Top 11+ Best Sales Funnel Software 2021 (HAND-PICKED) Which Is Best Sales Funnel Builder ?

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Wondering, what a sales funnel is? Before going deep into details of varied sales funnel builders, let me first make you understand what a sales funnel builder is. If you are from sales or marketing, then you must know that leads go through numerous stages before converting into customers. Moreover, the complexity of a product or service plays a major role, and based on that, a lead may take a longer duration to get nurtured and convert successfully.

When you set a sales to funnel right, the journey of a buyer is streamlined and the user gets a better all-rounder experience as a buyer. The sales effectively guide them through the funnel and help them with what they are looking for. When interested in your business, they make a purchase. Sometimes, pleased by the services or offerings, your potentials will turn into loyal customers. Hence, all you need to do is set a great sales funnel and attract customers to it.

What is a Sales Funnel Builder?

A sales funnel is compiled of a series of steps consisting of several marketing aspects. They define the stages through which a buyer shifts from the first time he visits a website until when he makes a final purchase. Different marketing aspects included in the sales funnel are landing pages, social media campaigns, email, etc.

Sales funnel software provides a much holistic view of the marketing and sales efforts at a glance. However, not every sale funnel has a funnel view feature but most of the software that I am going to discuss has.

When should you use sales funnel software? Which Is Best Sales Funnel Builder ?

Sales funnel builder software is the best for beginners since it helps to keep the costs at a minimum level. As a beginner, you are not required to hire a developer or subscribe to different tools, to get your funnel developed. However, it is integral to choose software that caters to your specific needs and is capable of integrating everything that you need in your sales funnel.

For instance, you will observe that some deliver a webinar hosting, instead, some don’t, moreover, if hosting a webinar is integral for your business then you will surely find one that caters to all your needs.

Example of a Sales Funnel

Let me take you through the sales funnel of an entrepreneur who offers online classes. How will his sales funnel look like and what are the steps included in his funnel.

  • A user while scrolling through the Facebook feed comes across an ad of a company that is offering SEO tips. The ad has a call to action button that says “Download my Complete Guide to SEO”.
  • After clicking on the CTA, the user is directed to a landing page that has a download link of the guide. It also has an option from where the user can choose to be a part of the email subscribers. Hence, the user will receive an entrepreneur’s emails.
  • The next day an email of a newsletter is received by the user that has a link to the varied courses offered by the company.
  • The user is interested and signs up for one of the courses.
  • The customer receives a newsletter quite often offering discounts for signing up for the next courses and the user signs up again.

Every action taken the user is tracked in the software of the sales funnel used by the entrepreneur. Every detail is clearly observed in the sales funnel like the point where users are dropping off or who stayed and converted.

Sales funnel builder comes with everything you will need right from the landing page editors, a platform to host webinars and courses, email marketing services, etc. Everything under one roof, hence, sales funnel builder software is economical and you get everything on a single platform.

Why do you need a Sales Funnel?

According to stats, you will be amazed to know that almost 96% of visitors to your website are not there to purchase anything. They may be looking for something else such as valuable content or contact information. You have almost 5-10 seconds to convince your website visitors to stick around.

You can optimize your website or landing page by minimizing bounce rates. One of the major reasons why the sales funnel is crucial. It helps to accomplish these things in less time.

You are only a few steps away from discovering the best sales funnel builder for your business to sell products and make profits. It is a platform where you can develop a complete sales funnel that fulfills all your needs.

The best software to build Sales Funnel

A lot of considerations are made before choosing the best sales to funnel software. Reliability, value for money, economical all-in-one platform, ease of use, integration, marketing pages that are pre-built, etc. These are some of the features that you will need, however, there are others as well.

A decent sales funnel software allows a user to design webpages rapidly, without requiring any coding experience. It also allows to build membership, send emails to follow-up, host online courses, payment processing, etc. GrooveFunnels is a reliable Funnel Builder that makes it super easy to create converting funnels. Check our detailed GrooveFunnels review here.

Let us go through the promising sales funnel software and builder that the users must try this year. Create a sales funnel rapidly.

Find the list of best sales funnel software below and know about them to pick the best one for you.

11+ Best Sales Funnel Software 2021 (HAND-PICKED) Which Is The Best Sales Funnel Builder ?

#1 Get Response

If you are from a marketing background and involvement in the process for quite some time, then you must already have an idea of the platform. Get Response is a great tool for email marketing and it also has autoresponder capability.


Moreover, another reason to choose this platform is that it provides exciting features and is one of the cheapest options available. Apart from using it for email marketing, marketers can use this tool for other purposes as well.


Dive into the features of this platform to know about its capabilities.

GetResponse - Features

  • Email Marketing – Other similar platforms available either have an inbuilt email marketing service feature or requires the integration of one. But, the case is different for getting Responses. Advanced email-related activities are possible with this platform and it offers much more than any other option available. Several email templates and other things make every deliverable of high quality.
  • Page Templates – The platform claims to provide templates for sales pages that are attractive and focuses mainly on conversions. You can also choose to customize them as per needs.
  • Autofunnel provided – One of the most awesome features provided by the platform that allows the creation of auto funnels, hosting webinars, lead funnel creation, etc. Sales funnel generators with automated systems are provided to build sales funnels in no time.
  • ECommerce Store – Yes, this is true, the platform also lets you sell your products online through the mechanism of the online store provided. Follow a few steps and your store is ready to go live in minutes.
  • Team Management – A collaboration feature that lets you manage your entire team. It is helpful when you work for numerous clients. The CRM, on the other hand, gives insights into the leads in detail so that you will know about them such as where they are, their working and which stage they are at.

Get Response Pricing

Get Response offers a free trial and then it has four major pricing plans for you to choose from. The basic plan of $15/month, Essential plan of $49/month, Professional Plan of $99/month, Enterprise Plan of $1,199/month.

GetResponse - Pricing

Cons of getting Response

The platform has a few limitations too.

  • It doesn’t have order bumps and also one-click down sells and upsells.
  • The number of templates provided is limited.
  • Lacks the feature of the membership site.
  • The affiliate management tool is not included.

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#2 ThriveCart

ThriveCart is a popular checkout software and a sales funnel building platform as well. Businesses and Online marketers swear by this tool and it is an all-in-one solution. It is one of the best tools for shopping cart development. Check our detailed ThriveCart review to get detailed insights into this platform.


However, the platform doesn’t help in building an elegant sales funnel, but it has some cool features with the help of which its funnels can compete with others. It adds some cool features to your sales funnel and web pages.


Know the features provided by ThriveCart that make it stand out.

ThriveCart - Features

  • Lifetime Deal – If you are not aware, then you should know that ThriveCart is currently offering a one-time payment option. Subscribe to the hottest deal offered by the software and use it for a lifetime. One of the most profitable deals in the marketing sphere at the moment.
  • Order bumps upsell and downsells – ThriveCart allows you to offer one-click down sells and upsells. Moreover, you can also choose to sell out your bump offers to earn maximum profits. You can easily integrate such options in your sales funnel with the help of ThriveCart.
  • Pre-built templates – This checkout app offers some templates that are already built and you can alter them as per needs and use.
  • ThriveCart – The platform offers a cool affiliate management solution for the users. With the feature, you can easily recruit, pay and manage your affiliates.
  • A/B Split Testing – Setting up an A/B is convenient and fast with this software.

ThriveCart Pricing

Since lifetime membership is offered by ThriveCart, the subscription prices at which license of the platform is offered is $495. A pro account is offered as well with more features and its price is $690.

ThriveCart - Pricing


Cons of ThriveCart

  • A sales funnel cannot be developed fully.
  • An in-built site for membership is not available.
  • Limited template options.
  • Webinar feature not included as well.

#3 Kartra

Kartra is one of the best available sales funnels with an easy to use interface. Integrated with almost every feature than a business will need.


Varied and numerous online marketing solutions are available which makes it a one-stop solution for every business.


Kartra - Features

  • Funnel templates – The platform offers templates or funnels campaigns that are ready to use. You can just choose to edit a few things for every product and your sales funnel is ready to launch. Marketing automation, sales-copy, etc are pre-written and quite helpful as well.
  • Helpdesk – It is a customer management tool with in-built ticket support. It adequately helps you to manage your customers at all levels.
  • Hosts Videos – Video hosting solution is provided by the platform. This solution is marketing-oriented and helps businesses to host videos that are used in online courses and funnels. Thisimplyle means you will not need Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  • Kartra Calendar – With this feature, you can manage your appointments and booking events with either your team or clients.
  • Automated sales-driven campaigns and Membership sites – Kartra has an automated sequence builder and it puts marketing and sales machines of businesses on automation. It enables you to launch your list building and has an inbuilt autoresponder.

With its membership sites, you can deliver the piece of content that you post to your authorized members. This software lets you build a site that is membership-based.

  • Affiliate Management Tool – Affiliate Management solution is in-built in Kartra. This feature lets you observe your affiliate program so that you know how well it is going. You can also set a commission for different affiliates or assign affiliates. It lets you manage your affiliate payouts as well. You can also display your products in its affiliate marketplace and let promoters apply to promote your product.

Pricing plans of Kartra

Kartra offers a trial period of 14 days just for $1. After the completion of the trial period, it has four different pricing plans as per needs. The starter plan is for $99 per month, the Silver plan is offered for $199 per month, the Gold plan is available for $299 per month and Platinum Plan for $399 per month.

Kartra Pricing Plans

Cons of Karta

Being one of the best sales funnel solutions, it has some flaws too.

  • Kartra is an expensive choice for beginners.
  • The platform gets expensive when you upgrade your plan. Hence, it gets expensive as a business grows.

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#4 Convertri

Considered as stand-alone software and a funnel builder. It allows you to connect webpages to your sales funnel and has every feature that you will need. With the help of this software, you will get everything that is needed to take new potential from the first stage to convert them.

Convertri Review

It offers dynamic text replacement and its features make it a superior platform and you can compare it to ClickFunnels and Kartra.


Convertri - Features

  • Drag and Drop editor – Leave all the worries of content blocks behind with this editor, since it offers a feature of dragging a page and then editing it. Pick the elements on the page and drop it anywhere.
  • AMP features – Conveniently convert your website pages into Accelerated Mobile Pages with Converti. This cool feature is a lot helpful in today’s digital world.

Its other features include the creation of sub-accounts and dynamic text editor.

Converti Pricing Plans

It offers a 14-day free trial and after that, you will have to choose among its pricing plans offered.

Convertri - Pricing Plan

Its standard plan is available for $59 per month. The next upgrade is its pro plan which is available for $69 per month. Agency plan is available for $199 per month.

Cons of Convertri

  • It has an impression count or limit on pages.
  • The membership site builder is not available.
  • Absence of upsells and downsells.
  • It doesn’t have the capability of operating as an independent funnel builder.
  • Several needed integrations are not present.
  • Affiliate Center and automation services are not inbuilt

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#5 ClickFunnels

One of the best sales funnels building tools and one of the most famous platforms used by tons of marketers. Business owners and marketers can do a lot more than they imagine. It allows building landing pages, creating webinars, sales pages, writing sales scripts, developing online courses, affiliate management, and also trains its users to use everything.


ClickFunnels is always compared equally to Kartra, but the fact is undeniable that Kartra has more features. But, ClickFunnels has also helped several entrepreneurs become millionaires in almost every niche.


ClickFunnels™ - Insights

  • Pre-built templates – Several templates are built in the software ready to help marketers build sales funnel even the complex ones for their business. The best part is that you can do so even if you don’t have any knowledge of how to build a sales funnel.
  • Affiliate Management Software – Business owners can easily assign varied affiliate links to numerous marketers. This helps to run affiliate programs for several products.
  • Drag and drop feature – ClickFunnels allows its users to easily drag and drop elements into their funnel and build it in seconds. You are not required to have any coding knowledge. You can also split test the two variations of sales funnels to observe which one delivers better results.
  • Funnel Sharing – This feature allows you to share your marketing or sales funnel with your partners or client. They can choose to either download it or keep it in their account and observe it quite often.
  • Membership Site – Clickfunnels allows the creation and marketing of an online course. An external course platform is not needed in the process.
  • Funnel Flix – ClickFunnels is popularly known as NetFlix of internet marketing. Funnel Flix has a dozen videos of courses and training programs from Industry experts. If you are a ClickFunnels user then you can access the videos for free.

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ClickFunnels Pricing

Two different pricing models are available after the user has tried its 14-days free trial.

ClickFunnels Pricing Page

It has a startup plan that is priced at $97 for a month. Another one is the Etison Suite Plan that is for $297 per month.

Cons of ClickFunnels

  • ClickFunnels is costly for Startups and Beginners.
  • The learning curve for this software is steep.

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#6 Landingi

Landingi is a famous software that allows editing of sales and landing pages. Its primary function is to create landing pages that convert. The software is, although not a detailed sales funnel builder it can build a landing page for front end and collect leads.


Landingi is not recommended for someone who is looking for an all-in-one solution to build a sales funnel.


Landingi - Features

  • Free Templates – The software has more than 200 templates and you can conveniently develop landing pages. You don’t need to create landing pages from scratch.
  • Rich Data from Analytics – Key analytic Indicators help to get helpful insights and business owners can stay updated. Conversion pixels are also added and you can easily optimize your conversion rates. The software helps to make the most of landing pages.
  • Tool integration – You can integrate several other platforms with landingi. Some of them include Hubspot, Drip, Salesforce, Shopify, Kissmetrics, etc. You can move your leads easily to any emailing platform.

Pricing Plans of Landingi

A 14-day trial period is offered by Landigi to its users. After that, you can choose among its varied pricing plans.

Pricing _ Landingi

The basic plan is offered for $15/month. It then has a core plan available for $39/month, the Create Plan is available for $45/month, and Automate Plan is an advanced plan with several features. You can subscribe to this plan for $59/month.

Cons of Landingi

  • Only landing pages are built on Landingi.
  • Additional tools are needed for the software to function properly.
  • Lacks order bump and upsells features.
  • Shopping Cart is not available.
  • Webinar Software is missing too.

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#7 Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes has several plugins and tools that are used in the WordPress site. One of the best funnel creating tools on WordPress. The tool is used to build pages, host courses, split tests, generate leads, and a lot more other stuff on WordPress. A powerful website is needed, and it should be hosted on

Thrive Themes

Exploit any membership with Thrive Theme to build varied types of a sales funnel and web pages for your website.


Thrive Themes -Features

  • WordPress – Use this tool only on WordPress and several other plugins and integrations are used to operate well.
  • Pre-built templates – Thrive Themes contain several pre-built templates for the creation of sales and marketing funnels. Easily get started to build one. It also has a feature known as Thrive Leads with which you can build forms that are a lot engaging or can also choose to create your own form right from the beginning.
  • Convenient to use builder – Thrive Architect is a functionality used by Thrive Themes. No coding skills are needed and this tool will easily build landing pages and websites. Build a sales page and get it running online.
  • A/B Testing – Split test your sales funnel or landing pages and squeeze them to enhance your built-in pages. Get the most of your sales to funnel with this tool.

Thrive Themes Membership Plans

The basic membership plan is offered for $30/quarter or you can opt to pay $19 monthly.

Thrive Themes- Pricing

Agency membership is available for $69/quarter or $49 monthly.

Cons of Thrive Themes

  • Hosting and Domain both require payment.
  • Lacks order bumps, upsells, and downsells features.
  • Several integrations and plugins are needed.
  • Supported only on WordPress.
  • Lacks Webinar features.
  • No affiliate center and automation.

#8 PayKick Start

PayKickStart is another dedicated software for shopping carts just like ThriveCart. ThriveCart is a superior option though. With PayKickStart you can control your checkout experience and its every part. Sell either physical or digital products online with a lot of conveniences.


No hardcore technical knowledge is necessary to set up things.


PayKickstart - Features

  • Order Bumps, Downsells, and Upsells Features – Maximize your profits and boost sales with upsells and your order offers with the help of PayKickStart. Other features are also available on PayKickStart that include coupons, discounts and other reliability features. This feature of the tool is quite impressive.
  • Prebuilt Templates – Several checkout templates are included in PayKickStart. You can also customize the templates as per your needs.
  • Affiliate Manager – You can create an army of Affiliate Managers and can easily recruit, manage, and pay them with the help of this Affiliate Manager tool. With this, you can easily sell and market your products. The entire process is made smooth and conveniently carried.

PayKickStart Pricing

The first plan offered by PayKickStart is valued at $29/month. However, there are a few limitations. The second plan is $99/month. The third plan is known as the Premium plan is offered for $149/month. A free trial is offered as well for the users.

PayKickStart - Pricing

Cons of PayKickStart

  • The costs rise with growth in businesses.
  • Membership feature is not included.
  • Lack of A/B testing feature.
  • The learning curve is steep for its users.

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#9 Optimize Press

OptimizePress is a famous tool and website builder that is used for quite a long time now. It helps to build landing pages that are highly converting and businesses can easily promote their offers to their prospects.


Various templates are also included that are fully customizable and have the ability to be integrated with payment gateways and email autoresponders. Use this Optimize Builder with your WordPress websites and this software is also used to build advanced landing pages.



  • Membership Sites – This feature is found in a very few landing pages builder tools. This feature of OptimizeBuilder is responsible to protect the content of businesses and you can easily sell your products.
  • Page Templates – This tool has pre-built template pages that are divided into different categories for the convenience of users. Some of the examples include Thank You pages, Optin Pages, Sales Pages, Membership Site pages, Webinar Pages.
  • Free Photos – With this plan the user will have access to 1million+ free photos and Unsplash integration.
  • Several other features include – Optimization of the funnel builder, WordPress themes, Scarcity Add-on, Optimize Check-outs, etc.

Pricing Plan of OptimizeBuilder

Three different pricing plans are available for the users. These include the Essential plan that is available for $97/month, and you can use it on one personal site. The business plan is offered for $149/month and can be used on 5 different personal sites.

OptimizePress - Pricing

The third plan is of the elite marketers suite that is available for $199 and is accessible on 20 websites.

Cons of OptimizeBuilder

  • Inbuilt automation is not available.
  • Supported only on WordPress.
  • Lacks 1-click upsell and order bump.

OptimizePress Review Special Price $199/yr (Normally $249/year)

#10 LeadPages

An easy to use and with drag and drop feature, this software is popular for the convenience provided. However, it is not a sales funnel builder. Several amazing customizable templates are pre-built with which you can design landing pages and capture leads.


You can also create your own funnel easily by dragging and dropping elements.


Leadpages - Features

  • Free templates – A plethora of customizable free to use templates are provided in the software that the marketers can use. You don’t have to know the creation process beforehand. The templates include a few features such as opt-in forms, pop-ups, etc.
  • Design pop-up boxes – Build web pages easily with pop-up boxes. This feature enhances the way of collecting leads.
  • Ads creator for Facebook – You can build a landing page with Facebook Ad integrated. Your visitors will land on this landing page if they click on your Facebook Ads.

LeadPages Pricing Plans

After the completion of the 14-day free trial, you can choose from their three different plans provided.

Leadpages Pricing Plans


The standard plan is available at $37 per month. The PRO plan is for $70 per month. The Advanced Plan is $321 per month.

Cons of LeadPages

  • Lacks inbuilt Automation.
  • Lacks Webinar Tool.
  • Not a dedicated Sales Funnel Builder.
  • No feature for members of the site.

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#11 BuilderAll

BuilderAll is another all-in-one solution platform like ClickFunnels and Kartra. You will not need any other software for your business. Just BuilderAll is enough for all your needs. However, BuilderAll has some other tools as well that are useful for business and will leave its users overwhelmed.


Some people say that the tools offered by Builderall are of average level and not as great as the tools offered by Kartra or ClickFunnels. You can design apps, create animations, etc.


Builderall, - Features

  • Make Animated Videos – Making animated and floating videos is a matter of minutes with this platform. You can build an attractive and powerful presentation.
  • App builder – Even if you have no coding skills, you can create or customize your applications with BuilderAll.
  • HeatMaps and ClickMaps – You can learn about and monitor the actions of your visitors with the help of this feature of BuilderAll.
  • Other features – Blog Builder, Browse Notification System, Animation and Video editing, Presentation Software, Facebook Messenger Chatbot, Content Sharing feature, etc.

Pricing Plans

BuilderAll provides a free trial of 7days for a change and has two different pricing plans.

Builderall - Pricing

The essential plan is available for $29.9/month and the Premium Plan for $69.9/month.

Cons of BuilderAll

  • Clunky and Intuitive editor.
  • No one-click upsells.
  • Overwhelming features.

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What makes a great Sales Funnel?

Are you aware of the criteria that are mandatorily considered before choosing the perfect funnel builder tool? Let us know some of them.

  • Customizable Templates that are pre-built – Several tools and software have some pre-built funnel builder templates that you are going to love. Users can either choose to use them as they are or can customize them as per needs. With pre-built templates, launching a template is very easy. Customizable templates are available for every industry.
  • Ease of Use – The funnel builder shouldn’t only have drag and drop features. Rather the best tools have understandable and easy to use editors. With the help of such editors, you can place a variety of elements without any coding knowledge. Launching a new campaign is very easy and integration of several parts is also susceptible.
  • Membership Site – A complete software that has the ability to build sales funnel and have a separate that allows hosting of training material. Hence, third-party management software for learning is not required.
  • Inbuilt Automation – Automation feature in the sales funnel builder software is necessary since without it you cannot monitor and follow-up with your captured leads. This function lets you do more than just creating a list, segmenting them or sending emails. The software helps businesses to build a special connection with your leads.
  • Affiliate Center – Affiliate Management Solution is a great feature with which you are able to add or create varied affiliate programs. You can easily manage several marketers who are responsible for bringing leads and then converting them.
  • Other Criteria – Inbuilt Shopping Cart, Ability to host webinars, Training courses for team members, the software can fit in your existing marketing stack, customer support is responsive and helpful.


👉🏻Which is the Best Sales Funnel Software?

There are several sales funnel building software available online. However, marketers swear by two major tools that are the best and operates as an all-in-one solution. Kartra and ClickFunnels are the two most popular platforms used for building a sales funnel.

👉🏻Which is the inexpensive Sales Funnel building software?

Some of the best picks for a sales funnel builder is a bit expensive as compared to others. Hence, if you are really looking for a cheap alternative, Get Response is recommended. However, it comes with certain limitations.

👉🏻What are the stages of the sales funnel?

Sales Funnel is a metaphor used for the sales process right from the initial contact to the ultimate sale. There are five stages of a funnel: lead, prospect, qualified prospect, engaged and transacted. As the leads move down the funnel, their probability to become a customer increases.

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Final Thoughts: Best Sales Funnel Software [ Year] Which Is Best Sales Funnel Builder ?

Creation and Optimization of a sales funnel is not an easy task. However, the sales funnel is crucial to surviving in the marketplace of online marketing. It is true that even the slightest choice can have a greater impact on conversions. Remember that you should not ask people to buy from you as soon as you chase them as leads. Give them space and time so that they can make their own decision. Sales Funnel Builder will help you build a robust funnel.

Research and build a sales funnel as per your needs and what your audience is looking for. Cultivate your funnel over time, diversify your approach and look for why it is not working. However, it is difficult to keep track of data and you don’t want to tap on the audience that is not meant for you. The target audience that is uniquely yours and converts them into customers.

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