get real-time sale alerts, build membership sites, and get predictive analysis.


HubSpot also offers many features just like Ontraport like Lead Scoring and Segmentation, SMS Marketing, Tracking web activity, invoice creation, bulk social media posting, web content personalization, sales report, predictive analysis, and real-time sale alerts. But there are a set of few other features which make it unique. You get the option of Bi-Directional CRM Syncing, Social CRM, Event Management, and Split Testing with HubSpot.


Both Ontraport and HubSpot have nearly identical features except for a few. Based on the features, we can see how Ontraport and HubSpot are very closely related. It is up to you to understand your use and requirements and choose one of these. It takes a well educated and careful step to select one of the platforms for your digital marketing campaign. You should always choose a platform that lets you access, optimize, and monitor your campaign process. This ensures the amount of engagement and interaction gained is up to your expectations.


The one great thing you would like about both Ontraport and HubSpot is that they offer integration abilities. You can easily integrate other marketing solutions and sites right into your campaign using their integration features. Both feature a long list of integrations available at your expense for you to work efficiently. These integrations help you elevate your digital marketing campaign efforts further and help them grow. In the next section, we will learn about these integrations in depth.

Hubspot provides a wide range of integration like Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Outlook, Gmail, Leadformly, Oracle, SAP, Netsuite, and a lot more.

Ontraport, on the other hand, offers integrations from SAP, Oracle, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Leadformly, Gmail, Zapier, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and 1000+ other integration options.

Let’s look forward to various pricing options and plans that you get with both Ontraport and HubSpot. This will help you decide which CRM platform will work best for your needs.

Pricing Ontraport Vs Hubspot

Pricing is a feature that determines your choice. A service can be way better than the other, but because of your budget, you may have to choose the lower costing but okayish service. While selecting a CRM solution, too, pricing is an important point to consider. Both HubSpot and Ontraport offer a flexible range of pricing and offers. This lets everyone harness features to grow their digital marketing efforts regardless of their budget. However, both their prices have a difference. So you would have to think about what to choose based on your budget and requirements.

We are going all-in to discuss their pricing plans and check which one is better and what should you consider for your marketing campaign. So let’s start it on.

Ontraport Plan Options

Ontraport provides the user with four options to choose from according to their budget. These plans have different features and services available according to their pricing.

The first one is the Basic plan having the lowest of features which costs $79 per month. The plan provides you with one user access, unlimited emails and the ability to add up to 1000 contacts.


The next one is the Plus plan . It has the same features as the Basic plan with increased limits. It will cost you $149 per month. It provides you with the capability of adding 2500 contacts and two users. It also includes Unlimited Calls.

An upgrade to this is the Pro plan. It is a very well suited plan for a medium-sized business. This plan costs you $297 per month and includes up to 10,000 contacts, three users and unlimited calls and emails.

The last and most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan costing you $497 per month. This plan includes everything Ontraport has to offer. It includes up to 20,000 contacts, five users, and unlimited emails and calls.

HubSpot Plan Options

HubSpot also has various flexible pricing plans, just like Ontraport. HubSpot facilitates you with five flexible plans.

The first one is the Basic plan costing you $200 per month. It provides you with the basic starter features such as tools for content marketing, email marketing and Analytics. It also provides you with the ability to store 100 contacts.


The next one is the Pro plan which costs you $800 per month. It provides additional content such as Smart Content, Salesforce integration, Marketing Automation, along with everything that’s in the basic plan. You can also store up to 1000 contacts.

Later comes in the Enterprise plan . This plan includes so many things. This is the most expensive plan HubSpot has to offer. It costs $2400 per month. Feature-wise it consists of A/B testing, Predictive Lead Scoring, Advanced Reporting including everything in the previous plans.

After these plans, HubSpot also added two more plans.

The first one of these plans is a free plan which has, of course, some limited features. These include Limited Calling and Documentation and limited email templates along with some integrations.

HubSpot Sales Pro is the last option HubSpot has to offer. This plan costs $500 per month. This plan also has the features of the free plan along with Sequences, organizing meetings, and prospects.

Verdict on Pricing

We can see a massive difference in the pricing plans of both the platforms. The features and the pricing formulas of both HubSpot and Ontraport are the stark opposite of each other. Keep in mind these pricing plans before you go to any of these services. The plan you are going for should include the features you need for your desired digital marketing campaign needs.

If you are on a tight budget, you should choose Ontraport as it is very cheap in comparison to HubSpot. However, HubSpot deserves every buck it is asking for as it has so many added benefits over Ontraport.

If you have a reasonable budget, go for the HubSpot subscription.

The difference in Core Features Ontraport Vs Hubspot

We have seen above how both Ontraport and HubSpot are so similar in features. However, there are some core differences available to both the services. The following section will show how both the platforms prime differences. This will help you understand completely what you have to pick and what not.

Ontraport Core Features

  • Marketing Automation

With this feature, Ontraport allows you to schedule regular updates and content to your various websites and blogs with just a click. It also allows you to test several campaigns at once.


  • Ontraport Pages

Ontraport pages are an Ontraport adaptation of landing pages. This allows the user to get leads and create different landing pages for leads to interact on. You can monitor responses on various landing pages using the feature.

Ontraport- Landing Pages

  • Lead Management & Scoring

After getting a lead using the Ontraport Pages feature, you will be curious to check how likely are the leads going to interact with your business again. Ontraport’s lead management and the scoring feature will tell you all these numbers. This makes lead management a tad easier for you. It saves time for you which will get wasted on lead management.

Ontraport- CRM

  • Task Management

Ontraport especially helps you in managing all your marketing tasks. It has a dedicated task managing column where you can check and manage all your marketing campaigns in real-time. This software helps you in adjusting various settings of your campaign and even terminating a campaign with ease.

Ontraport- Features

HubSpot Core Features

  • Social media analytics

HubSpot has a unique feature to help you monitor your social media statistics and engagement levels. This helps in optimizing your marketing campaign. Detailed insight of who viewed your post, how much engagement you received, frequency of interaction, and monitoring much more stuff using HubSpot.

HubSpot - Social Media

The analytics help you in gaining an in-depth insight into the most crucial bit of data when it comes to social media.

  • Prospective Lead Scoring

Just like Ontraport, after capturing leads, you will have to use this tool. HubSpot helps you in easily judging the quality of leads. HubSpot will tell you how likely the leads are going to do business with your brand.

HubSpot - Marketing

This helps you in reducing expenses on ad spaces. HubSpot dramatically helps you in optimizing your marketing efforts. Leads are given a score based on time and type of interaction, their browsing history, and more.

  • Automation Templates

Marketing automation templates are available on HubSpot. This helps you in automating all your digital marketing campaigns and tasks. You can get better results in just a matter of time. Automated templates will automatically set up your preferred settings for all your marketing campaigns.

-HubSpot - Template

  • A/B landing page testing

HubSpot can also test the A/B landing page. What strategy and design are bringing the most results can easily be checked using the testing tab. This helps you in experimenting with new designs and modifications and gathering data about its success rate. You can check the test results and apply those in our existing campaigns to get more and more leads.

Which one is Better?

You must have gathered the differences and similarities of both the services till now. You must probably be thinking about what should be your choice to grow your digital marketing campaign efforts.

In my opinion, if you have the budget to grow for, HubSpot is easily the better option when it comes to it. This is mainly due to the intuitive UI, seamless integrations, marketing analysis, and many other things. HubSpot is the most comprehensive CRM marketing solution which will be available in the market.

Though if you are tight on a budget, or do not trust paying two grand up front for a service, you don’t know, Ontraport is the option for you. For a budget mindset, Ontraport has nearly all the features of HubSpot in a cheaper package.


👉🏻 What are the things I should watch out for if I am using HubSpot?

Marketing Automation is only available in the expensive plans. Most of the core features are absent in the cheaper plans.

👉🏻What will be better for my eCommerce business?

For eCommerce, Ontraport is miles ahead of HubSpot. You can create complete up-chains and down-chains for your selling carts. Mobile responsive order forms are also available.

👉🏻 I have a small business focused on social media marketing, what should I go for?

In this case, going for the HubSpot’s free plan is very suitable for you as it will be free for life. Moreover, it also provides you with various social media marketing-centric features and solutions.

Ontraport Vs Hubspot & Testimonials

Ontraport Review

Ontraport- TestimonialsHubSpot Review


HubSpot - Customer ReviewQuick Links:

Conclusion: Ontraport vs Hubspot 2020

This guide covers almost all the crucial functions and capabilities which can help you decide which one of these CRM platforms to choose for your marketing needs. It is imperative to know the features of both platforms before you sign up for either of them. Both platforms enable you to get the top-notch quality of leads and create fantastic content.

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