Adperiscope Vs Adplexity 2021: Which Have Better Features ?

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In this post, we have featured an in-depth Adperiscope Vs Adplexity 2021 Comparison that includes their features, pricing, networks supported and more.

But before getting to the AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity Comparison let us first brief you a little about ad spying and why it is important.

So let’s get started here.

What is Ad spying?

Ad Spy means the art of spying on your competition and their internet marketing campaign. It is gaining importance gradually because it helps you understand what your rivals are doing and what works for them, in today’s fierce competition where thousands of websites are popping in every niche every day.

Ad spying tools

Ad spying gives you the power to unlock better marketing ideas and creative for your own business. It helps businesses spy on the data and metrics of the ad campaigns of their competitors. You can check out a list of best ad spying tools here.

An Ad Spy Tool is popularly used by website owners who wish to keep an eye on their competitor sites. It helps you analyze your competitors’ native ads and understand what’s working for your rivals and plays a crucial role in helping you create your own advertising and marketing campaigns in a way that it rockets your ROI.

Ad spy tools let you:

  • Get valuable insights and data of marketing campaigns of your rivals
  • Explore the current trends in the advertising industry.
  • Explore new niches
  • Get relevant details including statistics, traffic overview, and much more.

Adperiscope Vs Adplexity 2021: Which One Is Better For You?? (Must Read)

AdPeriscope is a new Ad Spy tool developed to spy on adult internet websites. It was created by the popular affiliate networking and Ad Spy network Anstrex.

AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity- AdPeriscope

A relatively new tool in the ad spy market, AdPeriscope provides cost-effective ad spying services to adult websites. Backed up by the brains and expertise of Anstrex, this tool is quickly gaining attention of influencers in the internet industry. But before we get more into what AdPerisope does and why is it so good,

More about AdPeriscope

AdPeriscope has been designed specifically for adult website owners and allows them to spy on other competing adult sites in their niche. The tool’s primary aim is to empower businesses to unlock the Secrets of Profitable Adult Advertising Campaigns.

You can use AdPeriscope to:

  • Easily view the best ads online from different ad networks.
  • View and analyze the landing pages used by your rivals.
  • Download the best landing pages and use them for yourself.
  • Analyze the most successful ad campaigns that attract the most number of customers online.
  • Develop your own creative campaigns to boost the stats of your own business.

Key Features Of Adperiscope:

AdPeriscope gives all users complete access to some really cool and cost-effective features and options like:

Multiple filters

Filter your data using AdPeriscope advanced multiple filter options to zero down on the best results for your campaign..

  • Ad-network
  • Country
  • Mobile carrier
  • Device type

AdPeriscope FILTERS

And more!

Multiple sorting options

  • Use AdPeriscope multiple sorting like:
  • Duration
  • Ad-strength
  • Date-seen

Alexa rank of the landing page

Simple search

Use AdPeriscope native search engine to search ads by keywords and banners that are completely searchable by scanning all the banners for text.

Advanced search

Use the advanced boolean query builder for even more precise searching capabilities if you are not satisfied with the results from a simple search.

List of all publishers

AdPersicope accurately show which publishers are giving highest ROI to the advertisers after searching down ad campaigns on thousands of publisher sites.

AdPeriscope- Complete List of Publishers


Search and analyze through a list of successful creatives that advertisers have previous used and are currently using for a campaign.

  • Everything at your fingertips

Get everything right at your fingertips including Ad-networks used, devices and mobile carriers targeted, publishers or anything else.

AdPeriscope, as you might have understood by now, is an extremely powerful yet cost-effective tool to suffice your ad spying needs. Apart from the amazing features mentioned above, here are a few additional features that will give you a clear idea of the advantages of using this tool.

  • Landing pages galore

You can download and deploy any landing page for a given campaign directly to your server. These pages are readily available along with full-sized screenshots. The best landing page ripping tool in the market. Download, Edit, Optimize and Upload any landing page within AdPeriscope. No need to download it on your PC.

Adperiecope Devices Supported

  • Advance alerts

Get instant notifications whenever your competitor launches a new ad and Keep an eye on your competition.

  • Favorites

Save your favorite ads and campaigns for later viewing or detailed analysis.

  • Powerful affiliate filter

Use AdPeriscope’s powerful filter to filter affiliate offers from hundreds of affiliate networks.

Here is a look at how the inside of your AdPersicope account will look like and what all you can do with its tools.

About AdPlexity:

Basically, AdPlexity is a reliable ad spy tool.  Here simply by entering the platform you can easily monitor and easily download promo materials like banners and landing pages right from most of the popular ad networks along with ads exchanges from more than 70 countries.

AdPlexity Discount Offer

Key Features Of AdPlexity:

AdPlexity is one of the reliable Ads Spying tool that will be going to help you in spying your competitors in numerous ways and it’s super easy to use. Basically, AdPlexity comes with Advanced features that make it one of the most reliable tools out there in the market.

So, here we have compiled the list of features that Adplexity has:

  • Landing Page Downloads: Simply use this amazing feature you can easily download every landing page.
  • Devices Integration: AdPlexity mainly supports all the major platforms like Windows, PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android too.
  • 120 Carriers: AdPlexity tool mainly uncovers all of the hidden campaigns that are running on mobile carrier traffic and right from all over the world easily.
  • 100 Affiliate Networks: Here this APlexity feature basically helps to find the best ads that are promoting affiliate offers from over 100 affiliate networks right with one click. trust me this one is the most amazing feature of AdPlexity that I have came across.
  • Ultra-Fast Search: They offer this amazing ultra-search feature and it will be the outcome right within the fraction of seconds that can be searched by advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks and more things in a row.
  • Pop Up Redirects: AdPlexity will help in tracking campaigns that generally running on pop-under ads.

Pricing Comparison: Adplexity Vs Adperiscope 2021 | Which One Is More Affordable?

AdPeriscope offers just one simple price tag, instead of confusing users with multiple packages to choose from. You can purchase your AdPeriscope package at $89.99 per month, which includes the following features.

Features included:

  • All Major Adult Ad Networks
  • Data From 56 Countries
  • 3G/4G Data From 250+ Carriers
  • Landing Page Download & Deployment Tool
  • Online Chat Support

adperiscope pricing review

Adperiscope is a bit cheaper in pricing as compared to Adplexity. So try Adperiscope for finding the best adult ads campaigns.

Let’s check out the Products Pricing that is being offered by AdPlexity:

We can just see here, AdPlexity has various products like AdPlexity Mobile, AdPlexity Desktop, AdPlexity Native, AdPlexity E-commerce, AdPlexity Carriers, and AdPlexity Push.

So here the pricing plans are different for each of these products and the best part is that simply by using our Special BloggerIdeas Coupon you just get 30% Life-Time AdPlexity Discount on all these products right away. You can just check it here as well. We have done a detailed AdPlexity Review that you can check out now. 

AdPlexity Discount Offer


So let’s check the pricing plans offered by AdPlexity for these products:

1) AdPlexity Mobile:

For this particular AdPlexity Mobile, pricing is like $199/Mo but using our special BloggersIdeas AdPlexity Discount you can get a 25% Lifetime Discount right away and get it for $149.

AdPlexity Mobile

Key Features:

  • Popup ads data 
  • Android In-App ads data
  • Mobile display web ads data 
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

2) AdPlexity Desktop:

So for AdPlexity Desktop, the pricing is set for $199/Mo but using our special discount offer you can get 25% Off On AdPlexity Desktop right away and get it for $149.

AdPlexity Desktop Discount Offers

Key Features:

  • Popup ads data 
  • Desktop display ads data
  • Data from all major browsers
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

3) AdPlexity Native:

So for AdPlexity Native, the pricing is set for $249/Mo but using our special AdPlexity Native discount offer you can get 30% Lifetime Discount On AdPlexity Native right away and get it for $169.

AdPlexity Native Discount Offer- Adperiscope vs APdPlexity

Key features:

  • Native ads data 
  • Data from all major devices
  • Data from all major browsers
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

4) AdPlexity E-commerce

So for AdPlexity Ecommerce, the pricing is set for $199/Mo but using our special Bloggersideas AdPlexity E-commerce discount offer you can get a 25% Lifetime Discount On AdPlexity Ecommerce right away and get it for $149.

Adperiscope vs APdPlexity - AdPlexity Ecommerce Discount Offer- AdPlexity Ecommerce

Key Features:

  • Gives access to real-time data on top trending products
  • More than 100,000 stores are supported
  • More than 70,000,000 products are there
  • Offers product historical pricing changes
  • Uncover revenue boosting apps used by shops easily
  • Powerful but easy to use interface of this AdPlexity E-Commerce

5) AdPlexity Carriers :

So for AdPlexity Carriers, the pricing is set for $149/Mo but using our special AdPlexity discount offer you can get a 10% Lifetime Discount On AdPlexity Carriers right away and get it for $129.

Adperiscope vs APdPlexity- AdPlexity Carriers

In this plan, you can just use real 3G/LTE Proxies right from 80+ Mobile Carriers right in 30+ Countries. Also with this plan you can just get it for $500/Month data transfer and that can be used right across all the mobile carriers. 

6) AdPlexity Push:

So for AdPlexity Push, the pricing is set for $149/Mo but using our special Bloggersideas AdPlexity discount offer you can get a 10% Lifetime Discount On AdPlexity Push right away and get it for $129.

AdPlexity Push Discount- Adperiscope vs AdPlexity

Key Features:

  • Push ads data from more than 10+ Networks
  • Powerful but easy to use interface
  • Download all landing pages with 1 click
  • Chat and email support

ou can see here Adperiscope is a bit cheaper in pricing when it is compared to Adplexity. So you can just try Adperiscope for finding the best adult ads campaigns.

But wait AdPlexity isn’t that expensive as they are offering various products with such advanced functionality that you can use in order to uncover profitable campaigns right away. Overall, if you have a hectic budget you can give Adperiscope a try.

Also, you can just use our AdPlexity Special Discount offer in order to get a 30% Lifetime Discount on AdPlexity Products.

Conclusion: AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity 2021 | Which One Is Best For You??

No doubt, if want to choose between AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity then you can opt for AdPeriscope as it more affordable compared to AdPlexity. For sure, at this pricing option, you can start spying on your competitors’ native ads right away and build more profitable campaigns.

But if you have the budget and wanted to try your hands on a more selective and advanced approach then I highly recommend you to go with AdPlexity as it offers more functionality when compared to AdPeriscope. 

The best part is that you can use our “Speical AdPlexity Discount Offer | 30% Lifetime Discount” in order to get a 30% Lifetime discount on AdPlexity Products. 

I hope this AdPeriscope vs AdPlexity Comparison suits your purpose well. Feel free to comment below and tell us about your experiences with AdPlexity and AdPeriscope.

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