6 Best Dedicated Proxies 2023: 🚀 99.4% Uptime

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best Dedicated Proxies Servers, most individuals find SmartProxy and IPRoyal are the best options.

A dedicated proxy also known as a private proxy is a proxy host on a dedicated server that is not accessible to anyone else. This directly implies that you would not be responsible for sharing in the consequences of the action of others.

Other advantages include that it is much faster as compared to other proxies as there is no issue of congestion from other users.

While in other proxies you have to share services with others, the benefit of a dedicated proxy is that you get the entire service to yourself. This means that you can enjoy super-fast browsing speeds on the internet even during peak hours.

A dedicated proxy is the best choice for people and online businesses who want to have complete control over the server and scale up their operations.

6 Best Dedicated Proxies Servers 2023

It’s not difficult to find the proxy service online once you’ve learned enough about the uses, functionalities, and advantages of the dedicated proxies for your use.

But searching for reliable results and suggestions on Google can become a tedious task since lots of private proxy providers are offering dedicated proxy providers. If you’re looking for a reliable dedicated proxy provider, SmartProxy is worth your try

Hence you should be pretty careful because not all proxy providers are reliable and some of them sell shared proxies as private proxies or even use free public proxies as private, which is even worse.

So to make your search easier, I am giving you a list of the 4 best private proxy services for you.

1) Smartproxy 


Smartproxy has the features you need. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that some other companies do. But it has affordable plans, and starter plans cost about the same as some of the cheapest ones from other companies.

That is cheaper because Smartproxy’s entry level is lower, and you can buy more traffic for the same price too. With so many pricing options, Smartproxy is better than other products.

  • You can now own IP addresses that are solely yours! Smartproxy’s latest tool provides you with IPs that no one else can lay their hands on when you’re using them.
  • Full control of an IP
  • Unlimited threads & GBs
  • US IP address
  • Easy proxy management
  • IP randomization option
  • 99.99% uptime

Why dedicated Datacenter Proxies?

Do you want a dedicated proxy for your browsing? If so, there’s no need to worry about getting blocked by others when using shared ones. They are cheaper but come at the risk of being banned or losing data if someone else was also signed in at that time due to their IP address changing every few seconds!

Sharing is nice; however, it might not always work out as planned because one person could be blocking another while they try scraping information from an online service – all just by chance really!

With Smartproxy’s DDC proxies, you can unblock websites and scrape data with a single click. No more hassle or waiting for geo-restrictions to disappear – just take all the bandwidth from your competitors!

2. IPRoyal 

IPRoyal datacenter solutions offer unlimited bandwidth with no extra charges, fast speeds, and easy integration.

You can use different locations worldwide to avoid geo-blocking. Every IP is reserved for you, so you can enjoy anonymous web scraping, SERP data gathering, and unrestricted content anywhere in the world.

Their residential proxy network consists of real IP addresses from real users. These proxies will never be detected or blocked by anyone.

There is no sharing of any kind, so your proxy is available only to you. You can choose between sticky (up to 24 hours) or rotating proxies and enjoy 99.9% uptime with a continuously growing global IP pool.

IProyal Proxies

3. HighProxies

High Proxies has been in the internet market for a time longer than any other proxy provider and offers really fast Customer support.

Their support is one of the best as per internet gurus and experts. Though their proxies have been all banned by Adidas due to some undisclosed technical differences, their proxies still remain one of the fastest in its class.

Dedicated Proxy Servers- HighProxies

HighProxies is one of the most reliable and best options available in the market. HighProxies generally offers premium proxies right at great prices. Just check out all our locations, system configuration along with data centers. There were multiple locations is supported in US and UK and some in Europe and many other places.

There were various pricing options available by the HighProxies and you can choose proxies as per your business requirement. We would like to suggest that you should give it a try.

4. StormProxies

StormProxies has been the global leader in providing proxy services for large-scale web data extraction.

The IP database consists of more than 1M data center IPs and can offer proxies that are very reliable from more than 80 data centers from all across the world including places like North Korea.

StormProxies- Best Dedicated Proxy Servers

StormProxies datacenter IPs are not owned by internet service providers and thus come from secondary corporations. These IP addresses are not shared but given exclusively to a single user.

As a result, all users get private IP access and anonymity. IPs from the StormProxies data center can be implemented in any custom data harvesting script and tool. The number of targets is also not limited.

StormProxies state-of-the-art proxy rotator allows you to automatically rotate your IPs. The StormProxies rotator changes IP on each request and you get one entry node which is used as a regular static proxy. It’s also possible to control the session and keep the same IP on HTTP queries using cookies.

StormProxies has also been widely praised for its support system. They offer 24/7 system monitoring, and you get a dedicated account manager.

Furthermore, they also offer a free 7-day trial to users who want to be sure if their services are worth the penny or not.

5. Proxyrack:

If you’re searching for a firm that does many of the same functions as Shifter but costs less, you may want to give Proxyrack a try.

Although the provider’s network is not quite as extensive, you do receive access to around 2 million IP addresses in 140 geolocations, which is quite a bit.

Proxyrack’s primary market is companies, and the company has rigorous compliance policies in place to prevent customers from misusing its IP addresses.

Proxyrack supports the HTTP, HTTPS, and Socks protocols, as well as authentication through username/password and IP whitelisting.

Proxyrack- Best Rotating Proxies

Because the firm does not include any public proxies with its products, you can be certain that all IP addresses are private.

Proxyrack is powered by a peer-to-peer network that needs residential peers to opt-in and authorizes the usage of their IP address as a proxy.

In other words, all IP addresses originate from legitimate individuals.

This is true only if you choose a residential package since the firm also provides data center proxies.

6. MyPrivateProxy:

If you wish to access the internet more securely by preventing phishing websites from seeing your true IP address, MPP group private proxies have you covered.

The supplier has been in business for a long period of time and offers one of the top smart proxies on the market. You may get bulk finest high proxies for business and begin promoting on social media with several accounts without fear of being banned.

MyPrivateProxy- Best Cheap Private Proxy Servers

Proxies from the MPP Group are designed specifically for search engine and Internet marketing companies. It operates over 230 dedicated proxy servers across twenty-four data centers worldwide.

Their infrastructure is never designed to fail. MPP leverages enterprise-grade infrastructure, experience, and industry experts in data centers with a long track record of uptime. 

MPP Group Proxies are well-known for their lightning-fast performance and use dedicated Servers. These proxies are highly skilled super-elite private proxies that are located in different datacenters. 

Their Socks Proxies are capable of managing authenticated IP addresses and are linked with clever automated proxy renewal procedures.

Additionally, they provide users with high-speed services with a high likelihood of uptime and performance. 

MPP Group maintains a network of high-quality proxies throughout the United States and Europe. Given that these are the industries in which they are concentrated, companies should be evaluated in terms of their coverage in these domains. 

They have servers in around thirty sites in this region. The United States maintains servers across nine states and twelve major cities. They also have computers in locations outside the United States. 

MPP proxies provide an automatic and easy-to-use control interface, as well as protected networks. These proxies are intended for high dependability and are hosted in Datacenters with a high level of availability and consistency. They operate from 24 data centers located across the globe.

Why Dedicated Proxies Are So Useful?

We all have that common knowledge that a proxy can change your IP address and the fact that you can use the proxy to protect your online information. But that’s not just it.

There are more functions of proxies than you can think of. Here are some applications about dedicated proxies that would interest you.

Dedicated Proxies For SEO and web scraping

Dedicated proxies are popularly used for SEO and web scraping. The proxy finds applications where you want to harvest URLs or scrape content on search engines fast. Apart from this, the SEO service providers also need proxies to track the ranks and find the backlinks.

Dedicated proxies have been widely employed by a number of programmers for scraping social media profiles on Facebook, Linkedin, Amazon, and more. The programmers also use these proxies for bypassing the restriction of the IP addresses.

Dedicated Proxies For Social Media Marketing

Along with social media scraping, dedicated proxies are also being used for internet and social media marketing as social media proxies in order to connect to online platforms.

As a result of this functionality, marketers are able to increase their reach and work from one single location.

Since social media platforms are highly restrictive, social media marketing makes wide use of HTTPS proxies for connecting your accounts to social media platforms. Running and automating multiple accounts requires proper use of these proxy servers that allow you to connect your accounts and manage them from one place.

Dedicated Proxies For Coping Sneakers

More and more online users today have started using sneaker bots to cop shoes, for the websites including bots such as ANB AIO, BNB AIO, Sole Slayer, JustCopIt Bots, EasyCop Ultimate, and so on.

Popular foot sites such as Eastbay, Finishline, Footaction, and Footlocker use sneaker bots since they are unable to handle too many requests from the same IP address.

Without the sneaker bots the IPs will be banned by the servers of the footsies. Having specially dedicated proxies for coping more sneakers, for foot sites can help to scale up your operation, allowing you to do more tasks on the sneaker Bot.

Dedicated Proxies For Local Services

Local services and small-scale businesses use dedicated proxies from a designated location so that online services can be used for that area. These proxies also have the ability to geo-spoof search engines and help to do locally targeted web scraping too.

Dedicated proxies work perfectly as local private proxies that can easily help you connect to the most restrictive websites, which are the ticketing websites that allow buying of only a few tickets per IP. So you can buy ticketing proxies to get more tickets and use them when these tickets are available online.

FAQs On Best Dedicated Proxies

What's The Difference Between Private Proxies and Dedicated Proxies?

A dedicated proxy, which is also called a private proxy, is an IP address that only one user uses. It's not shared or used by more than one person at a time. Since no one else has your IP address, you have full power over everything that goes on.

What is a dedicated proxy server?

One user or device uses a dedicated proxy. When they need a static IP address, users use dedicated proxies. Private proxies are another name.

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Conclusion: Best Dedicated Proxies 2023

We have finished the list of the top 4 Best Dedicated Proxies In 2023 and we have also told you what things you should consider before buying a Proxies. So it’s your turn to tell us which one you like the most right in the comment section.

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