Xperiencify Vs Teachable 2023 : Which is a Better Courser Builder Platform?

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In this post,  we have shared the Xperiencify vs Teachable comparison.


Check out


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Pricing $49/month $39/month
Best for

Anyone who wants to build dedicated membership site with easy to access tools.

Teachable offers such tools that help you create the entire course funnel.

  • Management portal with tons of tools
  • Full Screen Celebrations
  • Customizable Membership Site Pages
  • Supports All Types of Content
  • Content Creation Tools
  • Offers Website Builder
  • Fair Pricing
  • Zapier Integration
  • Easy to use and Flexible
  • Direct phone and email support
  • Unlimited Group Analysts
  • Course specific branding
  • 5% transaction fee
  • No site themes
  • Zero blogging capability
  • No mobile app
Ease of Use

One of the easiest and flexible course builders with tons of tools.

Teachable may be hard for the newbies to create their first course.

Value For Money

Xperiencify gives amazing value for money to the newbies.

If you’re just getting started as a trainer and have no funds or marketing data and just want to try your hands in training then the Teachable package is for you.

Customer Support

Check out Check out

You’re either considering establishing an online course or you currently have one and are searching for a new home.
Courses and programs may be an excellent method to reach a larger audience at once, utilize your time, and, therefore, earn more money.

However, with so many various platforms for developing courses available, it’s critical to pick the correct decision.
Because the platform you choose may have a significant impact on the success of your course, the success of your students, whether they get the outcomes you promise, and finally, if they buy anything else from you.

99 % of evaluations comparing two distinct platforms concentrate on the pricing points and features available.
However, we’re going to have a more in-depth discussion regarding the most critical function of a membership site/course platform.

The majority of people believe that the primary function of your membership site platform is to enable your pupils to consume your material. And to a certain degree, this is true.

However, what if I told you that just 3 % of individuals finish or get results from conventional information products?
This may have a detrimental effect on your reputation, revenue, and even long-term survival chances.

The majority of course designers are unaware of this, or if they are, have no clue how to prevent it.

Here, in this article, I will be talking about both Xperiencify and Teachable in detail that will help you decide which one is worth paying for.

The comparison has based on the features offered by them and their pricing plans.

Please note that I have personally made use of both the platforms and hence I know the plus and minus points of both which I will be sharing with you by comparing their features.

Xperiencify Vs Teachable : Lets start this

What is Xperiencify?

Xperiencify Overview- Xperiencify Vs Thinkific

It can be said that Xperiencify is the world’s first platform for online courses and membership sites that is completely “experiencified”!

They’ve built this platform from the ground up to incorporate the most recent adult learning psychology and gaming research, “experiencification” principles, to make it easier to engage and motivate students and keep them moving toward their goals. So they get the most out of your training, program, and course.

Simply by incorporating Xperiencify into your current material, you may significantly increase the excitement and engagement of your consumers and pupils.

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How much additional?

Xperiencify student comparisons review- xperiencify vs thinkific

With the appropriate gamification methods and technologies, I’ve discovered that 10 to 30 times more students and consumers will get engaged in and finish your course, resulting in massive outcomes.

Not only that. In my testing, refunds fell by a staggering 26 %, but customer satisfaction and referrals soared.

I’m certain that your training course, online program, or digital product is (or will be) fantastic. Let us begin by getting it out of the way.

However, regardless of how excellent it is, a recent study indicates that just 3 % of students finish them and get results. 97 % of consumers will just abandon it or seek a refund.

This is disheartening for you, depletes your profit margin, and results in a low rate of recommendations and repeat business.

Here’s the deal: your pupils nowadays want more than simply knowledge.

Numerous studies demonstrate that courses with a lot of material actually overwhelm students, demotivate them, and lead them to emotionally disengage.

Indeed, — and you will become just another failed investment, harming your image and bottom line.

The public does not want more information. (They have an abundance of that.)

Rather than that, what they really want is to feel like they’re winning, that they’re making progress toward a critical goal. They thrive when they do.

And here is where the majority of other membership site systems fall short by not providing the tools necessary to build one.

If any of this rings true for you, Xperiencify is for you!

Teachable – What is Teachable?

Teachable Overview

Teachable is an LMS or Learning Management System platform designed for bloggers, creatives, and online educators interested in creating and selling online courses. It was formerly known as Fedora and was established by Ankur Nagpal. In 2020, Hotmart acquired the business for about a quarter of a billion dollars.

Teachable is a platform for academic bloggers, creatives, and content producers interested in creating and selling online courses to their audience or following.
Additionally, you can utilize Teachable to build a membership site for your students and interact with them.

With Teachable, more than 100,000 instructors have developed more than 34,000 courses for millions of students worldwide. Additionally, it is used by top online producers such as Tiago Forte of Second Brain and Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income to sell seven-figure courses to their audiences.

Teachable invite you to establish a school to reflect your brand or website once you sign up. You may use a subdomain name to connect this school to your website, for example, course.yourdomainname.com.

As the developer of a new course, you may alter the appearance of their new school by altering the logo, typefaces, and color scheme.

Students may choose to enroll in school prior to buying a course. Alternatively, you may provide them with access to all other courses for a single price. It is entirely up to you how you want to educate and sell online.

I’ve purchased a number of Teachable-based online courses. Numerous instructors provide a variety of courses as part of their institution. Teachable just introduced a single student ID.

Essentially, this allows students to see all of their Teachable courses from many institutions in one location. It’s comparable to Google’s single sign-on.

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When comparing both Xperiencify and Teachable, they both have a great deal of experience in the market and are both highly reputed as well. So, as of now, we can’t say much as to who wins between the two as the first impression of both is incredible.

Features Comparison: Xperiencify Vs Teachable

1. Sales & Marketing:

Both Teachable and Xperiencify provide a plethora of marketing and sales options for your online course. The money collection procedure is straightforward, and you can utilize coupons to create limited-time specials or payment plans and subscription alternatives.

These are excellent resources whether you’re searching for a side hustle or want to turn this into a full-time endeavor. Additionally, you may create your own affiliate marketing scheme or bundle several courses and offer them as a package.

The Teachable and Xperiencify Blogs has many marketing ideas and is a very useful resource, with weekly articles delving deep into various strategies for reaching out to and acquiring new students. They both maintain an awareness of current digital marketing trends and developments. Often, promoting your course properly is the most critical factor in determining your success.

Additionally, there are case studies and insights from the achievements of other Teachable and

Xperiencify teachers – which feels encouraging and inspiring while you’re just getting started and offers very helpful ideas after you’re up and running.


When it comes to sales and marketing. Both the platforms have done great. Especially when it comes to promoting the user content, Xperiencify does better work as compared to Teachable. On the other hand, for their own promotion, Teachable spends more than Xperiencify.

2. Customer Support:

When you place your whole trust in a third-party platform to develop and sell your course, it’s critical to know that there is competent and dependable customer service available to address any queries or issues that may arise.

Both Teachable and Xperiencify have a comprehensive collection of pre-written customer support articles that address the most frequently asked issues, as well as a ticket system for anything more specialized.

Overall, this seems to function well for most people, and my question was promptly resolved when I tried them. However, I have heard of a few complaints where people have claimed that the response of the Teachable staff was very slow.

While it is probable that the prewritten articles will address your customer service issues, it is conceivable that you may encounter additional difficulties if your issue is more complicated.

teachable revenue


It must be kept in mind by both the platforms that blogs and FAQs are sometimes just not enough. However, there were no complaints from the Xperiencify side that I encountered. So, in customer support, Xperiencify wins.

3. Communication with students:

Xperiencify student comparisons review

While online courses are excellent for self-paced learning, contact with students is still necessary, whether to provide feedback or to ensure they are satisfied and on schedule. All Teachable and Xperiencify programs include student e-mail as a regular feature.

You can interact with students directly inside the Teachable and Xperiencify platform, eliminating the need to go back and forth between your e-mail software and Teachable or Xperiencify.

Teachable also integrates with several major email clients, although you’ll likely need to utilize Zapier to connect with additional email clients. However, Xperiencify does not have many such email clients. But the methods used by them for promoting online content are a little unique. They may not show the best results today but they may in the future.

E-mail marketing is a very effective method of promoting and selling online courses. It enables direct contact with existing and prospective consumers and has been proved to be one of the most effective methods for digital marketing overall.


For this one, I can say engagement is more in Xperiencify is more than that in Teachable.

4. Monitoring & Analytics:

Creating and releasing an online course is just the beginning. Once your course is online, it’s critical to monitor its progress, the number of students who have registered, and their level of engagement with the material.

Teachable and Xperiencify both simplifies this process by providing instant access to statistics on student enrollment, revenue, and tracking a student’s progress through your course.

You may then utilize this information to engage students who are struggling or to solicit testimonials from your most dedicated students, for example.

Additionally, you can connect Conversion Pixels and Google Analytics to monitor where your courses get traffic and which pieces of material are most effective at turning curiosity into students in the case of Teachable.

By monitoring these sales funnels, you can determine which parts of your site can be optimized and where your marketing efforts should be concentrated to maximize conversions.


When it comes to monitoring and analytics, Xperiencify wins. According to user experiences, it is a little better than that of Teachable as well. Also, keep in mind that this Xperiencify having better monitoring and tracking services does not mean that the services offered by Teachable are bad. They are good too. They do the job perfectly. But, they are just not as good as those of Xperiencify.

5. Good file handling:

Xperiencify dashboard tool revieew

Both Teachable and Xperiencify support all major file formats, including pictures and movies. There is no extra code, embedding, or manual linking required, as there would be with a website created on your own. Once your files are stored there, they are immediately available for usage.

The video has been designed for optimal playing on a variety of devices, including tablets and iPads. It is capable of supporting a variety of various bandwidths and can also play video material at a variety of different speeds.

Again, this intuitiveness alleviates the burden associated with managing various file formats while delivering digital goods and adds to Teachable’s and Xperiencify general simplicity of use.


When it comes to supporting platforms, there is a hardcore tie between both platforms. Both of them are impressive and choosing a side is next to impossible and to be honest, would be unfair too.

6. Easy & efficient uploading:

When building your course, you’re likely to have a large number of assets to upload – for example, spreadsheets, documents, pdfs, and videos.

This should be as simple and straightforward as possible. Teachable and Xperiencify do well here. Its drag-and-drop interface enables you to quickly import files from any location.

They integrate seamlessly with online storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox and have a bulk upload feature that saves time. Uploading may be a pain for course designers, but these platforms make the process as easy as possible with its drag-and-drop technology.


Although Teachable tries its best for upload and download speeds, Xperiencify wins this part. There have always been small issues with the websites of Teachable complained about by a lot of people. Even though they are corrected by Teachable very soon they still leave a bad customer impression.

On the other hand, such problems have almost never happened at Xperiencify. Also, speed is a little better and less boring.

7. Branding and image:

The appearance of your online course is critical, not just for student usability, but also for the positioning and brand you want to convey.

Whether you’re a company or an individual, you’ll need a design with a professional look that clearly identifies you as the owner. Teachable and Xperiencify both recognize this and provides marketing tools that enable you to brand your course uniquely.

These marketing integrations are all very beneficial for assisting you in creating and promoting your course in the manner that you see appropriate.

You could hire someone to do this for you, but that would rather undermine the purpose of both these platforms. If you value bespoke design, you may be better off building your course using WordPress.


Both of them strive for a mix of simplicity and complexity, and as a result, if you’re seeking sophisticated design capabilities, you may discover that the ones available are insufficient.

However, while using both of them I saw some details. When it comes to features, Xperiencify has a lot of them which is incredible.

On the other hand when it comes to designs and templates, Teachable has more of them. Although I would always prefer features over templates, it’s up to you.

8. Simple to use:

Teachable custom branding

This is a significant one! The primary interface for creating and managing your course(s) is very straightforward and simple to use. It’s a significant advantage of Teachable and Xpreiencify – it makes it very easy to do any of the major activities you’ll encounter: uploading course materials, monitoring analytics, monitoring payments, issuing refunds, and communicating with students, to name a few.

It saves you a lot of time, which you can devote to developing and marketing your course.

Teachable’s and Xperiencify Curriculum Editor is used to organize the actual material for each course. You may organize materials into categories based on subjects and themes.

This course is a winner if you are not very computer knowledgeable but yet want customizing options and want to arrange and sell your course your way.

Teachable and Xpreiencify are fantastic since it allows you to build and modify the offer in your own unique manner without having to deal with complex technology.

Drag and drop feature is very important for those who don’t know coding and wish to make their own courses. They can’t be neglected.


As mentioned earlier, there are more features in Xperiencify than compared to Teachable. This in a way means that the ease of use of Xperiencify is a little harder than in the case of Teachable. However, features are something important. If you have lesser features or customization options, it is bad for both the course teacher and the student.

I have also seen that the Xperiencify has organized its features is really good. This makes it easy for people to understand the features and it is easy to work with it. And it is certainly easy on working with Teachable as well.

Pricing: Xperiencify vs Teachable

Xperiencify Pricing

Pricing Xperiencify- xperiencify vs thinkific

They have 3 plans for you –

  • Launch ($ 49 per month and $ 42 per month if paid annually): This one includes unlimited courses, unlimited students, 4.9 % transaction fee, 3 drip content options, core automation, and Zapier integration.
  • Growth ($ 149 per month and $ 117 per month if paid annually): This one includes unlimited courses, unlimited students, 0 % transaction fee, 4 drip content options, advanced automation, and Zapier and Webooks integrations.
  • Scale ($ 499 per month and $ 375 per month if paid annually): This one includes unlimited courses, unlimited students, 0 % transaction fee, 5 drip content options, advanced automation, and Zapier and Webooks integrations.

Teachable Pricing


They also have 3 pricing plans to offer –

  • Basic ($ 29 per month paid annually): This includes unlimited students, 5 $ transaction fees, 2-admin level users, and product support.
  • Pro ($ 99 per month paid annually): This includes unlimited students, no transaction fee, 5-admin level users, and priority product support.
  • Business ($ 249 per month paid annually): This includes unlimited students, no transaction fee, 20-admin level users, and priority product support.


As you can see, both the platforms are almost offering the same services but the rates of Xperiencify are a little higher than those of Teachable. So, Teachable wins the pricing section. Also, when we are talking about the pricing, how can we forget about the free trials. Generously, both platforms offer a free trial. However, Xperiencify offers a free trial of 30 days while Teachable offers a free trial of only 14 days.

Pros and Cons

Xperiencify Pros

  • The designers of courses may create their own “important milestones.”
  • Students gain experience points (referred to as “XPs”).
  • Gamification
  • Provides seven distinct kinds of successful course launch strategies

Xperiencify Cons

  • A little costlier than Teachable

Teachable Pros

  • It is also ideal for hosting academic courses.
  • You may host an infinite number of courses on your platform.
  • They offer a one-click upsell option that is very beneficial for increasing conversions on your site.

Teachable Con

  • Fewer features as compared to that of Xperiencify

FAQs on Xperiencify Vs Teachable

👍What is the purpose of Teachable?

Teachable is a cloud-based learning management system that small and medium companies use to manage their learning. Users may develop and distribute online courses by including audio, video, pictures, text, and PDF files.

✔Does Xperiencify offer a free trial?

Yes, Xperiencify offers a free trial of 30 days. You can first use it and then decide whether it is worth paying or not.

✌ Does Teachable offer a free trial?

Yes, Teachable does offer a free trial of 14 days. You can first use it and then decide whether it is worth paying or not.

Conclusion: Xperiencify vs Teachable: Which One is a Better Option?

Since you have reached here, I believe you already know who the verdict is. In this article, I basically compared and each and every important feature of Teachable and Xperiencify. Most of the features compared pointed towards Xperiencify being the better option.

After this, I compared the pricing plans. Here you can see that Xperiencify is a little costlier than Teachable. But, you can’t forget the fact that Xperiencify offers more and better features as compared to Teachable. Since there are more features, their charges are a little higher too.

If you are looking for a cheap option, Teachable may be right for you as it certainly does the job, but if you have to choose the better option, you must pay a little more and go for Xperiencify as it is totally worth it. After all, we can say that Xperiencify is better than Teachable.

One thing you must keep in mind is that if you are willing to start your own course, you definitely want it to be the best in the market and you are expecting to earn a lot of money as well.

If not, there is not much of a point in working so hard to design a course. This is a little investment that you have to make and it will definitely pay you back a million times more. All you have to do is work hard and make the smart decision today.

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Since you have reached here, I believe you already know who the verdict is. In this article, I basically compared and each and every important feature of Teachable and Xperiencify. Most of the features compared pointed towards Xperiencify being the better option.

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