Ontraport VS Hubspot 2021: Which One Is Worth Your Time & Money? (Features, Pricing & In-Depth Comparison)

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Pricing $79 $200
Best for

Ontrport is for those who has limited to budget to start with and don't want to spend heavy marketing

Hubspot is for those who are ready to shell out money for marketing as It's the most comprehensive CRM marketing solution which will be available in the market.

  • Ontraport offers Lead Scoring, SMS Marketing, Sales Report.
  • Ontraport pages are an Ontraport adaptation of landing page
  • Ontraport especially helps you in managing all your marketi
  • HubSpot has a unique feature helps you monitor social stats
  • HubSpot Prospective Lead Scoring is another great feature
  • Marketing automation templates are available on HubSpot.
  • Built in functionality for WordPress membership
  • Decent ranges of features like affiliate program and more
  • A great interface to see mesurable results
  • one can learn a lot about online marketing using Hubspot
  • easy to use platform
  • All in one marketing solution platform
  • Live support not available for 24 hours
  • Integrates with limited platform
  • A bit expensive for small scale businesses
Ease of Use

The user interface is good though Fewer integrations than competitors, but API helpers like Zapier can solve the issue

Their user interface is much better, Hubspot is an intuitive platform all in all complete solution provider

Value For Money

They have limited features but a suitable choice for small scale businesses.

HubSpot deserves every buck it is asking for as it has so many added benefits over the competitor.

Customer Support

24 hours support is not available yet.

they have many options to get in touch like chats, email, and customer support number and a quick turn around time.

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If you are looking for an unbiased Ontraport VS Hubspot 2021 comparison which is a better all-in-one marketing platform that can help you with blogging, social media, marketing automation, email marketing, and SEO? This is the right place to know what you should choose depending upon your business needs.

Are you feeling lost and not sure which marketing automation software is the best for your business? Are you not sure which one is better for you, Ontraport or Hubspot?

Ontraport Vs Hubspot

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right all-in-one marketing software. When we look at the features of Ontraport and Hubspot, it’s easy to see that they are both great products, but the question is which one is the right fit for your business?

Our unbiased Ontraport VS Hubspot comparison will help you find the best software for your needs. You won’t be lost anymore!

🚀Bottom Line Upfront: Ontraport VS Hubspot

🔥 Ontraport

Ontraport is a CRM, sales, and marketing software for small to medium-sized businesses that offer different packages depending on what you need. They offer everything you could want from lead management tools to inventory control in one place! Ontraport helps make it easy for teams across departments or locations to collaborate seamlessly with their customer data stored securely within its database – perfect for when your company needs an all-inclusive solution.

💥 Hubspot

HubSpot offers a full platform of CRM software, customer service, sales, marketing that helps businesses grow better. Get started with free tools for your company’s most urgent needs such as lead generation or analytics. Upgrade to other features once you have the resources available to do so like Hubspot Academy – an online learning center where professionals can gain knowledge in digital skills including SEO best practices and social media management techniques.

With its clear and easily understandable interface, Ontraport CRM gives you all the tools to create visual campaigns that are designed perfectly for your audience. With customizable templates available on both a monthly or weekly basis as well as real time analytics in place so you can see which types of messages work best against certain demographics?this is one marketing tool worth investing into!

There are many different aspects that you need to keep in mind to make sure to gain excellent outcomes when you organize and manage an online marketing campaign.

A high-quality CRM platform comes in handy to deduct all statistics concerning your online marketing campaign. Numerous platforms allow you to track and monitor your marketing campaign and provide inclusive CRM management solutions.

Different platforms have different campaign monitoring potential. It is thus imperative to know about various features of these platforms so you can figure out which platform works best for you. The CRM you select should be able to work on multiple analytics.

In today’s era of digitalization, the CRM you choose should be able to track your social media marketing campaigns. Along with that, it should also monitor both on-page as well as off-page SEO. Numerous CRM platforms enable you to monitor progress and analytics, which makes choosing the right program difficult.

The two top-class CRM management solutions we are comparing in this article are Ontraport and HubSpot. Both enable you to access top-notch CRM management. Their tracking abilities can help you schedule, organize, and monitor all aspects concerning digital marketing. But both of them vary in a few elements which makes it imperative to know the unique features of both platforms.

Don’t have time to read the full article, here is an expert summary for Ontraport VS Hubspot


🚀  Which Marketing Automation Software is better? Here are 5 ways that Ontraport Outperforms.

Here are 5 key factors that Ontraport delivers to survive in this cutthroat competitive market.

1) Personalizing your customer experience across multiple channels and throughout their lifecycle allows you to capture more leads while selling products.

2) Run a referral program for your business that allows referrers to log in and automatically get paid.

3) Your email campaign is only as successful as your ability to get it delivered. With the rise in spam emails, you must be vigilant and make sure that your messages are reaching their destination or risk being lost forever.

4) The membership component provides a platform for learning and development that would be beneficial to your customers.

5) You need to have your company’s data in one place. This is important so you don’t waste time calculating spreadsheets or manually entering calculations into the system.

Ontraport Vs Hubspot 2021: Overview

Ontraport Overview


It is an inclusive marketing automation software that provides a wide range of features that you can bring into use to track the overall progress of your marketing campaigns.

Ontraport enables you to manage the business with amazing features like reporting tools to get deep insights into the analytics and metrics of the website. Affiliate marketing options and WordPress site management also comes along.

Ontraport Vs hubspot - Ontraport Overview

It proves terrific for small businesses and website owners with consistent sales. Ontraport is a reliable option to look for to create email and marketing campaigns.

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 HubSpot Overview


Hubspot proves out to be a platform that can prove out to be an ideal solution for all marketing needs. You get access to different blogging tools, social media marketing strategies, marketing automation, and a lot more.

It enables you to manage marketing strategy and customer relations in one place. This cuts downtime you would have to spend on different solutions and platforms to control all parameters of your marketing campaign.

 Ontraport Vs Hubspot - HubSpot

Along with marketing automation, it also helps you integrate different branches in one profile so you can manage all aspects with ease.

Ontraport Vs Hubspot: Key Features

Ontraport and HubSpot have a wide array of features available to both of them. Both allow you to optimize your digital marketing campaign, strategy, and method completely. Ontraport and HubSpot both offer a staggering level of features for you to choose from and apply to your marketing campaign and control every aspect of the campaign.

To give you a broader idea about how both the solutions compare in terms of features, we are going to talk about them below. This will guide you to take a more sound decision about what to choose and what not among HubSpot and Ontraport.

It is required of you to read this section thoroughly before going in to buy one of these services. This will help you in choosing the right solution for your digital marketing campaign.



Ontraport provides features ranging from SMS Marketing, Sales Report, Lead Scoring, and Segmentation. You can also personalize web content, create invoices, and also make bulk social media posts in one go. Ontraport enables you to track web activity, get real-time sale alerts, build membership sites, and get predictive analysis.

Ontraport- Feature - Selling Faster Ontraport- Feature - Pages & Forms Ontraport Feature - Marketing Automation Ontraport Feature - Sales CRM


Hubspot Advisory

HubSpot also offers many features just like Ontraport like Lead Scoring and Segmentation, SMS Marketing, Tracking web activity, invoice creation, bulk social media posting, web content personalization, sales report, predictive analysis, and real-time sale alerts. But there are a set of few other features which make it unique.

You get the option of Bi-Directional CRM Syncing, Social CRM, Event Management, and Split Testing with HubSpot.


Both Ontraport and HubSpot have nearly identical features except for a few. Based on the features, we can see how Ontraport and HubSpot are very closely related. It is up to you to understand your use and requirements and choose one of these.

It takes a well-educated and careful step to select one of the platforms for your digital marketing campaign. You should always choose a platform that lets you access, optimize, and monitor your campaign process. This ensures the amount of engagement and interaction gained is up to your expectations.

Getting started with Hubspot!

Is Hubspot better than Mailchimp

Learn how to create a HubSpot account, invite your team, and adjust your default settings if you’re a new user. If you use any third-party apps, you should connect them to your account so that your systems can work together. As an admin, you should execute the account setup steps listed below. You’ll find links to full instructions for each task within each section.

1) Create your account

A HubSpot account can be created in a variety of ways. Signing up for HubSpot with your name and email address is the most usual option. You may also use your Google or Apple ID to sign up for HubSpot.

  • HubSpot’s account creation page
  • Sign up for HubSpot using your Apple ID

You’ll be instantly logged in after making an account. Find out how to log in to HubSpot. 

2) Invite your team

To begin collaborating in HubSpot, invite your teammates to join the account. You can control which areas of HubSpot each user has access to by customizing their permissions. They can log in and set up their profile and personal preferences once they’ve been invited.

  • Add and remove users
  • HubSpot user permission guide
  • Manage your user profile and preferences

3) Customize account default settings

While some options are specific to individual users, others are account-wide and affect everyone. Account time zone and language, default currencies, and security are among the options. You can enable GDPR-related features while setting up your account defaults.

  • Change language and region settings
  • Add and edit your account currencies
  • Set up your company branding
  • Set up two-factor authentication for your HubSpot login
  • Turn on GDPR functionality in your HubSpot account

4) Connect apps to your HubSpot account

You may combine products you need for your business with your HubSpot account via HubSpot’s App Marketplace. There are integration choices for your needs, whether you want to set up simple connectors with an app like Zapier or build full-fledged custom connections with HubSpot’s API.

  • Connect apps to HubSpot
  • HubSpot’s App Marketplace
  • HubSpot Developers documentation

5) Manage your HubSpot subscription

Your current subscription can be managed under the Account & Billing section of your account. All of your billing documentation, add-ons, and membership updates are all available in one spot.

  • Manage your HubSpot subscription
  • HubSpot billing and payment | Frequently Asked Questions
  • View and download your HubSpot invoices and receipts

6) Join the HubSpot Community

Join the HubSpot Community to interact with other users and get more out of your HubSpot tools. You can learn how to resolve common difficulties, see examples from peers, and provide comments to the Product team.

  • Getting Started With the HubSpot Community
  • Create your Community user account
  • Introduce yourself on the Community welcome forum
  • Get the latest updates from the Community newsletter

Getting started with Ontraport!

Which is the easiest CRM to use

Before purchase, Ontraport offers a two-week free trial so you can study and build on our software. We want you to know what’s in your toolbox straight away so you can make the most of your two free weeks. You’ll discover how to sign up for a free account, resolve any issues, and use your resources in this post, as well as advice on how to get the most out of your account.

By signing up for a free trial of Ontraport, you can begin exploring the single-point solution for all of your marketing automation needs without spending a dime. But first, consider the following:

  • Make sure you use a valid email address that you have access to when you sign up. This is the username you’ll use to log in, as well as the email address we’ll use to send you crucial Ontraport communications.
  • Ontraport’s email address should be added to your whitelist. Follow these steps to whitelist Ontraport to ensure that messages from the company get in your inbox.

1) Activate your account

  • Check your inbox for an activation email.

If you have not received your activation email:

  • Look through your spam folder.
  • If you still can’t discover your email, add Ontraport emails to your whitelist.
  • With your email and password, log in to your Ontraport account.
  • Re-send the email by clicking the Re-send button.

(If you still haven’t received your activation email, reach out to Support to have a team member activate your account for you.)

If you have received the email:

  • Inside the email, click “Verify my email”
  • Fill in your business information, add your branding, and then click “Complete setup”.
  • After you’ve set up your free trial account, the first page you’ll view is your welcome page, where you’ll find five recommendations for getting the most out of it.

2) Import Contacts

As a new Ontraport user, one of the first things you’ll do is import your existing contact list into your account so that you may market and sell to them. You’ll need to export your existing contacts from your current system and then import them into Ontraport to migrate them over.

  • Your prior software contacts should be exported. Remove extras like photographs and graphs from your data and organize them into clearly labeled, separate columns. Then save it as an a.csv file.
  • In Ontraport, go to the Contacts tab → Settings → Import Contacts and upload your .csv file.
  • To complete the procedure, follow the directions on each step of the import wizard and then click the contacts tab on the last step.
  • You’ll be returned to Contacts, where your imported contacts will now be visible.

Note that before you can send bulk emails to your imported contacts, our email delivery staff verifies each import to guarantee compliance with our anti-spam policy. This approval process usually takes one business day to complete.


The one great thing you would like about both Ontraport and HubSpot is that they offer integration abilities. You can easily integrate other marketing solutions and sites right into your campaign using their integration features. Both feature a long list of integrations available at your expense for you to work efficiently. These integrations help you elevate your digital marketing campaign efforts further and help them grow. In the next section, we will learn about these integrations in depth.

Hubspot provides a wide range of integration like Zapier, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Outlook, Gmail, Leadformly, Oracle, SAP, Netsuite, and a lot more.

Ontraport, on the other hand, offers integrations from SAP, Oracle, Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics, Leadformly, Gmail, Zapier, SugarCRM, Salesforce, and 1000+ other integration options.

Let’s look forward to various pricing options and plans that you get with both Ontraport and HubSpot. This will help you decide which CRM platform will work best for your needs.


Pricing is a feature that determines your choice. A service can be way better than the other, but because of your budget, you may have to choose the lower costing but okayish service. While selecting a CRM solution, too, pricing is an important point to consider. Both HubSpot and Ontraport offer a flexible range of pricing and offers.

This lets everyone harness features to grow their digital marketing efforts regardless of their budget. However, both their prices have a difference. So you would have to think about what to choose based on your budget and requirements.

We are going all-in to discuss their pricing plans and check which one is better and what should you consider for your marketing campaign. So let’s start it on.

Ontraport Pricing Plan Options

Ontraport provides the user with four options to choose from according to their budget. These plans have different features and services available according to their pricing.

The first one is the Basic plan having the lowest of features which costs $79 per month. The plan provides you with one user access, unlimited emails, and the ability to add up to 1000 contacts.

Ontraport Vs Hubspot - Ontraport-Pricing

The next one is the Plus plan. It has the same features as the Basic plan with increased limits. It will cost you $149 per month. It provides you with the capability of adding 2500 contacts and two users. It also includes Unlimited Calls.

An upgrade to this is the Pro plan. It is a very well-suited plan for a medium-sized business. This plan costs you $297 per month and includes up to 10,000 contacts, three users, and unlimited calls and emails.

The last and most expensive plan is the Enterprise plan costing you $497 per month. This plan includes everything Ontraport has to offer. It includes up to 20,000 contacts, five users, and unlimited emails and calls.

HubSpot Pricing Plan Options

HubSpot also has various flexible pricing plans, just like Ontraport. HubSpot facilitates you with five flexible plans.

The first one is the Basic plan costing you $200 per month. It provides you with the basic starter features such as tools for content marketing, email marketing, and Analytics. It also provides you with the ability to store 100 contacts.


The next one is the Pro plan which costs you $800 per month. It provides additional content such as Smart Content, Salesforce integration, Marketing Automation, along with everything that’s in the basic plan. You can also store up to 1000 contacts.

Later comes in the Enterprise plan. This plan includes so many things. This is the most expensive plan HubSpot has to offer. It costs $2400 per month. Feature-wise it consists of A/B testing, Predictive Lead Scoring, Advanced Reporting including everything in the previous plans.

After these plans, HubSpot also added two more plans.

The first one of these plans is a free plan which has, of course, some limited features. These include Limited Calling and Documentation and limited email templates along with some integrations.

HubSpot Sales Pro is the last option HubSpot has to offer. This plan costs $500 per month. This plan also has the features of the free plan along with Sequences, organizing meetings, and prospects.

Verdict on Pricing

We can see a massive difference in the pricing plans of both platforms. The features and the pricing formulas of both HubSpot and Ontraport are the stark opposite of each other. Keep in mind these pricing plans before you go to any of these services. The plan you are going for should include the features you need for your desired digital marketing campaign needs.

If you are on a tight budget, you should choose Ontraport as it is very cheap in comparison to HubSpot. However, HubSpot deserves every buck it is asking for as it has so many added benefits over Ontraport.

If you have a reasonable budget, go for the HubSpot subscription.

The difference in Core Features Ontraport Vs Hubspot

We have seen above how both Ontraport and HubSpot are so similar in features. However, there are some core differences available to both services. The following section will show how both platforms prime differences. This will help you understand completely what you have to pick and what not.

Ontraport Core Features

  • Marketing Automation

With this feature, Ontraport allows you to schedule regular updates and content to your various websites and blogs with just a click. It also allows you to test several campaigns at once.


  • Ontraport Pages

Ontraport pages are an Ontraport adaptation of landing pages. This allows the user to get leads and create different landing pages for leads to interact on. You can monitor responses on various landing pages using the feature.

Ontraport- Landing Pages

  • Lead Management & Scoring

After getting a lead using the Ontraport Pages feature, you will be curious to check how likely are the leads going to interact with your business again. Ontraport’s lead management and the scoring feature will tell you all these numbers. This makes lead management a tad easier for you. It saves time for you which will get wasted on lead management.

Ontraport- CRM

  • Task Management

Ontraport especially helps you in managing all your marketing tasks. It has a dedicated task managing column where you can check and manage all your marketing campaigns in real-time. This software helps you in adjusting various settings of your campaign and even terminating a campaign with ease.

HubSpot Core Features

  • Social media analytics

HubSpot has a unique feature to help you monitor your social media statistics and engagement levels. This helps in optimizing your marketing campaign. Detailed insight of who viewed your post, how much engagement you received, frequency of interaction, and monitoring much more stuff using HubSpot.

HubSpot - Social Media

The analytics help you in gaining an in-depth insight into the most crucial bit of data when it comes to social media.

  • Prospective Lead Scoring

Just like Ontraport, after capturing leads, you will have to use this tool. HubSpot helps you in easily judging the quality of leads. HubSpot will tell you how likely the leads are going to do business with your brand.

HubSpot - Marketing

This helps you in reducing expenses on ad spaces. HubSpot dramatically helps you in optimizing your marketing efforts. Leads are given a score based on time and type of interaction, their browsing history, and more.

  • Automation Templates

Marketing automation templates are available on HubSpot. This helps you in automating all your digital marketing campaigns and tasks. You can get better results in just a matter of time. Automated templates will automatically set up your preferred settings for all your marketing campaigns.

  • A/B landing page testing

HubSpot can also test the A/B landing page. What strategy and design are bringing the most results can easily be checked using the testing tab. This helps you in experimenting with new designs and modifications and gathering data about its success rate. You can check the test results and apply those in our existing campaigns to get more and more leads.

Which one is Better?

You must have gathered the differences and similarities of both the services till now. You must probably be thinking about what should be your choice to grow your digital marketing campaign efforts.

In my opinion, if you have the budget to grow, HubSpot is easily the better option when it comes to it. This is mainly due to the intuitive UI, seamless integrations, marketing analysis, and many other things. HubSpot is the most comprehensive CRM marketing solution which will be available in the market.

Though if you are tight on a budget, or do not trust paying two grand upfront for a service, you don’t know, Ontraport is the option for you. For a budget mindset, Ontraport has nearly all the features of HubSpot in a cheaper package.

Hubspot Vs Ontraport Alternatives

ActiveCampaign is a great Marketing Automation platform that helps grow businesses and let you connect & engage with your customers at a great meaningful level

Mailchimp is an All-in-One Marketing Platform, A solution provider that gets smarter over time and let you turn the audience insight into Marketing strategies

SharpSpring is easy to use and easy to set up a business platform, A great match for Agencies & SMBs, cover the categories like Marketing Analytics, Landing page builder, and more.

FAQs related to Hubspot Vs Ontraport 2021

👉🏻 Is HubSpot better than Mailchimp?

Both Mailchimp's CRM & Hubspot CRM system offers you a holistic view of your target audience to help you effectively target the right people, Mailchimp & Hubspot offers a common contact management feature but HubSpot's CRM system allows you get to users insight & detailed profile of the customer.

👉🏻What is better than HubSpot?

There are many HubSpot alternatives in case you looking, Zoho CRM. GetResponse, Pipedrive, Sendinblue, ActiveCamapign, Drip, enagebay are a few of the names on the list.

🤔Is Ontraport a CRM?

Ontraport comes with a flexible and powerful CRM and sales automation platform for SMBs, it will make the process automate & scale up, you can easily create fresh record types and automate any process you want.

👉🏻How much does Ontraport cost?

Ontraport Pricing plans are as follows, $79 per month for basic which up to $497 per month for enterprise package.

👉Is HubSpot actually free?

Yes, it's come with a free version where one can save in the Hubspot database up to a million contacts with an unlimited number of users access to your team.

👉Why is HubSpot the best?

Hubspot CRM expertise & knowledge, let buyer journey go smooth Hubspot CRM for inbound strategy is the best software, HubSpot analytics and tracking is unbeatable.

👉🏻 What are the things I should watch out for if I am using HubSpot?

Marketing Automation is only available in inexpensive plans. Most of the core features are absent in the cheaper plans.

👉🏻What will be better for my eCommerce business?

For eCommerce, Ontraport is miles ahead of HubSpot. You can create complete up-chains and down-chains for your selling carts. Mobile responsive order forms are also available.

👉🏻 I have a small business focused on social media marketing, what should I go for?

In this case, going for HubSpot’s free plan is very suitable for you as it will be free for life. Moreover, it also provides you with various social media marketing-centric features and solutions.

👉🏻Is Ontraport any good?

Ontraport’s competitive fees make it a great choice for growing your list size and automation sequences. With Ontraport, you can add more users and contacts at lower costs than some of the other providers on the market today. You also get all of their features which are high quality without paying extra or upgrading to another package in order to have them!

👉🏻What is Ontraport used for?

Ontraport is a platform that helps businesses take advantage of customer data to reach more potential customers and make them loyal. It comes with handy website tools such as email marketing, digital offers like courses or memberships, and automated business activities so you can focus on other aspects of your company.

👉🏻Is Ontraport easy to use?

Ontraport’s visual builder is clean, intuitive, and easy to use. You can create beautiful campaigns with performance mode or marketing tracking functionality for the next level of success in your business!

👉🏻Who uses Ontraport?

A company like National Design Academy (NDA), Wellbe, Inc., SUPERIOR CONSULTING SERVICES, LLC, and QUEST NATIONAL SERVICES use Ontraport.

👉🏻Does Ontraport have a mobile app?

With the Ontraport Mobile app, you can run your business from anywhere. The app gives you access to all of the information that’s needed for any given situation. It functions like a second brain and is an invaluable tool when it comes to preparing for calls, drafting follow-up emails, or taking notes after meetings so they’re ready at hand whenever necessary. You’ll never miss another deadline with this amazing technology by your side!

👉🏻Is HubSpot any good?

HubSpot is a powerful CRM that outshines the most paid versions on the market. The free tier of HubSpot’s software offers more features and functionality than many other competing options for businesses, allowing it to be an ideal choice across teams such as marketing, sales, or customer service.

👉🏻Why is HubSpot so great?

Hubspot is a marketing platform that optimizes your inbound efforts. This company helps you to maximize and simplify all of your inbound initiatives, with 10,000+ companies from 65 countries taking advantage of their resources.

👉🏻How safe is HubSpot?

With the new HubSpot infrastructure, uptime is guaranteed to be 99.95% or higher! Everything from access control to monitoring network activity has been carefully planned and designed in order for our customers to receive a superior experience with their services.

Ontraport VS Hubspot – Customer Reviews & Testimonials



Which is better than Hubspot



HubSpot - Customer Review


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Conclusion: Ontraport vs Hubspot 2021

This guide covers almost all the crucial functions and capabilities which can help you decide which one of these CRM platforms to choose for your marketing needs. It is imperative to know the features of both platforms before you sign up for either of them. Both platforms enable you to get the top-notch quality of leads and create fantastic content.

With both HubSpot and Ontraport CRM, marketers can create beautiful visual campaigns with the click of a button. However, it’s worth noting that while many features are similar in each platform – such as campaign tracking and performance reporting- some key differences between them may make one better suited for your needs than another depending on what type of business you operate or industry specialization.

The choice of a CRM platform is not an easy one. There are many facets to consider, but I’m going with Ontraport as my pick for the following reasons: – on report’s pricing is more affordable than Hubspot and they have a better feature set including marketing automation tools that enable you to create content tailored specifically to your audience.

Abhishek Pathak

Hey this is Abhishek Pathak, a Blogger & Digital Marketing Consultant. He started freelancing around his technical skills of online optimization, SEO, SMM, SMO and other digital stuff early from his early college days. After completing college he thought, having a workaday job was not his cup of tea. He had embraced the freelance lifestyle So he Started his Own Digital Marketing Blog GeekyBuzz where he share awesome stuff about freelancing, entrepreneurship, business, blogging and other cool nerd stuff based on his experiences and journeys.

30 thoughts on “Ontraport VS Hubspot 2021: Which One Is Worth Your Time & Money? (Features, Pricing & In-Depth Comparison)”

  1. HubSpot is marketing software’s top choice for a really good reason – it has an incredibly comprehensive free edition that outshines any other paid crm on the market. You can use it across your mantion, sales, and customer service teams to gain valuable insight into how customers perceive your business and what they’re looking for. It’s great for just about every size of company!

  2. Ontraport is the CRM I’ve been looking for my whole life. As a self-employed business owner, it’s hard to keep track of how much everyone owes me and what needs to be done. It can really stress out, which makes you want to avoid your work! Ontraport helps me take care of all that and more: send beautiful invoices and follow up on overdue payments; see an overview of who has paid you what month-by-month for easy budgeting; set reminders so I don’t miss deadlines – mostly super helpful for clients because no one likes being ignored by the person they are paying good money too!

  3. Hubspot is a great way to analyze all of your marketing data in one place. It makes invoicing and tracking so much easier, too! Report anyone you with this CRM.

  4. Ontraport is a brilliantly simple CRM and marketing software for small and medium sized businesses. It’s helpful that they have one seamless platform for sales, marketing and customer management all with the standard features you need to run your business like responding to leads, managing clients, creating forms, automating email workflows etc. I love how easy Ontraport is to use as it just came off the bat being intuitive. Ontraport has a great support team which was super quick at answering my questions when setting up profiles or campaigns so I didn’t encounter any difficulty along the way.”

  5. Ontraport – Flexible CRM that is constantly moving forward, I like the product; it is very powerful.The induction was awesome and empowering; they look at what you are doing and give you credit and help you advance your skill level, rather starting at a zero base for everyone! You get to talk to real support people who KNOW how to use the product; you can message the CEO and he writes back to you.

  6. “If you want an all-in-one platform for managing your sales and marketing efforts with CRM, online appointments, reporting, email marketing automation tools like drip campaign manager, etc., then Ontraport is the best solution.”

  7. HubSpot CRM has been a lifesaver for our business, whether we’re after new customers or helping our current clients. It seamlessly integrates with the marketing platform of your choice and helps streamline our work between departments, making sure that everyone knows where to find information on any given deal. The team is super responsive and keeps us updated every step of the way – great product!

  8. Priceless. HubSpot turned the dial up on all of my inbound marketing efforts, made it much easier to keep track of who I was contacting and increased my conversion rates. Have a lot more qualified leads now.
    I discovered HubSpot when I overheard a friend talking about how they drastically increased their conversion rate with this software, so I had to check it out myself. And now that I have? Absolutely worth every penny!

  9. Ontraport is the most dynamic and easy-to-use CRM out there! You can use it in real time, without any additional charges or anything intruding on the workflow. It won’t cost you more to stay in contact with your clients – rather it will help you save money because you’ll be contacting them less often!

  10. Ontraport is a software to help you grow your business. It helps with sales, communicating with customers, and marketing. Basically everything like we’re talking the whole nine yards here y’all it does all of that so once you try out Ontraport for yourself then you know oh hey this is where I need to be!

  11. I first tried ontraport in the summer and was not expecting much. I had used Hubspot previously and thought that’s what would work best for me as their service is free up to 500 contacts, which is a lot!
    I started by upgrading my account from Standard to Pro because this allowed me to have unlimited contact lists so it would be easier to manage. This turned out to be a cost saver too because with each sale, ontraport gave me .07-.20% of the monthly subscription fee back. Once I installed it, it seamlessly integrated with my other apps so I was able to send emails  and manage sales at once when running marketing campaigns. It also made customer management more streamlined because then everything is stored

  12. Ontraport is CRM that’s progressive. I like it, it’s got a lot of power behind their system. The induction was awesome and empowering for all involved. You get to talk to real support people who know the product and how to use it which just makes sense!

  13. This thing is amazing. It’s like a personal assistant for our company, and it can do anything! I was having trouble setting up calls between all of my team members – even the boss was getting frustrated because we couldn’t always reach each other to coordinate projects. We tried something else but then we tried HubSpot and now everything’s made easy again! My favorite feature by far is making lists: I can make different lists for different tasks, like monthly tasks or holiday marketing campaigns, and assign them to various people in the office. And since the software syncs across devices, every one of us has instant access whenever we need it which is fantastic!

  14. I’ve loved Ontraport since the moment I saw it. Ever since then, I’ve been using it to help me with business automation and simplification! It has a lot of features that all work fantastically together.

  15. Totally legit! It’s like when you have a really good idea and you don’t know what to do with it so you just keep tinkering around trying to figure things out but then somebody just comes along and says “Hey I think we should sell this. Ya know, let people pay for it. They might be willing to if they could use that button over there that talks about FREE SHIPPING! And by the way here are some of our templates so they can start at a decent spot.”

  16. I’ve been using HubSpot for many years now and it has not only saved me a lot of money, but it’s also improved my overall productivity. I had tried a few other tools before and they just didn’t work as well for me as HubSpot does. The data is great – anything you use to get leads feeds into the CRM automatically so that all your teams are on the same page. And there’s nothing like having one system where you can do everything in one place instead of jumping around between different programs or systems! So far this has been 100% worth the investment.

  17. If you’re still relying on spreadsheets, products and napkins to handle your organizations sales efforts, this is the product for you. It’s like being able to carry a small custom-made factory in your back pocket! Not only has Ontraport made my team more productive and efficient but they’ve reduced costly mistakes.

  18. Ontraport does what it should – allowed me to grow my brands without having to hire more people on staff!

  19. HubSpot is a CRM for maximizing marketing and sales alignment. Hubspot’s easy to use, all in one tool sets you up with actionable insights and resourceful assets so no moment goes unmonitored or unsaved. My favorite aspect is the customer link builder– it lets you tap into someone’s past behavior to really get an idea of what their interests is. With not just engagement data but industry specific information such as domain name ownership, email address finding, and more available at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless!

  20. It saved my business.

    I am so glad I found Ontraport! My old CRM was just too clunky and outdated. After starting to play around with the pretty templates in Ontraport, as well as seeing how they solved both of those areas for me – lead management, email campaigns, abandoned cart recovery – I knew it would be the perfect tool for growing my company without taking over all of my work hours.

    Ontraport is made with small businesses like mine in mind and gives you all the tools you need to stay on top of your day-to-day tasks while still preparing for growth down the road. It’s organized by workflow instead of calendar which means anything related to sales or marketing can live together

  21. I’m in marketing, and I can’t live without my CRM. It’s a must have for any business that wants to keep a finger on their customers pulse. I love Ontraport CRM – it’s perfect for keeping track of your leads! If you’re in the market for organization this is easily our best seller by far.

  22. I was a satisfied customer and one of the many hundred people to attend their recent event. The induction was thorough and detailed, I can’t believe I didn’t know how much the product could do! Support is outstanding too – they really help you be successful in your business with lots of tutorials. Talk to support when you need answers not “customer service.

  23. My favorite CRM! The platform has been invaluable to my business because it simplifies the sales enablement process and improves our ROI exponentially through its marketing features. Great for creating landing pages, run A/B tests, set up lead scoring, track leads connected with social media ads, create reports on clicks or prospects taken offline by my team… if you think about any activity the marketing department might be doing related to generating leads for your company this is where they can connect with your sales team too.

  24. “The design interface is very intuitive and user-friendly, but most importantly it’s free. HubSpot offers with a comprehensive suite of conversion marketing tools that will help your business be viewed as successful.”

  25. When I was looking to grow my business, I needed help. My marketing skills just weren’t cutting it – so when Ontraport came along and offered me a no-risk trial period, I immediately signed up. Their systems are reasonably priced and their customer service is incredible (they’ve even helped me book speaking engagements!). If you’re looking for a business management platform that will make your work easier or even solve one of the many challenges you deal with every day, look no further than Ontraport!

  26. Ontraport has all of the features you need in a CRM. It is adept at helping you keep track of your contacts, groupings, and even who might be most interested in what types of updates. You can segment customers based on needs or persona type with no hitch! The product advancement workflow they’ve designed is excellent – it really allows for growth without becoming frustratingly difficult to handle any edge cases that crop up.
    What’s more, I found their design intuitive and my coworkers didn’t have any difficulty picking it up after they’d used it for just one day.

  27. HubSpot is not very easy to use. I had no idea what I was doing at first and even now am only halfway decent with the CRM functions of HubSpot. Sometimes marketing mavens can’t find out why their SEO still isn’t generating traffic, sometimes they just want something new and fun to do that’s right in their wheelhouse. Trying to get your company promoted using social media on occasion doesn’t seem like a good option but this latest wave of websites has changed all that!

  28. The HubSpot CRM is so good it’s hard to explain. You know that growing burning spot you’ve got in your arm from scratching it too much? The HubSpot CRM is the Reiki healer for that pain: just a few touches and BAM! No more itching, blissfully relaxed and free of stress.

  29. Ontraport is a flexible CRM that helps you organize and streamline your customer communication across the web, social media, leads/leads pipeline or their integrated platform. Ontraport keeps up with your business regardless of where it moves next. They’re always on the move to meet evolving industry standards in one user-friendly app with an engineer at the ready for help along the way. We save our customers time by providing intuitive solutions that are customizable for individual needs yet powerful enough to service enterprise level clients without feeling limited in options.

  30. A CRM is a powerful communications tool, you should use it to your advantage. Pretty much every marketer I know uses HubSpot for their customer data management and marketing automation needs. It’s not too expensive for what you get, so once you give it a try–you’ll be hooked like me!

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