6 Best eBay Proxies 2023: Ebay Proxies Highest Quality

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Want to jump straight to the answer? When it comes to Best eBay Proxies, most individuals find Smartproxy and Bright Data are the best options.

eBay makes extensive use of an individual’s IP address for combating spam. One thing to keep in mind is that each device connected to the Internet is given a unique IP address, which the device transmits with each request sent to the Internet.

Due to its unique nature, eBay utilizes it to ban users who break their terms of service – and to guarantee complete compliance.

Not only can you get unfettered access to the eBay platform with the assistance of proxies that circumvent eBay’s anti-spam measures, but you can also boost your sales and earn more money.

While the concept of utilizing proxies for eBay may seem appealing, you should be aware that you do not have a free pass. eBay is one of the most brutal online sites in terms of user blocking, and they have a lengthy list of offenses that may result in a ban.

Proxy use is one of these restrictions, and if your account is discovered utilizing proxies, it will be suspended. As a result, you’ll need to use high-quality proxies that are extremely anonymous and incapable of being identified as proxies. Fortunately, a large number of proxy services provide such proxies.

6 Best eBay Proxies 2023

To manage eBay accounts and scrape data from eBay, you’ll need proxies that are undetected by eBay’s anti-spam system, as well as ones that are fast, secure, and trustworthy.

With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of companies that provide high-quality proxies for eBay.

The following is a list of providers from which you may select depending on their features, price, project requirements, and personal preferences. 

1. Bright Data:

Bright Data is a legitimate supplier of home IP proxies, with over 72 million IPs in their residential network. They collect and scrape any online data, and their proxy network is never banned.

Bright Data.io is one of the finest home proxy providers, specializing in residential proxy networks with millions of residential IP addresses for users to choose from. Additionally, Bright Data now provides Datacenter IP proxies and Mobile IP proxies.

Bright Data offers a seven-day free trial to evaluate and test their proxy speed; the trial for residential proxies is only accessible to registered businesses, while the trial for datacenter proxies is open to both individuals and registered businesses.

Bright data: Best eBay Proxies

Their residential proxy network is unrestricted; the website will never discover that you are using a proxy; you will have access to over 72 million IP addresses; nevertheless, it is a monthly subscription plan. Datacenter IPs are static, considerably more readily identifiable than those of a proxy, but less expensive. Allow me to demonstrate the proxy details for their home and datacenter IP proxies.

Due to its very wide geographic spread, the Bright Data proxy network may be utilized in nearly all nations and cities worldwide. Bright Data operates at a quicker rate than other proxy solutions, due to the presence of load-balancing servers whenever a request is made.

The built-in rotation manager enables customizing the IP rotation. The Bright Data API is compatible with a wide variety of programming languages. Here is a video explaining how Bright Data.io’s Residential Proxy Networks operate.

The support staff is very helpful and accessible 24 hours a day, and I can simply contact them through Skype.

2.  SmartProxy:

Smartproxy is a supplier of rotating residential IP proxies. It provides affordable and dependable residential proxy services. Each subscription includes access to the entire proxy pool, and the price is dependent on traffic consumption.

Smartproxy.com is a premium proxy service that offers sophisticated servers at a low price. It is a secure and reputable proxy service that offers a money-back guarantee for testing the network. They have proxies in every country (195+ sites), making them one of the most comprehensive proxy providers.

All proxies in the network are anonymous, and their servers use sophisticated rotation, which ensures that you will get a live and tested proxy from the pool or a random IP address from a particular place at random.

This is one of the simplest rotating proxy networks to utilize since it automates the process of proxy maintenance.

Smartproxy’s service is particularly beneficial if you want to establish social network profiles, purchase limited-edition shoes or tickets, do market research, check advertisements, and scrape data, among other things.

SmartProxy: Best eBay Proxies

They integrate with all social media automation programs and bots, as well as with all sneaker bots. The greatest aspect is that they use all residential IP addresses, which are difficult to identify and block.

The site’s price structure is excellent for all customers, as you can obtain lesser plans for as little as $ 75 or professional, massive enterprise-level plans for as little as $ 3/GB.

The whole service is based on providing you with a single address to utilize. This is the endpoint that enables you to connect to any pool on the network. Endpoints may be readily retrieved from the user dashboard, making management a breeze.

Smartproxy.com is one of the most effective premium proxy servers available today. They provide solutions to suit almost any requirement and support sneaker bots, social media marketing tools, and scrapers, among other things.

Their speeds are incredible, and their positions are precise. If you’re serious about proxy usage and are looking for the finest rotating residential proxies, Smartproxy is one of the best choices available right now. However, if you are a more casual user, this network may be excessive for your proxy requirements.

3. Shifter:

Since 2012, Shifter has been a market leader in proxy services. They provide backconnect proxies, dedicated proxies, and shared proxies. They are one of the market’s most well-known home proxy providers.

Shifter claims to operate the “largest peer-to-peer proxy network in the world,” with 26 million home IP addresses and coverage of every city on the planet. To put it mildly, this is a high assertion. 26 million IP addresses is an absurd number for a single business to host.

Shifter primarily provides residential proxies that cycle IP addresses on a set schedule, protecting your location and data while also assisting in avoiding bans.

Digital cables are often substituted for traditional broadband. They accept payment through PayPal and Bitcoin. It’s worth noting, though, that Bitcoin is only accepted for one-time purchases, while PayPal is accepted for regular payments. As a result, PayPal is the most adaptable and preferred method.

The IP addresses utilized are home DSL addresses that span the globe. They claim to have over 26 million IP addresses, but I’m not persuaded. The control panel is very sophisticated, and it is truly remarkable. If users want to utilize it commercially and at the application level, it may be made available as a package.

Shifter overview

It integrates smoothly with popular websites such as Ticketmaster, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype. This covers the majority of the main websites for which proxy users are seeking for coverage, which is a significant advantage for users.

Games like Pokémon Go are also well-known for their use of proxies. Proxy servers enable sneaker websites such as Adidas, Nike, OVO, and Supreme to connect to the system.

A strong customer support department is critical for any proxy provider. If one of your proxies fails, the consequences may be disastrous for a serious user’s efforts and infuriating for the casual user. As a result, having a contactable customer support team is critical.

Shifter’ customer assistance system is ticket-based and intuitive to use. There is no assurance as to how soon they will reply or when they will be accessible.

Additionally, they provide a few emails around the site, but they do not seem to be meant for customer assistance. Additionally, there is a help desk for existing clients who need assistance with already-bought services, indicating that paying customers are likely to get priority over site visitors.

Additionally, there is a Frequently Asked Questions area that I suggest perusing before calling customer service, as there may be an easy and straightforward answer. This section answers the majority of queries that anybody may have and is very useful.

Not only do they offer solutions to potential problems, but also basic explanations of proxies for the novice who is unsure of what they are getting into.

Additionally, Shifter provides dedicated proxies. Their dedicated proxies support HTTP/HTTPS, non-sequential intrusion prevention systems (IPS), and different subnets.

Private HTTP/HTTPS dedicated proxies with gigabit speeds located in the United States of America. Additionally, their proxy service provides a sophisticated management panel that enables you to effortlessly manage and monitor your proxies.

Their proxies are compatible with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

When compared to other Private Proxy Providers, the pricing is fair. The shifter has not always provided dedicated proxies; this service began in 2017.

This implies they do not have a large number of data centers – TENS OF THOUSANDS OF IPS.

Only “USA Proxies based in Buffalo, New York” is accessible at the moment.

Additionally, Shifter offers shared proxies. As is customary, shared proxies are less expensive and support up to five concurrent users on a network. Bear in mind that shared proxies may have slower speeds and are less dependable; they are mostly designed for recreational internet surfing or light activities.

4. ProxyRack:

ProxyRack is an Australian business that was founded in 2012. ProxyRack is a supplier of rotating proxies, including home proxies, USA datacenter proxies, and mixed datacenter proxies.

Each day, they handle more than 50 million page requests! Additionally, they are well-known for powering some of the world’s largest data mining businesses.

Their main offering is residential rotating proxies, commonly known as Residential Backconnnect Proxies. In terms of customer care, they provide a few phone lines via which you may contact them.

There does not seem to be any other method to contact a customer care person, which appears to be a bit of a problem. A more dependable system would be one that is based on email or tickets.

Residential Backconnection Proxies are compatible with any proxy software that supports SOCKS or HTTPS. The system accepts all protocols automatically, including HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5.

These are the finest programs for data mining and casual online surfing. The speeds are approximately typical for a basic proxy service, thus it should enough for simple jobs and processes.

ProxyRack- eBay Proxies

By acquiring access to their system, you will get immediate access to more than 108,000 unique private home IP addresses. As with other backconnection proxy service providers, ProxyRack maintains an ever-growing IP address base and a comprehensive library of over 108,000+ IP addresses.

Their proxy network is very possibly the largest on the market, and they are constantly expanding it! The advantage of this is that your internet use will be almost difficult to trace, and the chances of you accidentally connecting to a prohibited or abused server are quite low.

They allow payments through PayPal and Bitcoin, which are the two most commonly used methods of payment for proxy services. As a result, you should have no difficulty with payment.

Instead, ProxyRack displays just one IP address on your end, simplifying the management of your software and applications, while simultaneously providing access to over 100,000 thousand proxy addresses at a time. Not only is this an easier procedure for the user, but it is also much more secure and private.

ProxyRack also provides rotating proxies for data centers. These proxies are more suitable for more severe use cases than the rotating proxies used in residential settings.

They provide quicker speeds, more dependability, and a broader range of compatibility.

While they may be used for more informal purposes, such as web surfing, they are designed for more demanding tasks, such as data mining. As a result, they are somewhat more costly than comparable residential properties, although this is to be anticipated.

5. Squid Proxies

Squid proxies Review- Datacentre Proxy Services

If you are looking for speedy servers and global coverage, Squid Proxies is a great choice. You can choose between shared and dedicated proxy packages here, and the firm’s proxies are known for good performance.

In all these years, Squid Proxies has managed to build up a very solid network. Its servers are also located in Asia, Australia, India, and the Middle East, serving European and North American customers, as well as customers in the Middle East.

Providers of highly anonymous proxies offer HTTP and HTTPS connections. There will be very little configuration required by users during the setup process, which is designed to be simple and fast. It has a wide array of subnets across the United States and uses only non-sequential IP addresses.

Squid Proxies also offers free new proxies every month if you ask for them. You are guaranteed a refund within three days if you are dissatisfied with the proxy or service in general.

6. Rayobyte (Formely Blazing SEO proxies)


Rayobyte, a company that has been around since 2015, offers a wide range of services. VPNs, captcha-solving services, and dedicated servers are also available on this website along with proxies.

Though the Rayobyte network is relatively small, its performance makes up for it. For those who need clean addresses for tasks like search engine scraping or bulk account registration, we offer both shared and private proxies as well as virgin IPs that come in blocks of 256.

You can choose from nine locations and hundreds of subnets at Rayobyte. There is unlimited bandwidth and threads available and the service runs at speeds of up to 1 GB/s.

There are also automatic proxy replacements happening once a month. Besides instant delivery, you can also expect authentication via password and IP address. It is possible to test out Rayobyte for a limited time for free for a couple of days.

FAQs On Best eBay Proxies 

✅Why Should You Use Proxies for eBay?

If you've been on eBay for a time, you're probably aware that eBay does not take account suspensions lightly, and some bans may be lengthy - and in other cases, you can't even identify which rule you broke. One unpleasant aspect of eBay's suspensions and bans is that your IP address is also banned, making it difficult for you to create another eBay account using the same equipment. However, with the assistance of proxies, you may get a new IP address that you can use in conjunction with a new browser environment, PayPal account, and fabricated personal information to establish a new account. Additionally, proxies are required for scraping eBay and other kinds of automation.

🤷🏻‍♂️Is Using Proxies on eBay Illegal?

To be honest, proxies are usually misleading and have a tendency to cheat the system, and as such, eBay, like the majority of online businesses, prohibits their use. It may interest you to know, however, that proxy use is not prohibited. Except in a few countries in Asia and the Middle East, there is no legislation prohibiting the use of proxy servers. While utilizing a proxy is not unlawful in and of itself, using it to do illegal conduct crosses the threshold of legality.

🤩Which is Better for eBay Account Management - Proxies or VPNs?

If all you need is to conceal your IP address in order to manage several accounts or a stealth account, VPN software is the ideal option since it encrypts your traffic at the system level and prevents you from inadvertently disclosing your IP footprint. Additionally, some include a kill switch. However, if you need automation or often change your IP address, proxies are the ideal option.

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Conclusion: Best eBay Proxies 2023

As the curtains close on the eBay Proxies show, it’s clear that they are more than just a side activity in the online marketplace. These digital superheroes are transforming the eBay landscape by providing users with an extra layer of protection, privacy, and access.

By using eBay proxies, users can now unshackle themselves from geographical limitations and explore new markets, while keeping their personal information safe from prying eyes. It’s a bit like having your own digital bodyguard that watches your back and ensures that your eBay transactions are secure.

But eBay proxies are not just about security and privacy. They also have the power to level the playing field for all eBay users. No longer are the largest and most established sellers the only ones who can succeed on eBay. With eBay proxies, small sellers can now compete with the big players by accessing new markets and buyers from around the world.

Of course, like any good superhero, eBay proxies also come with a few risks and challenges. It’s important to choose a reputable proxy service and use it responsibly to avoid running afoul of eBay’s rules and regulations.

But for those who are ready to harness the power of eBay proxies, the rewards are vast. From finding rare and valuable items to streamlining the buying and selling process, eBay proxies are truly changing the game.

So if you want to be a superhero in the eBay world, consider using a proxy service. It’s the ultimate tool for unlocking new opportunities, safeguarding your privacy, and taking your eBay game to the next level.

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