Top 7 Best Skillshare Alternatives You Must Try 2023 (UPDATED)

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One of the popular platforms I know and felt really amazed about learning online is Skillshare wherein users can get access to a wide variety of courses related to technology, creative writing, illustration, computer design, and a lot more. The paid subscription plan will give you access to more than 25000 different courses. So, this platform has a course for everybody out there. For a monthly fee of $15 or an annual fee of $99, you can take up many engaging courses–most of which are project-based. Once you finish the class, along with a new skill, you also can have it uploaded on your portfolio for potential employers to notice. 

This makes your investment worth all the time and money. A drawback of this platform is that there are no certificates/credentials provided for completing any class. As these classes do not come with accreditation,  and they focus on personal as well as professional development, these courses do not qualify as courses at the college level. Also, they might not be accepted as continuing education by a few organizations. Skillshare is a great platform if you love to learn and excel at what you do. However, keeping the drawback in mind, there are 7 Best Skillshare Alternative platforms for online learning which you might be willing to consider. 

What are the Best Skillshare Alternatives?

Finding an extensive Collaboration Software solution can be quite tough. Skillshare, being quite popular, might have some amazing components, but it might not suit your business requirements. Some of the alternatives to Skillshare have been listed below, so you can spend a little time on these alternatives, compare their features, benefits and also do a comparison between platforms to ensure you get a great product which matches your needs. 

Skillshare’s actual clients are quite satisfied with the service of Skillshare and have indicated an average satisfaction rating of 96%.In case you dedicate some time in evaluating various alternatives of Skillshare, there is a possibility of finding programs with a similar satisfaction percentage.

List of Best Skillshare Alternatives To Try In 2023

There are many alternatives to the platform of Skillshare, however, the best are listed below;

#1. Udemy

Those having a passion for learning would definitely find Udemy to be a good alternative to Skillshare. Similar to Skillshare, Udemy’s courses do not have any accreditation and only benefit an individual in terms of personal development along with professional development. For instance, in case you wish to learn about website designing, however, you cannot attend college for the same for any reason, then you can build your skills by taking up such courses from Udemy. Definitely, these courses will not be counted as college credits, however, it can give you a lot of knowledge on the specific subject.

Udemy or Coursera - UdemyAt Udemy, you have to pay per course taken. There isn’t any monthly fee or annual subscription. You just have to select the class and you can finish it at your own time. There aren’t any deadlines for the courses. In addition to this, you will be getting lifetime access to reviewing the course. Udemy has more than 100,000 classes to choose from. If you have busy schedules and you have time constraints with regards to learning, a good option would be the platform of Udemy. 

#2. Coursera

If you need a lot of formal resources related to education, or you want to take a degree program online, Coursera is a great choice. In Coursera, the courses are being taught by expert and experienced instructors from various educational institutions that have partnered with Coursera, such as the Pennsylvania State University or the Vanderbilt University. On this platform, you could opt for a single class online, a specialization program, or even an online degree. These courses are quite less than what is being taught at universities and community colleges.

Udemy or Coursera - Coursera

Though individual courses might not be able to replace traditional learning because of the lack of credentials, these are great for personal or professional development. A few courses are offered free of cost and many of the courses are under $100. An online degree or a specialized program could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, in case you opt for an online degree program, every course taken is applicable to an actual degree from a college.

#3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization that offers free education to everyone irrespective of your age. It is a community that has developers, teachers, designers, scientists, as well as content specialists who wish to help others learn. They aim at making education easily accessible to all the children as well as those keen to learn.

Khan Academy Overview

You can explore various areas and subjects such as Mathematics, Art, History, Science, Economics and also test preparation free of cost without all the annoying ads or any other distractions. Khan Academy is a platform which makes use of short videos, practice exercises along with teaching tools. Though Khan Academy cannot replace traditional education, it is a great supplement that is offered free of cost.

#4. KnoBis

This is a software that is knowledge-based and enables firms to collect and formulate the knowledge that has been generated, in teams, and they make this knowledge shareable as well as accessible to all those who require it. This software boosts the productivity of employees and fuels engagement from employees.


It enables the capturing of knowledge of any format and makes it accessible to the place that you prefer. Common use cases include that of sales enablement as well as customer support enablement. This software is connected with Slack which enables Slack users to collect and access knowledge from the Slack channels.


TalentLMS appears to be quite simple; however, it is quite sophisticated. TalentLMS will definitely end up being a go-to solution in case you wish to simplify the methods of dealing with the eLearning courses, the online seminars, or training material. This tool helps in designing and creating courses for eLearning in a short time. TalentLMS has very robust course creation tools. These tools are highly adaptive to the requirements of your eLearning program. This gives TalentLMS an edge over its competitors. Furthermore,  the gamification capabilities of this tool make the training more exciting and make the learning paths more engaging. 


In case you intend to make use of any authoring tool, then TalentLMS supports TinCan (xAPI) as well as SCORM very efficiently and it also handles CMI5 packaging. It helps you to develop unlimited courses and branches. It also supports a lot of languages which will be beneficial for the extended enterprise. It makes use of Amazon CloudFront to deliver content. This platform enables training managers to offer their employees continuous training, and this is possible on the go as well. TalentLMS is mobile-responsive, thereby enabling learners to access the courses anywhere and anytime. The platform is great for blended learning, mobile learning, and sales training.

#6. LearnUpon

The training software of LearnUpon integrates with the proprietary e-commerce suite of the company in addition to PayPal and Stripe. Similar to Firmwater, LearnUpon integrates with Shopify as well. This setup enables training companies as well as the course creators to sell their wares to a large audience, rather than working with selected businesses. It provides a two-way API or application programming interface which helps firms to plug into many existing storefronts in case you have them. LearnUpon’s e-commerce offering allows you to fix bulk purchases and this helps firms to buy a course for a minimum of 50 people at one go.


Even groups can be enrolled in a single batch through Microsoft Excel, post which all can be enlisted into a single class or many classes without the need to enter their data manually. It also connects with Google Analytics or GA, which helps you view who visits your storefront along with what they are browsing. LearnUpon can be integrated into Salesforce or Microsoft Azure, as well as many social networks. But, it does not give you an extensive third-party reach like Docebo, that has many integrations.

LearnUpon administrators get a complimentary full training session whenever they start using this software. In addition to this, they are also assigned a dedicated customer success manager to offer proactive support as well as an account manager to take care of onboarding. LearnUpon starts at $599/month for about 50 active users and a single client portal. It is quite versatile and can be used by any company, big or small.

#7. Brightspace

Brightspace is a learning management system that is cloud-based and it assists K 12 institutes, corporate firms, and higher educations run blended as well as fully online courses. It has 3 integrated platforms – learning repository,  learning environment, and ePortfolio.

Learning Repository enables academic institutes as well as organizations to develop, compose, and locate learning resources in content databases that are centralized. Users can also search for content by using keywords, comments, ratings, or any other search criteria. 


The Learning Environment enables teachers as well as instructors to create training courses that are interactive and assess the assignments. It provides a multimedia environment that permits content creators to utilize images, audio files, videos, and various digital content in all their courses. The analytics tool allows tracking of performance.

The ePortfolio is nothing but a common platform wherein experiences of learners can be shared with their mentors and peers. Every D2L solution has 24/7 customer support either through email or phone. Furthermore, the users can join the Brightspace community or even watch the video tutorials in order to learn about it.

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Conclusion- Best Skillshare Alternatives in 2023

It might be quite a challenge to get a strong Learning Management System that not just suits the requirements but also falls within the budget. While looking out for Best Skillshare Alternatives, make sure you pay heed to functionalities, price, customer support, quality, mobile devices supported as well as integrations offered.

If you dedicate sufficient time researching the alternatives, you can identify an online learning platform that will have all the features you want at an affordable price.

In this article, I have tried to explain every possible aspect you need to know before getting started. I hope this post suits your purpose well. If this post helped you share it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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